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第九讲 并列句和状语从句
Ⅰ 示之以范 ____________________________________________________原则这样运用
1.(2016•四川卷)It was time for her to have a new baby, ____________ it was also time for the young panda to be independent.
and 解析:前后句为顺承关系,故用and连接。
2.(2017•重庆西北狼教育联盟第一次联考)It was an extremely dark, lonely country road. Neither a single person____________ any traffic was in sight at all.
nor 解析:考查固定搭配。后句句意:既看不到一个人,也根本看不到一辆车。neither...nor...为固定搭配,意为“既不……也不……”。
3.(2017•东北三省四市二模)I used to think that the flying car was a ridiculous idea.____________ I changed my mind this morning when I sat in heavy traffic.
But 解析:考查连词。used to do意为“过去常常”,含有“现在不这样”的意思,故此处表转折。过去认为(研制)飞行汽车是个荒谬的主意,但是今天早上当我困在拥堵的交通中时,我改变了想法。
4.(2017•山西八校联考)Looking back, I know the greatest difficulty on our way to success is our fear.Overcome it, ____________we will be able to achieve our goals.
and 解析:考查“祈使句+and/or+陈述句”。后句句意:克服它,我们就能够达到我们的目标。前后为顺承关系,故用and。
5.(2017•长沙一模)As a result, he won the game but finally became famous throughout the country.____________________
but→and 解析:考查连词。句意:最后他赢得了比赛,闻名全国。won the game和became famous throughout the country之间是并列关系,故用连词and。
6.(2017•合肥第一次质量检测)Although it was very difficult at first, but with the help of my teacher, I made rapid progress.Just as the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”____________________
删除but 解析:考查连词。although意为“尽管”,不与but连用,因此删除but。
7.(2017•郑州第三次质量预测)Should I tell him the truth, and should I pay to repair it? I wish for your advice.____________________
and→or 解析:考查连词。根据语境可知, 此处表示逻辑上的选择关系,故用连词or。
Ⅱ通关点击 ____________________________________________________原则这样解读
用法 连词 例句
表并列、递进或顺承关系 and,both...
not only...
but also...,
as well as During the first three years, children learn the basic skills they will use in all their later learning both at home and at school.
表转折关系 but,yet,nevertheless(后两个为非课标词汇) What we are about to do is perfectly legal.But please don’t discuss it with any­one. 
表选择关系 either...or...,not...but...,or,or else,rather than Now you can have a rest or you can go to the cinema.
表因果关系 for(表“由于”,一般不放在句首),so He found it increasingly difficult to read,for his eyesight was beginning to fail.
and与or用于并列句 祈使句+and+陈述句,and表顺承 Find ways to praise your children often,and you’ll find they will open their hearts to you.
表对比 while强调对比关系,意为“然而;而” I like English while my little sister is fond of art.
Ⅰ 示之以范 ____________________________________________________原则这样运用
1.(2017•北京卷)____________birds use their feathers for flight, some of their feathers are for other purposes.
Although/Though 解析:句意:尽管鸟类飞行时使用它们的羽毛,它们的羽毛的一部分也有其他作用。故用Although/Though“尽管”引导让步状语从句。
2.(2017•北京卷)If you don’t understand something, you may research, study, and talk to other people ____________ you figure it out.
until 解析:句意:如果你不懂一些东西,你可以研究、学习,并和别人交谈,直到你弄明白。此处应用until引导时间状语从句,表示“直到”。
3.(2016•北京卷Ⅲ)I really enjoy listening to music ____________ it helps me relax and takes my mind away from other cares of the day.
because 解析:根据句意可知, 这里用because引导原因状语从句。
4.(2015•浙江卷)If I was only a child when I studied in that classroom, I will never forget it.____________________
If→Although/Though 解析:分析句子结构可知, 前面从句表示对主句的让步,而并不是条件。
5.(2017•湖南益阳调研)One day, I was skiing down a mountain while I saw a girl aged about 15 who had fallen.____________________
while→when 解析:be doing sth. when...为固定搭配, 意为“正在做某事, 突然……”。故将while改为when。
Ⅱ 通关点击 ____________________________________________________原则这样解读
引导时间状语从句的连词:when, as, while, before, since, until/till, the moment等。
When/While/As I was walking down the street, I came across an old friend of mine.
was/were doing sth.when...正在做……就在那时……
was about to do sth.when...刚要做……就在那时……
had just done sth.when...刚刚做……就在那时……
The old man had hardly stepped down from the bus when it started. 这位老人刚下汽车,汽车就开走了。
While I understand what you said, I can’t agree with you.
As he grew older, he became less active.
(4)before作连词:It will/won’t be+一段时间+before...意为“过了多少时间才/没过多长时间就”。
John thinks it won’t be long before he is ready for his new job. 约翰认为不久他就能为他的新工作做好准备。
(5)since引导时间状语从句时表示“从……以来”,常用句型:It is/has been+一段时间+since...。
As is reported, it is over 100 years since Tsinghua University was founded.
据报道, 清华大学已经建立了100多年了。
常用于 not...until...“直到……时候才”句式。
We won’t start our discussion until/till he comes.
2.where, wherever引导地点状语从句
I cannot hear the professor clearly as there is too much noise where I am sitting.
3.if, unless, as long as引导条件状语从句
(2)as long as意为“只要”。
We will have a picnic in the park this Sunday unless it rains or it’s very cold.
My parents don’t mind what job I do as long as I am happy.
He can speak English as fluently as a native speaker.
5.because, as, since, now that(既然) 引导原因状语从句
The old man asked Lucy to move to another chair because he wanted to sit next to his wife. 那位老人让露西换坐到另一把椅子上,因为他想挨着妻子坐。
6.so that, in order that引导目的状语从句
They flew there in order that they might be in time to attend the opening ceremony.
He was so deep in thought that he knocked into the tree without noticing it. 他深深地陷入沉思,竟然撞到了树上。
8.as if ,as though引导方式状语从句
Jack wasn’t doing anything,but the teacher smiled at him as if he had done something very clever. 杰克什么都没做,但是老师向他微笑,好像他做了什么明智之举。
9.though,although;even though/even if;疑问词+­ever;whether...or...引导让步状语从句
though和although两者意思相同,意为“尽管,虽然”,一般可以互换,都可以与yet, still连用,但不能和连词but连用。
Though/Although regular exercise is very important, it’s never a good idea to exercise too close to bedtime.
尽管有规律的锻炼很重要, 但临睡前锻炼不是个好主意。
Tim is in good shape physically even though/even if he doesn’t get much exercise.
Please call my secretary to arrange a meeting this afternoon,or whenever it is convenient to you.
 ,[学生用书P39]    )
Ⅰ 单句语法填空
1.(2017•湖南六校联盟联考)Most importantly,though,remember the following old rule:try to eat different food,____________not too much.
but/yet 解析:考查连词。根据语境可知,尝试吃不同的食物,但是不要吃太多。根据句意可知,空处应用转折连词。
2.(2017•辽宁沈阳高三教学质量监测一)I had never seen what a sandstorm looked like ____________ I told him I wanted to go out just to see it for myself.
so/and 解析:考查连词。句意:我从来没有看过沙尘暴是什么样子,(所以)我告诉他我要出去亲自看看。根据空处语境可知,空处前后句间为并列关系或因果关系。
3.(2017•重庆西北狼教育联盟第一期联考)I was driving home late at night ____________ my car lost momentum(动力) and got slower and slower.
when 解析:考查状语从句。句意:我深夜正驾驶在回家的路上,突然汽车失去动力,变得越来越慢。分析该句结构可知,空处引导时间状语从句。be doing...when意为“正在做某事时突然……”。
4.(2017•湖北部分重点中学高三起点考试)____________you cover a baby’s favorite toy with a piece of cloth,the baby thinks the toy has disappeared and stops looking for it.
If 解析:根据句意可知,前半句是一个条件句,故用If引导。
5.(2017•太原二模)I had hardly sat down on the train and opened a bar of chocolate ____________ a really old man with huge bags sat down across from me.
when 解析:考查连词。hardly...when...意为“一……就……”,为固定用法,符合语境,故用连词when引导时间状语从句。
6.(2017•贵州适应性测试)If you visit Nepal,you will find Nepalese often greet each other with the hands pressed together instead of shaking hands,____________in North America and the U.K,people greet one another by shaking hands.
while 解析:考查连词。根据语境可知,此处表示尼泊尔人双手合十打招呼,而在北美和英国,人们通过握手打招呼。该空前后为转折关系,故用while。
7.(2017•安徽蚌埠一模)People in Dali are very friendly and honest to you ____________ you are a foreigner or just a local.
whether 解析:句意:大理的人对你友好而真诚,无论你是外国人还是当地居民。whether...or...表示“无论是……还是……”,引导让步状语从句。
8.(2017•福建龙岩3月质检)But for now, they all have to postpone their plans____________the winter storms pass.
until/till 解析:句意:但是现在他们都得把他们的计划推迟到冬季风暴结束时才能实施。根据句意可知设空处填until或till。
9.(2017•山西重点中学协作体一模)He overcame many difficulties,____________ he was not fortunate enough.
but/yet 解析:句意:虽然他克服了许多困难,但是他还是不够幸运。两个分句间为转折关系,故填but或yet。
10.(2017•辽宁葫芦岛六校协作体考试)Some animals,like people,eat both plants____________animals.
and 解析:句意:一些动物,例如人类,既吃植物也吃动物。both...and...为固定搭配,意为:既……也……
Ⅱ 单句改错
1.(2017•郑州第一次质量预测)She was born into a poor family or she worked very hard to be successful.____________________
or→and/so 解析:考查连词。根据语境可知,上下文表示逻辑上的并列或因果关系,故用and或so。
2.(2017•广东七校联考)Although I was tired,but I really had a good time.____________________
删除but或but改为yet 解析:although不能和but连用,能和yet连用。补充:此处也可删除Although,但是语意上没有修改but好。
3.(2017•湖北黄石大冶一中高三月考)I was so tired that I fell asleep at the moment my head touched the pillow.____________________
去掉at 解析:此处the moment是名词短语引导时间状语从句,at多余。
4.(2017•河北“五个一”名校联盟联考)Because you have anything that puzzles you,it would be great to talk with Mr.Tang.____________________
Because→If 解析:句意:如果你有任何使你困惑的事情,与唐老师交谈一下会非常好。根据句意可知,从句为条件状语从句,表示“如果……”,应用If引导。故将Because改为If。
5.(2017•安徽百所重点中学二模)It happens such often that we end up taking our parents for granted.
such→so 解析:在so/such...that...句型中,so修饰形容词或副词,such修饰名词。此处修饰副词,故用so。
6.(2017•郑州第一次质量预测)I was very touched that I couldn’t sleep the whole night,and thought about being a teacher in the future.____________________
very→so 解析:考查副词。根据固定句型so...that...“如此……以至于”可知,应用副词so。
7.(2017•云南11校区调研)All the way we appreciated the beautiful scenery and fresh air,so a few of us picked flowers while going sightseeing.____________________
so→but 解析:考查连词。一路上我们欣赏美丽的景色,但是有人摘花。前后表示转折关系,故用but。
8.(2017•云南统一检测)It sounds very noisy but unpleasant,especially in the cinema.____________________
but→and 解析:考查连词。此处表示在电影院里它听起来吵闹且令人不快。noisy和unpleasant并列,不是转折关系,故用and。
Ⅲ 语法填空
(2017•东北三省四市模拟)Many of Van Gogh’s paintings were inspired by warm,yellow sunlight because he loved how it could light up the world in different ways.His painting Sunflowers,for example,1.____________(fill) with vivid yellows and browns.These colors give 2.____________ painting a feeling of warmth and well­being.However,the sunflowers are actually dead and dying.
The result is a painting that combines the warmth of life that Van Gogh loved 3.____________the feelings of sadness that were all around him.It is a painting that is warm,beautiful and sad all at the same time.
Van Gogh’s most famous painting,The Starry Night,takes this 4.____________(mix) of joy and sadness one step further.It is a landscape full of deep blues and shadows 5.____________represent the sadness Van Gogh was feeling as he 6.____________(paint),rather than what he was actually seeing.
This is why Van Gogh’s 7.____________(image) in his painting look more imagined than real.The stars and moon in The Starry Night are 8.____________(unusual) bright,9.____________(they) light swirling(旋动) above the darkening hills.A tree that looks like black fire cuts through the view of the night,10.____________(interrupt) its beauty.
[解题导语] 本文介绍了凡•高作品的艺术特点。
1.is filled 解析:考查动词的时态和主谓一致。本句缺少谓语,主语是His painting Sunflowers,谓语动词应用单数,且此处表示一种客观事实,应用一般现在时,再结合固定搭配be filled with可知,填is filled。
2.the 解析:考查冠词。前面提到了Sunflowers这幅画,此处表特指,应用the。
3.with 解析:考查介词。固定搭配combine...with...意为“把……和……结合”,符合语境。
4.mixture 解析:考查名词。动词后面接名词作宾语。
5.which/that 解析:考查定语从句。本句是定语从句,先行词是物,且从句中缺少主语。
6.was painting 解析:考查时态。下文的“rather than what he was actually,seeing”表明此处也应该用过去进行时。
7.images 解析:考查名词的数。他作品中的形象不止一个,且根据谓语动词look可知,应用名词的复数形式。
8.unusually 解析:考查副词。修饰形容词应用副词。
9.their 解析:考查代词。名词前需要使用形容词性物主代词。
10.interrupting 解析:考查现在分词。interrupt与句子主语是主谓关系,且空处与谓语动词之间无连词连接,所以用现在分词作状语。



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