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专题限时集训(十七) 完形填空——记叙文(Ⅱ)
A 【导学号:52384068】
(2016•安徽江南十校二模)One day,a lady bought some bath soaps from a shop.When she opened one of the packets,she found that it had no soap;it was just an empty wrapper!She made a   1   against the manufacture and got money back with a successful claim.That being   2  ,there  was a task before the management of the soap factory.How had this happened?How could they   3   that the accident would not occur again?
After a detailed   4  ,it was discovered that during the   5   of wrapping,it so   6   that one or two wrappers did get through without any soap in them.There was no way to   7   the difference between a full wrapper and an empty one.The process of handing each one separately for this purpose seemed to be very difficult.So,the technical   8   was given the job of finding the method to   9   the problem.The man prepared a detailed report and proposed setting up a computer­based system that would weigh and scan each bar,for the empty packs could not be   10   by a normal X­ray machine.
The management heard him out and passed the   11   to release the funds to buy the machinery that he had proposed.An   12   worker said,“Excuse me,sir,  13   my rudeness,but I have a   14   that will cost a tiny amount of what you are planning to spend.”
The management   15   in the beginning.But   16  ,they heard him out and agreed to try out his proposal.The next day,the worker brought a strong industrial fan.He put it at an angle near the   17   belt,on which the packed soap bars were coming through,and   18   it on.The few empty wrappers that came through got   19   by the fan!A simple solution for a   20   problem!
This proves that the educated do not have a pattern on good ideas.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。一位女顾客发现买的肥皂只有包装盒,于是向制造厂商投诉。制造厂商意识到必须彻底解决这一问题,一位未受过教育的工人用简单的方法解决了这个复杂的问题。
1.A.comment       B.complaint
C.thought D.claim
B [根据上文可知这位女顾客向制造厂商投诉。complaint“抱怨,投诉”;comment“评论”;thought“想法”;claim“声明”。]
2.A.discovered B.stressed
C.settled         D.argued
C [根据下文内容可知,厂家在商讨避免这一问题的具体方法,说明投诉事件已经解决。settle“解决”;discover“发现”;stress“强调”;argue“争吵”。]
3.A.enable B.ensure
C.admit  D.avoid
B [根据上文内容及设空处后面的“the accident would not occur again”可知此处说的是他们怎么确保这样的事件不再发生。ensure“确保”;enable“使能够”;admit“承认”;avoid“避免”。]
4.A.investigation B.conclusion
C.argument   D.discussion
A [经过详细的调查,发现在包装过程中,个别没有肥皂的包装盒也碰巧通过了。investigation“调查”;conclusion“结论”;argument“争论”;discussion“讨论”。]
5.A.position B.process
C.performance D.possession
B [参见上题解析。process“过程”;position“位置”;performance“表现”;possession“拥有,财产”。]
6.A.occurred  B.believed
C.happened  D.stressed
C [it so happened that...碰巧,恰好。]
7.A.send out   B.lay out
C.come out   D.make out
D [根据下文“The process of handing each one separately for this purpose seemed to be very difficult.”可知没有办法辨认出包装里是否有肥皂。make out“辨认出”;send out“发送,派遣”;lay out“展示,安排”;come out“出版”。]
8.A.department B.worker
C.head   D.company
C [技术主管被要求找到解决这个问题的方法。head“领导人,负责人”;department“部门”;worker“工人”;company“公司”。]
9.A.reduce  B.overcome
C.search D.deny
B [参见上题解析。overcome“克服”;reduce“减少”;search“寻找”;deny“否认”。]
10.A.directed  B.driven
C.developed D.spotted
D [根据设空处后的“a normal X­ray machine”可知空的包装盒不能被一般的X射线机发现。spot“发现”;direct“管理,指挥”;drive“推动”;develop“发展”。]
11.A.ban   B.law
C.policy D.order
D [根据设空处后的“to release the funds to buy the machinery that he had proposed”可知相关部门通过了发放资金去买检测机器的指示。order“指示,命令”;ban“禁令”;law“法律”;policy“政策”。]
12.A.expert  B.uneducated
C.important  D.unqualified
B [根据最后一段“This proves that the educated do not have a pattern on good ideas.”可知这位工人未接受过教育。uneducated“未受过教育的”;expert“熟练的,内行的”;important“重要的”;unqualified“不合格的”。]
13.A.to  B.in
C.over D.for
D [excuse sb.for sth.原谅某人做某事。]
14.A.guess  B.solution
C.problem  D.design
B [根据下文“A simple solution”可知此处选B。solution“解决办法”;guess“猜测”;problem“问题”;design“设计”。]
15.A.hesitated  B.appreciated
C.imagined  D.agreed
A [根据下文“But   16   ,they heard him out and agreed to try out his proposal.”可知一开始他们对这位工人的话半信半疑。hesitate“犹豫”;appreciate“欣赏”;imagine“想象”;agree“同意”。]
16.A.suddenly B.eventually
C.differently     D.eagerly
B [根据设空处后的“agreed to try out his proposal”可知最终他们接受了这位工人的建议。eventually“最后,终于”;suddenly“突然地”;differently“不同地”;eagerly“渴望地”。]
17.A.observing   B.transporting
C.burning   D.training
B [根据设空处后的“the packed soap bars were coming through”可知包装好的肥皂从传送带上通过。transporting belt“传送带”。]
18.A.smoothed B.sharpened
C.switched D.seized
C [根据设空处后的“The few empty wrappers that came through got   19  by the fan!”可知没有肥皂的包装盒被风扇吹跑了,因此推断风扇被打开了,起到了相应的作用。switch on“开启”。]
19.A.blown off B.blown up
C.blown out  D.blown over
A [没有肥皂的包装盒被风扇吹跑了。blow  off“吹掉”;blow up“爆炸”,blow out“吹熄”;blow over“平息”。]
20.A.common  B.complex
C.fresh D.primary
B [与simple相对应的是complex。complex“复杂的”;common“常见的”;fresh“新鲜的”;primary“主要的”。]
B 【导学号:52384069】
(2017•汕头市教学质量监测)      I was in desperate need of a break.The “witching hour” was upon us once again,dinner was burning on the stove,and fights were   21   between my two children.The crying was  never­ending and I was   22   the end of my rope.But I was  holding down the fort until a way after bedtime.
I   23   a friend who has four children the same ages as mine,and she was in a similar   24  .Our husbands were   25   the same meeting that night.I could hear the screaming  in the   26  ,interrupted by Jen's shouting.She kept   27    the phone to pick up the baby because he was crying.It seemed  as if we were all suffering   28  .Couldn't there be a way for  us to break up the sameness?
  29  !
The first play date was at Jen's house the following  Wednesday at 4 pm.My daughter   30   into the basement  playroom with the other children.Jen and I sat just   31    some adult company.
We ordered a pizza and salad,and all of the children  actually ate their dinner.My kids aren't big salad fans,but if  other kids are eating it,  32   it's cool.The entire large pizza was eaten up rapidly.Jen and I did the   33   together.When we were done,we invited them back and they all danced to a music DVD   34   it was time to go.My kids went   35   to bed when we got home.I felt rejuvenated(恢复活力的).The  e­mail from Jen the next morning   36   her similar feelings.We were on to something and it had to   37  .
The following Wednesday play date was at my house,and it was   38   the same.The kids had a great time   39  .Watching kids play together without fighting is a truly great thing.Wednesday night gives me a chance to sit and really   40   my children as little people.
【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文,孩子们总是争吵,这让“我”身心俱疲,但是后来“我”和一个朋友一起找到了解决这个问题的办法。
21.A.breaking up B.dying down
C.fading away D.breaking out
D [根据空后的“The crying was never­ending”可知,两个孩子发生了争吵。break out意为“爆发,发生”。]
22.A.at B.in
C.on D.by
A [根据语境可知,孩子之间无休止的争吵哭闹让“我”忍无可忍。at the end of one's rope指“忍无可忍”。]
23.A.met  B.called    
C.invited D.visited
B [从下文中的“I could hear the screaming”和“the phone”可知,当时“我”给朋友打了电话。]
24.A.condition B.situation
C.consideration D.stage
B [根据下文内容可知,我们俩面临的情况差不多。situation意为“情况”,符合语境。condition“条件”;consideration“考虑”;stage“阶段”。]
25.A.attending  B.holding
C.participating D.joining
A [我们两个人的丈夫那天晚上都在参加会议。attend“参加(会议)”。]
26.A.environment  B.atmosphere
C.consequence D.background
D [当时我们在打电话,“我”可以听到电话那头的背景杂音,即孩子的叫声。background“背景声音”。   ]
27.A.dropping B.holding
C.throwing D.talking
B [根据下文的“because he was crying”并结合语境可知,她不断地中断我们的谈话去照看孩子。hold the phone表示中断谈话让对方稍等,但不挂断电话,符合语境。  ]
28.A.differently B.regularly
C.equally D.slightly
C [根据上文内容并结合下文的“break up the sameness”可知,我们的难处是一样的。equally“同等地”。]
29.A.Completely  B.Absolutely
C.Perhaps  D.Maybe
B [结合下文可知,“我”找到了解决的办法,因此此处表示“当然(有解决的办法)”。Absolutely在此意为“当然”。   ]
30.A.hid   B.fell
C.disappeared D.dragged
C [“我”的女儿跑到地下室的游戏室和其他孩子一起玩,从“我”的视野中消失了。disappear“消失”。]
31.A.appreciating B.expecting
C.imagining    D.enjoying
D [enjoy sb.'s company意为“享受某人的陪伴”。孩子们在一起玩,“我”和Jen不受干扰,享受着成人的陪伴。]
32.A.apparently  B.surprisingly
C.similarly  D.oppositely
A [虽然“我”的孩子不喜欢吃沙拉,但是看到其他孩子都在吃,他们也觉得很酷。根据下文的“The entire large pizza was eaten up rapidly”可知。apparently“显然地”。]
33.A.cleaning B.washing
C.cooking D.dancing
A [孩子们吃完以后“我”和朋友Jen一起打扫(卫生)。do the cleaning意为“打扫”。]
34.A.when B.unless
C.until D.before
C [孩子们随着音乐DVD跳舞,一直到我们该离开的时候。]
35.A.slowly  B.actively
C.unwillingly D.right
D [回到家以后,孩子们就立刻上床睡觉了。right意为“立刻,马上”。]
36.A.announced B.explained
C.confirmed  D.delivered
C [第二天早上“我”收到了Jen的邮件,这封邮件使“我”确信Jen和“我”有相似的感觉。announce“宣布”;explain“解释”;confirm“使确信”;deliver“传送”。]
37.A.improve B.continue
C.stop   D.start
B [我们找到了解决问题的办法,所以我们要继续这样做。]
38.A.usually B.exactly
C.generally  D.accurately
B [第二次让孩子们一起玩耍是在“我”家,结果与上次完全一样。usually“经常”;exactly“完全地”;generally“广泛地”;accurately“准确地”。]
39.A.making themselves up
B.wearing themselves out
C.setting themselves apart
D.giving themselves away
B [孩子玩得很高兴,累得筋疲力尽。make up“化妆”;wear out“让……极度疲乏”;set apart“使与众不同”;give away“暴露”。]
40.A.understand B.notice
C.observe  D.realize
C [根据前一句中的“Watching kids play”可知答案。]
(2017•山西省八校第一次联考)One day,while we were visiting my parents on a farm in late summer,Dad mentioned he'd always wanted a Crimson  King Maple Tree for the yard.Mom agreed that the trees were      41  .
Like many other parents,mine were hard to   42   for,so I figured this was a great opportunity to get them something  they'd   43  .I also thought two would be even better.I  checked the   44   at work and decided it was a bit more than  I could   45  —but all of my siblings(兄弟姊妹) agreed to give some money to buy the trees.
In northern Ohio,you don't plant maple trees at Christmas,so we decided to   46   Mom and Dad with a special Christmas in October before the ground   47  .We asked my aunt if she'd help us with the “  48  ”,and she called my parents   49   to say she was coming for a Sunday visit.Then my sisters and sisters­in­law went into   50  ,planning a big holiday turkey dinner.
On the   51   Sunday,we all met at my house and   52   the trees into a truck.I   53   as Santa Claus.When we arrived at my parents' house,Dad was   54   something was wrong first.He and Mom were amazed when we told them   55   we were there.
When Christmas   56  ,of course,we couldn't go to our parents' house empty­handed,so Mom and Dad got   57   presents that year.Almost half a century later,I   58   drive by the old farm and smile when I see those big,handsome   59   and remember giving a special   60   to special people at Christmas in October.
【语篇解读】 本文为记叙文,涉及家庭关系话题。作者讲述了自己和亲人们一起用特别的方式给其父母带来惊喜的经历。
41.A.distinctive B.fragrant
C.expensive  D.pretty
D [上文提及父亲想要在庭院种植一棵枫树,下文提及“those big,handsome”,故此处应是母亲也欣然同意,认为枫树很漂亮(pretty)。distinctive“与众不同的”;fragrant“芳香的”。]
42.A.shop B.represent
C.answer D.care
A [根据上文的“Like many other parents,mine were hard to”,下文的“so I figured this was a great opportunity to get them something”以及接下来介绍的作者兄弟姊妹几人为父母买礼物的内容可知,此处指作者觉得给父母买东西是很难的,故选shop“购物”。]
43.A.deserve   B.appreciate
C.advertise   D.imagine
B [根据上文的“Dad mentioned he'd always wanted a Crimson King Maple Tree for the yard...”及下文介绍的为父母买礼物的内容可知,此处指作者认为这是一个给父母买他们欣赏的东西的好机会。deserve“值得,应得”;appreciate“感激,欣赏”;advertise“为……做广告”;imagine“想象”。]
44.A.result    B.number
C.price   D.express
C [根据下文的“but all of my siblings(兄弟姊妹)agreed to give some money to buy the trees”可知,作者在上班时查看了一下枫树的价格(price),认为它的价格比自己能支付得起(afford)的还要高一点。express“快递”。]
45.A.afford   B.expect
C.fancy    D.handle
A [参见上题解析。]
[易错点拨] 学生易误选B项。本题的解题关键在于准确理解下文的“but all of my siblings(兄弟姊妹)agreed to give some money to buy the trees”(但是我所有的兄弟姊妹都同意凑钱买树),由该内容可知,空处所在语境表示的应是枫树的价格比作者能支付得起的还要高一点,而仅仅是比预期的价格高一点的话不足以成为下文“所有的兄弟姊妹都同意凑钱买树”的理由。故可排除B项。
46.A.frighten  B.assist
C.surprise D.reward
C [从下文作者联合其姑姑来帮忙实施这个计划以及计划具体实施的内容可知,作者他们想给父母一个惊喜(surprise)。assist“帮助,协助”。]
47.A.warmed    B.froze
C.softened    D.darkened
B [根据上下文语境及句中的“In northern Ohio,you don't plant maple trees at Christmas”“a special Christmas in October before the ground”可知,作者他们决定在土地上冻之前让父母度过一个特别的圣诞节。freeze“结冰”,符合语境。soften“变软,软化”。]
48.A.trick  B.purchase
C.choice  D.decoration
A [根据上下文语境可知,作者询问姑姑是否可以帮忙实施这个“骗局(trick)”。]
49.A.in advance  B.in time
C.by accident  D.on purpose
A [根据上下文语境可知,作者的姑姑提前(in advance)给作者的父母打电话说她会在周日来拜访。in time“及时”;by accident“意外地”;on purpose“故意地”。]
50.A.service   B.action
C.effect    D.production
B [根据下文的“planning a big holiday turkey dinner”可知,随后,作者的姊妹和嫂子(或弟媳)行动起来。go into action“行动起来”,符合语境。go into service“投入使用”;go into effect“生效”;go into production“投产”。]
51.A.regular  B.separate
C.given   D.chosen
D [根据语境可知,作者和亲人们在选定的(chosen)那个周日聚到自己家里。regular“惯常的,有规律的”。]
52.A.sorted   B.loaded
C.transported   D.transplanted
B [根据下文的“the trees into a truck”可知,作者他们把树装上(loaded)卡车。transport“运输,运送”;transplant“移植”。]
53.A.dressed up  B.passed off
C.looked on   D.started out
A [根据下文的“as Santa Claus”可知,作者把自己装扮(dressed up)成圣诞老人。pass sb./sth.off as“把……冒充为……”;look on sb./sth.as“把……当作……”;start out as“以……开始,起初是……”。]
54.A.delighted B.annoyed
C.disappointed D.convinced
D [根据上下文语境及句中的“something was wrong first”可知,作者的父亲一开始以为是哪里出了问题。convinced“确信,坚信”符合语境。]
55.A.when   B.how
C.why   D.whether
C [根据语境可知,当我们告诉他们我们为什么(why)会在那里的时候,父母感到很吃惊。 ]
56.A.came around   B.dropped out
C.turned up D.drew in
A [根据下文的内容可知,当又到圣诞节时,作者他们去探望父母。come around“再次出现,再度发生”;drop out“退出”;turn up“出现”;draw in“(白天变得)渐短”。]
57.A.generous  B.additional
C.double    D.special
C [根据上文的“In northern Ohio,you don't plant maple trees at Christmas,so we decided to...with a special Christmas in October”可知,作者他们在十月份的时候已经为父母送上了一份特别的圣诞节礼物,而在真正的圣诞节到来的时候,他们又不能空手去拜访自己的父母,故作者的父母那年是收到了双份的(double)圣诞节礼物。additional“额外的”。]
58.A.even    B.just
C.once     D.still
D [根据上下文语境可知,时隔几乎半个世纪之后,当作者看到那些高大、漂亮的枫树(trees)时依然(still)会面带微笑地驶过那个农场。]
59.A.farms    B.trees
C.trucks    D.yards
B [参见上题解析。]
60.A.congratulation B.gift
C.donation D.greeting
B [作者看着那些枫树时,会想起自己多年前在特别的圣诞节送给父母的特别的礼物(gift)。上文中的“presents that year”亦是关键提示。donation“捐赠物”;greeting“问候”。]


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