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【浙江省2017届高三3月联考】Soon after I got off   the ship  36   (fill) with tradesmen from small boats, I was stopped by a man selling diamond rings. I really spent some time  37   (get) rid of him. Then another man  38   (approach) me with some expensive watches and pens,   39  aroused my interest.
“Can I have a look at the pens?” I asked the man, who immediately handed  40   to me and said, “it's a pen of high quality, sir. It's   41   £50, but you can have it for £30 as a special favor.” Yet I still thought it was too expensive, so between us there was an   42   (argue) about the price. Finally, I got the pen for £5. What a bargain! Only one tenth of the original price! I was wild   43  joy, without noticing the seller disappear into the crowd quickly. Then I went back to the ship,   44  (extreme) pleased. But this story did not have a happy ending: I couldn't fill the pen with ink and it just didn't work! Even five pounds  45   (be) too much! There was no doubt that I had been fooled by the seller. No wonder he had been in such a hurry to get away!
【答案】36.filled   37. getting   38. approached   39. which   40.one 
41.worth   42. argument   43. with      44. extremely   45.as
37.考查固定搭配。Spend time (in)doing sth “花费时间做某事”为固定搭配。故填getting.
39.考查定语从句。此处为非限定性定语从句,先行词是some expensive watches and pens,指物,关系词在从句中作主语,故填which。
43.考查介词搭配。此处指“我欣喜若狂”。with joy“因高兴而……”为固定短语。故填with。

【2017•新课标全国卷Ⅲ】 She looks like any other schoolgirl, fresh-faced and full of life. Sarah Thomas is looking forward to the challenge of her new A-level course. But unlike her school friends, 16-year-old Sarah is not spending half-term   61   (rest). Instead, she is earning £6500 a day as   62   model in New York.
   Sarah    63   (tell) that she could be Britain’s new supermodel earning a million dollars in the next year. Her father Peter, 44, wants her to give up school to model full-time. But Sarah,   64   has taken part in shows along with top mode ls, wants   65   (prove) that she has brains as well as beauty. She is determined to carry on with her   66  (educate).
She has turned down several   67  (invitation) to star at shows in order to concentrate on her studies. After school she plans to take a year off to model full-time before going to university to get a degree   68   engineering or architecture.
Sarah says, "My dad thinks I should take the offer now. But at the moment, school   69  (come) first. I don’t want to get too absorbed in modeling. It is   70  (certain) fun but the lifestyle is a little unreal. I don’t want to have nothing else to fall back on when I can’t model any more."
61. resting       62. a     63. was told/has been told   64. who   65. to prove  
66. education    67. invitations   68. in       69. comes   70. certainly
61. resting 考查非谓语动词。  固定短语:spend time doing sth花费时间做某事。
62. a 考查冠词。model是可数名词,前面没有限定词,而此处泛指“一个”,故填a。
63. was told/has been told 考查动词的时态和语态。根据语境可判断出谓语动词应该用一般过去时或现在完成时的被动形式,又因主语Sarah是第三人称单数,故填was told/has been told。
64. who 考查定语从句。非限制性定语从句中缺少主语,且先行词为Sarah,指人,要用who。
65. to prove 考查非谓语动词。want to do sth 想要做某事。
66. education 考查词形转换。形容词性物主代词后面应该接名词形式。
67. invitations 考查名词单复数。several修饰可数名词复数形式,故填invitations。
68. in 考查介词。in表示"在某方面",获得某项学位 "get a degree in…"。
69. comes 考查动词。根据语境可知Sarah认为当下应该是学业第一,说明现在的情况应该用一般现在时。
70. certainly 考查副词。修饰动词应该用副词形式,故填certainly。

        【2016•新课标全国Ⅲ卷】In much of Asia, especially the so-called"rice bowl" cultures of China, Japan, Korea,  41  Vietnam, food is usually eaten with chopsticks.
Chopsticks are usually two long, thin pieces of wood or bamboo. They can also be made of plastic, animal bone or metal. Sometimes chopsticks are quite artistic. Truly elegant chopsticks might  42 (make) of gold and silver with Chinese characters. Skilled workers also combine various hardwoods and metal  43  (create) special designs.
The Chinese have used chopsticks for five thousand years. People probably cooked their food in large pots,   44  (use) twigs (树枝) to remove it. Over time,  45  the population grew, people began cutting food into small pieces so it would cook more quickly.
Food in small pieces could be eaten easily with twigs which  46  (gradual) turned into chopsticks.
Some people think that the great Chinese scholar Confucius, 47 lived from roughly 551 to 479 B.C.,  influenced the 48 (develop) of chopsticks. Confucius believed knives would remind people of killings and 49 (be) too violent for use at the table.
Chopsticks are not used everywhere in Asia. In India, for example, most people traditionally eat 50 their hands.
41.and        42.be made   43.to create   44. using   45.as/when  
46. gradually   47.who   48. development   49. were   50. with
41. and 考查并列连词。这里列举了一些亚洲的国家,他们是并列关系,故填and。
42. be made 考查固定词组。精美的筷子可能是由刻有汉字的金或银制成的。sth be made of…某物由……制成,情态动词后跟动词原形,故填be made。
43. To create 考查不定式做目的状语。技术娴熟的工人会把各种各样的硬质木材和金属结合起来,以创造出特殊风格的筷子。这里用不定式表目的,故填to create。
44. using 考查现在分词作伴随状语。人们可能使用大锅煮食物,用树枝翻移食物,use的逻辑主语是people,两者是主动关系,用现在分词表示伴随状况,故填using。
45. as/when考查时间状语从句。句意:随着人口的增长,人们开始把食物切成小块,这样可以煮的快一点,这里是时间状语从句。When意为“当……时候”,后跟长动作或短动作,故填as/when。
46. gradually考查副词。副词修饰动词或形容词,这里修饰动词短语turned into应该用副词,故填gradually。
47. who 考查非限制性定语从句。句中有逗号,说明是非限制性定语从句,先行词是Confucius孔子,定语从句缺少主语,且指人,故填who。
48. development 考查词性转换。The+名词+of…意为“……的……”,这里指“筷子的发展”,故填development.
49. were 考查时态。根据句意可知,这里指的是刀子太暴力而不适合在餐桌上使用,believed后跟一个宾语从句,and连接了两个并列的谓语,主语knives是复数,根据时态和主谓一致的原则,这里应用were。
50. with 考查介词。句意:在印度大部分人还是用传统的吃饭方法——用手拿,with+表示具体工具的名词,表示“用……”,故填with。


【2017•太原一模】Love is a hot topic, but what is love? Here is a story.
It took me a long time before I was able to fully understand my grandparents' love. They wrote the word “Shmily” in a surprising place for the other to find. __1__ one of them discovered it, it was his/her turn to __2__ it once more — in shoes, under pillows, even in toilet paper ...Their way of life, rather than only a game, __3__ their love, which not everyone is __4__ enough to experience. They __5__ hands every chance they had, finished each other's sentences and went to __6__ together.
But there was a dark __7__ in my grandparents' life. My grandmother had breast cancer. It had first __8__ ten years earlier. As usual, Grandpa was with her every __9__ of the way. He comforted her in their __10__ room, painted that color so she could always be __11__, even when she was too sick to go outside.
Now, it was even worse, but they still went to church __12__. Grandma grew steadily __13__ until finally, she could not __14__ the house any more. For a while, Grandpa would go to church alone, praying to God to __15__ his wife out. Then one day Grandma was __16__.
__17__ was written in yellow on the ribbon of my grandmother's funeral bouquet (花束). As the crowd thinned and the last mourners __18__ to leave, Grandpa stepped up, taking a shaky __19__, and began to sing to her. Through his tears, the song came, __20__.
Thank you, Grandpa and Grandma, for letting me see.
S­h­m­i­l­y: see how much I love you.
1.A. Though          B.As soon as
C.Because    D.As far as
2.A. write    B.place
C.tell    D.hide
3.A. broke    B.saved
C.shook    D.saw
4.A. rich    B.friendly
C.lucky    D.special
5.A. touched    B.held
C.waved    D.clapped
6.A. church    B.work
C.school    D.hospital
7.A. rain    B.wind
C.cloud    D.snow
8.A. risen    B.burnt
C.appeared    D.promised
9.A. minute    B.walk
C.time    D.step
10.A. grey    B.yellow
C.blue    D.black
11.A.in sunshine    B.on duty
C.in surprise    D.on business
12.A. lonely    B.secretly
C.apart    D.together
13.A. better    B.weaker
C.stronger    D.thinner
14.A. leave    B.design
C.escape    D.paint
15.A. send    B.give
C.help    D.take
16.A. missing    B.gone
C.lost    D.passing
17.A. Shmily    B.Word
C.Name    D.Age
18.A. stopped    B.got
C.turned    D.refused
19.A. breath    B.risk
C.rest    D.effort
20.A. nice and clear    B.loud and noisy
C.short and fast    D.deep and slow
1-5 BDDCB  6-10 ACCDB  11-15 ADBAC  16-20 BACAD
1.选B 根据第二段的第二句“They wrote the word 'Shmily' in a surprising place for the other to find.”可推断,他们中一有人找到了,就轮到他/她再次把它藏起来。as soon as意为“一……就……”,符合语境。though意为“尽管”,because意为“因为”,as far as意为“远至”,均与语境不符。故答案选B。
2.选D 参见上题解析。hide意为“隐藏”,符合语境。write意为“写”,place意为“放”,tell意为“告诉”,均与语境不符。故答案选D。
3.选D 根据语境可知,他们的这种生活方式见证了他们的爱。并不是每个人都会这么幸运,能够体会到这种爱。故答案选D。
4.选C 参见上题解析。lucky意为“幸运的”,符合语境。rich意为“富裕的”,friendly意为“友好的”,special意为“特别的”,均与语境不符。故答案选C。
5.选B 根据语境可知,一有机会他们就会握住彼此的手。hold意为“握住”,hold hands意为“握手”,符合语境。touch意为“接触”,wave意为“挥手示意”,clap意为“鼓掌”,均与语境不符。故答案选B。
6.选A 根据第四段第一句中的“but they still went to church”可知,此处应表示他们一起去做礼拜。go to church意为“做礼拜”,符合语境。work意为“工作”,school意为“学校”,hospital意为“医院”,均与语境不符。故答案选A。
7.选C 根据空格后一句“My grandmother had breast cancer”可知,祖父母的生活中出现了乌云,即人生的黑暗期。dark cloud意为“乌云”,符合语境。rain意为“雨”,wind意为“风”,snow意为“雪”,均与语境不符。故答案选C。
8.选C 根据语境可知,十年前乳腺癌第一次出现(在他们的世界里)。appear意为“出现”,符合语境。rise意为“上升”,burn意为“燃烧”,promise意为“允诺”,均与语境不符。故答案选C。
9.选D 根据语境可知,跟往常一样,祖父依然寸步不离地陪着她。step意为“步伐,脚步”,符合语境。minute意为“分钟”,walk意为“步行”,time意为“时间”,均与语境不符。故答案选D。
10.选B 根据常识可知,黄色代表着快乐和阳光。所以此处应指祖父为了安慰祖母,将他们的房间漆成了黄色。故答案选B。
11.选A 根据语境可知,祖父将他们的房间漆成了黄色,所以即使在祖母身体虚弱到无法出门的时候,她总能感受到阳光的温暖。in sunshine意为“沐浴阳光”,符合语境。 on duty意为“值班”,in surprise意为“惊讶地”,on business意为“出差”,均与语境不符。故答案选A。
12.选D 根据转折连词“but”和“still”并结合第二段最后一句中的“went to __6__ together”可知,他们依然一起去做礼拜。together意为“一起”,符合语境。lonely意为“寂寞的”,secretly意为“秘密地”,apart意为“分开”,均与语境不符。故答案选D。
13.选B 根据前一句中的“it was even worse”以及本句中的“she could not __14__ the house any more”可知,祖母变得更虚弱了。weaker意为“更虚弱的”,符合语境。better意为“身体更健康的”,stronger意为“更强壮的”,thinner意为“更瘦的”,均与语境不符。故答案选B。
14.选A 根据空格后一句的“For a while, Grandpa would go to church alone”可知,祖母已经无法出门,祖父只得独自去做礼拜为她祈祷。leave意为“离开”,符合语境。design意为“设计”,escape意为“逃避”,paint意为“绘画”,均与语境不符。故答案选A。
15.选C 根据上文可知,祖母变得更虚弱了,无法出门,因此祖父应是祈祷上帝能帮助祖母 摆脱困境。help意为“帮助”,符合语境。send意为“发送”,give意为“给予”,take意为“接受”,均与语境不符。故答案选C。
16.选B 根据下文中的“funeral”可知,一天,祖母去世了。gone意为“逝去的”,符合语境。missing意为“失踪的”,lost意为“失去的”,passing意为“经过的”,均与语境不符。故答案选B。
17.选A 第二段和最后一段均提到了“Shmily”,故此处应指“Shmily”这个蕴含着祖父母的爱和回忆的词被写在了祖母葬礼上摆放的花束的绸带上。故答案选A。
18.选C 根据该句中的“the crowd thinned”可知,此处应表示最后一批哀悼者转身离开。turn意为“转身”,符合语境。stop意为“停止”,get意为“得到,变得”,refuse意为“拒绝”,均与语境不符。故答案选C。
19.选A 根据该句中的“began to sing to her”可知,祖父应该是颤抖着吸了一口气。breath意为“呼吸”,符合语境。risk意为“冒险”,rest意为“休息”,effort意为“努力”,均与语境不符。故答案选A。
20.选D 根据空格前的“Through his tears”和常识可知,葬礼上所唱的歌应是低沉而缓慢的。故答案选D。

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来源 莲山 课件 w w
w.5 Y k J.cOM



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