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Digital technology—email and smart phones especially—have vastly improved workers’ ability to be productive outside of a traditional office.Even so,most white-collar work still happens in an office.One reason is that,according to findings of a new survey(调查) of office workers conducted by Wakefield Research for the IT company Citrix,most bosses are doubtful about remote working.Half of the workers say their boss doesn’t accept it,and only 35 percent say it’s tolerated.
Skeptical bosses will likely have their doubts reinforced(加深) by the same survey,which shows that 43 percent of workers say they’ve watched TV or a movie while “working” remotely,while 35 percent have done housework,and 28 percent have cooked dinner.
It is true,however,that working at home makes people much more efficient(高效的),because it allows workers to take care of annoying housework while still getting their jobs done.It’s much faster,for example,to shop for groceries at a quarter to three than to stand in line during the after-work rush.
The fact that such practices remain officially unaccepted reflects how far we haven’t come as a society from the days when we expected every full-time worker to be supported by a full-time homemaker.
More broadly the Wakefield survey suggests that employers may be missing a low-cost way to give workers something of value.Sixty-four percent of those survey participants who haven’t worked remotely would rather give up some bonus in order to get even one day a week working from home.Under such circumstances,smart firms need to find ways to let their employees have enough flexibility to manage their time efficiently.
1.Why do some employers hesitate to allow remote working?
A.They fear losing control of their workers.
B.They want to stick to their routine practice.
C.The y have little trust in modern technology.
D.They are used to face-to-face communication.
2.What seems to be most workers’ attitude toward remote working?
A.Doubtful.       B.Favorable.
C.Reserved. D.Disapproving.
3.What does the author suggest smart firms do?
A.Shorten their office hours.
B.Give employees a pay raise.
C.Adopt flexible work patterns.
D.Reduce their staff’s workload.

“If music is the medicine of the soul(灵魂),let it play on,” said a famous person.I think he said so because probably he got some help from music.Music has some strange abilities.Medical scientists have found that a person that feels stressed can actually listen to some kind of music and become well.
The researchers said that since stress comes as a result of life events such as starting a new family,starting a new business,and starting a new job,one can actually listen to good music and feel good because good music touches the human mind in a positive way.Music hel ps you to forget th e life events that make you worried and remember the important events that once happened in your life.
Depression(抑郁) is a disease caused by stress,smoking,social problems and so on.Depression is also caused by problems such as failure in business.Depression may bring us weakness,headache,and loss of concentration.Good music makes one remember happy moments or good days.If you play music about love,it makes you feel like falling in love again though you may have had several upset experiences.And such good feeling makes you healthy.
Anxiety(焦虑) is another health problem that can be controlled by music.Anxiety is a side effect of some major health problems such as cancer of the liver and cancer of the breast.Good music makes you feel relaxed and removes the pains from these diseases and you feel all right.
Good music can send you to sleep.And you need to know that sleep puts your body in a healthy condition.Sleep takes away the effects of stress,depression and anxiety from a person.
4.According to the famous person in Paragraph 1,music can   .
A.treat many kinds of diseases
B.help you keep healthy in your mind
C.take the place of medicine in treating illness
D.make you remember things happened in the past
5.Good music helps people remove stress mainly by    .
A.letting people have a good sleep
B.making people think positively
C.showing something new to people
D.making people focus only on important things
6.What’s the best title of the passage?
A.The health benefits of listening to music
B.Stress can bring us many kinds of diseases
C.Some diseases have something to do with music
D.Tips for us to live a healthy and comfortable  life

Persuasion is the art of convincing someone to agree with you.According to the ancient Greeks,there are three basic tools of persuasion:ethos:pathos,and logos.
Ethos is a speaker’s way of convincing the audience that he is trustworthy,honest and reliable.One common way a speaker can develop ethos is by explaining how much experience or education he has in the field.After all,you’re more likely to listen to advice about how to take care of your teeth from a dentist than a fireman.A speaker can also create ethos by convincing the audience that he is a good person.If an audience cannot trust you,you will not be able to persuade them.
Pathos is a speaker’s way of connecting with an audience’s emotions.For example,a politician who is trying to convince an audience to vote for him might say that he alone can save the country from a terrible war.These words are intended to fill the audience with fear,thus making them support him.Similarly,an animal charity might show an audience pictures of injured dogs and cats,to make the viewers feel pity.If the audience feels bad for the animals,they will be more likely to donate money.
Logos is the use of truths,statistics,or other evidence to support your argument.An audience will be more likely to believe you if you have conv incing data to back up your claims,for example,in an ad for washing powder.Presenting this evidence is much more persuasive than simply saying “Believe me”.
Although ethos,pathos,and logos all have their strengths,they are often most effective when used together.Indeed,most spea kers use a combination of ethos,pathos,and logos to persuade their audiences.So,the next time you listen to a speech,watch a commercial,or listen to a friend try to convince  you to lend him some money,be on the lookout for these ancient Greek tools of persuasion.
7.How is a speaker able to show his ethos to the audience?
A.By expres sing his sympath y with the audience.
B.By telling the audience about his personal preference.
C.By using beautiful language to make his statements attractive.
D.By showing his knowledge and experience relating to the topic.
8.Why is logos used for a commercial?
A.To get the audience’s sympathy.
B.To prove the speaker knowledgeable.
C.To convince the audience with facts.
D.To make the viewers your potenti al voters.
9.What does the author advise us to do in the last paragraph?
A.Don’t use tools of persuasion.
B.Never lend money to friends.
C.Be careful of skillful persuaders.
D.Look out for the ancient Greeks.
10.What can we learn about the three aspects of persuasion?
A.Each aspect has a different effect on the audience.
B.Ethos is the most important aspect of persuasion.
C.Honesty is the key to making your arguments believable.
D.Political leaders mostly use pathos to persuade their audience.


【语篇导读】 本文是一篇论文。在数码技术时代,白领职员是在办公室工作还是在家里工作更有效率,老板与职员各有己见。
1.A 推理判断题。根据文章第一、二两段可知,雇主针对remote working持有doubtful和skeptical的态度,所以不愿员工在家里工作,而且有员工说道,在家中工作时看电视、看电影、做家务等,更加深了老板的担忧。故选A项。
2.B 观点态度题。根据第三段中“working at home makes people much more efficient(高效的)...”可知,员工是持赞同态度的,故选B项。
3.C 细节理解题。根据文章最后一段最后一句可知“聪明的公司应想方法让员工足够灵活地有效管理自己的时间”。故C项正确。
【语篇导读】 这是一篇说明文。本文列举了音乐在几个方面的具体作用,讲述的是听音乐对我们身体的好处。
4.B 推理判断题。根据文章第一句“‘If music is the medicine of the soul(灵魂),let it play on,’said a famous person.”可知,如果音乐是灵魂的良药,那么就让音乐一直播放下去。可知在第一段里提到的是音乐对精神的作用。故B项正确。
5.B 细节理解题。根据文章第二段的“one can actually listen to good music and feel good because good music touches the human mind in a positive way.”可知,好的音乐可以去除人们的压抑情绪,是因为好的音乐可以让人们用积极的思维方式来思考。故B项正确。
6.A 主旨大意题。本文在第一段中提到了音乐对我们的健康有很多的好处,接下来列举了音乐在几个方面的具体作用。所以本文讲述的是听音乐的好处。故A项正确。
【语篇导读】 本文是一篇说明文,主题 是说服学。说服学有“信誉 证明(Ethos)”、“情感证明(Pathos)”、“逻辑证明(Logos)”三个基本工具,三个工具各有其特点,三者结合会取得更好的效果。
7.D 细节理解题。根据文章第二段“One common way a speaker can develop ethos is by explaining how much experience or education he has in the field.”可知,在“信誉证明(Ethos)”中作者要展示自己与话题相关的知识和经验,故D项符合文意。
8.C 细节理解题。根据第四段“...in an ad for washing powder.Presenting this evidence is much more persuasive than simply saying ‘Believe me’.”可知,在商业广告中要用 事实来使消费者信服,故选C项。
9.C 推理判断题。根据最后一段“So,the next time you listen to a speech,watch a commercial,or listen  to a friend try to convince you to lend him some money,be on the lookout for these ancient Greek tools of persuasion.”可知,在我们生活中要小心那些有技巧的说服者,故C项符合文意。
10.A 细节理解题。由最后一段“Although ethos,pathos,and logos all have their strengths,they are o ften most effective when used together.”可知,“信誉证明(Ethos)”、“情感证明(Pathos)”、“逻辑证明(Logos)” 对听众有不同的影响,故A项符合文意。

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