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阅读理解提升练(四) 推理判断题
I have always thought of myself as a doer.In work,I definitely was and continue to be.As a mom,I’m mostly a doer.However,my treatment for breast cancer made me realize I had not been a doer in the way I wanted to be—but that was about to change.
I have been afraid of flying since I worked in news and covered many plane crashes and had my own horrific experience.My family had never been to another continent together.Now that the chemo ( 化疗) was over,as a gift to myself,my kids and my mom,I took them all to London to celebrate life before beginning radiation every weekday for six weeks.
This time I decided not to think too much about it.When you look in the mirror without hair,you do your best to get through your day as if it were a day before you discovered your lump (肿瘤).Then everything seems doable.So I just booked the trip.
Our flight on British Airways was my best ever.I don’t know if it was the size of the plane,the comfort of the seats,the TVs or the family friendliness that made the time fly by for me.On every flight,I say a quick hello to the pilot,which calms me.This time,the pilot took extra time to explain the maps and weather patterns and calmed me down.That certainly  helped a bit,or was it possible that the chemo cured this fear too?
Every day I planned a different adventure—everything from tours of Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle to the original bus tour.They learned and loved every minute and shockingly,they didn’t complain.
I had wanted to do so for years.Life and work had gotten in the way,but we finally did it.I planned this incredible trip during chemo and will plan another.Sometimes,the best adventures come after surviving your greatest fears.
1.The underlined word “it”  in Paragraph 3 refer s to    .
A.her fear of flying
B.her breast cancer
C.the finished chemo
D.the planned family trip
2.On the author’s family’s trip to London,   .
A.the author overcame her fear of flying thanks to her family
B.the kids were not so interested in the places they visited
C.the family enjoyed themselves during different adventures
D.the family didn’t visit many places because of the author’s health condition
3.The best title for the text would be    .
A.Cancer Gets in the Way
B.Surviving the Fear
C.Living a Plain Life
D.A Successful Doer as Mom

It was a cold March day in High Point,North Carolina.The girls on the Wesleyan Academy softball team were waiting for their next turns at bat during practice,stamping their feet to stay warm.Eight h-grader Taylor Bisbee shivered(发抖) a little as she watched her teammate Paris White play.The two didn’t know each other well —Taylor had just moved to town a month or so before.
Suddenly,Paris fell to the ground,“Paris’s eyes rolled back,” Taylor says.“She started shaking.I knew it was an emergency.”
It certainly was.Paris had suffered a sudden heart failure.Without immediate medical care,Paris would die.At first,no one moved.The girls were in shock.Then the softball coach shouted out,“Does  anyone know CPR?”
CPR is a life-saving technique.To do CPR,you press on the sick person’s chest so that blood moves through the body and takes oxygen to organs.Without oxygen,the brain is damaged quickly.
Amazingly,Taylor had just taken a CPR course the day  before.Still,she hesitated.She didn’t think she knew it well enough.But when no one else came forward,Taylor ran to Paris and began doing CPR.“It was scary.I knew it was the difference between life and death,” says Taylor.
Taylor’s swift action helped her teammates calm down.One girl called 911.Two more ran to get the school nurse,who brought a defibrillator,an electronic devices(器械) that can shock the heart back into work.Luck stayed with them:Paris’s heartbeat returned.
“I know I was really lucky,” Paris says now.“Most people don’t survive this.My team saved my life.”
Experts say Paris is right:For a sudden heart failure,the single best chance for survival is having someone nearby step in and do CPR quickly.
Today,Paris is back on the softball team.Taylor will apply to college soon.She wants to be a nurse.“I feel more confident in my actions now,” Tayl or says.“I know I can act under pressure in a scary situation.”
4.What happened to Paris on a March day?
A.She caught a bad cold.
B.She had a  sudden heart problem.
C.She was knocked down by a ball.
D.She shivered terribly during practice.
5.Why does Paris say she was lucky?
A.She made a worthy friend.
B.She recovered from shock.
C.She received immediate CPR.
D.She came back on the softball team.
6.Which of the following words can best describe Taylor?
A.Enthusiastic and kind.
B.Courageous and calm.
C.Cooperative and generous.
D.Ambitious and professional.

China was poor and backward compared to the rest of the world up until a few decades ago,but that changed and it’s changing so fast.It’s simply fascinating.
China offers the unlimited amount of different activities for having fun.The nightclubs here are giant stadiums with IMAX 3D screen;they have things like escape rooms,unbelievable theme parks,outdoor natural parks and much more.
 Technologically,China is of course advanced in many ways.For example,electric transport(交通运输系统) has been highly developed here for years.You can find electric bikes,personal transportation vehicles,electric taxis and cars,even electric buses.
The  Chinese messenger app (WeChat) is very advanced and makes it easy to pay for what you want to buy and much more;it’s a technology marvel.
 In most places you won’t see any police.In some others they are present in security(安全工作) posts.They just  do their job — sit there silently and behave reasonably,adding to the security and order.
 China has the 27th lowest  murder(谋杀) rate in all 218 countries and regions.Murder rate in US is 4.7,while the rate in China is 1.0.
I’ll give you an example from the city I live in,Shenzhen.There are two giant parks I live near.I regularly go walking through those parks at 2AM or later.I wouldn’t try doing that in San Francisco or New York City.
 Last time I got scared in the park,it was 4AM and I heard a strange noise from behind the trees.I went around the corner to see and there was an elderly couple practicing Tai Chi.
7.What does the second paragraph mainly talk about?
C.People’s health.
D.Fastest growing economy.
8.What makes payments easy in China?
A.WeChat.       B.Computers.
C.3D screen. D.Electric transport.
9.What do the police do in some places in China?
A.They can rest for a long time.
B.They can earn a lot of money.
C.They keep the security and order.
D.They have enough time to look after their family.
10.What can we infer from the passage?
A.Staying in China is safe.
B.Don’t go to the park at night.
C.China has the lowest murder rate.
D.Regu larly going walking is good for health.


阅读理解提升练(四) 推理判断题
【语篇导读】 本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了作者经历乳腺癌之后的改变。她克服之前一直不敢坐飞机的恐惧,开启了人生冒险之旅。
1.A 代词指代题。根据文章第二段的句子“I have been afraid of flying since I worked in news and covered many plane crashes and had my own horrific experience.”可知,作者之前一直害怕坐飞机,但经历过乳腺癌之后,她决定忘记这种恐惧。故选A项。
2.C 推理判断题。根据文章第五段可知,作者和家人在伦敦每天都有不同的旅行计划,他们非常喜欢这次旅行,并且从中学会了很多东西。故选C项。
3.B 主旨大意题。文章讲述了作者患病之后的经历和做出的改变。有时候最好的冒险(经历)是发生在你度过最大的恐惧之后,故选B项。
【语篇导读】 本文为记叙文。八年级的泰勒发现队友突然心力衰竭,她立刻使用刚学会的心肺复苏法对其施救。她的勇敢和镇定挽救了队友的生命,也坚定了她当护士的想法。
4.B 细节理解题。根据第三段第二句“Paris had suffered a sudden heart failure.”可知,帕里 斯在三月的一天突然出现了心力衰竭的症状。
5.C 细节理解题。根据第五、六两段的内容可知,帕里斯的队友泰勒恰好刚学习了心肺复苏课程,她马上对帕里斯施救,所以说帕里斯是幸运的。
6.B 推理判断题。根据倒数第四段第一句和最后一段的最后一句可推断出,泰勒是一个勇敢而且镇定的女孩子
【语篇导读】 本篇文章主要分析了当今为什么外国人喜欢来中国。
7.B 主旨大意题。根据第二段的内容“giant stadiums with IMAX 3D screen;they have things like escape roo ms,unbelievable theme parks,outdoor natural parks”可知,本段主要介绍娱乐方式。
8.A 细节理解题。根据第四段的“The Chinese messenger app (WeChat) is very advanced and makes it easy to pay for what you want to buy”可知,在中国是微信使得付钱超级方便。
9.C 细节理解题。根据第五段的“They just do their job — sit there silently and behave reasonably,adding to the security and order.”可知,在中国许多地方的警察在履行他们的职责,维护治安。
10.A 推理判断题。根据文章的后半部分,尤其是最后两段可知,作者的经历告诉人们在中国是非常安全的。

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