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1. What will the woman probably do today?
A. Attend the wedding.   B. Go over her lessons.  C. Eat out with the man.
2. What will the weather be like tomorrow?
A. It will rain.     B. It will be cold.   C. It will be windy.
3. When will the next bus leave?
A. At 9:30.      B. At 9:35.    C. At 10:00.
4. Where is the woman going for holiday this year?
A. Canada.      B. Turkey.    C. Italy.
5. What is the woman going to do this afternoon?
A. Attend a meeting.    B. Go to a chess club.  C. Watch a tennis match.
6. What material would the man like for spring?
A. Leather.   B. Cotton.   C. Wool.
7. What colour would the woman like?
A. White.    B. Red.    C. Pink.
8. What is the woman doing when the man speaks to her?
A. Listening to music. B. Seeing a film.   C. Writing a letter.
9. What will the woman do before she leaves for France?
A. Attend a language class.
B. Read more French novels.
C. Apply for a new program.
10. What does the woman think is most important for one to study abroad?
A. The ability to learn new languages quickly.
B. The ability to learn new things quickly.
C. The mastery of a foreign language.
11. What happened to the man today?
A. He lost his job.
B. He made his boss angry.
C. His was replaced by a new employee.
12. How did the man feel about his situation?
A. Astonished.    B. Extremely angry.   C. Sad but not surprised.
13. What is the man going to do?
A. Wait to be called back to the company.
B. Talk with his boss about his problems.
C. Start to look for a new job.
14. What class has the woman already taken?
A. Spanish.    B. Math.      C. Biology.
15. How does the woman feel about science classes?
A. She doesn’t like them.
B. She regrets to have taken them.
C. She’s quite interested in them.
16. What kind of job will the man try to get?
A. Driving a taxi.   B. Working in a gas station.  C. Working in a restaurant.
17. Which of the following ha something to do with the War of Independence?
A. Ford’s Theater.   B. Valley Forge.    C. President Lincoln.
18. What plays an important role in people’s life in America?
A. Sport.    B. History.   C. Education.
19. What are young people encouraged to do?
A. Value the past and focus on the future.
B. Value new things and change with the times.
C. Make their own choices and succeed.
20. What is America like in the eyes of most foreigners?
A. A hopeful place.   B. A slow-paced nation.  C. A backward country.
第二部分 阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
Dog parks on Long Island
For dog lovers, parking dogs sometimes might be a problem. From entertainment facilities to park tips, we’ve collected everything you need to know before you take your pet for an afternoon of outdoor fun.
1. Amagansett, Napeague State Park
Amagansett, Napeague State Park, Route 27. Dogs are allowed on a leash(狗链)in this undeveloped park, which includes trails, wooded areas and roads. Access to the beach. No water source or public bathrooms.
2. East Meadow, Eisenhower Park
East Meadow, Eisenhower Park, Salisbury Park Drive and Stewart Avenue, East Meadow. In addition to dhaded seating, each run has a water source. Permits are free, but required.
3. Calverton, Isaac Park
Calverton, Isaac Park, on the Grumman Site, within Veteran’s Memorial Park. Separated by large and small dogs, this half-acre plot has shade trees, seating and access to the beach. Bring your own water’ leashed dog can be walked on some trails; Town of Riverhead residents only.
4. Broolhaven, Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park
Broolhaven, Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park, 2903 Montauk Hwy. This 3-acre park has areas for large and small dogs, but no water source. Large-dog area includes a training course. $18 yearly pass for village residents.
5. Massapequa, Clocks Boulevard Park
Massapequa, Clocks Boulevard Park, off Louden Avenue and Sunrise Highway. At larger than 1 acre, this dog park has lots of room to run and wooded areas for shade. Open dawn to dusk. Water sources are available in both the large- and small-dog areas. It has enough parking and seating. Open to Town of Oyster Bay residents.
21. In which parks are water sources available?
A. Isaac Park and Eisenhower Park.
B. Napeague State Park and Isaac Park.
C. Eisenhower Park and Clocks Boulevard Park.
D. Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park and Clocks Boulevard Park.
22. What is required if you are visiting Isaac Park?
A. Buying a permit.
B. Spending $18 every year.
C. Keeping public bathrooms clean.
D. The identity as a resident of Town Of Riverhead.
23. What’s special about Robinson Duck Farm Dog Park?
A. Dogs can be trained there.    B. It has large room for dogs.
C. Dogs can get shade there.    D. It is free for village residents.
Can you imagine four hours of your day getting to and from work? For the last eight years, Jo Meade rode her bike each Sunday on a 16-mile round trip to her job washing dishes. It took more than an hour each way. Other days of the week she would spend two hours on three buses from her apartment to get to the other work, for a four-hour round trip.
That was the “before” part of her life. The “after” part of her life was started by the community Police Officer Trevor Arnold, who delivered a used car to her with the help of a car dealer and other donors.
Arnold, who spotted Meade, red and sweaty, riding her bike in the worst heat this summer, decided he would het her a car. He intended to quietly buy her a used car out of his own pocket so he turned to his friend Kody Slaght, a car salesman to ask about a car priced $1,000. That wasn’t enough for a reliable ride, Slaght said, but the dealership said they would find a good car for her at a good price. Soon others were donating. Slaght and Arnold wouldn’t say how much the car cost, but the value is about $4,000.
Arnold said he was motivated by Meade’s work ethic(职业道德)to help. “I see a lot of hardworking people nut that’s when they are at work. Can you imagine spending four hours of your day getting to and from work?” he said.
Meade’s boss said she was awesome and really reliable when she worked and she got along with others. “She’s willing to rise the three buses to get in here on her day off if we need her too.”
Meade said she was planning to buy a car, “but I haven’t been able to afford it,” she said. “Trevor, he is a very good guy. I did not expect this.”
24. What can we learn about Jo Meade’s work?
A. It’s free but low-paid.
B. It’s not worth her devotion.
C. It’s competitive and high-paid.
D. It’s time-consuming on the road.
25. Why did Slaght disagree to Arnold’s buying a car priced $1,000?
A. The car was too expensive for Meade.
B. The car was beyond Arnold’s affordability.
C. The car had been donated to another person.
D. The car was not in good condition of driving.
26. What inspired Arnold to buy a car for Meade?
A. His sympathy for Meade.     B. His duty as a policeman..
C. Her commitment to work.     D. Her desire for a better life..
27. What’s Meade’s feeling for the donated c ar?
A. Normal.        B. Surprised.
C. Embarrassed.       D. Disappointed.
We all have dreams sometimes. Some are sweet but some are nightmares. Almost all researchers in sleep explain that nightmares are a reaction to negative experiences that happen during waking hours. However, some of them believe that nightmares do have some real benefits. One 2017 study, for example, found that frequent nightmare sufferers rated themselves as more empathetic(共鸣的).They also displayed more of a tendency to unconsciously mirror other people through things like yawning. People who have constant nightmares also tend to think further outside the box on psychoanalysis tasks. Some other researchers have found support for the idea that nightmares might be linked to creativity.
People seeking cure for nightmares were not necessarily more fearful or anxious, but rather had a general sensitivity to all emotional experience. Sensitivity is the driving force behind intense dreams. Heightened sensitivity to threats or fear during the day results in bad dreams and nightmares, whereas heightened passion or excitement may result in more intense positive dreams. And both these forms of dreams may feed back into waking life, perhaps increasing suffering after nightmares, or promoting social bonds and empathy after positive dreams.
The effects go further still. This sensitivity overflows over into perceptions and thoughts: people who have a lot of nightmares experience a dreamlike quality to their waking thoughts. And this kind of thinking seems to give them a creative edge. For instance, studies show that such people tend to have greater creative talent and artistic expression. And people who often have nightmares also tend to have more positive dreams than the average person.
The evidence points towards the idea that, rather than disturbing normal activity, people who are unfortunate in having a lot of nightmares also have a dreaming life that is at least as creative, positive and vivid as it can be distressing and terrifying. What’s more, this imaginative richness is unlikely to be limited to sleep, but also is filled with waking thought and daydreams. Even after people wake up and shake off the nightmare, in other words, a mark of it stays behind, possessing them throughout the day.
28. What do most sleep researchers think of nightmares?
A. They have no advantages at all.
B. They make people more empathetic.
C. They can promote human’s creativity.
D. They are a reflection of waking behaviour.
29. How can nightmare sufferers probably stop nightmares in theory according to the text?
A. Try to reduce sensitivity to threats or fear.
B. Be more fearful or anxious to nightmares.
C. Avoid excitement as much as possible.
D. Promote social bonds and empathy.
30. What does the underlined word “perception” in Paragraph 3 mean?
A. Content.       B. Awareness.
C. Intelligence.       D. Determination.
31. What can be the best title for the text?
A. The Benefits of Nightmares    B. The Solution of Nightmares
C. The Empathy of Nightmares   D. The Tendency of Nightmares
Sometimes I have to admire people’s imagination but what I admire most is the businessmen’s sense of smell. China’s Singles Day, which falls on Nov. 11 every year, has far surpassed its U.S. counterparts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday—combined. Last year, Americans spent a record $12.8 billion online between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. It’s impressive until you compare it to the $17.6 billion in sales made by Chinese consumers in a single 24-hour period during 2016’s Singles Day.
Singles Day is known as “Bare Sticks Day” or “Bare Branches Day” in Chinese—because the date “11/11” looks like bare branches and “one” is the loneliest number. Singles Day began in the early 1990s in the dorm rooms of Nanjing University when a group of single friends were sorry about the lack of significant others and decided to mark the day by organizing activities as a group of singles and reducing their loneliness by buying themselves a gift.
Then in 2009, sensing s break between the sales period of China’s National Day on Oct. 1 and Chinese New Year in late January or early February, Alibaba’s Jack Ma saw an opening: sell to comfort lonely hearts.
The first year did only $7.5 million in sales, but just 8 years later, shoppers spent $25.3 billion, or 168.2 billion yuan, this year—a 40 percent jump from last year’s $17.6 billion. Foe comparison, Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the U.S. only netted $6.79 billion in 2016. Amazon doesn’t release sales figures for July’s Prime Day, but it’s pretty safe to believe the not-quite-national-holiday doesn’t come close to $25 billion.
“More than $25 billion in one day is not just a sales figure,” Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang said in a statement. “It represents the desire for quality consumption of the Chinese consumer, and it reflects how merchants and consumers alike have now fully accepted the combination of online and offline sales.”
32. What does the underlined word “pothers” refer to in Paragraph 2?
A. Roommates.      B. Good friends.
C. Boyfriends or girlfriends.   D. Relatives.
33. What is the original purpose of China’s Singles Day?
A. To promote the online sale of goods.
B. To reduce loneliness of singles in China.
C. To create a holiday for all Chinese youth.
D. To find boyfriends or girlfriends for singles.
34. China’s Singles Day became consumers’ day in ______.
A. 2009       B. 2016
C. 2017       D. the early 1990s
35. Which of the following words can describe Daniel Zhang’s attitude to online sales?
A. Confused.      B. Optimistic.
C. Worried.      D. Indifferent.
Moving to a foreign country is an amazing, life-changing experience. There are some practical decisions that need to be made.    36    For me, choosing to live with a French with a French family was the best choice I made, an d here is why.
   37    When you’re in anew environment with people you don’t know who are speaking a language you’re still not fluent in, you might feel lost, tired and homesick—I know I did.    38    They showed me which buses to take to get to work, cooked dinner for me so we could eat together, and took me with them on trips to the beach, the theatre and even a bullfight. These were great opportunities to experience French culture and build relationships. They helped me feel more comfortable and welcome.
Living with French people has improved my language skills. Being constantly exposed to real French conversation has allowed me to learn new phrases, widen my vocabulary and even improve my accent. My host family are happy to answer my questions and correct me when I say things wrong.    39  
The experience of living abroad is one that you will remember forever. Perhaps the friendships, like the memories, will also last.    40    You might return for their birthdays, weddings, holidays, and much more. I hope to remain in contact with my host family long after I leave France because when I was away from my friends and loves ones, they welcomed me and made me part of their family.
A. One such decision is choosing where to live.
B. You can stay in your own space and privacy.
C. Your host family might become your life-long friends.
D. It makes me a better and more confident French speaker.
E. However, my host family was wonderful and welcoming.
F. A family can help you settle in, stopping you from feeling lonely.
G. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, a different culture and another language.
第三部分 语言知识运用(共两节,满分45分)
I have to admit that I have changed a lot. I had introduced myself to others by saying, “Hi, I am J’s mother” or “A’s mom” rather than my own name. Another mother    41    asked me, “And do you have a(n)    42   ?”
My friend    43    me a few days before. I kept on talking for five minutes about my    44   . When I    45   , she asked, “So, is there anything going on with    46   ?”
At first, I didn’t understand    47    she was asking me that. Hadn’t I just told her what was going on with me? But then I realized that    48    I said had actually been about myself. It was all about my kids. I love being a mom. The kids were my world.    49   , it was my kids’ world, and I just lived in it and    50    it didn’t fall apart.
The phone call with my friend made me    51    that I needed to start thinking about who else I am    52    being a mother. I realized that to be a good    53   , I also had to be my own person—not just someone who only    54    to take care of other people.
I joined a club and started doing some volunteer work. I took a writing class online. I am now a regular    55    to several magazines and write a monthly blog. I don’t make a lot of money by writing, but I feel more    56    as a person. I am    57    and growing, and that makes me more    58    and a better mother.
Now when I    59    myself, I say, “Hi, my name is Randi,” and it feels    60    to be me.
41. A. actually    B. generally   C. gradually   D. eventually
42. A. identification   B. job    C. family    D. name
43. A. visited    B. blamed   C. called    D. recognized
44. A. complaint   B. children   C. responsibility  D. career
45. A. accelerated   B. finished   C. yawned   D. choked
46. A. you    B. them    C. me    D. us
47. A. why    B. how    C. if     D. when
48. A. all     B. something   C. nothing   D. anything
49. A. What’s more   B. Or rather   C. On the contrary  D. After all
50. A. found out   B. made sure   C. tried out   D. held back
51. A. imagine    B. appreciate   C. realize    D. suspect
52. A. on account of  B. in addition to  C. in terms of   D. by means of
53. A. friend    B. employee   C. mother    D. wife
54. A. appeared   B. used    C. grew    D. existed
55. A. contributor   B. inspector   C. surveyor   D. accountant
56. A. contradictory   B. disturbed   C. compromised  D. fulfilled
57. A. sacrificing   B. struggling   C. learning   D. scolding
58. A. merciful   B. pitiful    C. objective   D. delighted
59. A. enjoy    B. introduce   C. ease    D. betray
60. A. fantastic   B. desperate   C. ambitious   D. awkward
There is a good new for astrophiles. The last full moon of 2017 is going to appear a little bigger and brighter than most.
Dec. 3 will bring a supermoon,    61    (mean) a full moon that happens at perigee—the same time that the moon is closest to the earth.    62    this particular occasion, the moon will appear 7 percent larger and 16 percent brighter than usual. Not only will this be the only full supermoon of 2017,    63    it’s also going to kick off a series of three full supermoons in a row. The full moons on Jan. 2 and Jan. 31 will be super    64    (one) and even they’ll be blue super moons,    65    means the second full moon in a single month.
While some moonwatchers might be getting excited, some people think the hype(炒作)around supermoons isn’t all it    66    (regard) as being. A scientist slammed(抨击)the term last year as something made up    67    (complete) and a waste of everyone’s time. He acknowledged that supermoons would appear bigger and brighter, but that actually an amateur    68    (observe) wouldn’t notice the difference. Another scientist    69    (make) a similar    70    (argue) back in 2012.
If the supermoon makes you want to go out and appreciate the sky’s beauty, we say “Go for it.”
第四部分 写作(共两节,满分35分)
第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
注意:  1. 每处错误及其修改均仅限一词;
2. 只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。
The other day, I got on my bike to take photographs of the nature. It was my school project what had to be finished today. I woke up much earlier than usual and left my house. It was still darker outside. When I arrived the lake, it was just at daybreak. The sky was pink but the sun was rising over the water. I sat on a rock next to the lake and watched the fish swimming in the water, listened to the birds singing in the nearby wood. Sudden, I realized I have forgotten my camera on the bike. I returned to get them. Now, I could take pictures.
第二节 书面表达(满分25分)
假定你是李华。近期有报道指出中国正在变成一个“一次性社会(The throw-away society)”,即什么东西都用完即扔的社会。请你就此用英文给报社编辑写封信,内容包括:
1. 自己的看法;
2. 举例陈述理由;
3. 提出建议。
1. 词数100左右;
2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。
1~5 BBCBA 6~10 BABAB  11~15 ACCCA 16~20 ABACA
21~23 CDA 24~27 DDCB  28~31 DABA  32~35 CBAB  36~40 AFEDC
41~45 DDCBB 46~50 AACBB 51~55 CBCDA 56~60 DCDBA
61. meaning 62. On 63. but 64. ones 65. which
66. is regarded  67. completely  68. observer 69. made  70. argument
The other day, I got on my bike to take photographs of the nature. It was my school project what had to be finished
删除the      which/that 
today. I woke up much earlier than usual and left my house. It was still darker outside. When I arrived ∧
   dark       at
the lake, it was just at daybreak. The sky was pink but the sun was rising over the water. I sat on a rock next
to the lake and watched the fish swimming in the water, listened to the birds singing in the nearby wood.  Sudden,
listening         woods. Suddenly,
I realized I have forgotten my camera on the bike. I returned to get it. Now, I could take pictures.
 had           them
One possible version:
Dear editor,
I’m writing to express my opinion. I’m afraid that the report is a warming because everything that we use involves throwing something away. Everyone is focused on what’s new, hot or better. For example, we often abandon our cell phones after maybe just two years and then we buy a new one through they are still in good condition. What’s worse, almost every day, after opening a new package or a food product, there is always a protective wrapper to throw away. I think it is a huge waste. There are numerous ways to prevent that, such as simplifying packing, recycling more different varieties of products and making full use of everything.
I really hope our media can take the responsibility to convey the concern to everyone. Thank you.
Li Hua
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