Unit 6 Do you like bananas?

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Unit 6 Do you like bananas?

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k J.Com Unit 6 Do you like bananas?
一.语音知识 选出划线部分读音不同的选项。(5分)
( )1. A. like   B. find    C. dinner    D. ice
( )2. A. hamburger  B. orange    C. salad    D. carrot
( )3. A. mother   B. brother   C. tomato    D. come
( )4. A. bread   B. cream    C. breakfast   D. French
( )5. A. runner   B. hamburger   C. dessert    D. dinner
6. tomato _______________________(复数)  7. orange _______________________(形容词)
8. woman_______________________(复数)  9. strawberry ______  ______________(复数)
10. let us_______________________(缩写)  11. he_____________________________(物代)
12. run ________________________(名词)  13. lots of________________________(同义词)
14. these_____________________(对应词)  15. health_________________________(形容词)
16. 炸薯条__________________________  17. 一些鸡肉 ___________________________
18. 我自己的足球____________________  19. 看起来像 ___________________________
20. 家谱____________________________  21. a list of food __________________________
22. for dessert ________________________  23. how many ___________________________
24. answer questions___________________  25. like ---very much______________________
I栏                              II栏
( )26. Do you like hamburgers.              A. Hamburgers.
( )27. Is she like her mother?           B. That sounds great.
( )28. What do you like for breakfast?   C. You’re welcome.
( )29. How many oranges would you like?  D. No, not at all.
( )30. Let’s have some French fries.       E. Yes, he does.
( )31. Does Bill like strawberries?    F. No, she is like her father.
( )32. Thank you for your dinner.    G. Two, please.
( )33. Who likes broccoli?     H. Hamburgers are.
( )34. What’s your favourite food?    I . Yes, I do.
( )35. Does she like broccoli ice cream?   J. Bill does.
( )36. I have some ___________________ for dinner.
  A. tomatos  B. potatos   C. chickens  D. tomatoes
( )37. We’d better do sports to keep _______________________.
  A. health   B. healthy   C. good   D. interesting
( )38. --- Where is Barry from?           --- He is ____________________.
  A. French   B. France    C. Frenchman  D. England
( )39. Thanks _________________ your dinner, it’s very delicious.
  A. to   B. in     C. for   D. at 
( )40. ---Are your friends and you in the same class?  ---No, we are in the different _______.
  A. one   B. class    C. classes   D. others
( )41. He often watches TV __________________ breakfast.
  A. at    B. for    C. on   D. like
( )42. She ___________________ tomatoes very much.
  A. looks like  B. is like    C. likes   D. has
( )43. Is Guo Peng ____________ her mother?     
  A. look like  B. is like    C. likes   D. like
( )44. Mum, __________________ my friends, Frank and Eric.
  A. this is   B. they are    C. he and she  D. these are
( )45. We ____________________ breakfast every day.
  A. eat   B. eats    C. have   D. has
( )46. Eating less fat is good for your ______________________.
  A. health   B. healthy   C. eyes   D. body
( )47. _______________ food do you have in the fridge?    
  A. How many  B. How much   C. Who’s    D. How often
( )48. This is Mr. Black and he has _______________ money.
  A. many   B. lots of    C. not   D. doesn’t
( )49. _____________________ are in the same class.
  A. Helen and I  B. I and Helen   C. I, you and she D. These
( )50. She likes _____________________ TV very much.
  A. watch   B. watching   C. watches  D. to watching
My younger sister is Cindy.      51     is her birthday(生日). My mother     52     her a big cake. She is eight years old now. She likes cakes.      53      the table in her bedroom, you can      54     the nice cake. Her       55    is on the cake. There are      56     things for her birthday, too.       57    are some apples, salad, ice cream, strawberries and oranges. But she’d     58    to have something to drink now. Her     59     , Kate, Barry, Bill, and Frank are coming to her birthday now. She likes to eat these things      60     her friends.
( )51A. This   B. That    C. Today    D. It’s
( )52 A. buy   B. wants    C. finds    D. gets
( )53 A. At    B. On    C. Under    D. With
( )54 A. look   B. see    C. eat    D. have
( )55 A. name   B. book    C. backpack   D. thing
( )56 A. others   B. the other    C. the others   D. other
( )57 A. They   B. These    C. Those    D. It’s
( )58 A. want   B. like     C. likes    D. wants
( )59 A. parents   B. teachers   C. friends    D. brothers
( )60 A. with   B. for    C. to     D. of
Hello, I’m Kate. I like different kinds of food. I like hamburgers, ice cream, salad and orange juice. For breakfast, I often have some milk and hamburgers. I don’t like dessert. My favourite football star, Ronaldo(罗纳尔多) eats lots of healthy food. He likes eggs and vegetables for breakfast. For lunch, he eats hamburgers, tomatoes, chicken, oranges and apple juice. For dinner, he likes meat and French fries. He doesn’t have dessert. “ I like football better than dessert.” He says.
( )61. Kate eat _________________ for breakfast.
  A. milk and hamburgers B. ice cream and salad  C. vegetables   D. chicken
( )62. Kate doesn’t like ____________________________.
  A. orange juice  B. ice cream   C. breakfast   D. dessert
( )63. Ronaldo is ________________________.
  A. a student   B. a football star  C. basketball star  D. runner 
( )64. Ronaldo eats ________________for dinner.
  A. meat and French fries      B. milk and hamburgers 
C. lots of healthy food      D. oranges and apple juice
( )65. Ronaldo likes _______________________________ better.
  A. dessert    B. basketball   C. football   D. running
66. My friend Cindy often eats ____________________________(汉堡包) for breakfast.
67. We should(应该) have ______________________________(健康的) food very day.
68. Do you like rice with _______________________________________(鸡肉)?
69. The ice cream with _______________________________(草莓) is very delicious.
70. We have some ______________________________(胡萝卜) for lunch today.
七.句型转换 按括号内的要求变换下列句子的形式(10分)
71. I like hamburgers for breakfast.(就划线部分提问)
   ________________ _______________ you like for breakfast?
72. He likes hamburgers.(变为一般疑问句)
   _______________ ________________ _______________ hamburgers?
73. 谢谢你的宴餐。(用英语表达)
   _______________ _____________ ______________ _______________.
74. 该吃饭了。(用英语表达)
_______________ ______________ ________________ _________________?
75. 她最喜欢炸薯条。 (用英语表达)
A: Excuse me. _76_______________________________?
B: Yes, we like something to eat. _77_____________________________, Helen?
C: Well, I’d like a hamburger, some strawberries and French fries.
B: __78____________________________________________________________?
C: No, I don’t like dessert. _79____________________________________________, Eric?
B: Well, I like two eggs, three hamburgers, four strawberries, a cup of Chinese tea.
A: Ok, __80________________________________________________________.
B: Thank you.
九.书面表达 (10分)
下面是关于Barry, Bill 和Sandra在食物方面的不同爱好。你是Sandra,请以
“Our Favourite Food” 为题目,介绍你们的情况。
Barry:  hamburgers, French fries, tomatoes, strawberries, oranges
Bill:   salad, meat, chicken, eggs, carrots, bananas, oranges
Sandra: ice cream, apples, vegetables, dessert, strawberries, oranges
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