七年级英语上册Module 9 People and places单元测试题(外研版含答案)

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七年级英语上册Module 9 People and places单元测试题(外研版含答案)

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Module 9  People and places
 (  )1.Be quiet! I ________ my homework.
A.am doing    B.have done
C.do          D.did
(  )2.Many people enjoy ________ the beach.
A.lie in     B.lying under
C.to lie in   D.lying on
(  )3.Today is Women's Day. My father and I ________ a special gift for my mother now.
A.make       B.makes
C.am making  D.are making
(  )4.We are having a good time.________, we have to go home now.
A.Really     B.Someway
C.Anyway    D.Sorry
(  )5.Thank you for________    us, Jim!
A.helping    B.help
C.helps      D.to help
(  )6.He likes working ________ night.
A.at the    B.in   C.on    D.at
(  )7.It's time________    English now, boys and girls.
A.read    B.to read
C.reading  D.reads
(  )8.I am planting some flowers in my garden________.
A.at night             B.at the moment
C.tomorrow morning    D.at that time
(  )9.There is________    milk here, but there are________    apples.
A.few; a few   B.few; a little
C.little; a few  D.little; a little
(  )10.—We are going on a school trip tomorrow.
A.Excuse me
B.I'm sorry to hear that
C.You're welcome
D.Have a good time
(  )11.Some people are ________ home.
A.driving to 
B.staying in
D.having afternoon tea
(  )12.Li Ming enjoys the school trip ________.
A.a lot of  B.lots of
C.a lot    D.lot of
(  )13. —Millie, I can't find Lucy. Where is she?
—Look! She  ________   under a tree.
A.reads      B.read
C.is reading  D.to read
(  )14.Mum, someone ________. Please pick up the phone.
A.has called   B.is calling
C.will call     D.was calling
(  )15. Just a minute! My brother ________  his car in the garden.
A.washes  B.is washing
C.washed  D.will wash
It's Sunday today. There are __16__ people in the park. Some are walking. Some are __17__ tea. Others are watching flowers. Look! That's Lucy. She's __18__ a kite __19__ her brother, Tom. The kite is high in the sky now. Their parents are sitting under a tree. What are they __20__ about? I don't know.
Oh, dear! Look! Lucy's kite is in a big tree now. Tom __21__ to climb the tree and get it __22__. But his mother doesn't let him __23__ it.At the moment we can see Polly is flying high.It can get the kite __24__ Lucy. Lucy is very happy to __25__ the kite back. She thanks Polly, her bird, very much.
(  )16.A.many  B.much  C.two  D.good
(  )17.A.drink  B.drinking  C.eat  D.eating
(  )18.A.flying  B.flys  C.flies  D.fly
(  )19.A.and  B.with  C.to  D.at
(  )20.A.talk  B.talks  C.talking  D.talk to
(  )21.A.wants  B.likes  C.goes  D.runs
(  )22.A.up  B.back  C.to  D.from
(  )23.A.do  B.to do  C.doing  D.does
(  )24.A.to  B.with  C.for  D.and
(  )25.A.do  B.get  C.fly  D.eat
Today is Saturday. We don't have any lessons. It is our cleaning day. The students of our class are cleaning our classroom. Mary is standing on a chair. She is cleaning the door. Tom and some students are cleaning the windows. Some of us are sweeping the floor. Others are cleaning the desks and chairs. I am taking down the old pictures and putting up some new ones. Our teacher is in the classroom too. She is helping us to put the desks and chairs in order(有序地).
(  )26.What day is it today?
A.Sunday.  B.Saturday.
C.Monday.  D.Friday.
(  )27.The students are________.
A.standing on a chair
B.cleaning the windows
C.cleaning the desks
D.cleaning the classroom
(  )28.The teacher is helping the students to ________.
A.put the desks and chairs in order
B.sweep the floor
C.clean the windows
D.take down the pictures
(  )29.Mary is________.
A.cleaning the door
B.cleaning the windows
C.sweeping the floor
D.cleaning the desks and chairs
(  )30.Why do the students come to school today?
A.To study.
B.To clean the classroom.
C.To learn English.
D.To see their teacher.
 Dear Fiona,
Here we are on the farm of Nykonos in the south of America, and we are having a good time. We are staying in a village. There are a lot of children here. We are playing games all day. I'm writing this letter in the house you can see in the picture on the other side of this postcard. Jacqui is learning to swim, Terry is lying in the sun, John is reading a newspaper and the children in the village are playing football near the river now. What areyou doing now?We are enjoying the holiday very much.
See you soon!
Love, Janet
(  )31.Who is writing the postcard?
A.Fiona.     B.Janet.
C.Terry.      D.Jacqui.
(  )32.Where are they staying now?
A.North of the Great Wall.
B.In the south of England.
C.In a big city.
D.In a village.
(  )33.Where does Fiona live?
A.On the farm.  B.In America.
C.On Park Street.  D.In Nykonos.
(  )34.Which one is NOT right?
A.John is reading a newspaper.
B.The children are swimming in the river.
C.Terry is lying in the sun.
D.Janet is in the house.
(  )35.How do they like the holiday?
A.Enjoyable.  B.Terrible.
C.Boring.     D.Bad.
Wang Li is having her holiday in Beijing. She doesn't go out to play today because it's snowing outdoors. She is calling her pen pals(笔友) and asking them what they are doing.
Tom is in Mexico. It's sunny but very cold there. People are wearing sweaters. Tom and his friends are playing in a park. Everyone there is having a good time.
Bill is in Australia and the weather is not good. It's raining. Today is Bill's father's birthday. They are having a dancing party at home. The weather is bad, but they have fun singing and dancing.
Name Place  Weather  Activities(活动)
Li In 36. ________ Snowy Calling her pen pals
Tom In Mexico  37. ________ 38. ________
Bill In Australia 39. ________  40. ________
The children ________ ________ ________ ________ ________.
I often ________ ________ at 6:00 in the morning.
Where ________ Tony ________ postcards?
There are many shops ________ my home ________ school.
My sister and I ________ ________ ________ at seven o'clock in the morning.
A: Hello! Who's calling, please?
B: Hi! This is Jack speaking in Beijing. 46.________
A: Hey, Jack! This is Amy. Why are you in Beijing now?
B: I've come to see my aunt with my parents.
A: 47.________
B: It's now very warm and comfortable in May, just right for sightseeing.
A: That's why many people go there for sightseeing at this time of year. 48.________
B: For five days.
A: 49.________
B: I like the Summer Palace best. When I was there, I lost myself in the beautiful scenery.
A: Really? 50.________
B: I'm sure you will have fun here.




51. I do my homework every day.(用now改写句子)
I________    ________     my homework now.
52.The girls are helping those old men.(改为一般疑问句)
________     the girls________     those old men?
53.He is doing work now.(改为否定句)
He________    ________     work now.
54.I like candy very much.(改为同义句)
I like candy ________ ________.
55.The birds are singing in the tree.(对画线部分提问)
________     are the birds________     in the tree?


It's seven o'clock on Friday evening. Li Mei's friends are having a small party at her home. They are doing different 56. ____________ now.
Wang Xue is making a big and nice 57. ____________ for Li Mei. She is writing some words on it. Zhao Qi is decorating(装饰) the room with some 58. ____________. Look! 59. ____________ girls are dancing over there. And Danny is 60. ____________ of them. There is a lot of delicious food on the table. The food isn't from a 61. ____________.  Li Mei's mother cooks it.
Oh, Li Mei's cat is 62. ____________ on the sofa and playing with a little boy. What is Li Mei doing at this 63. ____________? She is 64. ____________ Jenny. Jenny's father is 65. ____________ her to the party.

Ben Park 
Linda Shop 
Bill Playground
Bob Library 
Ann Friend's house


Ⅰ.1.A 2.D 3.D 4.C 5.A 6.D
7.B “It's time to do sth.”意为“到做某事的时间了”。
9.C little和a little均修饰不可数名词,前者表示否定含义,后者表示肯定含义;few和a few均修饰可数名词复数,前者表示否定含义,后者表示肯定含义。
11.C “drive to+地点名词”意为“开车去某地”,因为home是副词,故省略介词to。
12.C a lot of=lots of,意为“许多”,后接名词。a lot在此处相当于very much,表示程度。
13.C 14.B 15.B
Ⅱ.16. A 由后文可知,公园里有很多人。many修饰可数名词复数。
17. B 18. A 
19. B with sb.意为“和某人一起”。
20. C
21. A want to do sth.意为“想要做某事”。
22. B get back意为“取回”。
23. A let sb. do sth.意为“让某人做某事”。
24. C get sth. for sb.意为“为某人取某物”。
25. B 
Ⅲ.A 26.B 根据第一句“Today is Saturday.”可知今天是周六,故选B。
27.D 根据第四句“The students of our class are cleaning our classroom.”可知,学生们在打扫教室。
28.A 根据最后一句“She is helping us to put the desks and chairs in order(有序地).”可知选A。
30.B 根据第二、三句“We don't have any lessons. It is our cleaning day.”可知选B。
B 【主旨大意】 本文是一篇应用文。本文是Janet给Fiona写的一封明信片,主要内容是Janet向Fiona介绍自己的假期生活。
31.B 细节理解题。根据明信片的落款可知是Janet写的。故选B。
32.D 细节理解题。根据明信片的第二句“We are staying in a village.”可知,他们现在在一个乡村里。故选D。
33.C 细节理解题。根据明信片背面的信息“22, Park Street”可知,Fiona住在Park Street。故选C。
34.B 细节理解题。“…and the children in the village are playing football near the river now.”可知,孩子们正在河边踢足球,而不是在河里游泳。故选B。
35.A 细节理解题。由“We are enjoying the holiday very much.”可知,他们过得很开心。故选A。
Ⅳ.36.Beijing 37.Sunny but cold
38.Playing in a park 39.Rainy
40.Having a dancing party
Ⅴ.41.are having a good time
42.get up 43.is; writing
44.from; to 45.go to school
Ⅵ.46.B 根据下文“This is Amy.”可知是找Amy接电话。故选B。
47.F 根据下句 “It's now very warm and comfortable in May…”可判断此句询问天气。故选F。
48.E 根据下句 “For five days.”可判断此句询问要待多长时间。故选E。
49.D  根据下句 “I like the Summer Palace best.”可知此句询问最喜欢哪个地方。故选D。
50.A 根据下句 “I'm sure you will have fun here.”可知此句表示“我迫不及待想去那里”。故选A。
Ⅶ.51.am doing 52.Are; helping
53.isn't doing 54.a lot 55.What; doing
Ⅷ.56.things 57.postcard 58.stars
59.A few 60.taking photos
61.restaurant 62.lying 63.moment
64.calling 65.driving
Ⅸ.One possible version:
It's 9:00 am on Sunday. Where are my friends? What are they doing?
Look! This is Ben. He is taking photos in the park. Linda is shopping in the shop now. Bill is good at sports. He is playing football in the playground. Bob is reading a book in the library. Ann is playing in a friend's house.



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