七年级英语上册Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag单元测试卷(含答案人教新目标版)

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七年级英语上册Unit 4 Where’s my schoolbag单元测试卷(含答案人教新目标版)

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 Unit 4单元测试卷
第一部分 听力(共2节,15小题,每题2分,满分30分)略
第二部分 阅读理解 (共一节,满分30分)
     Some people remember things by writing to themselves. Then they leave the notes in obvious places, such as on the table or on the floor in the middle of the living room. I don't think I like to write notes to myself. Most of the time I lose them or forget to look at them until it's too late. I prefer to use an alarm clock to tell me what I should do. I have ten alarm clocks in my house. They could tell me about things. For example, if I have to make a telephone call at a certain time, I'll set an alarm clock to go off a few minutes early and put the clock by the telephone. Or if I want to watch a certain television program, I'll set an alarm clock at the right time and put the clock on top of the TV set. I can remember almost anything if I use my clocks. However, sometimes an alarm clock goes off and I don't know what it means. I always remember setting it, but not why I Set it. If the clock is by the telephone, I know I may have set it to tell me to call someone, but I can't be sure. I might have set it to tell myself that somebody was to call me at a certain time.
16. Some people like to write notes to themselves so that they can_______  .
A. leave them in obvious places         B. remember what to do at a certain time
C. watch a certain program                D. make a phone call at a certain time
17. I don't like to write notes to myself because___________   .
A. they are easy to lose or forget to look at    B. I don't know where to put them
C. my handwriting is poor                               D. it gives me too much trouble
18. I often use ________ to help me remember things.
A. a note book    B. a computer   C. telephone calls  D. alarm clocks
Enjoy Harvesting
Want to relax yourself .         Want to experience country life.    Come and pick litchi!
Free for a taste.                       Price:¥20 per kilo Dates: July 20th-July 28th
Add: Changlin village Tel:277-8688







19.You can call ______ to experience country life.
A.277-8688    B.289-6799     C.288-6299      D.275-6588
20.If Daisy has only 55 yuan, she can enjoy the activity in _____ on June 28th.
A.Changlin village    B.Fenghuang Park     C.Sam Mall      D.Putian Stadium
21.Dolly is a middle school girl. Her parents want to take her to Ice and Snow Festival. How much will they pay for the tickets?
A.¥20.       B.¥30.      C.¥50       D.¥60
22.We can get the ads most probably from______
A. a book    B. a newspaper    C.a novel     D. a documentary

A plant is a living thing. It uses its many parts to grow from a small seed to a large plant. Each part helps the plant stay healthy. Plants also need sunlight to grow. They get light from thesun and minerals from the soil. These things help the plant stay alive and grow.



23.Which word can be filled in the empty box?
A. Leaves.    B. Sticks.    C. Bushes    D. Grasses
24.Which part might grow around the seeds?
A. The stem.    B. The flower.    C. The root.    D. The fruit.
25.Which sentence is TRUE according to the passage?
A. A plant grows flowers under the ground.   B. Flowers can grow into new plants.
C. Not all plants have fruit.                             D. The stem helps hold the roots up.
26.What's the passage mainly about?
A. Plant parts.   B. Plant seeds.     C. Plant leaves.   D. Plant roots.
27.In what subject might you learn this passage?
A. Geography.   B. Biology.       C. Physics.    D. Chemistry.

For Rent
We are looking for one more to share our house. A room with a bed, a desk and a chair. Near Hong Xing School and a shopping center. $50 a month . Non-smokers only.
Call Luka at 719833857
Jack and Jill`s
Our new store will open on July 22nd.
Free parking for customers.
Opening hours: 10:00 am -----10:00 pm.
Join us today!
Opining hours: 5:00 pm -----10:00 pm
Come and book your place before September 25th at Lee Sports Center.
28.If you want to find a room to live in ,you can call _______.
A. Jane    B. Jack and Jill`s      C. Lee Sports Center     D. Luka
29.Jack and Jill`s is the name of _________.
A. a store    B. a hospital      C. a sports center     D. a restaurant
30.You can come to Lee Sports Center to book your place on _______.
A. September 18th     B. October 14th     C. September 28th     D. November 11th

第三部分 英语知识运用(共两节,满分 30 分)
第一节:完形填空(共 10小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10分)
通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后在各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出一个最佳选项。
Not only could the cultures, histories or customs in different countries be different, but the shopping habits are different. Let’s see the shopping in America here.
If you arrive 31______  America only for a short time, I believe you  32_____ buy some
clothes soon. There is a rule of dressing in the States: Change your clothes every day. For example,  in an American college, neither teachers    33_____    students are often seen in the same clothes for two days on end. So you may find   34______ necessary to buy more clothes than you have here ---- in China.
  35_______ you are shopping in the States, you will find that prices change a lot from store to store, and they change a lot from time to time.
After you stay in America for some time, you will also find that Americans are not so well-off. They often go shopping at ―sales‖.
They also buy some used, second-hand things, such as clothing, bed, sofa, or TV ---- in order to  36______  money. But in America it is quite different:   37____of the second-hand things are rather good.
In fact, the price in the United States is always very 38_____  . Advertisements for ―white sale‖ are often seen in January, as 39_____ as in May and June or July. Once or twice every season there will be ― garage sales‖ in the community. There, you can get almost 40._____    , from a boat to a pair of shoes, at lower prices.
31. A. at           B. in             C. to            D. for 
32. A. can        B. may         C. must       D. need to
33. A. and         B. but         C. or            D. nor
34. A. it               B. that           C. what           D. how
35. A. Before      B. After          C. While          D. During
36. A. save          B. spend      C. get                D. cost
37. A. Few           B. Much        C. Most             D. All
38. A. low            B. high           C. dear             D. common 
39. A. good          B. well           C. soon              D. often
40. A. something    B. everything    C. anything       D. nothing

第二节:语法填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 20 分)
The most important person in the world is your mother. She 41._______ (look) after you all the time.42._____  cold winter days, she always tells you 43.______ (put)  on more clothes. She always stands 44.______ the wind 45.________ (wait) for you back from school every day. When you hurry to leave home 46._______  school without breakfast, she always feels 47._______ (worry) about you at home. She knows about your study and spends much money 48.______(buy)  your school things. Mother can do everything for you day after day. What truelove that is 49.______  the world! We’ll always remember 50.______ (mother) love.
My name is Helen. Anna is my sister. Look! This is our room. It’s very tidy. You can see two 51.______(bed)  52._______ the room. The red bed is 53.____(Anna). The blue bed is 54._____ (I).  Under my bed, you can see a box. My old books 55._____(be) in it. A desk is between (在……之间) the two beds. 56._______ the desk you can see a telephone, a clock, a radio 57.________ two cups. The radio is black. I 58._______(find)  a photo in the school library. Do you 59._______ (know) whose (谁的) it is? Please call me 60._______ 366-5899.
第四部分 写作(共三节,满分 30分)
第一节:单词拼写(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
61. You can’t put your books e__________.
62. The c________ on the desk are all new.
63. ——Do you k________ Bob’s phone number? ——Yes, it’s 025-3698.
64. What can you see in the sky?——Some p________.
65. Little Tom is a_________ late for school.
66. The m_________ plane is on the table.
67. I t___________ it’s in your bag.
68. My watch is u________ the desk.
69. His father often wears a black h________.
70. ——W__________ is my pen?——It’s in the pencil case.
第二节:用所给词的适当形式填空  (共10题,每题1分,满分10分)
71. This is my ______ (parent) room. It’s very nice.
72. Where _________ (be) your pencil boxes?
73. This is my school bag. __________ (you) is on the desk.
74. Are those his ___________ (tape)?
75. Can you see those ___________ (play) there?
76. I need some __________ (thing) for class today.
77. Where are ___________ (they) pens?
78. My friends have some __________ (radio).
79. There are two__________ (photo) on the wall.
80. Thanks for ________ (come) to my birthday party.

第二节:书面表达(共 1 题,满分 10 分)
假如你是李哲,你邀请了来自美国的新同学托尼(Tony)到你家做客。现在请你根据下面的图片提示向他简单介绍一下你的房间。提示词:soccer ball 足球
1. 语句通顺,语意连贯;
2. 完整地介绍图片中的内容;
3. 不少于30词,开头已给出,不计入总词数。
Hi, Tony! This is my room.




阅读: BAD           ADCB         ADCAB         DAA
A: looks, on , to put, in, waiting, for, worried, buying, in , mother’s 
B.beds, in , Anna’s, mine, are, on, and, found, know, at
 单拼:everywhere, computers, know, planes, always, model, think, under, hat, where.
适当形式填空:parents, are, yours, tapes, players, things, their, radios, photos, coming.

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