Unit 5 What are the shirts made of单元测试题(人教新目标版九年级英语全册)

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Unit 5 What are the shirts made of单元测试题(人教新目标版九年级英语全册)

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Unit 5 What are the shirts made of?
1.Look at the chair.It is made    bamboo.It looks comfortable.
A.in  B.of  C.into  D.by
1.答案 B be made of表示“由……制成”,表示从成品中可以看出原材料。故答案为B。
2.—   is the bag made of?
—It's made of cloth.
A.What  B.How  C.When  D.Why
2.答案 A 结合答语可知所缺的特殊疑问词是what。
3.My hometown is famous    its seafood.Lots of visitors go there and enjoy the seafood every year.
A.of  B.as  C.for  D.with
3.答案 C 结合本题语境可知,我的家乡以海鲜而闻名。根据be famous for这一固定搭配可知答案为C。
4.We all try to avoid    useless things in order not to waste money.
A.buy  B.to buy  C.buying  D.bought
4.答案 C avoid后若跟动词,只能跟动名词,故答案为C。
5.It took my brother two hours    making the model plane. 
 A.finish     B.finishing C.to finish D.finished
5.答案 C 根据It takes sb. some time to do sth.的结构可知答案为C。
6.We found it interesting    with him.He used to tell jokes to us and made us laugh.
A.talk  B.talking  C.to talk    D.talked
6.答案 C 本题中it作形式宾语,真正的宾语是其后的动词不定式,故答案为C。
7.It    him several days to finish the whole report.
A.spent  B.cost  C.took  D.paid
7.答案 C 本题考查“It takes sb.some time to do sth.”句式。
8.These old newspapers can be    some beautiful and creative clothes.That sounds really interesting.
A.turned on  B.turned off
C.turned in  D.turned into
8.答案 D turn on打开;turn off关闭;turn in 上交;turn into变成。结合本题语境可知,这些旧报纸可以变成漂亮、有创意的衣服。故答案为D。
9.Mobile phones   for communicating with others.
A.is used  B.uses
C.was used D.are used
9.答案 D 主语是mobile phones,它和use之间是被动关系,要用被动语态,再结合语境可知要用一般现在时,故答案为D。
10.—Did you see the latest magazine    I bought last week?
—No,I didn't.
A.who  B.which  C.that  D.when
10.答案 C 本题考查定语从句的关系词。先行词是magazine,关系词在定语从句中作宾语,且先行词前有最高级latest修饰,故关系词只能用that。
11.You can't wear shoes inside this place.It   .
A.doesn't allow B.isn't allowed
C.hasn't allowed D.wasn't allowed
11.答案 B 句意:你不能在这个地方里面穿鞋。它不被允许。本题考查动词的时态和语态。根据句意可知,“穿鞋”是不被允许的,且这是现存的规定,故应该用一般现在时的被动语态,故选B项。
12.I don't understand why more girls     to do housework than boys in today's society.
A.asked B.were asked   C.are asked
12.答案 C 本题考查被动语态的用法。结合本题语境可知,在当今社会,被要求做家务的女孩比男孩多,由此可知要用一般现在时的被动语态,故are asked符合题意。
13.The Australians are like the English in many ways   they have many British relatives.
A.if     B.because     C.so D.although
13.答案 B 结合本题语境可知所缺的词是because。
14.When Robinson Crusoe got to the island,the first thing    he did was to look for some food.
A.who  B.that  C.which    D.whom
14.答案 B 句意:当鲁滨逊•克鲁索到达岛上时,他做的第一件事就是寻找一些食物。本题考查定语从句。先行词指物且被序数词first修饰,故只能选用关系词that。因此B项正确。
15.—Linda,could you tell me    the notebook?
—Oh,I bought it in the supermarket near our school.
A.where did you buy B.where will you buy
C.where you bought D.where you will buy
15.答案 C 宾语从句要用陈述句语序,先排除A和B;再结合答语的时态可知答案为C。

Beautiful pictures of mountains,forests,clear skies,flying birds,wild animals and silly faces—you can find them all in one place. 16 ?On a postcard!Have people always sent postcards?No!Before postcards,people 17 sealed(密封的)letters.
The 18 for the first decorated(装饰的)postcard came to John P.Charlton in 1861.He thought a simple card 19 a border would be a great way to send a note.Then in the late 1800s,postcards which had pictures on them 20 .By law,people had to write their note on the front—on the picture!The back was 21 for the address.Several years later,England allowed a divided-back(背面隔开的)postcard.Then people could write their 22 on the back left side.And they put the address 23 .During the early 1900s,the golden age of postcards,people around the world were more and more 24 picture postcards.In 1908,Americans alone mailed over 677 million postcards.
Today,postcards are the 25 most popular collection in the world after stamps and coins.You can always see or get a lot of newly-designed postcards,especially on New Year's Day.
16.A.How B.When  C.Why D.Where
17.A.liked B.hated  C.found D.lost
18.A.advice B.picture C.idea  D.card
19.A.above B.with  C.under D.for
20.A.happened  B.changed C.ended D.appeared
21.A.even B.only  C.still      D.ever
22.A.note  B.word  C.address   D.letter
23.A.on the front B.on the back
C.on the left     D.on the right
24.A.surprised at  B.interested in
C.expected by   D.worried about
25.A.first  B.second
C.third      D.fourth
[语篇解读] 本文主要介绍了明信片的发展史。
16.D 由后文“On a postcard!”可知,问句问的是在哪里能够找到山脉、森林等美丽的图画。故所缺的词是where。
17.A 由前后文内容可知,在明信片出现之前,人们喜欢用密封的信件。
18.C 由下文中的He thought可知此处是指首个想出装饰明信片的是John P.Charlton。
19.B a simple card with a border 带有饰边的简单明信片。
20.D 由文章可知,带有图画的明信片是在19世纪后期出现的。
21.B 由前后文内容可知,那时明信片的背面仅仅是用来写地址的。
22.A 随着明信片的发展,到后来人们可在明信片的背面左侧写便条了,故选A。
23.D 由上文内容可知,左侧写便条,那么右侧可以写地址。
24.B 由后文“In 1908,Americans...postcards”可推断,人们对图画明信片越来越感兴趣了。
25.C 由文中的“stamps and coins”可知,明信片是第三个最受欢迎的收藏品。


  A flying disk(飞碟)is made of plastic(塑料).It was back in the 1950s.A group of college students came into a restaurant to eat some apple pies.After eating the apple pies,they felt bored,so they wanted to play a game.They threw the plates here and there.In this way,the flying disk came into being.
  A camera is used for taking photos.It was invented in 1827 by Joseph in Italy.It's often used by the photographers to take pictures.There are many fascinating pictures to be taken in order to help you to remember the beautiful views.
  An umbrella is a most useful tool.It was invented over 4,000 years ago.It was invented in China and Egypt.It's used for keeping the rain out.When the sun is shining in the sky,an umbrella is also used to keep the sun out.It is still used today.
  A bike is a very useful tool in the world today.It is very cheap to travel on your bike.Taking a trip by bike is pleasant,because you can enjoy the beautiful sunshine in autumn and you can share the cool fresh air in summer.Riding a bike is good for the environment.

26.The flying disk is used for   .
A.taking photos
B.playing a game
C.keeping the rain out
27.The first camera was invented by   .
A.an Italian  B.a Chinese  C.a college student
28.Taking a trip by bike is pleasant because   .
A.it is very fast
B.you can get close to nature
C.it can keep the sun out
29.The invention“   ”has the longest history of the three.
A.a flying disk
B.a camera
C.an umbrella
30.Which of the following is TRUE?
A.The camera was made in the 1950s.
B.The flying disk was invented by Joseph.
C.The umbrella was invented in China and Egypt.
[语篇解读] 本文介绍了四种常见的物品,它们分别是飞碟、照相机、伞和自行车。

26.B 由对飞碟的描述中的“...so they wanted to play a game”可推断出答案为B。
27.A 由对照相机的描述中的“It was invented in 1827 by Joseph in Italy.”可知答案为A。
28.B 通读对自行车的描述可知答案为B。
29.C 对比这三项物品的发明时间可知答案为C。
30.C 由对伞的描述中的“It was invented in China and Egypt.”可知,选项C是正确的描述。
Today,roller skating(滑旱冰)is easy and fun.But,before 1750,the idea of skating didn't exist(存在).That changed because of a man named Joseph Merlin.Merlin's work was making musical instruments.
One day Merlin received an invitation to attend a music party.He was very pleased and a little excited.As the day of the party came near,Merlin began to think how to make a grand entrance(隆重登场)at the party.He had an idea.He thought he would get a lot of attention if he could skate into the room.
Merlin tried different ways to make himself roll.Finally,he decided to put two wheels under each shoe.These were the first roller skates in the world.Merlin was very proud of his invention and dreamed of arriving at the party on wheels while playing the violin.
On the night of the party Merlin rolled into the room playing his violin.Everyone was surprised to see him.There was just one problem.Merlin had no way to stop his roller skates.He rolled on and on.Suddenly,he ran into a huge mirror that was hanging on the wall.Down fell the mirror,breaking into pieces.Nobody forgot Merlin's entrance!
31.The idea of roller skating didn't exist   .
A.until 1750 B.after 1750
C.since 1750 D.from 1750
32.What was the job of Joseph Merlin?
A.Making shoes.
B.Making toys.
C.Making mirrors.
D.Making musical instruments.
33.Merlin didn't    at the party.
A.play the violin
B.have any ways to stop his roller skates
C.roll into the room
D.get a lot of attention
34.Merlin stopped rolling when   .
A.he wanted to stop
B.he ran into a window
C.he ran into a huge mirror
D.he knocked someone
35.Which is the best title of the passage?
A.How to use the roller skates
B.Merlin and the first roller skates
C.How to make musical instruments
D.Merlin and the first violin
31.A 根据第一段第二句But,before 1750,the idea of skating didn't exist(存在).可知,1750年以前,滑旱冰的想法还不存在,故可推知“直到1750年,滑旱冰的想法才出现”,not...until...“直到……才……”。
32.D 根据第一段最后一句可知,Merlin的工作是制作音乐器材。
33.B 根据第四段第四句Merlin had no way to stop his roller skates.可知,Merlin没有办法停下旱冰鞋。
34.C 根据最后一段倒数第三句可知,Merlin撞到一面挂在墙上的大镜子后才停下来。
35.B 通读全文可知,文章讲述的是Merlin和他制作的第一双旱冰鞋,B项正合此意。

Cat cafés to open in Toronto & Montreal
Soon,people in Toronto may be able to enjoy a hot chocolate or a coffee in a“cat café”.Two groups of people in the city are trying to raise enough money to open cat cafés.
The idea is simple:a café for humans—with lots of cats around.People will be able to pet the cats while they're sipping their coffee.There are already cat cafés in places like England,France and in Asia like in Japan,South Korea and China.
Jennifer Morozowich plans to open her Kitty Cat Café in September.She told The Toronto Star that it will have six to fifteen cats.Morozowich is a cat lover who says that cats help to lower people's stress levels.She is also planning to host special“Litter-ature”events,with the Dundas West Animal Hospital,at her café,with kids reading to the cats.
Some experts say that reading to animals helps kids learn to read better because animals enjoy hearing the human voice and kids don't have to feel stress about making mistakes while they're reading.
Another cat café,Pet Me Meow,will be open in autumn if Ashkan Rahimi and Jeff Ro have their way.They are trying to raise money to open a place where cats will live,and people can come in and buy a coffee and hang out with the cats.
Both sets of possible café owners will have to make sure their cafés are very clean.The City of Toronto has many rules that people have to follow who want to serve food to humans when there are animals nearby.For example,the animal boxes need to be in a separate space away from the eating area.
The café owners will get the cats from rescue shelters(救护所).If the coffee drinkers fall in love with a certain cat,they may be able to take it home.
The Toronto cat cafés won't be Canada's first.Happy Cat Café is opening in July in Montreal.
36.The underlined word“sipping”in the second paragraph probably means“   ”.
A.selling B.getting C.drinking D.making
37.According to the passage,Jennifer Morozowich   .
A.is a star from Toronto B.likes cats very much
C.owns a cat café now D.lives under much stress
38.We can learn from the passage that   .
A.reading to cats may help kids make fewer mistakes
B.people mustn't take the cats of the cat cafés home
C.Canada will probably have three cat cafés this year
D.the cat cafés have to give food to animals nearby
39.The passage might be   .
A.a news report B.an animal story
C.a meeting notice D.a pet advertisement
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇新闻报道。它向人们介绍了一种与宠物在一起相处的咖啡店。访问猫咖啡馆是种不错的体验,特别对家里没有猫的爱猫者来说,这里帮助调剂心情,释放压力。
36.C 词义猜测题。根据语境可知此处表示“当人们在喝咖啡的时候”,故选C。
37.B 细节理解题。由第三段第三句可知,Jennifer Morozowich是一个非常喜爱猫的人。
38.C 推理判断题。文章第三段第一句话中提到Jennifer Morozowich的Kitty猫咖啡店计划在九月开始营业;第五段提到在秋季会有一家叫Pet Me Meow的咖啡店开业;最后一段提到在七月蒙特利尔的幸福猫咖啡店将开始营业。故C项正确。
39.A 推理判断题。通读全文不难发现,本文是一篇新闻报道。

Most of us could probably live without vegetables,but a world without chocolate? Now that would be hard! According to chocolate makers it could happen if we don't act soon.
There are two main causes of the chocolate shortage—chocolate's growing popularity and less production of cocoa,the plant from which chocolate is made.With more and more people in India and China loving chocolate,not much can be done about the first cause.
Therefore,the only thing we can do is to increase cocoa production.However,new plant diseases and little rain in Ivory Coast and Ghana,the world's largest producers,have reduced cocoa production by 40 percent in the past 10 years.What's worse,many cocoa farmers in Africa and other cocoa-producing countries like Indonesia and Venezuela are changing to easier-to-grow crops such as corn or rubber.This way,the farmers can make more money.
To prevent more farmers from changing,researchers at the newly opened International Cocoa Control Centre,in the UK,are trying to create new cocoa plants that are stronger and faster growing.But first they must make sure the new plants are safe to grow.This takes a long time.
First,each new plant is stored at the Control Centre for six months to make sure it is healthy.It is then planted in the Centre's fields,studied and tested for another two years.Only after scientists are certain that they're disease-free,will the plants be sent to farmers in West Africa or wherever else they are needed.
To create new stronger types of cocoa,scientists at the Centre are combining the best parts from different cocoa plants.Though the world is facing a serious chocolate shortage,there is now hope!
40.The first paragraph tells us that   .
A.chocolate is healthier than vegetables
B.the world could soon be without chocolate
C.people love vegetables more than chocolate
D.it's not necessary to eat so much chocolate
41.In which countries has chocolate become more popular in recent years?
A.Venezuela and Indonesia.
B.Ivory Coast and Ghana.
C.Indonesia and China.
D.China and India.
42.Cocoa farmers are choosing to grow rubber and corn because these crops   .
A.can make them more money
B.need less rain to grow
C.can be planted more times each year
D.are not damaged by plant diseases
43.How long does it take scientists at the Centre to make sure a cocoa plant is safe to grow?
A.6 months. B.12 months.
C.24 months. D.30 months.
44.What is one of the purposes of the Cocoa Control Centre?
A.To introduce cocoa production to more countries.
B.To provide more chocolate for British people.
C.To produce stronger types of cocoa plants.
D.To make sure that cocoa is healthy to eat.
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇说明文。文章介绍了巧克力短缺的现状及原因,并介绍了科学家为此所采取的一些措施。
40.B 推理判断题。由第一段内容可推断出答案为B项。
41.D 细节理解题。由第二段最后一句“With more and more people in India and China loving chocolate...”可知。
42.A 细节理解题。根据第三段最后一句“This way,the farmers can make more money.”可知选A。
43.D 推理判断题。根据第五段中的“First,each new plant is stored at the Control Centre for six months...It is then planted in the Centre's fields,studied and tested for another two years.”可得出需要2年6个月,即30个月。故答案为D项。
44.C 细节理解题。由第四段中“To prevent more farmers from changing,researchers at the newly opened International Cocoa Control Centre,in the UK,are trying to create new cocoa plants that are stronger and faster growing.”可知。
Here is the story of how the teddy bear was born.
Nearly 100 years ago,President Teddy Roosevelt(罗斯福)went on a bear hunt.He e 45 hunting in the woods.Because he was the President of the USA,the people who organized the hunt wanted to make it s 46 .
But after three days of walking and climbing and riding,n 47 bears were found!The next day the hunt guide and his hunting dogs f 48 found an old bear.The dogs and the guide followed the bear for quite a distance until the bear was too tired to run.The dogs attacked and hurt the old bear.To stop it from running away,the guide t 49 the bear to a tree and called for the President.Here was a bear for him to shoot!President Roosevelt came,looked at the poor old bear and said“No”.He ordered that the old bear should be let go.
Mr.Berryman,a cartoonist(漫画家),heard of this story.He drew a cartoon showing how the President refused to shoot the bear while h 50 .Mr.Michtom,owner of a toy store,came up with an idea by the cartoon.He and his wife made a toy bear and put it in his toy store window.Next to it w 51 a copy of the cartoon.To his surprise,many people showed great i 52 in the toy and hoped to own one.He asked for and received President Roosevelt's permission to u 53 his name for the bear,and the teddy bear was born!
Since then the toy bear has been famous a 54 the world and especially popular with children.
45.    46.    47.    48.    49.   
50.    51.    52.    53.    54.   
答案 45.enjoyed 46.successful 47.no 48.finally
49.tied 50.hunting 51.was 52.interest 53.use    54.around
随着网络技术的不断发展,人们传递情感的方式也在不断变化。假如你叫王强,上周你就“使用纸质卡片还是电子卡片?”在班级展开了一项调查。请你给China Daily报社写一封信,介绍此次调查的结果并发表你的观点。

约30% 的同学认为 约70% 的同学认为 你的看法
3.……        使用电子卡片:
3.……        1.……

Dear Editor,
I am writing to tell you about the survey I've made on“Using paper cards or e-cards?”in our class.
Yours sincerely,
Wang Qiang
Dear Editor,
I am writing to tell you about the survey I've made on“Using paper cards or e-cards?”in our class.
About 30% of the students want to use paper cards.First of all,they are made by hand and they can show people's real feelings.Second,they are easy to take and can be kept for long.Thirdly,people can read them without computers.
However,around 70% of the students prefer to use e-cards.For one thing,e-cards can carry lots of information and people can send them quickly.For another thing,using e-cards can save paper so that our environment can be protected well.What's more,people can make various designs they like.
I think we'd better use e-cards more to save natural resources.But on some particular occasions,we can also use paper cards to show our real feelings.
Yours sincerely,
Wang Qiang


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