Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are单元检测卷(人教新目标版九年级英语全册)

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Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are单元检测卷(人教新目标版九年级英语全册)

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Unit 3 Could you please tell me where the restrooms are?
1.I met one of my old friends    my way to the bus station.
A.by   B.in  C.on D.for
1.答案 C  on one's way to...表示“在某人去某地的路上”。
2.You need    an umbrella when you go out.It seems to rain.
A.taken B.taking C.to take D.took
2.答案 C need to do sth.是固定搭配,意为“需要做某事”。
3.—Why is the shop still closed?It is already ten o'clock.
—Because the owner is on holiday today.You can come again tomorrow afternoon    2:30 and 6:00.
A.at B.between C.from D.about
3.答案 B between...and...表示“在……和……(两者)之间”,为固定搭配。
4.My sister spent two hours    her homework.
A.finish B.to finish C.finishing D.finished
4.答案 C 结合“spend some time doing sth.”的结构可知答案为C。
5.—Excuse me, could you tell me where the bookstore is?
—   ?I didn't hear clearly.
A.Pardon   B.How are you  C.Yes, please
5.答案 A 结合答语中的“我没有听清”可推断,所缺的句子是Pardon“请再说一遍”。
6.He suggested    the school sports meeting.
A.putting off  B.put off  C.to put off
6.答案 A suggest doing sth.表示“建议做某事”。故答案为A。
7.John didn't give up looking for a job   he got an offer from a German company.
A.until B.since C.because D.if
7.答案 A 句意:John没有放弃寻找工作,直到他被一家德国公司聘用。本题考查连词。根据句意可知答案为A项。
8.Our hometown has changed a lot these years.These pictures can show you   in the past.
A.what our hometown looked like
B.what was our hometown like
C.how our hometown looked like
8.答案 A 句意:这些年我们的家乡发生了许多变化。这些照片能向你展示过去我们的家乡是什么样子。本题考查宾语从句。宾语从句用陈述句语序。又因为look like中like为介词,故应用what作宾语,故答案为A项。
9. It is    for me to go shopping.There is a new supermarket near my home.
A.difficult B.important C.impossible D.convenient
9.答案 D 结合题干中的“我家附近有一家新的超市”可知,对我来说,购物是很便利的,故convenient符合题意。
10.—Hi,Mike.I wonder   in the winter holiday.
—I'll go somewhere warm.Maybe Sanya.
A.how will you spend your Spring Festival
B.where you spend your Spring Festival
C.where you will spend your Spring Festival
10.答案 C 宾语从句要用陈述句语序,先排除A;结合答语可知,宾语从句要用一般将来时。故答案为C。
11.—Did you catch the first subway this morning?
—No, I didn't. It had started moving    I could get on it.
A.before  B.since
C.after     D.as soon as
11.答案 A 本题考查连词的用法。根据“我没有赶上第一列地铁”可推断,在我能上地铁之前,它已经开始启动了,故所缺的连词是before。
12.—Which car do you want to buy,the red one or the yellow one?
—I'd like to buy the yellow one because it is   .You know,I don't have enough money.
A.more expensive B.less expensive
C.most expensive D.least expensive
12.答案 B 结合本题中的“我没有足够的钱”可推断,我想买那辆黄色的汽车,因为它不是那么贵,故选less expensive。
13.If we want to be a    visitor in a foreign country,it is important to know how to ask for help   .
A.politely;polite B.polite;politely
C.politely;politely D.polite;polite
13.答案 B 修饰名词要用形容词,故第一空要用polite;修饰动词要用副词,故第二空要用politely。
14. Peter likes pop music,but    his father    his mother likes it.
A.both;and B.not only;but also
C.neither;nor D.either;or
14.答案 C 结合本题语境可知,Peter喜欢流行音乐,但是他爸爸和他妈妈都不喜欢。故neither...nor符合题意。
15.—Mum,Christmas is coming.I wonder   .
—How about Paris?
A.where can we go B.where we can go
C.how can we go D.how we can go
15.答案 B 宾语从句要用陈述句语序,先排除A和C;结合答语可知所缺的特殊疑问词是where。故答案为B。

The Sweetest Sight
I was in the most beautiful city in the world,yet I only wanted home.
It was an amazing week for my husband and me—the trip of a lifetime.Months ago,when my husband told me that he would have a meeting in London,I expressed my 16 to go to Europe together with him.Then we asked his mother to 17 our two children and started off.
During the week's time, 18 visited London and Paris—as much as we could,Big Ben,the Louvre and so on.All these were beautiful places we expected to see before.We really enjoyed ourselves.
On our last night in Paris, 19 we enjoyed the night view(夜景) of the Eiffel Tower,my husband called home.His mother 20 the phone.In a second,my husband's face fell and he looked so worried.I could feel something 21 happened.
“What's wrong?” I asked.
He didn't answer and continued to listen.A few minutes later,he said 22 to me that Tony,our seven-year-old son,had fallen off his bike and 23 his leg.He must be sent to hospital at once.
At that moment,Paris suddenly lost its charm(魅力).
“I don't want to be here!I shouldn't be here!I should be home 24 my kids!” 
We hurried back to our hotel and then to the airport...
Finally,we got home.We rushed into our children's bedroom.Seeing our two children,I suddenly realized the truth:there is no  25 sight(风景)in the world than your children's faces that greet you at home.
16.A.question B.wish C.step D.place
17.A.look after B.talk with C.find out D.wake up
18.A.he B.she C.we D.they
19.A.after B.since C.though D.because
20.A.shouted B.finished C.wrote D.answered
21.A.ugly B.useful C.right D.bad
22.A.hardly B.clearly C.sadly D.truly
23.A.danced B.broken C.thrown D.opened
24.A.toward B.with C.under D.from
25.A.quieter B.richer  C.sweeter D.wider
[语篇解读] 这是一篇记叙文。作者和丈夫在巴黎游玩,尽情享受美景时听说儿子摔断了腿。他们匆忙赶回家,这时,作者才意识到最美好的风景是在家欢迎你的孩子们的脸。
16.B 由下文可知去欧洲是“我”的愿望。question问题;wish愿望;step脚步,步骤;place地方。
17.A 根据上下文可知是请丈夫的母亲照顾孩子。look after照顾;talk with 和……谈话;find out查明,弄清;wake up唤醒。
18.C 根据第二段最后一句中we asked his mother可知此处应用we指代“我”和“我”的丈夫。
19.A after在……之后;since自从;though尽管;because因为。根据语境可知是“我们欣赏完埃菲尔铁塔的夜景之后”。
20.D “接电话”用answer the phone。
21.D 由上句中my husband's face fell and he looked so worried可知是“不好”的事情发生了。
22.C 由下文Tony摔断了腿可知丈夫跟“我”说话时很“伤心”。hardly几乎不;clearly清晰地;sadly伤心地;truly真诚地。故选C。
23.B 由前面的had fallen off his bike 和后面一句He must be sent to hospital at once.可知应是腿摔断了。dance跳舞;break使破裂,折断;throw投,掷;open打开。
24.B 句意:我应该和孩子们一起待在家里!with和……在一起,符合题意。
25.C 由文章标题可知应选C。
The Cartoon Museum
Come and see the best of British cartoon art.There is something for everyone—including popular cartoon characters and a great shop full of funny books and cards.
Opening times
Tuesday—Saturday 10:30—17:30
Sunday     12:00—18:00
Cox's Hotel
Tel:01789 404600
Opening times
Coffee shop:9:00 am—6:00 pm
Tea room:10:30 am—5:30 pm
Pub(酒吧):12:00—midnight(1:30 am on Friday/Saturday)
Stratford Butterfly(蝴蝶)Farm
Tel:01789 299288   Price   Opening Hours
Email:sales@butterflyfarm.co.uk £5.50
adult Summer 10 am—
6 pm
co.uk £4.50
child Winter 10 am—
4:30 pm
 £16 family
26.Where can we get funny cards when we visit England?
A.In the Cartoon Museum.
B.On Stratford Butterfly Farm.
C.At Cox's Hotel.
D.At Cox's pub.
27.Which is the proper time to go to the pub at Cox's Hotel?
A.9:00—18:00 on Friday.
B.10:30—17:30 on Tuesday.
C.12:00—1:30 on Saturday.
D.10:00—16:30 on Monday.
28.How much should four college students pay for a visit to Stratford Butterfly Farm?
A.£16. B.£32.
C.£18. D.£22.
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇应用文,内容是三张海报。
26.A 细节理解题。由第一张海报中的...full of funny books and cards可知。
27.C 细节理解题。由第二张海报中的Pub(酒吧):12:00—midnight (1:30 am on Friday/Saturday)可知。
28.D 推理判断题。由第三张海报中Price下的£5.50 adult可计算出来£5.50×4=£22。
A city without cars would be very strange,right?But Venice(威尼斯)is such a city.
Venice is in the northeast of Italy.It wasn't built on land,like Beijing or Shanghai,but on more than 110 islands.Seawater is everywhere around the city.
Even so,travel isn't that difficult.The waterways have always been the best way to get around.There are 117 waterways and more than 400 bridges that can guide you where you want to go.
People in Venice move from place to place by boat.They like to enjoy the scenery and cool summer nights while taking boat trips.They can talk to other people as they go along.
Venice grew out of small islands in saltwater lakes when some Italians escaped from a war more than 1,500 years ago,and built homes there.
Water makes the city special,but it is also a big problem.Sometimes tourists will have such strange experiences.One moment they walk across the Rialto Bridge, and there's nothing special.But when they come back to the bridge an hour later, it's underwater and everyone is wearing rain shoes.
Once,people used too much underground water.This made the city get lower little by little.Now the city has gone down by 23 centimeters.
Another problem is the rising seawater.The temperature has risen over the years.This has made the ice of Arctic Ocean(北冰洋)melt(融化).
Every year,high waters hit the city in autumn and winter.When a lot of water comes,more than half of the city is underwater.
Scientists are trying different ways to stop the city from getting even lower.
29.According to the article,which picture shows the right position(位置)of Venice?
30.Which is the most impossible way for people in Venice to get around in the passage?
A.On foot. B.By boat.
C.By car.     D.By bike.
31.Why is Venice still getting lower and lower?
A.Because too many people live there.
B.Because people used too much underground water.
C.Because lots of bridges have been built.
D.Because the underground water is rising.
32.What seasons are dangerous for Venice because of high waters?
A.Summer and autumn. B.Autumn and winter.
C.Summer and winter. D.Spring and winter.
33.The article is mainly about   .
A.the position of Venice
B.the history of Venice
C.the problem of Venice
D.the scenery of Venice
29.B 由文章的第二段第一句话可知答案应是B。
30.C 由文章开头可知,在威尼斯乘坐汽车是最不可能的。故选C。
31.B 由文章的第七段可知答案应是B。
32.B 由第九段内容可知答案选B。
33.C 本文主要讲的是威尼斯的问题。故选C。
Some people have a very poor sense of direction.Unluckily,I am one of them.I have visited a place many times but I may still get lost there the next time.
When I was a little girl,I never dared ask strangers the way.So I used to walk round in circles and hope that by chance I would get to the place I was going to.
Now,I am no longer too shy to ask people for directions,but I often receive helpless or even wrong infor-mation.So I try to avoid giving people wrong directions.If anyone asks me the way somewhere,I always say,“Sorry,I am a stranger here.”
Once on my way to work I was stopped by a man.He asked me if I could tell him the way to the Friendship Building.I gave him my usual reply.But just as I walked on only a few steps,I realized that he had asked the way to my office building.However,I had no time to turn back and look for him.I was rushing to meet with someone at my office and I didn't want to keep him waiting.
When I just got to my office,the secretary showed in the man who had asked me for directions.Imagine how embarrassed I was and how surprised he was when we saw each other at first sight!
34.The writer always refuses to give people directions because   .
A.she's a stranger to the city
B.she doesn't know the people
C.she has no time to help others
D.she's afraid of giving wrong directions
35.A man stopped the writer on the way to   .
A.sell her something B.ask for the time
C.make friends with her D.ask for the direction
36.The Friendship Building is the place where the writer   .
A.lives B.studies
C.works D.teaches
37.The word “embarrassed” in the last paragraph means“   ”.
A.尴尬的     B.困惑的
C.激动的     D.拮据的
38.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A.The writer is too shy to give others directions.
B.The writer has a very poor sense of direction.
C.The writer never got lost when she was young.
D.The man was quite nervous when he saw the writer.
34.D 从第三段中“avoid giving people wrong directions”可知作者之所以拒绝给别人指路是怕给别人指错路。
35.D 从第四段中“He asked me if I could tell him the way...”可知这个人拦下作者是想问路。
36.C 根据第四段中“I realized that he had asked the way to my office building”可知,Friendship Building是作者工作的地方。
37.A 由上文内容可知,那个人向作者打听的地方正好是作者工作的地方,但作者没有指路。当秘书将那个人领进办公室时,可以想象出两人见面时,作者是多么尴尬,那个人是多么惊讶。
38.B 由第一段前两句可知作者是一个方向感不好的人。

Do you enjoy visiting a museum?Did you ever make a plan before a visit?Every museum must have something that attracts you.And there are many possible ways to enjoy yourself in a museum.
If you follow these steps below,you'll know what is worth seeing and doing,so that you can make the most of your time at the museum.
Decide what museum you will visit.There are so many different kinds of museums and you first need to find one that you like.It's easy for you to choose one and start an enjoyable visit!
Do some research online.Every museum now has a website which allows you to look through the information about it.On the website,you may look for such things as:
●The exhibits(展品)—See what is on show at the museum at all times,and what special exhibitions are held for a short time.
●The history of the museum—There will often be very interesting stories about the exhibits and the benefactors(捐赠者).That can make your visit more interesting.
●Activities—See whether there are talks,tours or special activities on the day when you visit.Many museums hold some activities that meet the interests of all age groups.
●Cost,food and storage—It's important to know how much the visit will cost.You have to decide whether or not you can eat there.You might also need to find out about transportation needs,as well as storage for coats,bags etc.
Learn at least one thing on your visit.It is always good to take away something new from your visit.
Plan breaks into your visit.When you walk around,standing here and studying exhibits there,you may become very tired.So it is important to take breaks.A break is a good opportunity for you to think of what you have seen and what else you might want to do in the museum.
Take a friend or two.Visiting museums is always a lot more fun when you are with someone else.You can talk over what you're seeing.A friend also brings another way of thinking when you talk about the exhibits.
39.According to the passage,we should first   .
A.do some research online
B.make a plan for lunch
C.decide on a museum to visit
D.choose a friend to go with
40.To make our visit more interesting,we can   .
A.organize activities like special shows and talks
B.read the stories about exhibits and benefactors
C.learn about the interests of all age groups
D.walk around the museum without breaks
41.If we visit a museum with friends,we can   .
A.share the experience with them
B.come up with strange ideas
C.cut down the cost of the visit
D.discuss the next visit plan
42.What does the passage mainly talk about?
A.What to do in a museum.
B.When to visit a museum.
C.Where to find a museum.
D.How to enjoy a museum.
[语篇解读] 本文为一篇说明文,介绍的是如何在参观博物馆的过程中获得乐趣。
39.C 细节理解题。由Decide what museum you will visit.可知选C。
40.B 细节理解题。根据题干我们把答案锁定在第二个圆点所在的段落。故选B。
41.A 细节理解题。根据题干中的关键词“friends”将答案锁定在文章最后一段,再根据本段最后两句话可知选A。
42.D 主旨大意题。由文章第一段和第二段可知选D。

A:Morning,Tina.Did you enjoy your holiday in the country last week?
B:Yes,I really had a lot of fun there.
A:Great!43.         ?
B:With some of my friends.
A:44.         ?In a hotel?
B:No.We camped in a mountain village.And we cooked our meals over an open fire.
A:Sounds wonderful.How was the weather there?
B:45.         .When we took a walk in the countryside,we met some villagers and had tea with them.
A:46.         ?
B:Yes.I will bring you some pictures tomorrow.By the way,what did you do last weekend?
A:47.         .
B:Wow,pretty cool.I believe you had a great time,too.
43.Who did you go there with/Who did you enjoy your holiday with 由答句“和我的一些朋友”可知。
44.Where did you stay 由后面的“In a hotel?”及答句中的“我们在一个小山村里宿营”可知本句是询问住宿地点的。
45.It was fine/sunny.../The weather was fine/sunny... 由上文及下一句的具体活动可知,此处表示那里的天气很好。
46.Did you take any photos/pictures 由答句中的bring you some pictures可知。
时间 明日上午八时
地点 科学宫(the Science Palace)
报告人 北京大学李教授(Professor Li of Peking University)
内容 the universe(宇宙)

2:30 p.m.,March 15
Dear Sandy,
I came to your hotel,but you were out.There will be a talk in the Science Palace at 8:00 tomorrow morning.The talk is on the universe.Professor Li of Peking University will give the talk.I hope you will be there.
The Science Palace isn't far from the Friendship Hotel.You may take No.8 bus and get off at the fourth stop.Then walk 300 meters along Zhongshan Road to the north.Soon you'll find the Science Palace.
Hope to see you tomorrow.
Zhao Hua



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