Unit 1 How can we become good learners单元检测卷(人教新目标版九年级英语全册)

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Unit 1 How can we become good learners单元检测卷(人教新目标版九年级英语全册)

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Unit 1 How can we become good learners?
1.—   do you study for a test?
—I study by working with my classmates.
A.How  B.Why
C.What  D.Where
1.答案 A 结合答语中的“我通过和我的同班同学一起学习的方式备考”可推断,所缺的特殊疑问词是how。
2. Have you decided which coat   ?
 A.choose B.choosing C.to choose
2.答案 C 本题考查“特殊疑问词+动词不定式”的结构和用法,该句中which coat to choose作decided的宾语。
3.—What do you think of your English teacher?
—She is very    . She often explains the difficult points many times until we understand. 
A.strict B.hard-working
C.patient  D.smart
3.答案 C 答语中提到了“她经常把难点解释许多次,直到我们懂了”,由此可知,她很有耐心,故所缺的词是patient。
4.Although he’s over 70,   he is full of energy. 
A.but  B.and  C.so  D./
4.答案 D 句意:尽管他70多岁了,但仍然充满活力。although表示“尽管”,它不能和but搭配,故此处不必填任何词。
5.—When I speak English,I always make   .
—Don’t be afraid of that.That’s how we learn.
A.trouble B.mistakes C.influence D.challenges
5.答案 B 由语境可知,此处表示我说英语时总是“出错”,故选B。
6.—Tommy, you can never let others know what I have told you today.
—Don’t worry.I will keep it   .
A.secret  B.money C.address D.grade
6.答案 A 考查名词的用法。由上句句意“汤米,你不可以让其他人知道我今天告诉你的话”可推出本句句意为:不要担忧,我会保密的。keep sth. secret意为“保守秘密”。
7.You don’t have to    every new word in the dictionary while reading.
A.look for B.look up C.look at D.look after
7.答案 B 考查动词短语辨析。“(在词典、参考书中等)查阅”用固定短语look up表示,故选B。
8.—Jimmy, it’s time to go to bed.
—Oh,I won’t do that    I finish my homework.
A.if B.before C.after D.when
8.答案 B 考查连词的用法。根据上句可以判断本句句意为“噢,在完成作业之前,我是不会去睡觉的”。故选B。
9.The math teacher got angry with me because I did not    what he said in class yesterday.
A.look for B.take care
C.pay attention to D.fall asleep
9.答案 C 考查动词短语的用法。A项表示“寻找”;B项表示“当心”;C项表示“注意”;D项表示“入睡,睡着”。根据句意“昨天在课堂上,我没有注意听数学老师讲课,所以他生我的气了。”可知选C。
10.—I’m sorry I don’t catch what you said just now.
—Don’t worry. I’ll    it. 
A.review B.repeat  C.report  D.realize
10.答案 B 题干中提到了“我没有听见你刚才说的话”,由答语中的“别担心”可推断,我会重复一下,故答案为B。
11.—The doctor told me not to eat too much,but I find it difficult.
—The doctor is right.    you eat,    you will be.
A.The less;the healthier
B.The less;the more healthier
C.The more;the healthier
D.The more;the more healthier
11.答案 A 本题是“the+比较级...,the+比较级...”结构。由上文可推断出“你吃的越少,你就会越健康”。healthy 的比较级是healthier。
12.—Shall we go for a picnic tomorrow?
—Well,it all    the weather.
A.belongs to B.happens to
C.depends on D.concentrates on
12.答案 C 考查动词短语辨析。句意:——明天我们去野餐好吗?——噢,这完全取决于天气。depend on决定于,依赖;belong to属于;happen to发生于;concentrate on集中精力于。由句意可知选C。
13.—Many young adults find it hard to make their own decisions.
—Well, they have to choose     and be responsible for their actions.
A.wisely B.quietly
C.totally  D.loudly
13.答案 A 本题考查副词的词义理解。根据语境可知,他们应该“明智地”做出选择,而且对他们的行为负责,故所缺的词是wisely。
14. This morning I    some new restaurants on the Internet for I wanted to take Mia to a nice restaurant for her birthday.
A.picked up B.looked up
C.cleaned up D.gave up
14.答案 B 结合句意可知,我在互联网上查阅了一些新饭店,由此可知look up符合题意。
15.—It’s said that some young girls eat little   they can lose weight.
—I’m afraid it’s bad for their health.
A.to B.so that
C.in order to D.although
15.答案 B 本题考查so that的用法。由第一句“据说,一些年轻女孩吃一点儿为的是减肥”可知应用so that引导目的状语从句,表示“为的是;以便”。

Last week, students at Rosie Bridge School worked hard to make their English Week very successful.
There 16 a lot of activities including an English book fair in the library and a treasure hunt. 17 students put on an English play. Other students 18 an English singing competition.
A speaking competition was also 19 .The students had to speak on a topic in English 20 two minutes.
Henry was the winner and we spoke to him.“I’m so happy that I 21 ,”he said.“I advise people to speak slowly. 22 they want to be good public speakers, they’d better speak clearly and 23 .”
We also spoke to several other students about English Week. One of 24 was Amy.
“I really enjoyed English Week. It gave me a chance to learn new 25 .In my opinion, every school should have an English Week. It’s well 26 doing,” she said.
On the last day of English Week, the head teacher gave a 27 to the whole school. He gave students some suggestions on 28 to improve their English.“You should communicate in English with your friends whenever you 29 .You should read English books and magazines, and watch English television 30 .Above all, you should enjoy English!”he said.
16.A.are B.were C.is D.was
17.A.Some  B.No C.All D.Few
18.A.took in B.took place
C.took part in D.took care of
19.A.playing B.played C.holding D.held
20.A.on B.at C.for D.by
21.A.did B.won C.lost D.had
22.A.Although B.Since C.Until D.If
23.A.confidently B.quietlyC.quickly D.patiently
24.A.us B.you C.them D.others
25.A.abilities B.words C.friends D.books
26.A.enough B.known C.dressed D.worth
27.A.speech B.decision C.task D.help
28.A.where B.how C.whether D.when
29.A.must B.need C.should D.can
30.A.programmes B.parts
C.stars D.stations
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文。讲述了Rosie Bridge School成功举行英语周的经过。特别是获胜者和校长的话让人很受启发。
16.B 考查动词时态及主谓一致。由第一段开头的Last week可知应用一般过去时,又根据后面的activities可知be动词用were,故答案为B项。
17.A 由下文中的Other students可知是在描述学生们的情况,故应用some(一些),答案为A项。
18.C 考查动词短语。take in吸入;take place举行,发生;take part in参加;take care of照顾,根据句意可知答案为C项。
19.D 由设空处前的主语(动作的承受者)可知应用被动语态。hold的过去分词为held。
20.C 由设空处后的时间段two minutes可知应用介词for。
21.B 由设空处前的内容可知他是获胜者,故应用win的过去式won。
22.D 句意:如果他们想成为好的公众演讲者,他们最好清楚且自信地演讲。故答案为D项。
23.A confidently自信地;quietly安静地;quickly快地;patiently耐心地,根据句意可知答案为A项。
24.C 句意:他们中的一位是Amy。根据句意可知答案为C项。
25.B 考查名词。ability能力;word单词;friend朋友;book书,根据句意及活动主题可知答案为B项。
26.D be worth doing值得做某事。
27.A give a speech做演讲
28.B 根据设空处前后文内容可知应是如何提高英语,故答案为B项。
29.D 考查情态动词。must必须;need需要;should应该;can能,根据句意可知答案为D项。
30.A 考查名词。English television programmes英语电视节目。
King’s College Summer School
King’s College Summer School is an annual (每年的)training program for high school students at all levels who want to improve their English. Courses are given by the teachers of King’s College and other colleges in New York. Trips to museums and culture centers are also organized. This year’s summer school will be from July 25 to August 15.More information is as follows:

Application (申请)date
●Students in New York should send their applications before July 18.
●Students of other cities should send their applications before July 16.
●Foreign students should send their applications before July 10.
●The English Language
Spoken English:22 hours
Reading and Writing:10 hours
●American History:16 hours
●American Culture:16 hours
●A letter of self-introduction
●A letter of recommendation (推荐)
The letters should be written in English with all the necessary information.
●Daily lessons:$200
●Sports and activities:$100
●Hotel service:$400
You may choose to live with your friends or relatives in the same city.
Please write to:
Thompson, Sanders
1026 King’s Street
New York, NY 10016, the USA

31.You can most probably read the text in    .
A.a newspaper  B.a travel guide
C.a textbook  D.a telephone book
32.Which of the following is true about King’s College Summer School?
A.Only top students can take part in the program.
B.King’s College Summer School is run every other year.
C.Visits to museums and culture centers are part of the program.
D.Only the teachers of King’s College give courses.
33.If you are to live with your relatives in New York, you will have to pay the school    .
A.$200  B.$400  C.$500  D.$900
34.What information can you get from the text?
A.The program will last two months.
B.You can write to Thompson only in English.
C.As a Chinese student, you can send your application on July 14.
D.You can get in touch with the school by e-mail or by telephone.
[语篇解读] 本文是一所英语学校的招生广告,这所学校的名字是King’s College Summer School。文章中提到了招生对象、课程安排以及学费等方面的信息。
31.A 通读全文可知,本文是关于一所英语学校的招生广告,故合适的出处是“报纸”。
32.C 由开头部分的“Trips to museums and culture centers are also organized.”可知,选项C是正确的描述。
33.C 题干中提到了“如果你要住在你在纽约的亲戚家里”,由此可推断,在费用中可以省略了Hotel service,结合其后三项的费用可知答案为C。
34.B 结合结尾处的信息“Please write to:Thompson, Sanders”以及“The letters should be written in English with all the necessary information.”可知,要给Thompson写信,只能用英语,故答案为B。

One day after school, I went to the teacher’s office to see my teacher, but nobody was there. As I was about to leave, I noticed a piece of paper on the floor. I picked it up and saw the words “FINAL-TERM EXAMINATION” at the top.I put the paper into my schoolbag secretly and ran out of the room.
After I came back home, I took out the paper quickly. It was the exam paper of my worst subject, History. I felt excited. My heart beat fast. I took out my History book and started working on the answer. I had never answered any questions so seriously.
On the day of the History exam, I went into the exam hall confidently. When the paper was sent to me, I dreamt of getting the highest mark in the whole grade and could not help smiling.“My History teacher always encouraged me to work hard and get better grades, but I let him down time and time again. This time I will give him a big surprise,” I thought.
When the teacher said we could start, I turned the paper over. To my surprise, all the questions were different. Later I felt nervous. In the end, I almost left the paper undone. After the exam, I ran to the toilet, took out the paper and carefully read it from the top. Oh! It was last year’s exam paper. I read all the questions but I hadn’t read the date.
This is a lesson in which I know I have to put my feet on the ground. I regretted doing such a silly thing. After that, I told my teacher the truth and I promised to be honest. From then on, I worked harder than ever before.
35.The writer went to the teacher’s office to   .
A. take an exam B.see his teacher
C.get his schoolbag  D.ask some questions
36.The writer always    in his History exams.
A.got high marks B.did silly things
C.let his teacher down  D.left the paper undone
37.The writer felt   when he first saw all the questions were different.
A.surprised B.excited C.nervous D.crazy
38.When did the writer know it was last year’s exam paper?
A.Before he read all the questions.
B.As soon as he returned home.
C.Until he went into the teacher’s office.
D.After he read the paper in the toilet.
39.What might the writer write in his diary?
A.I’m glad that I did very well in the exam.I gave my teacher...
B.After the exam,my teacher asked me to go to his office.My heart...
C.When I turned over the paper,I couldn’t help smiling.My teacher...
D.I’m truly sorry for what I did.Everyone should be honest.I’ll...
[语篇解读] 本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了作者在放学后去办公室见老师,老师没在,但是作者意外地发现地上的历史试卷。他很兴奋并精心地准备了每一道题目。但是在考试那天他才发现原来他捡到的是去年的试卷。从这件事情上他学会了脚踏实地。他主动找老师承认了错误并且保证会诚实。从那时起,作者比以前学习更努力了。
35.B 细节理解题。由文章第一句中I went to the teacher’s office to see my teacher可知选择B项。
36.C 细节理解题。由文章第三段第三句话中but I let him down time and time again可知选择C项。“time and time again(多次,一再)”和题干中的always意思相近。
37.A 细节理解题。由文章第四段第二句话To my surprise,all the questions were different.可知作者发现试题不同时的感受是吃惊。由此可知A项正确。本题易错选C,由文章第四段第三句Later I felt nervous.可知C选项nervous是吃惊之后的感受,所以不正确。
38.D 细节理解题。由第四段的After the exam,I ran to the toilet...It was last year’s exam paper.可知作者是在考试结束后去厕所读了试卷才知道他捡到的试卷是去年的试卷。由此可知D项正确。
39.D 推理判断题。由文章最后一段中的I regretted doing such a silly thing.可推知作者对于这件事情很懊悔,故A和C不正确。由I told my teacher the truth and I promised to be honest可知作者主动找老师承认错误并保证以后会诚实。故B不正确。所以选D项。

Why are your study habits different from those of your friends? Why do you seem to learn faster in some classes while more slowly in others? One reason you may not know is that people have different learning types.Scientists say there are three different learning types:Visual(视觉型),Auditory(听觉型)and Kinesthetic(动觉型).
 Visual learners learn best by seeing.If you seem to easily remember information from pictures,graphs(图表)and videos,you are probably a visual learner.You’re not good at copying down what the teacher says in class.Never mind.You can draw graphs or pictures instead,if you find that works better for you.
 Auditory learners learn best by hearing.If you seem to easily remember things by hearing them,then you are probably an auditory learner.You must listen carefully while the teacher is speaking because it’s the easiest way for you to learn.Sometimes you may find that taking notes stops you from listening carefully.After class,you can write down what you remember or borrow your friends’ notes to copy.
Kinesthetic learners learn best by doing.If you seem to learn best by working with your hands,you are probably a kinesthetic learner.Taking notes by writing can make you pay close attention to information as you receive it.Of course,you can learn best by making full use of labs or other class activities.
 Hope you learn better by knowing what your personal learning type is.
40.There are   different learning types according to the passage.
A.two  B.three  C.four  D.five
41.Jude can remember the words of a song quickly by listening to it once or twice.She might be a/an    according to the passage.
A.auditory learner B.visual learner
C.strange learner  D.usual learner
42.Kinesthetic learners learn best by   .
A.remembering information from videos
B.listening to teachers in class
C.drawing graphs or pictures
D.doing things with their hands
43.The best title of this passage may be “   ”.
A.Study Habits B.Ways to Study
C.Learning Types  D.Reasons to Learn
[语篇解读] 本文是说明文。介绍了三种不同的学习类型。从科学的角度分别介绍了不同类型的学习者的表现,从而让我们对不同的学习类型有了更多的了解。
40.B 细节理解题。由第一段最后一句Scientists say there are three different learning types...可知。
41.A 推理判断题。由第三段的介绍可推断出答案为A。
42.D 细节理解题。由第四段第一、二句可知。
43.C 主旨大意题。通读全文可知,文章是对不同类型的学习者的介绍。

Why is setting goals(目标)important?Because goals can help you do and experience everything you want in life.Instead of just letting life happen to you,goals allow you to make your life happen.
Successful people in life imagine how their life should be and set lots of goals. 44 It’s like having a sign to show you where you want to go.Think of it this way.There are two drivers.One has a place to go to clearly in mind which can be found on a map.He can drive straight there surely without any wasted time.The other driver has no goal,or a map. 45 But he drives aimlessly(漫无目的地)around,never getting anywhere,just using up oil.Which driver do you want to be?
 46 They decide what they want in life and then get there by setting goals and making plans.Unsuccessful people usually just let life happen by accident.Goals aren’t difficult to set and they aren’t difficult to reach. 47 You are the one who must decide what to achieve and in what direction to aim your life.
Research tells us that when we write a goal down we are more likely to achieve it. 48 They are harder to forget.Also when you write your goals in your own way,you are able to make yourself realize situations that will bring you nearer to your goal.
A.Written goals can be reviewed usually.
B.He starts off at the same time from the same place.
C.It’s up to you to find out what your goals really are.
D.By setting goals you are taking control of your life.
E.Winners in life set goals and follow through on them.
44.   45.   46.   47.   48.   
[语篇解读] 没有目标的人是把成功的希望交给机遇的人。这种人偶然成功的几率比有计划、有目标的人小得多。没有目标就没有成功。世界上没有懒惰的人,只有缺少明确目标的人。
44.D 由下一句“It’s like having a sign to show you where you want to go.”可知此处应该选择D项。
45.B 此处在讲另一位司机的情况,故选B。
46.E 此处与后面的“Unsuccessful people...”形成对比。
47.C 由后一句可知此处应该选择C项。
48.A 此处承接上一句话。A项中的Written goals与前面的write a goal down照应,故应该选择A。

Reading Outside Class
As we all know,reading has a lot of benefit.
What kind of books do you like reading?Why?
Do you read e-books?Why or why not?
When do you usually read?
How long do you read a day or a week?
Reading Outside Class
As we all know,reading has a lot of benefit.It can open our eyes because books are full of knowledge,and it makes us wiser and richer in life.I like reading newspapers and magazines,from which I get lots of fun and learn about what’s going on around the world.I also read storybooks and novels in my spare time,which makes me relaxed and happy.I seldom read e-books because they’re bad for eyes.On weekends,I usually spend a whole afternoon reading in the library.And I also read for about half an hour before going to bed every night.
The summer vacation is coming.I plan to read more including classics and English books to improve my language skills.I’m sure reading can make a difference to my life.


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