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1. 本试卷分选择题和非选择题两部分,共10页,满分为90分。
1. —Can you remember when Peppa Pig became so popular?
—Well, I only remember it was ______ Monday that almost all my friends started to be crazy about it.
A. a     B. an    C. the    D. / 
2. The research and development of high-technology will be of much more ______ to Chinese companies after this trade case.
A. gift     B. trust     C. value    D. wisdom
3. His parents expect that one day he will be able to play the piano as ______ as Lang Lang.
A. well     B. better       C. best       D. the best
4. —As one of the “People Who Moved Qinhuai”, his work goes ______ teaching.
—Yes, the teacher always thinks of the children first and takes good care of them.
A. beyond    B. beside    C. behind    D. between
5. —Would you like to play King of Glory with me?   
  —Oh, no. That’s the ______ thing in the world I want to do.   
A. loud    B. large    C. last    D. lost
6. —Tom, what’s your reason for being late for school this time?
  —I thought I could arrive on time. But the bus started moving ______ I could get on it.
A. after    B. until    C. while    D. before 
7. —What? We can take buses with just a mobile phone?
  —Yes. Buses in Nanjing began to ______ Alipay app. 
A. share    B. save    C. search    D. support
8. —Where is Alice? The film will begin soon.
  —Don’t worry. I ______ her and she is already on the way. 
A. call     B. will call      C. have called   D. was calling 
9. Answering the phone while driving may lead to death, so ______ do it.
A. don’t    B. can’t       C. won’t    D. mustn’t
10. —How much work have you finished ______ for the coming exam?
   —Everything is done. I’m ready for it.
A. prepared      B. preparing      C. to prepare      D. to preparing
11. The underlined “ow” of ______ sounds different from that of the other three words.
A. blow      B. allow         C. follow       D. own
12. —Could you tell me ______?
   —Rome was not built in a day. Practice makes perfect.
A. how can I speak English well      B. where can I speak English well
C. why I should speak English well      D. what I can do to speak English well 
13. —Why did the 79-year-old Mrs. Sun set up this organization?
 —To help those children get a good education ______ most people of her age never had.
A. which      B. who      C. what      D. when
14. —I missed the match of Liu Shiwen last night. ______, Andy?
   —Amazing. It’s the most wonderful match I’ve ever seen.
A. What for          B. What was it like   
C. What was wrong         D. What was it about 
15. —Jack, remember that a single flower does not make a spring.
A. Good idea     B. OK. I will        C. That’s all right    D. Oh, forget it
阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项, 并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。
I remember when I was a little girl, every time my dad was repairing something, he asked me to hold the hammer (锤子), just so we would have a time for a conversation with each other. I   16   saw my dad drink or take a night out with the boys. All he did after work was taking care of his family.
I   17   and left home for college and since then, my dad had been calling me every Sunday morning, no matter what happened. Several years later, when I bought a house, my dad painted it by himself for three   18   in the 80-degree summer heat. All he asked was to hold his paint brush and talk to him. But I was too   19   in those days. I did not find any time for a conversation with my dad.
Four years ago, when my dad was   20   me, he spent many hours putting together a swing set (秋千) for my daughter. He asked me to bring him a cup of tea and have a talk with him, but I had to prepare for a trip that weekend, so I did not have time for any long conversations that day.
One Sunday morning, we had a telephone talk as usual. I   21   that my dad had forgotten some things that we discussed lately. I was in a hurry, so our conversation was short. A few hours later that day came a call. My father was in hospital with an aneurysm (动脉瘤). Immediately I bought a ticket for a flight and on my way I was   22   of all missed occasions (时机) to have a talk with my dad.
By the time I arrived at the   23  , my father had passed away. Now it was he who did not have   24   for a conversation with me. I realized how little I knew about my dad, his deepest thoughts and dreams.
After his death I learned much more about him, and even more about myself. All he ever
  25   was my time. Now he has all my attention every single day.
16. A. always    B. never    C. often    D. sometimes
17. A. looked up   B. gave up   C. grew up   D. stayed up
18. A. seconds    B. minutes   C. days     D. years
19. A. bored    B. brave    C. blind    D. busy
20. A. calling    B. greeting   C. training   D. visiting
21. A. saw    B. noticed   C. imagined   D. showed
22. A. thinking   B. hearing   C. complaining  D. speaking
23. A. cinema    B. hospital   C. restaurant   D. school
24. A. courage    B. time    C. money    D. energy
25. A. asked    B. invited    C. provided   D. taught
 阅读下列材料,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项, 并在答
About the Scholastic (学业的) Summer Reading Challenge
Whether you are a returning participant (参与者) or joining the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge for the first time, we’re happy for you to enjoy our brand-new website filled with fresh content for students, educators, librarians, community partners and families.
There are some changes you’ll want to be aware of! Read on! 
26. The reading programme will end in ______.
A. May    B. July    C. August   D. September
27. What can we know about the reading programme?
A. There is something new in its website.
B. It does not welcome its returning participants.
C. It is fresh to schools, health centers and families.
D. You will face more challenges if you join it for the first time.
28. When reading on, you will find ______.
A. some prizes        B. some changes    
C. a few suggestions       D. a recommended book 
Long ago, there was a camel who lived alone in the desert. He was lazy. Instead of working, he spent his days chewing (嚼碎) sticks, eating twigs, and drinking water.
Many other animals worked hard, and they tried to get Camel to help them. But each time, the stubborn camel simply said, “Humph.”
One day, Zebra carried sticks to make a fire for animals. “Camel, come and carry sticks like the rest of us,” said Zebra. “Humph,” said Camel.
The next day, Hippo carried water for the animals to drink. “Camel, come and carry water like the rest of us,” said Hippo. “Humph,” said Camel.
The third day, Coyote carried food for the animals to eat. “Camel, come and carry food like the rest of us,” said Coyote. Camel didn’t move. He simply responded, “Humph!”
This made the animals very angry. “Camel is lazy, and we work hard,” they said. “We will go to visit Genie (精灵) to see if he can help us.” Zebra, Hippo and Coyote went to Genie and told him about Camel’s laziness.
Genie went to Camel’s home and found him resting. “Stubborn Camel, you have been lazy. You must work with the other animals and help them,” Genie said. “Humph,” Camel replied. “Do not say that again,” said Genie, “You have given the other animals three days of extra work.” “Humph,” Camel snapped. Genie waved his arms, and Camel’s flat back began to puff up into a big bump (隆起), as Camel watched in surprise. “You brought this humph (we call it “hump” now) upon yourself by being lazy,” said Genie, “Now you must work for three days without drinking or eating to make up for the work you missed. You can live off your hump (驼峰).” So Camel stomped off to work, humphing the whole day. And that’s how the camel got his hump.
29. What did Camel do each day?
A. He carried food like many other animals.  
B. He chew sticks to help animals make a fire.
C. He drank water and shared it with other animals. 
D. He ate and drank without doing any kind of work.
30. Which is the correct order according to the story?
a. Camel said no to Zebra because of his laziness.
b. Camel got a hump on his back and started to work.
c. Camel did nothing when Coyote was carrying food.
d. Camel made other animals angry and was visited by Genie.
e. Camel was not willing to carry water for the animals to drink.
A. a-c-d-b-e    B. a-d-c-b-e   C. a-e-c-d-b   D. a-c-e-d-b  
31. The underlined words “make up for” in the story means to “______” .
A. invent a story or an excuse
B. complete a number required
C. put something together from several different things
D. make a situation seem better by providing something pleasant
32. What is the best title for this story?
A. How the Camel Got His Hump    
B. How the Camel Replied to Others
C. How the Camel Made Others Angry   
D. How the Camel Became Hard-working
Grade Level: 3rd – 5th; Type: Biology
What do ants eat? Scientists observe (观察) animals to see what their preferences are. You can do the same with this science project by examining which foods ants love best.
Research Questions:
• What types of human foods do ants prefer?
• Would ants rather have: a cookie, an apple, a piece of bread, a       carrot, or a piece of meat?
• Five small plastic plates
• Cookie
• Apple
• Pieces of bread
• Carrot
• Pieces of meat
• Anthill (蚁冢)
Experimental Procedure:
1. Set out five small plastic plates.
2. Put a cookie on one plate, an apple on a second, a piece of bread on a third, a carrot on a  fourth, and a piece of meat on a fifth. Try to make sure that the pieces of food are about the same size.
3. Find an anthill with many ants.
4. Place the five plates near it.
5. Leave the area for about an hour.
6. When you come back, count the number of ants on each plate, and write the result into a form.
7. Repeat the previous (早先的) step after 1.5 hours and then after two hours.
8. Work out the averages (平均数) of each column and write them into the form.
9. Examine your data (数据). Which foods did the ants like the most? The least? Why do you think that was so?
33. The science project can be done as the homework of ______.
A. Biology    B. Geography   C. History   D. Maths
34. The purpose of this project is to see ______.
A. what scientists often do with ants   B. whether ants eat apples or not 
C. which kind of food ants prefer to eat    D. how much food ants eat each time
35. The pieces of food in the research are almost the same ______.
A. smell    B. taste     C. shape    D. size
36. What can we learn from this project?
A. The research is done successfully in a lab.
B. Careful watching does great help in the research.
C. A conclusion has been made before doing the research.
D. Some data of the research is offered by a famous scientist.
I’m sorry, Mr. Brown. Let me tell you why that idea may fail you. I know people who graduated at 21 and didn’t get a job until they were 27. I know people who graduated late at 25 and they found work immediately. I know people who never went to university but found what they love at 18. I know people who found a job straight out of college making much money but hate what they do. I know people who took gap years and found their purpose. I know people who were so sure about what they were going to do at 16, but they changed their mind at 26. So my point is everything in life happens according to our time, our clock. You may look at some of your friends and think that they’re ahead of you. Maybe some of them you feel are behind. But everything happens at their own pace (速度). They have their own time and clock and so do you. Be patient.
It took till 32 for J.K. Rowling to be published for Harry Potter. Ortega set up Zara when he was 39. Jack Ma started Alibaba when he was 35. Morgan Freeman got his big break (机遇) at 52. Steve Carell only got his break after 40 years old. Virgin was started by Richard Branson at 34.
    Getting your degree (学位) after 25 is still an achievement. Not being married at 30 but still happy is beautiful. Starting a family after 35 is still possible. And buying a house after 40 is still great. Don’t let anyone rush you with their time lines. As Einstein said, “Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that’s counted truly counts.” And this is the most important thing. I want you to be able to have meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling (让人感觉有意义的) lives for yourselves, and learn how to use that to make a difference in the lives of others. That will be the true success.
37. The underlined “idea” may be the thought that ______.
A. buying a house after 40 is great
B. getting a job after 35 is wonderful
C. starting a family after 30 is a shame  
D. getting a degree after 25 is an achievement
38. The speaker gives so many examples of famous people in order to ______.
A. tell listeners that they are too old to achieve success
B. wish listeners to admire their wealthy but busy lives
C. ask listeners to keep their own pace of life and be patient
D. show listeners that they would never know what the true success is
39. Which is TRUE according to the speech?
A. Jack Ma failed 35 times before he started Alibaba. 
B. Everything in life happens according to one clock.
C. Remember to look at someone and think they are behind. 
D. Enjoy your meaningful life and make a difference in others’ as well.
40. The speech may make the listeners think life is full of ______.
A. danger    B. hope    C. fear   D. surprise 

41. For safety, never forget to    ▲    (锁) the door when leaving home.
42. In order to do well in the exam, we should try to avoid    ▲    (粗心).
43. —China’s men’s table tennis team won the world championship title for the 21st time.
   —What    ▲    (激动人心的) news it is!
44. As a    ▲    (飞行员), Liu Chuanjian has won high praise for saving over 100 people.  
45. It’s important for teenagers to learn how to spend their pocket money    ▲    (明智地).
46. —Will Nancy take part in the English speech competition tomorrow?
—Sure. She sees it as a chance to prove    ▲    (she).
47. Listening to music is a good way    ▲    (relax) after a day’s work.
48. If all the rubbish    ▲    (throw) into bins, our city can keep clean.
49. Please pass me the    ▲    (five) dictionary from the right in the bookcase.
50. It is believed that the World Cup held in Russia this June will be    ▲    (success).

shape     small     unless     look like     turn himself into 
The Monkey King is the main character from the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West.
The Monkey King is not just any normal monkey. In fact, he sometimes does not   51   a monkey. This is because he can make seventy-two changes to his   52   and size. That is to say, he can   53   different animals and objects. It’s amazing, isn’t it? But   54   he can hide his tail, he can’t become a man.
To fight against bad people, the Monkey King uses a magic stick. Sometimes he can make the stick so   55   that he can keep it in his ear. At other times, he is able to make it big and long.
Children all over China love the Monkey King.
A) 阅读下面短文,根据所读内容,在文章后第56—65小题的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为56—65的相应位置上。   
When it comes to judgement (评价) of their bodies, women can’t win. I spoke to two women who were shamed for being fat, and after losing weight, shamed for being fit.
Sarah Moore is a 29-year-old mother of three children from Indiana, US. She became a personal trainer after losing more than 45 kg. She remembers the fat-shaming that happened to her before her weight loss. When waiting to get on a roller coaster, people behind her were complaining about the wait, and the person who worked there said, “Don’t worry. She’s probably not going to fit on here, and you’ll be next.” But after losing weight, Moore said people commented (评论) on her body even more. “Now I get comments like, ‘Are you sure you can eat that?’ I think they’re worried I’ll get the weight back,” she said. How does it make her feel? “Fat-shaming brought me sadness and I couldn’t get any help. Fit-shaming makes me feel angry,” she said.
Changes in body weight can also influence relationships. It can break the balance because people who lose weight can not only become more confident but also be the envy of others.
Fit-shaming has been more difficult to deal with for Andrea Sereda, a 38-year-old social
worker in Canada. She said judgement of her body is something she’s faced for years. Sereda said that when she was 9, her grandfather said to her at a birthday party, “I don’t think you
should eat cake,” and made comments about how many calories each bite had inside as she ate it. The judgement of Sereda’s body increased after she lost 57 kg. Closer friends seemed to compare their own bodies negatively (消极的) with Sereda’s new body type. “I am afraid of going out and having to deal with all these comments,” Sereda said.
Let us try to understand that just because someone has lost weight, it doesn’t make them fair game (可抨击的对象) for comments on their new shapes. Everyone should live free of being body shamed, paying no attention to how they look.
Shamed for being fat or   56 
Examples Sarah Moore Andrea Sereda
losing weight Someone   57   whether she could fit on the roller coaster. At a party, her grandfather   58   her eating cake.
  59   losing weight People made even   60   comments on her body. It was not pleasant for her friends to
  61   her new body type with their own.
The two
  62    She used to feel sad and   63   for being fat and is angry for being fit now. She was afraid to   64   out and deal with all these comments.
The writer’s ideas • We’d better not comment on those who have lost weight.
• We should live   65   having shame for our body.
B) 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词,并将答案填写在答题卡标号为66—75的相应位置上。
If asked to name the most famous cartoon character from their country, Americans may say Mickey Mouse. And people in Belgium would proudly m  66   Tintin. And in China, the title would probably go to Sanmao, a thin boy with only three hairs on his head, who was c  67   by the late comic artist Zhang Leping (1910 – 1992).
On March 26, Zhang was given the Special Honor award at the 2018 International Illustrated Silent Book Contest. Zhang is the first Chinese cartoonist to ever r  68   this prize.
The story of Sanmao starts with his moving to Shanghai to make a living. As an orphan (孤儿), Sanmao has n  69   to depend on and has to take on many different jobs, such as selling newspapers, polishing shoes and performing kung fu. But still, it’s h  70   for him to afford the cost of living. He has to sleep on the streets and is often laughed at by strangers.
Although his living conditions are p  71  , Sanmao is a kind boy who often shares
whatever little food he has with homeless people. He is also a boy of integrity (正直). For example, he r  72   to join a group of thieves who promise to feed him every day in exchange for his services.
According to Sanmao’s e  73  , people learn about the most turbulent (动荡的) moments of Chinese history in the 20th century. This is why even though Sanmao is often seen as “China’s Tintin”, his tale is c  74   to be much darker than that of the Belgian character.
The birth of Sanmao also filled a blank (空白) in the Chinese comic i  75  . Using the skill of line-drawing, Zhang wrote no dialogue and used the simplest brushwork to show the complexity of life in old Shanghai.
“自我保护”是青少年需要掌握的重要技能。请根据以下要求,以“How to Keep Myself Safe”为题,写一篇短文。

注意:  1. 对所有要点逐一陈述,适当发挥;
2. 词数80左右, 文章的开头已经给出,不计入总词数;
3. 短文中不得出现你的真实姓名和学校名称。
How to Keep Myself Safe
As a teenager, I think it is important for me to keep myself safe from danger.____________

1~5 ACAAC      6~10 DDCAC    11~15 BDABB           
16~20 BCCDD    21~25 BABBA
  26~30 DABDC    31~35 DAACD   36~40 BCCDB 
A) 根据括号中所给的汉语写出单词,使句子意思完整正确。
41. lock    42. carelessness 43. exciting         44. pilot        45. wisely 
B) 根据句子意思,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。
46. herself  47. to relax    48. is thrown        49. fifth/5th   50. successful
C) 根据短文内容,从下面方框中选择适当的单词或短语填空,使短文内容完整正确。
51. look like     52. shape        53. turn himself into  54. unless       55. small
A) 阅读下面短文,根据所读内容,在文章后56-65小题的空格里填入一个最恰当的单词。
56. fit      57. doubted     58. prevented/stopped  59. After      60. more 
61. compare     62. feelings    63. helpless          64. go     65. without
B) 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词。
66. mention  67. created   68. receive     69. nobody  70. hard
71. poor    72. refuses   73. experience(s)    74. considered  75. industry
One possible version:
How to Keep Myself Safe
As a teenager, I think it is important for me to keep myself safe from danger.
In my daily life, I always keep in mind that safety comes first. For example, when I cross the road, I will
be careful enough. If the traffic light is red, I will stop and wait until it turns green. In my spare time, I learn about some safety tips to guard against any possible danger.
If I am in danger, such as a fire, first of all, I will calm down as soon as possible. Then, I will ask for help. I think calling 119 at once is one of the most helpful ways to save myself. 
In a word, with positive attitudes and sufficient preparations, I will be able to protect myself.


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