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中考英语高频词形变换专项训练 (一)
班级      学号      姓名         成绩                                          
1.Amy makes fewer mistakes than Peter. She does her homework_________ (careful).
2.John is __________(luck) enough to miss the first train.
3.The guide said that much attention must ___________(pay) to these details.
4.My friend told me that he wasn’t used to __________(travel) by plane and he used to _________(feel) sick a lot.
5.Thank you for _________ me to the party, I’m grateful to you for your __________(invite).
6.By the time he was 12, he _____________(teach) himself French.
7.He watched the result of the test and then ___________(draw) a conclusion.
8.So far, we ___________(hold) twelve sports meetings.
9.This camera doesn’t belong to _________(he), it’s _________(I).
10.This car costs too much. Don’t you have something _________ (cheap)?
11.Many tigers are in _________ now, we should try our best to protect these _________(danger) animals.
12.The beautiful attraction is always full of _________(tour) every year.
13.He had to drive slowly in such a _________(fog) day.
14.There are some things that you can’t change, like your _________(high). 
15.Jim, _________(not swim) here. It’s dangerous.
16.Do you know when the novel _________(write)?
17.In her _________(thirty), she had a second child.
18.The film was so boring that many of them felt _________(sleep).
19.—What do you think of the colour of my new car?
   —Sorry, but what did you say? I _________ (think) about something else.
20.The _________(arrive) of the singer made the fans excited.
21.Thanks for your________ advice. It’s a great _________ (value) for me.
22.Mr Smith prefers walking to _________(run) because he is a bit colder.
23._________ (stop) him from smoking. It will be bad for his health.
24.Peter was so careless that he _________(knock) over the books on the shelf.
25.Jingjiang _________(achieve) great success in her city construction over the years.
26.Jim is active in sports. He’s _________(strong) of all in his class.
27.Which city has _________(little) polluted air, Simon, Taizhou or Yangzhou?
28.Lily and I are good friends and we keep our secrets to _________(we).
29.In several years, a new bridge _________(build) over the bridge.
30.When we arrived, Alice was sitting _________(comfortable) in an arm chair.
31.My grandfather told me there _________(be) millions of stars in the sky.
32.I don’t know when my father ________. When he _________ (return), I’ll let you know as soon as possible.
33.We know that the _________(29) Olympic Games in Beijing last year is one of_________(success) games in history.
34.These poor children should _________(look) after well.
35.You will be _________(welcome) if you speak loudly in the reading room.
36.Andy _________(argue) with his sister when we came in.
37.Jim’s brother likes running. He ______ often _________ (see) to run in the playground.
38.I won’t go to the party unless I_________(invite).
39 His father died last week ,his home was full of ________ (happy)
40.What can _________(do) to help the disabled people?
41.Tomorrow I will have my computer _________(repair).
42.He often reminds us _________(pay) attention to our study.
43.Eating too much makes you _________(health).
44.Would you please _______ (make) room for the old man ?
45.What is the _________(long) of this road? 12  metres long.
46. — How do you like the football match yesterday?
   —I think it is _________(excite) match I’ve ever watched.
47.At the beginning of the _________(twenty) century, China began to become a _________(develop) country.
48.Tom is _________(energy) enough to be the chairperson of the class.
49.The film _________(be) on for 5 minutes when he got to the cinema.
50._________(luck), his golden watch was found finally in the sitting room.
51.It is raining hard outside. You’d better _________(not walk) there.
52The play _______ (it) was not interesting ,but the actors performed quite well.
53.Seven _________(nine) of the students are living a happy life now.
54.Not only Kate but also Lucy and I _________(be) fond of singing in the past.
55.In the last three years, there _________(be) great changes in my hometown.
56.English isn’t easy, so we have to make _________(we) keep working on it.
57.The teacher asked Tom how soon he _________(leave) for Nanjing.
58.Li Ming jumped _________(far) in our school sports meeting.
59.The PE class is so _________(life) that all of us like it very much.
60.They are all _________(support) of the film.
61.The old man was found _________(die) in the bedroom the next day.
62.I feel that it’s much _________(enjoy) to travel by train than by coach.
63.________(through) her acting years , she acted in many famous films .
64.By the day before yesterday, he _________(write) to him twice.
65.We are told __________ ( not laugh) at those disabled people .
66.We should take actions _________(protect) the flood washing the village away.
67.More and more trees _________(plant) in the last few years in our country.
68.I have some difficulty _________(solve) these problems.
69.Tom’s little dog’s _________(die) made him feel sad.
70.You will be a lucky boy. You’ll _________(give) a lot of money.
71.The Great Wall will stop the wind from _________(blow) the earth away.
72.Vegetables are not as _________(taste) as meat.
73.The little boy insisted on ________ (go ) with us on that day .
74.David is a terrible student. He didn’t pass the test until the _________(twelve) time.
75.Kate is always ________ in Maths. She thinks Maths is very _________(interest).
76.The teacher said that the earth _________(move) around the sun.
77.I am a teacher. I like _________(teacher) Day.
78.How about _________(chat) with him now?
79.All the people come back for this _________(celebrate).
80.Can you finish _________(make) a kite in 20 minutes?
81.He devoted most of his time to __________(explain) the importance of protecting the environment.
82.Don’t make any noise. Don’t you know your parents __________(sleep)?
83.Not only he but also his family __________(fly) to America already.
84.The __________(lost) of her grandfather made her very sad.
85.He had a few __________(month) off because he got badly hurt.
86.Look! Some of the students are pulling __________(they) up the rocks.
87.An __________(health) diet makes your body weak.
88.“Please help __________(you) to some apples.”Mrs Green said to them.
89.Which smells __________(delicious), Mary, beef or pork?
90.There are 12 children here. The cake should __________ (divide) into 12 parts.
91.He __________(charge) with theft last month.
92.It’s not fine today. You’d better __________ (not go) out. Why __________(not stay) at home watching TV?
93.Can you give me the right answer?
  Sorry, I __________(not hear). Would you say it again?
94.What colour do you think __________(make) you feel calm?
95.The weather report says that there will be much __________(rain) next week.
96.Would you please come to my hometown for a __________(two) time?
97.If you __________(true) love someone, you should also love everything that is close to him.
98.Something that is up-to-date __________(include) the latest information.
99.It’s __________(use) to regret (后悔) for what you have done.
100.We will use the things that we look forward to __________(help) poor people.




中考英语高频词形变换专项训练 (二)
班级      学号      姓名         成绩         
101.What would you like                (tell) us about your hometown?
102.          Your brother          (speak) English very well? Yes, he          .
103.The clothes are those            (shop).
104.What do you buy so many vegetables for?                 (make)dumplings.
105.I remember          (buy)a  shirt like this, but I can’t remember where I put it.
106.Please take another way. This road                  (mend).
107.The line of people                (be)endless.
108.What do you think             (make) him              (change) his mind yesterday?
109.Why don’t you make yourself             (hear)clearly?
110.The doctors are trying their best to save the           (die) boy.
111.Doctors say                  (prevent) is better than cure.
112.The boy did his homework so              (care) that the teacher got angry.
113.Mr Smith will give us a speech You           (learn) what you               (never
114.If you answer the questions       (correct), you can’t pass the exam          (success)
115.We all think good              (lead) should be confident and imaginative.
116.He’s            (modest) of the three. We all like him.
117.Although he is thin, he is a man of great              .(strong)
118.We could see the                     (happy) on his face after he heard the bad news.
119.Han Mei                 (prefer) English to Chinese last term.
120.We think it              (necessary) to give students tests every day. If so, the students will be very tired.
121.David is                (busy). He’s good at              (plan) things ahead.
122.Our English teacher uses different                (act) to keep us           (interest) in class.
123.               (much) you eat, the          (health) you’ll be, because          (eat) too much will make you           (health).
124.Could you tell me where the 28th Olympic Games            (hold)?
125.It’s raining even               (heavy). I really don’t know what to do.
126.You can’t be a film star. You should be               (real) from now on.
127.You have to keep            (quiet) while you              (watch) the film.
128.I saw a film          (star) Gongli and            (direct) by Zhang Yimou yesterday.
129.We like romantic films because they usually have happy            (end).
130.When the doctor arrived, the patient                       (die) for ten minutas.
131.The old man was the first one                 (call) the police after the accident.
132.No one except Any Amy and Tom            (be) to China before.
133.If you are not               (good) by then, I’ll take you to see the doctor.
134.Many thousands of trees should            (plant) on the mountains.
135.The train                just               (leave). You have to wait for the next.
136.A new bridge            (build) over the river last year.
137.My father often         (tell) us a story in the evening. This evening. He          (tell) two stories.
138.Could you speak a little                 (loud)? I can’t hear you.
139.Five years              (pass) since I           (meet) him last.
140.When seeing the girl yesterday, I just forgot when            (meet ) her before.
141.The problems between the countries should be dealt with               (peace).
142.It is my mother’s              (four) birthday today.
143.I think this book is well worth         (see).
144.There            (be) some rice and noodles on the table.
145.Some rice and noodles            (be)on the table just now.
146.In front of the house          (be) some flowers.
147.Would you please            (not smoke) here?
148.Everyone seems to enjoy           (they) a lot.
149.It’s half an               (hour) from my home to the park on foot.
150.It’s thirty              (minute) walk from my home to the park.
151.After              (read), the book should              (pass) onto the next student.
152.The victim           (see)           (walk) along the street at that moment.
153.         The police         (search) the house for the thief or       (check) the scene for fingerprints and other clues when you           (see) them?
154.Hello Kitty smiled while we               (clap) our hands for him?
155.Great changes                 (take) place during the past few yesrs.
156.By the end of last month, no new bird flu cases                 (find) in our city.
157.It’s                 (frighten) story I                   ever           (hear).
158.Millie often              (miss) her family when she was out.
159.They have decided to take no                (far) action.
160.Many people used to            (write) to friends. Nowadays people are used to       (send)                to friends.
161.             (safe)is the most important thing.
162.We should speak to the old even                      (polite).
163.I won’t go to the party unless I                (invite).
164.He is so careless that his homework                  (full) with mistakes.
165.She said if she             (give) another chance, she            (do) it much better.
166.In class, the teacher told us there          (be) twelve months in a year.
167.He with his classmates often          (spend) as much as he can       (help) the poor.
168.The murder           (occur) before the police arrived.
169.Three              (five) of the students in our class like English best.
170.My mother              (cook) when the telephone rang.
171.You should not devote too much time to            (solve) the problem.
172.Why not          (visit) our local theatre now?
173.Dried fish always tastes         (salt).
174.I think Lucy is              (young) of the two.
175.We look forward to            (see) you at the party.
176.How much            this pair of jeans          (cost)?
177.You            (help) her with her English next week, aren’t you?
178.This book is            (help) to the children.
179.She plays and sings well, She is very           (music).
180.He was ill yesterday. He is even           (ill) today.
181.Tell your friend                (not be) late this afternoon.
182.Listen! The children              (chat) in the next room.
183.There                  (be) a softball match tonight.
184.Do you like the curtain            (hang) on the wall?
185.We had a               (please) evening at Ann’s house.
186.Between my parents, my father looks         (old).
187.What language              (speak) in China?
188.The twins             (stay) in London for a week last year.
189.           you         (have) a good rest last night?
190.My cousin        (not do) her homework on Sundays.
191.I didn’t know what           (happen) to China in a century.
192.He said that the computer           (use) the next day.
193.The dog              (lie) on the floor when I came in.
194.He’ll telephone us as soon as he              (arrive) there.
195.She found a purse            (lie) on the floor when she came into the room.
196.Simon made a            (decide) not to go on the school trip next week.
197.We must do something to prevent the wooden bridge from               (wash) away.
198.We were told that CCTV3               (cover) live the Super Girl the next week.
199.Mary is an              (act) girl. She seldom takes part in school             (act).
200.Have you received my            (invite) letter?
201.—Which book do you like best? —The book           (write) by Bingin.
202.Mrs Green had her wallet            (steal) on the bus yesterday.
203.Thanks to the           (invent) work, We are living better.
204.We sat there                   (patient) waiting for her to come back to life.
205.Mrs Rainbow changes people’s moods            (use) colours.
206.One of the               (thief) hair is brown.
207.I don’t know how much it              (weight) when it was born.
208.It is                (move) TV play I have ever watched.
209.Dancers all get tired            (easy) than singers.
210.As everyone knows an ant has two           (easy) than singers.
211.Which smells           (taste), Mary, beef or pork?
212.Could you tell me how soon the train              (leave).
213.Shakespeare devoted his lifetime to           (write) plays.
214.These footprints are one of the              (kidnap).
215.Mum had me               (look) after my sick brother at home.
216.The workers were made            (work) twelve hours a day in the old days.
217.They           (plan) a trip to Hangzhou this time yesterday.
218.He has much difficulty            (make) such a decision.
219.I felt sad when           (lose) my lovely dog.
220.The          (lose) of his job worried his mother very much.
221.Mr Li asked Jim and me to help            (we) to some fruit.
222.Look! Here            (come) the children.
223.Look! Here the children           (come).
224.They         (success) in designing a new educational game for learning English after days of hard work.
225.They                       (marry) for 5 years before they moved here.
226.The whites live in the                (north) part of the USA.
227.It was much            (fog) last night.
228.There was much                (fog) last night.
229.The teacher told us no news          (be) good news.
230.I think Daniel is the right person           (recommend) as our new chairperson.
231.Yellow is the colour of              (wise) and            (warm).
232.Tom asked me if I                    (go) to the same university as him.
233.Who suggested           (do) it in this way?
234.Tom didn’t take the purse with him. He               (leave) it at home.
235.The books written by Luxun       (sell) well. All these books in the shop       (sell) out now. There is none              (leave).
236.I’m not feeling well. My heart is beating            (regular).
237.Have you found the           (solve) to these problems?
238.I can’t imagine the pretty lady was charged with            (thief).
239.Thousands of the                (city) wondered if the government could do something
                (prevent) the pollution.
240.How many stars are there in your              (nation) flag?
241.At the news, there is a            (surprise) look on his face.
242.              (luck) , he failed            (cross) the river.
243.Jim as well as the twins               (go) to a night school.
244.It’s important            (not keep) birds in cages.
245.It’s              (like) to hold a drama show tomorrow.
246.How              (happy) she was telling me that she lost another bike.
247.Three robbers            (rob) a bank of lots of money last night.
248.Audrey Hepburn is            (attract) actress of all.
249.He joined the air force and took            (fly) lessons.
250.Everyone is excited at its beauty and          (great) although it is very        (tired) to climb it step by step.




1 more carelessly   2 unlucky   3 be paid    4 travelling  feel   5 inviting  invitation   6 had taught   7 drew   8 have held   9 him mine   10 cheaper  11 danger endangered  12 tourists  13 foggy  14 height  15 don’t swim  16 was written  17 thirties  18 asleep  19 was thinking  20 arrival  21 valuable  value   22running   23 Stop   24 knocked   25 has achieved  26 the strongest  27 less  28 ourselves  29 will be built  30 comfortably 31 are    32 will   returns    33 twenty—ninth  the most successful    34 be looked   35 unwelcome  36 was arguing  37 is ,seen  38 am invited   39 unhappiness   40 be done  41 repaired    42 to pay   43 unhealthy   44 make    45 length   46 the most exciting  47 twentieth developing  48 energetic  49 had been  50 luckily  51 not walk   52 itself  53 ninths  54 were  55 have been  56 ourselves  57 will leave   58 farthest   59 lively  60 supporters  61 dead  62 more enjoyable  63throughout    64 had written   65 not to laugh   66 to protect  67 have been planted  68 solving   69 death    70 be given   71 blowing  72 tasty  73 going   74 twelfth  75 interested interesting  76 moves  77 Teachers’ Day  78 chatting  79 celebration  80 making  81 explaining  82 are sleeping   83 have flown  84 loss  85 months  86 themselves   87 unhealthy   88 yourselves   89 more delicious  90 be divided  91 was charged  92 not go  not stay  93 didn’t hear  94 makes   95 rain  96 second  97 truly  98 includes   99 useless  100 to help

1.To tell  2.Does…speak  does  3.Shoppers  4.To make
5.Baying  6.Is being mended  7.Is   8.made…change
9.heard   10.Dying    11.prevention 12.carelessly
13.Will learn , have never learnt    14.In correctly, successfully 
15.Leaders  16.The most modest  17.Strength  18.unhappiness
19.preferred  20.Unnecessary   21.Businesslike  
22.Activities, interested    23.The more, the unhealthier, eating, unhealthy
24.Was held  25.Mere heavily  26.More realistic  
27.quiet, are watching     28.Starring, directed
29.Ending  30.Had been dead  31.To call    32.has been
33.Well   34.Be planted  35.has…left   36.Was built
37.Tells, will tell      38.More loudly/louder
39.Has passed, met     40.To meet    41.peacefully
42.Fortieth  43.Seeing   44.Is    45.Were
46.Are   47.Not smoke  48.Themselves  49.Hour
50.Minutes  51.Being read, be passed
52.Was seen, walking     53.Were, searching, checking
54.Were clapping      55.Have taken
56.Had been found     57.The most frighting, have heard
58.Missed  59.Further   60.Write …, sending
61.Safety  62.More politely  63.Am invited
64.Is filled  65.Was given, would do     66.Are
67.Spends, helping     68.Had occurred  69.fifths
70.Was cooking      71.Solving   72.visit
73.Salty  74.The younger  75.Seeing   76.Does…cost
77.Are going to help      78.Helpful   79.musical
80.Worse  81.Not to be   82.Are chatting   83.Will be
84.Hanging  85.Pleasant   86.Older   87.Is spoken
88.Stayed  89.Did…have  90.Doesn’t do
91.Would happen       92.Wonlel be used 93.Was lying
94.Arrives  95.Lying   96.Decision   97.Being washed
98.Would cover      99.active, activities   
100.invitation      101.Written   102.stolen
103.inventors      104.Impatiently  105.using
106.Thieves  107.Stomachs  108.The most moving
109.More easily      110.stomachs
111.Tastier  112.Will leave  113.Writing   114.Kidnappers
115.Look  116.To work   117.Were planning 118.making
119.Losing  120.Loss   121.Ourselves  122.come
123.Are coming      124.Successed  125.Had been married
126.Northern 127.Foggier   128.Fog   129.is
130.Recommended     131.Wisdom, warmth 
132.Would go (was going)    133.Doing    134.Had left
135.Sell, have been sold, left   136.Irregularly   137.solutions
138.Theft       139.Citizens, to prevent
140.National       141.Surprised 
142.Unluckily, to, cross    143.Goes    144.Not to keep
145.Unhappily      146.     147.robbed
148.The most attractive    149.Flying    150.Greatness tiring

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