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一、单项选择 (共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)
1.Mr. Smith, _▲___ unusual man , will have __▲___ second baby next month.
A. a, the    B. an, the    C. the, a     D. an, a
2. Your hometown is really nice! The air is as fresh as   ▲   of Dalian.
A. it    B. one    C. the one   D. that
3. —It is not hard to find information on the Internet today.
  —Well, the   ▲   is how to tell whether the information is useful or not.
A. knowledge  B. courage   C. message   D. challenge
4. —  ▲   is!
  —Yes. We can do experiments (实验) here this term.
A. What a bright lab B. How bright the lab C. What bright labs  D. How bright lab
5. —We have 42 students in our class.   ▲   of them are boys.
  —Yes. There are 28 boys and 14 girls.
A. Two thirds  B. One third   C. A half    D. A quarter
6. We all know that learning a foreign language   ▲   time and effort.
A. reduces   B. requires         C. removes   D. repeats
7. The shop owner suddenly stopped talking with his mouth   ▲   like a big “O”. He found it was the president.
A. tight closed  B. tightly closed  C. wide open   D. widely open
8. Copying others’ homework is a bad habit of learning.   ▲  , it is never too late for you to get
  out of it.
A. Instead   B. Finally   C. Anyway   D. Similarly
9. —How nice it is that Lily has been invited to the party, too!
—Well, she   ▲   not come. She’s not sure whether her mum will allow her to.
A. might   B. would       C. must    D. need
10. Which of the following words is pronounced /heɪt/?
A. heat    B. hit    C. hat    D. hate
11. —Yesterday David fell over and hurt his leg while he   ▲   a bike.
—I’m sorry to hear that.
 A. rode         B. was riding   C. rides     D. is riding
12. Compared with Korean series, I like American ones   ▲  . They have more exciting stories.
 A. better   B. best    C. the better   D. very well
13. Unless some extra money   ▲  , the company will be closed.
 A. was borrowed B. borrows   C. is borrowed   D. borrowed
14. —Is it OK if I keep this photo?
—  ▲  . I have another copy.
 A. Sorry, no  B. No, I’m not sure  C. Yes, that’s fine  D. Don’t mention it
15. Hi, John. I hear you’ve just come back from Xiamen. I’m calling to ask   ▲  .
 A. how did you visit the city     B. how many days you spent there
 C. which hotel you stayed in Xiamen  D. that you found the seafood there

二、完形填空 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
Punctuation marks (标点符号) are very important in language learning, especially writing. The apostrophe (撇号’) is one of the punctuation marks that are used   16   very often. But when the nine-year-old girl, Lucy, found 15 examples of apostrophe in the wrong places in her local market, even her teacher Sarah was   17  .
Sarah thought it was really necessary to let the kids have good   18   about correct grammar. She sent children out to find out the incorrect use of apostrophe over a week. She said, “I had
  19   a lesson on apostrophe. The next day Lucy came in with 15 bad examples   20   going out with her mum for a quick walk. I asked if she had been   21   all night on it, she told me it took her only fifteen minutes. She wondered why there was Pie’s, Sandwich’s, but cakes’. The mistakes also included signs   22   ‘No Drink’s Allowed in Shop’, ‘Customers for Taxi’s Please wait here’, etc.”
    What Lucy did   23   her classmates a lot. Most of them came back with only a few mistakes for the first time. But because Lucy had so many, everybody   24   to get as many as they could—it became quite a big   25  .
Lucy is deaf but her teacher said she quickly understood the use of apostrophe, which will be of great importance in her later course.
16. A. incorrectly  B. carefully      C. easily    D. properly
17. A. surprised  B. interested      C. excited      D. frightened
18. A. advantage  B. spirit       C. habit     D. practice
19. A. had       B. given    C. told    D. attended
20. A. before   B. as    C. after         D. while
21. A. sleeping    B. dreaming    C. playing    D. working
22. A. saying   B. telling    C. writing    D. talking
23. A. expected   B. encouraged   C. invited    D. advised
24. A. put out   B. sent out   C. rushed out        D. given out
25. A. invention  B. introduction  C. competition     D. instruction

三、阅读理解 (共10小题;每小题2分,满分20分)
“The rest of the world can sleep at night because a group of men and women are willing to stand and fight.” This line of praise was from the magazine Times describing their “Person of the Year.”
Who is it? This time, it’s not one person, but all the health workers fighting Ebola (埃博拉病毒).
Ebola is a deadly virus. These years, it has killed more than 6,000 people, and most of them are in West Africa.
If you touch an Ebola patient’s blood or other bodily fluids (体液), you may also get the virus. The worst thing is that there is little medicine for it.
That’s why Times thinks so highly of those brave health workers. They come from all over the world to fight side-by-side with local doctors and nurses.
“So far, more than 622 health workers have caught the disease,” said an officer from the World Health Organization, “about 346 of them have died.”
26. How many health workers died of Ebola?
   A. 6000.     B. 346.     C. 622.   D. 600.
27. People may get the virus Ebola if   ▲  .
   A. they hug (拥抱) with Ebola patients
   B. they shake hands with Ebola patients
   C. they show magazines to the Ebola patients
   D. they touch the Ebola patients’ broken hands
28. Which statement is NOT true according to the passage?
   A. It is reported most Ebola patients are in West Africa.
   B. It’s possible for the health workers to catch Ebola virus.
   C. Some medicine can make the Ebola patients healthy again.
   D. Health workers from all over the world fight with local doctors and nurses.

    It is January 15th. You pick up a bottle of milk. You see “Best Before Jan. 14” on it. What do you do with it? Most people just throw it away.
It’s a big waste.
The United Nations says that over one third of food goes to the trash (垃圾) . But 795 million people on Earth don’t have enough to eat.
To change this, people have come up with great ideas. After all, the best place for food is in our stomachs, not the trash.
Sharing food
People say, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” But they are wrong.
    Recently, “share fridges” have come to cities like Shanghai and Quanzhou. Quick meals, milk, cookies and cakes are staying in the fridges. It is just like your fridge at home. The food comes from families and shops nearby. And it is free for every passer-by (路人) to enjoy!
    This great idea comes from the popular “food bank” practice.
    We keep our extra money in a bank. In 1967, some people in the US wanted to do the same with food. They then set up the world’s first food bank.
Saving old food
    In many people’s eyes, food past its sell-by date (保质期) becomes junk. But a company from the UK thinks differently.
There is a “Best Before Date” on the food bag. Before that date, the quality is the best. But after that date, the food can be still OK to eat.
So, the Real Junk Food Project, a British company, gets such food from supermarkets and puts it in cafes again. They don’t give the food a price. You can give whatever money you like. If you don’t want to spend money, you can help work there.
29. What does the underlined sentence “After all, the best place for food is in our stomachs, not the trash.” mean?
A. Food is not the trash.        B. Food in stomachs is really a big waste.
C. Food in stomachs is trash.       D. Food should be eaten, not be thrown away.
30. Where does the idea of “share fridges” come from?
A. The world’s first food bank in the US.  B. Every passer-by in Shanghai.
C. Families and shops in Quanzhou.   D. Extra money in the bank.
31. According to the passage, which of the following statements (陈述) is NOT true?
A. The food may be still OK to eat after its sell-by date.
B. We shouldn’t throw away the food before its sell-by date.
C. Food costs money, so there’s no such thing as a free lunch.
D. The Real Junk Food Project deals with food past its sell-by date.

    In today’s world we are always surrounded (包围) by technology. It’s true to say that technology makes our lives easier. However, more scientists are saying that we need to give ourselves a break—otherwise we will put ourselves at the risk of developing hundreds of health problems. During the summer holidays, the days are longer, sunnier and free from school. With all this free time, why not put it to good use and do something that has nothing to do with technology?
    To start with, you can learn a new skill. There are hundreds of possibilities: cooking, learning a musical instrument or a new sport. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try out that recipe (食谱), but haven’t had time? Perhaps you like learning how to knit (编织), so you can have a new sweater for the autumn. You could use your free time to learn something new—and perhaps it’ll lead to an exciting chance in the future.
    If you just fancy relaxing, why not go to the seaside? Take your favourite book and relax on the sand, or just go for a walk along the beach. If you don’t live near the seaside, you could go to your local park. Have a picnic there or try to know about some of the local wildlife?
Little things, like challenging yourself to complete a word puzzle, are great to start with. You could even get involved in the latest craze: adult colouring books! Colouring is surprisingly therapeutic (治疗的), and it can be a nice way to get away from the stress of modern life!
You might surprise yourself and find a hidden talent within you, you might also make new friends along the way. Next time you find yourself aimlessly channel-changing, have a think at what else you could spend your time doing.
32. Reading adult colouring books is a good way to   ▲  .
A. learn a new skill        B. feel less stressed
C. make new friends        D. challenge ourselves
33. Which of the following explains the underlined word “fancy” in Paragraph 3?
A. to want something or want to do something
B. to think that you are very popular
C. to like the idea of being something or to believe
D. to think that somebody will win or be successful at something
34. Which is the most suitable place in the passage for the sentence, “Whatever you choose to do with your summer, try something new!”?
A. At the beginning of Paragraph 2.
B. At the beginning of Paragraph 3.
C. At the beginning of Paragraph 4.
D. At the beginning of Paragraph 5.
35. What’s the best title of the passage?
A. Ways of trying something new   B. Finding a hidden talent
C. Taking a break from technology   D. A better life with technology

四、词汇运用 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
A) 根据句意,用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空,每空一词。
36.   ▲   (luck), we missed the last bus and had to walk the whole way back to the town center.
37. One Belt, One Road marked the new   ▲   (begin) of China’s economic development.
38. I had no difficulty   ▲   (make) myself understood on the chat show.
39. Mr Green   ▲   (win) this game every time we play.
40. Don’t keep your worries to   ▲   (you), children. Always remember—your parents are the
   people who love you most.
B) 根据句意及汉语提示,写出各单词的正确形式,每空一词。
41. To our surprise, there was no salt in the fish. Dad did the cooking   ▲   (粗心地).
42. The   ▲   (导演) of the movie The Mermaid, Stephen Chow, is also a famous actor.
43. Leo helped the excellent ballet dancer out of a fire and the news was   ▲   (传播) in the city quickly.
44. I kept the treasure box all the time to   ▲   (提醒) me of my childhood.
45. To protect the environment, we should take active actions to stop people from pouring   ▲   (被污染的) water into rivers.

五、短文填空 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
Are you a fan of traveling? Well, in 20 years, there may be a new place for you to spend your v  46  —the moon. Last month, the European Space Agency (ESA) published ideas for b  47 
an international moon village by 2030. The village aims to open the door for deeper space exploration, and it will a  48   be a tourist center.
In 1969 after US astronaut Neil Armstrong first arrived on the moon, he said the famous
w  49   “one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”. According to the head of the ESA, Johann, the moon village could be “the next giant leap for mankind”, because the technology for this is about 20 years away from coming t  50  . “One of the biggest challenges is getting the building materials into space w  51   costing too much.” said Matthias from the German Aerospace Center. Scientists s  52   using the ice water and rocks on the moon to print 3-D building materials, so people don’t have to carry e  53   from the earth. When asked why the ESA chose the moon rather than Mars as the next goal, Johann said it’s b  54   the moon is about 144 times closer to the earth than Mars. The ESA i  55   the US, Russia, China, India, Japan and some other countries to join in its moon plan. It hopes that the moon can become a place where the nations of the world work together in the future.

六、任务型阅读 (共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
It’s no doubt that reading is good for us. Nowadays, although e-books have become popular, some people still like to read paper books. Here are opinions from two people who love paper reading.
●Xie Yifan: Reading paper books allows us to have the feeling of happiness while turning pages. We need and value things that we can touch. When we read paper books, it’s easy to take notes and write down our thoughts.
●Xu Jingxin: Compared with e-books, paper books do less harm to our eyes.
Reading paper books in a slow and careful way is good for our brain. Making paper reading a habit brings us many advantages, like reducing stress and improving our ability to give all our attention. Paper reading also increases our ability to understand others. One study discovered that persons who read a moving story on paper books were more easily moved.
Science has good news for people who read paper books. The truth is that the paper book readers have a clear advantage over others in many ways.
We all know reading is good for us. Nowadays, some people still   56   paper books to e-books. Here are ideas from two of the paper book lovers. One of them thinks reading paper books can make him   57   when turning pages. It’s easier for him to take notes while reading. The other one says reading paper books is less   58   to readers’ eyes than e-reading. The ability of understanding will be   59   if the readers give all attention to paper reading. Now it’s proved that reading more paper books will bring readers more   60   on reading.

    How fit are your teeth? Are you lazy about brushing them? A new invention Kolibree senses how long and how well you brush, and it lets you track (监测) your performance on your phone.
The new product was presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It senses how it is moved and can send the information to an Android phone or iPhone via a Bluetooth wireless connection.
The toothbrush will be able to teach you to brush in a right way and make sure you’re brushing long enough. “It’s kind of like having a dentist actually watch your brushing.” says Thomas Serval, who invented it.
Serval says his idea came from his experience as a father. He would come home from work and ask his kids if they had brushed their teeth. They said “yes”, but Serval would find their toothbrush heads dry. He decided he needed a brush that really told him how well his children brushed.
Serval says that one day, people may have a new style of brush which has a brushing unit with a camera on the handle. The camera can even examine holes in your teeth while you brush.
Kolibree toothbrush
      61   Thomas Serval
Features It’s an electric toothbrush that senses how you brush teeth and it   62  
information to the mobile phone.
 It’s smart enough to teach you to brush teeth   63   and control the time of brushing teeth.
Ideas for the
invention Serval’s children didn’t like to brush teeth and often lied to him, so he made a   64   to invent a brush that can tell him how well they brushed.
development It will be   65   to check your teeth by placing a brushing unit with a camera.

    假如你是阳光中学的优秀初中毕业生,母校将为初一新生举办主题为 “What to learn in junior high school?” 的英语社团活动,特邀请你就学习等方面给他们一些建议,请根据以下提纲准备一份英语发言稿。
学习 培养习惯:认真听讲,及时作业,……
做人 诚实,友善,……
课外活动 体育锻炼:球类运动,……
社团活动 英语社团,……
1. 所写内容必须包括提供的所有信息,可适当发挥。
2. 文章不少于90词,开头结尾已给出,不计入总词数。
3. 语意通顺,意思连贯,条理清楚,书写规范。
4. 文中不得出现真实的姓名、校名及地名。

Welcome you to be a new student in our school.                                      






That’s all for my talk. Thanks for listening!






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