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w.5 Y K J.Com 2018中考英语总复习语法专题形容词和副词综合演练(人教新目标版)
1.[2017•邵阳]Mr. Smith said his son was as ________ as his daughter.
B.more hard­working
C.the most hard­working
2.[2017•怀化]—You are driving too fast. Safety is the first.
—Sorry. I'll drive ________.
A.more slowly 
B.much slowly
C.most slowly
3.[2017•湘潭]One of ________ places for mountain climbing is the Himalayas.
B.more popular 
C.the most popular
4.[2017•益阳]If more people give up driving cars, the air will get much ________ in a few days.
C.the cleanest
5.[2017•永州]—Why do many people buy things online on Nov. 11th?
—Because there are so many sales, and the prices are ________.
A.much lower  B.more cheap
C.more expensive
6.[2017•岳阳]Macron is ________ president in French history.
A.the youngest  B.younger 
7.[2017•株洲]Thomas is the ________ player in the basketball team but he is the best.
A.shorter  B.short  C.shortest
8.[2017•河南改编]—Jimmy, where are my glasses? I have looked everywhere.
—Oh, Granny. They are ________ on your nose.
A.even  B.well  C.right
9.[2017•龙东]If you want to keep your teeth healthy, you'd better not eat ________ a lot.
A.something sweet  B.anything sweet
C.nothing sweet
10.[2017•哈尔滨] Calligraphy(书法) is a traditional Chinese art. More and more kids are becoming ________ in it.
A.interest  B.interested  C.interesting
11.[2017•海南]Everyone knows the Yellow River isn't so ________ as the Yangtze River.
A.long  B.longer  C.longest
12.[2017•遵义]You should think ________ before taking the job, and don't do it just for fun.
A.quickly  B.seriously  C.proudly
13.[2017•黔西南改编]—________ do people like swimming?
—Because it is good for their health.
A.Why  B.Where  C.When
14.[2017•贵阳]When I was on my way home, it suddenly started to rain ________.
A.heavily  B.quickly  C.hardly
15.[2017•遵义]How can you study in the living room when other people are talking loudly? I think you need a ________ place.
A.quiet  B.quieter  C.quietest
16.[2017•铜仁改编]—I think that Jane writes as ________ as Mike.
—So she does.
A.careful  B.carefully  C.more carefully
17.[2017•来宾改编]Jim opened the door ________ because he didn't want to wake up the baby.
A.loudly  B.quietly  C.heavily
18.[2017•福建]—Joan has made great progress in speaking Chinese.
—She ________ works hard at it, you know.
A.never  B.seldom  C.always
19.[2017•黔西南改编] Winter is ________ season, and winter vacation is ________ than summer vacation.
A.colder; the shortest 
B.the coldest; short
C.the coldest; shorter
20.[2017•深圳]—The scenery of Shenzhen is amazing, ________ in spring.
—I think so. You can see green trees and flowers everywhere.
A.exactly  B.especially  C.actually
21.[2017•贵港改编]—Have you visited Shanghai Disneyland?
—Yes. It was wonderful! I took ________ a few photos there.
A.very  B.quite  C.really
22.[2017•黔东南改编]—I'm too fat. How can I become healthier?
—You should eat ________ vegetables and take ________ exercise.
A.less; more  B.less; less 
C.more; more
23.[2017•六盘水改编] The harder you study, the ________ grades you will get.
A.good  B.better  C.best
24.[2017•安顺改编]—Why would you like to walk ________ the forest?
—Because I want to try ________.
A.across; something exciting
B.through; something exciting
C.through; exciting something
25.[2017•贺州改编]—Is Julie as tall as you?
—No, she isn't. She's ________ than me.
A.tall  B.tallest  C.taller
26.[2017•乐山]—I can hardly see the words on the screen.
—Well, let's go and take the front seats so that we may see ________.
A.clear  B.clearer  C.more clearly
27.[2017•贵港改编]He watched Journey to the West last night. He thought it was one of ________ TV programs.
A.the most interesting 
B.more interesting
C.most interesting
28.[2017•深圳]—Anne, the information you gave is really ________. Thank you very much.
—Not at all. I am happy I can help you.
A.useless  B.ordinary  C.valuable
29.[2017•贵港改编]—Does Jimmy often volunteer in his free time?
—Yes. He often fixes up ________ computers for others.
A.bright  B.fallen  C.broken
30.[2017•河北改编]Mr. Liu is a really nice person—the ________ person I know.
A.happiest  B.nicest  C.nicer
31.[2017•广东改编]It's believed that playing computer games too much does ________ harm than good.
A.many  B.much  C.more
32.[2017•天水改编]—Home is ________ place wherever you go.
—East or west, home is the best.
A.warm  B.warmer  C.the warmest
33.[2017•温州改编]Robot is so ________ that he even has no time to stay with his children at weekends.
A.busy  B.smart  C.serious
34.[2017•江西改编]Sleeping is a good thing, but some people sleep ________.
A.easily  B.badly  C.quickly
35.[2017•东营改编]—I heard you made a new family rule “Put away your phone while at home”.
—Yes. We were ________ busy checking our mobile phones before, but now we enjoy communicating with our family.
A.always  B.never  C.seldom
36.[2017•德州改编]I've read through this book several times, but I will read it ________ so as to get better understanding.
A.more carefully  B.less carefully  C.more careful
37.[2017•达州改编]—Is it ________ cheaper and ________ enjoyable to travel by train than by plane?
—Yes, I think so.
A.very; very more  B.even; a little  C.much; far more
38.[2017•南充改编]—I know Old Joe lives ________.
—We are supposed to visit him from time to time. Then, he won't feel ________.
A.alone; alone  B.alone; lonelyC.lonely; alone
39.[2017•青岛改编] ________ we work at English, the better grades we will get.
A.Harder  B.The hardest  C.The harder
40.[2017•泰安改编]—What do you think of Wilson's speaking?
—No one does ________ in our school.
A.good  B.well  C.better
41.[2017•安徽改编]My deskmate is really ________. She likes to attend different activities after school.
A.active  B.quiet  C.lazy
42.[2016•襄阳改编]—Can you catch what the speaker is saying, Tina?
—Sorry. He speaks so fast that I can ________ understand him.
A.nearly  B.hardly  C.probably
43.[2017•随州改编]—Have you seen the movie Baby Plan?
—Of course. I think it's ________ movie I have ever seen.
A.the most funny  B.funnier  C.the funniest
44.[2017•苏州改编]Millie, now go to have a nice bath and an early night, so that you will be ________ for the journey tomorrow.
A.safe  B.patient  C.fresh
45.[2017•白银]—How is your second­hand computer?
—________, so good.
A.As long  B.So far  C.So much
46.[2017•泰州改编]My little sister is a(n) ________ girl and she always asks me different kinds of strange questions.
A.curious  B.creative  C.energetic
47.[2017•江西改编]—I want to buy a shirt. But I have a little money.
—The shirts here are all very cheap. And the yellow one is ________. Do you like it?
A.cheap  B.cheaper  C.the cheapest
48.[2017•东营改编]Frenchmen are outgoing. It is ________ to make friends with them.
A.easy  B.proud  C.polite
49.[2017•重庆改编]The physics problem is too hard, so ________ students can work it out.
A.little  B.few  C.a few
50.[2018•原创]He is ________ of the two boys, so he has more friends.
B.the friendliest 
C.the friendlier
51.[2018•原创]The population of China is ________ than that of any country in Europe.
A.more  B.larger  C.smaller
52.[2018•原创]—Why not buy a beautiful scarf for your teacher?
—The price of it is too ________, and I can't afford it.
A.expensive  B.high  C.low
53.[2018•原创]Hurry up. The school bus is coming. We only have ________ minutes now.
A.a few  B.few  C.a little
54.[2018•原创]It's time for us to say goodbye now, my dear classmates. But I will ________ forget the time we spent together.
A.never  B.sometimes  C.hardly
55.[2018•原创]Today is my ________ brother's 12th birthday, so my mom bought him an iWatch.
A.old  B.the older  C.elder
56.[2018•原创]The four boys in our class won the ________ relay race, and broke their own record.
A.two month  B.two­month  C.two­months
57.[2018•原创]The ice­cream tastes ________ and sells ________.
A.good; well  B.well; well  C.well; good
58.[2018•原创]Jimmy Lin was ________ the teenagers in the 1990s.
A.famous as  B.popular with  C.famous for
59.[2018•原创]—She got six As in the final exam.
—No wonder her parents are always ________ her.
A.worried about 
B.angry with 
C.proud of
60.[2018•原创]—Why are you so ________, boy?
—Because I watched the ________ movie The Fate of the Furious.
A.excited; exciting 
B.exciting; excited
C.excited; excited
1—5 AACBA 6—10 ACCBB 11—15 ABAAB
16—20 BBCCB 21—25 BCBBC
26—30 CACCB 31—35 CCABA
36—40 ACBCC 41—45 ABCCB
46—50 ACABC 51—55 BBAAC
56—60 BABCA
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