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九年级英语试卷 2018.1
一、听力测试 (本大题共20小题,每小题1分,计20分)
1. What does the woman order?   
A.    B.    C. 
2. Which direction should the boy go first?   
A.    B.   C. 
3. What must Jane remember to take?   
A.   B.  C. 
4. What does Peter NOT like about camping?   
A.    B.    C. 
5. What does David want to do?   
A. Go cycling.           B. Go swimming.          C. Watch TV.
6. How many people will be at the barbecue?   
A. Three.                B. Four.      C. Five.
7. What does the man suggest?   
A. Buying a watch instead.  B. Going to other shops to see more.
C. Buying the necklace at the shop.
8. What is Amy doing all day?   
A. Practising the violin.   B. Singing.              C. Dancing.
9. Why are Millie and Susan arguing (争论)?   
A. Millie forgot to buy Susan a book.          B. Millie has lost Susan’s book.
C. Millie got some paint on Susan’s book.
10. What does Mary advise for getting a better job?   
A. To be more outgoing and patient.           B. To be more patient and modest.
 C. To be more outgoing and modest.
第二部分 听对话和短文答题
听第一段对话, 回答第11、12小题。
11. Where do they find the mobile phone?  
A. In the bag.        B. On the bookshelf.         C. On the table.
12. What do they think of the mobile phone?   
A. Not very useful.     B. Useful and cheap.         C. Useful but expensive.
A Website Designer
Experience The person needs at least    13    years of experience.
Characteristics The person should be able to work    14    and make good decisions.
What to do The person can    15    the company to know more information.
13.  A. two                B. three                  C. five
14.  A. with different people  B. over the weekend       C. under stress
15.  A. phone            B. go to                C. e-mail
16. Why do children look forward to Christmas?  
A. They can receive gifts. B. They can have a big dinner. C. They can play with their friends.
17. What may a woman buy for her husband?   
A. A tie.               B. A pair of shoes.            C. A watch.
18. What are popular gifts these days?   
A. Toys.            B. Diamond necklaces.         C. Computers.
19. What do most people like to do at Christmas?   
 A. Watch TV.         B. Go travelling.              C. Go shopping.
20. Where can you see coloured Christmas lights?   
A. On buildings and trees.  B. On cars and buses.           C. On shelves outside.
21.--- Have you ever seen ______ Chinese movie Wolf Warriors 2?
  --- Sure . It’s such an exciting film that I want to see       second time.
     A. the; a           B.an; /            C. a; a            D. the; the
22.--- He is always seen to        to hit books till midnight!
  -- Oh,he is a curve wrecker(学霸).If he is not in the library,he is on the way .
    A.give up       B. pick up        C.stay up        D.put up
23.---The hamburgers at KFC are usually much smaller than       in the advertisements.
---So they are!That is the Art of Advertising.
A.that           B.those           C.one        D.ones
24.---Have you handed in your plan?
   ----Not yet.I know this plan is far from perfect, but I just can’t think of _______ one.
 A. a better          B. the better         C. a best          D. the best
25.---The exam is coming, are you ready for it?
   ----Everything is ready, and all        I need is an east wind.
 A. that            B. which         C. those         D. what
26 .—_______ will you receive the sports shoes you bought on T-mall on the Double 11th Day?
   — _______ next week.
    A. How long ; Until         B . How soon; Until
    C. How long; Not until      D. How soon; Not until
27. —Would you like to visit Yangzhou Science and Technology Museum with me today?
    —I’m afraid it’s ______ the visiting hours. Let’s go there tomorrow.
A. on           B. over          C. beyond         D. during
28.Could you tell me _____.
A. when the famous actor will come to our school    B. if you like the coat or not
C. that pop star would announce his wedding date    D. why were my parents so strict with me
29.The murder _______ a cold winter night last night.
   A was taken place on                       B took place on
   C was happened in                         D happened in
30.The _______ documentary describes _______ in the future.
  A. two hours’; how Gongdaowill be like    B. two-hour; what Gongdao will be like
  C. two-hour; how Gongdao will be         D. two hours’; what Gongdao will be like 
31. Runyang Bridge is an important bridge ____________ Yangzhou  __________Zhenjiang.
   A. connected, to        B. connected, with        C.connecting, to     D. connecting, with
32.—How do you like Justin Bieber’s songs?
   —I like them very much. ________ voice he has!
   A. What attractive                    B. How attractive
   C. What an attractive                  D. How an attractive
33. My grandfather used to build railways for the Japanese army when he was young. He was _______ to work hard from morning till night.
A. invited       B. encouraged       C. allowed          D. forced
34.You can’t see my WeChat moments(朋友圈)         we become good friends.
A.because       B.if               C. though          D. unless
35 --- I lost my wallet last week, what’s worse,all my pocket money was in it.
---That is         .We should learn the importance of avoiding risks with a plan B.
A. Every dog has its day            B.Never offer to teach fish to swim.
C. It never rains but it pours.         D.Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
Tom was leaving school to be a criminal, never to return. He thought he was a lonely boy who was loved by   36  . His best friend, Joe, was looking for Tom for the same reason ,his mother had beaten him,   37  ,he hadn’t done anything wrong. The two boys met Huck who agreed with their plan about starting a life of   38  on Jackson’s Island with some food and tools in the boat .
In the midnight, they landed on the island 5 kilometers away and let the   39   go down the Missouri river. “It is just the life for me ,” said Tom .“I don’t   40  to get up early to hurry to school, and wash, and all those  41   things. I’m free now.” The other two cheered too. It seemed wonderful for them to live  42   on the lonely but happy island.
On Wednesday, Tom returned home and hid under the bed .He heard everyone missed them very much and searched the river ,they thought the boys had drowned(溺亡).
“Poor Tom, he wasn’t really bad, he never  43   any harm, and he had a good heart.” Aunt Polly said and began to cry. They were going to wait until  44   for their funerals(葬礼).Tom had a new plan in his head, then he went back to his  45  and told everything to Joe and Huck.
That Saturday afternoon, Aunt Polly’s family prepared their  46  funeral clothes for the next day with great sadness. Even the weekend was   47  for children, who had no pleasure in their games.
When Sunday school finished, funeral began in the town church. Almost all the villagers came in black and nobody remembered  48  the church had been so full. Everybody thought they have made a mistake to see only  49   in the boys, people all cried.
Suddenly, there was a slight noise, people all turned around and saw the three“dead”boys walking up the doorway. Aunt Polly, Joe’s and Huck’s families  50  their boys with kisses and thanks.
36. A. nobody B. anybody C. everybody D. somebody
37. A. Moreover  B. Therefore C. However D. Otherwise
38. A. difficulty B. peace C. friendship D. crime
39. A. food  B. tools C. boys D. boat
40. A. hope B. need C. refuse D. like
41. A. dirty B. clean C. clever D. foolish
42. A. slowly B. comfortably C. safely D. wisely
43. A. prevented B. meant C. offered D. took
44. A. Wednesday  B. Friday C. Saturday  D. Sunday
45. A. island  B. home C. river D. school
46. A. black B. red C. gray D. white
47. A. happy B. difficult C. usual D. important
48. A. why B. when C. where D. how
49. A. noise B. wisdom C. problems D. sadness
50. A. covered B. beat C. watched D. paid
Films in Grand Movie Theater This week
American film
Director(导演): Alfonso Cuaron
Stars: Daniel Redcliffe, Rupert Grint.
Emma Waston
Time: From Monday to Wednesday. At 6:00 p.m
Ticket Price: $ 4.5           KUNGFU  HUSTLE
Chinese Hong Kong film
Director: Zhou Xingchi
Stars: Zhou Xingchi, Yuan Hua.
Liang Xiaolong
Time: From Wednesday to Friday, at 9:00 p.m.
Ticket Price: $ 5
Chinese film
Director: Feng Xiaogang
Stars: Liu Dehua, Liu Ruoying, Ge You,
Li Bingbing
Time: From Friday to Sunday, at 6:30 p.m.
Ticket Price: $ 6(Half on Sunday for children)          TROY
American film
Director: Wolfgang Peterson
Stars: Julian Glover, Brian Cox,
Nathan Jones, Adoni  Maropis
Time: From Tuesday to Saturday, at 9:30 a.m.
Ticket Price: $5.5
51. There will be             in Grand Movie Theater this week.
A. one Chinese film                     B. two Chinese films 
C. three American films               D. a lot of foreign films
52. If a man with a child goes to Grand Movie Theater on Sunday, they will pay      for the film.
A. $12                        B. $9                     C. $6                                        D. $5
53. If you are free on Friday morning, you can see the film        in Grand Movie Theater.
A.KUNGFU HUSTLE                              B.A WORLD WTTHOUT THIEVES
C.TROY                                                    D.HAPPY POTTER(Ⅲ)
There used to be countless Tibetan antelopes(藏羚羊) in Hoh Xil(可可西里), Qinghai province. However, back in 1997, the number of Tibetan antelopes was smaller because tens of thousands of them had been killed by some people and they sell their wool to make clothes.These rare Tibetan antelopes should be protected.
Tsering, a soldier who has just left the army, arrived in Hoh Xil in 1997. He had heard about the illegal hunting there, then he made a decision to protect the antelopes there.
The central area of Hoh Xil, where Tibetan antelopes give birth, lies around the Zhuonai Lake and Taiyang Lake. There, the weather can change rapidly .The temperature can go as low as-46C.Even in summer, the temperature during the night is about -17 C. Over the 20 years, Tsering and his team have been on duty there to protect antelopes .
He says that he has a really deep love for the land and the animals after so many years. Back in late 1990s and early 2000s, when the Tibetan antelope protection center had not been built, the men and the baby antelopes would all live together. "I know how those babies try to stand up and take their first steps, but I have not seen how my two daughters stood up or took their first steps," he says. "One of the most comforting things is that now you can see Tibetan antelopes, Tibetan wild donkeys and Tibetan gazelle walking casually along the Qinghai-Tibet railway line and highway. There are many heavy trucks on the road but the animals are used to the traffic and noise. After 20-years protection they know that most humans won't hurt them.
Thanks to Tsering and his men’s efforts, not a single shot has been heard in Hoh Xil since 2006. And the number of Tibetan antelopes has risen from 20,000 to more than 60,000.
54What does the underlined word “illegal” mean in paragraph 2?
   A. 人为的        B. 违法的       C. 残忍的          D. 病态的
55. Paragraph 3 mainly tells us  ___________.
A. the temperature in Tibet changes quickly.      B. where Tibetan antelopes give birth.
C. it is very cold in Hoh Xil all year round.       D. it’s difficult to protect the Tibetan antelopes.
56. According to paragraph 4 , which of the following is not true?
A. Tsering has a really deep affection for the land and the animals.
B. Tibetan antelopes were afraid that humans would hurt them 20 years ago.
C. Tsering loves the Tibetan antelopes instead of his daughters.
D. Tsering knows a lot about the Tibetan antelopes.
57. Which is the best title for this passage?
A. Protecting Tibetan antelopes.      B. Hoh Xil, a perfect home for Tibetan antelopes
C. Tsering and his team.            D. Deep love for Tibet.
Taylor Walker-Lear,an 11-year-old Australian schoolgirl, was born with cerebral palsy(大脑瘫痪), a disease that affects movement and balance. For her, the Great Wall, one of China's best-known faces, is a magic ladder which carried her closer to her dream.
In March 2016, she climbed the highest mountain in Australia at 2,229 meters above sea level. When her mother asked her what her next goal was, she answered: "Mount Everest might be a little too hard right now, but maybe the Great Wall."
On June 6 this year, her dream came true. With the help of her parents, sponsors(赞助商), and a group of primary school volunteers from Beijing, Taylor realized her dream in China by climbing the Mutianyu part of the Great Wall .
In preparation for her Great Wall dream, Taylor spent several months strengthening her legs and practicing swimming. She also received an important operation. After that, she was able to stand straight like other children.
The journey started near Watch Tower No 14. During her climb, a group of Chinese primary school students followed Taylor closely. Before she started out, they gave her a red chicken doll to bring her good luck. In the tower, Taylor listened to the guide telling the long history of the Great Wall. Her parents lifted her and encouraged her to keep going. It was obviously painful for her to walk so far along the Great Wall. However, she succeeded.
Taylor hoped that foreigners could better understand China and the Chinese. Taylor now has a new aim: take part in the swimming events at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. The walk on the Great Wall has given her __________.
58. Where can we mostly find this passage?
  A. A travel journal                      B. An education column
C. A news website                      D. A science book
59. Why the Great Wall is a magic ladder for Taylor Walker-Lear ?
  A. Because it’s hard for her to climb up.
  B. Because it helps her realize her dream.
C. Because the Great Wall is one of best-known faces.
D. Because she wants to understand China and the Chinese better
60. __________ is the most possible to complete the last sentence of the passage.
A. joy        B. energy         C. experience       D. confidence
61. What kind of person is Taylor Walker-Lear according to the passage?
A. Wise and humorous.                   B. Kind and confident. 
C. Strong-minded and hardworking.         D. Strict and serious.
I didn’t want to be a bodybuilding champion(冠军). I wanted to be the best bodybuilder of all time.
 Deep, deep down ask myself, “Who do you want to be?” Not what, but who. I’m talking about thinking it out for yourself, “What makes you happy?”
 You have to think outside the box. That’s what I believe, after all. What’s the point of being on this Earth if all you want to be is be killed and avoid trouble?
 We have so many rules in life about everything. I say break the rules. Don’t break the law, but break the rules.
 I remember that after I had finished with my bodybuilding career I wanted to act. I wanted to be a star in films. Everyone had the same thought that I couldn’t be done. They said, “Look at this body, you have this huge monstrousbody, you’re overly developed.” They thought I wouldn’t fit into movies. But I didn’t listen to them. Those were their rules. I was completely certain that I could do it.
 Then I got my big chance in Conan the Barbarian. That shows you should trust yourself no matter what anyone else thinks.
 On that movie, the director said, “If we didn’t have Schwarzenegger, we would have to build one.” Then when I did The Terminator, I said, “I’ll be back…” One of the famous lines in movie history, all because of my crazy voice. It just shows that you should never listen to those who say you can’t do something.
Don’t be afraid to fail. In everything that I have tried, I’ve always been willing to fail. Don’t be afraid of making decisions. You can’t be frightened with the fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You can push because you believe in yourself and your imagination. You know it’s the right thing to do and success will come. Don’t be afraid to fail.                          
---By Arnold Schwarzenegger(阿诺德.斯瓦辛格)
   62. When Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to act,  .
A.he was sure he could achieve something in acting
B.he received a lot of help from his family and friends
C.he found acting more fun than bodybuilding   
      D. he was ready to listen to others’ advice
 63. We know from his speech that Schwarzenegger is.
      A. confident and strong-willed      B. patient and honest
      C. modest and old-fashioned        D. stubborn and proud
   64. The underlined phrase “think outside the box” in Paragraph 3 means            .
      A. think while standing outside the box instead of inside the box
      B. think about the outside world in an open way
      C. go outside to see the outside world    
      D. think in a creative and unusual way
   65. In this speech, Schwarzenegger mainly suggests that people should.
      A. break the rules and laws when necessary        B. trust themselves and never be afraid of failure
C. think twice before making important decisions   D. not push themselves too strongly and hard
66. Let’s look at the  _________ to make a better plan. (日历)
67.Ma Yun,the boss of Alibaba,is trying to change the style of         business.(传统的)
68. He scored 41 points in a game_____    the Atlanta Hawks . (对抗)
69. If your family doesn’t go hiking next sunday ,         will I. (也)
70.He wanted to lose weight by         his diet,but he always failed. (控制)
71.The great_______  showed great talent for music when he was young. (music).
72.After hearing the big noise, the poor people all ran out even _________. (mad)
73.We can see plenty of         walk the red carpet in the Cannes Film Festival.(direct)
74. “You are old enough to look after _________ (you) now.” the mother said to the twins.
75.Unluckily,he found her handbag         after he came back.(steal)
Protect Personal Information During Shopping Seasons
U.S. customers are worried about their personal ID information during the holiday season, according to a research by Discover. Here are some simple tips to protect your personal information.
Be aware of surroundings. The Identity Theft Resource Center says 43% of identity theft comes from a stolen wallet, credit card, or other things. During the crowded holiday shopping, keep an eye on your bags and pockets and always pay attention to what's going on around you.
Be careful of unsafe Wi-Fi networks. If you use a free network in the coffee shop, other users on the network can get what you see and what you send. Then, most of your personal information will be caught by others. Experts suggest using a virtual private network (VPN) instead of the public networks and try to change the settings on your mobile device so it can't connect to nearby public Wi-Fi without your permission(许可).
Please think carefully about providingyour information. Mobile shopping Apps are convenient, but they can store your name, address, phone number, email, and other personal information. Look for Apps that can clearly show you  about how they keep your data safe. Never provide secret information tied to your identity, like your Social Security number or bank account number.
Don't send cash carelessly . If someone asks you to send money right now for a deal that seems too good to be true, or saying you get an award but need to send them some money to receive it. Don't do it.
If you have questions about protecting your personal information, or doubt whether you have been the victims of identity theft or not. Visit the website for more information.
Protect Personal Information During Shopping Season
Introduction U.S. customers ___76__ about their personal information during the holiday season.



Four _77_on
protecting personal information Be aware of surroundings. keep an eye on your bags and pockets all the time and pay attention to what's___78____ around you.
 Be careful of unsafe Wi-Fi networks. ◆If you use the network that you needn’t ____79____ for in the coffee shop , most of your personal information will be caught by others then.
◆ You’d better change the settings on your mobile device so it can't connect to nearby public Wi-Fi ___80____ being known by you.
 __81_carefully about providinginformation. ◆_____82_______Mobile shopping Apps are convenient, they can store your name, address, phone number, email, and other personal information.
◆______83________ secret information tied to your identity, like your Social Security number or bank account number is dangerous.
 Don't send cash
carelessly. ◆ If someone asks you to send money as ___84___as possible for a good deal or an award, don't do it.
Conclusion  Visit the FTC website for more information if _____85________
To Be a Good Listener in your family
Communication is important for strong family relationships. However, if you don't r__86___ listen to others, it can be difficult to communicate.
When listening to a family member, it's important to stay in the situation to make your family member feel he is h___87___. Remember to put your phone away and give them your full a__88____. Just think about the speaker's words instead of what you'll say next when talking to a family member. Wait for a moment when the speaker stops . This will allow you to make sure w____89___ they have completely finished . Everyone wants to feel valued, so try to talk about your feelings or t____90____ after the speaker finishes. For example, "So, it sounds to me like you're a little s___91__ with mom because you feel like she's not treating you like an adult."This can help you make sure you u____92____ the speaker.
Besides these, there are also some DON’Ts you should remember while communicating with family members. First, don’t start talking until the other person has finished. Second, don’t offer advice u___93___ you are asked if someone just wants to talk. Third, don’t change the subject even if it may make you feel unhappy, let your family member e  94   themselves clearly. Fourth, don’t hurry the speaker along. Never say things like, "Can you get to the point?" This will make it seem like you have never enjoyed the conversation. A 95    these DON’Ts will help you and your family communicate better.
八、书面表达 (计30分)
  96.TFBOYS 不仅在中国很受欢迎,在亚洲其他地方也很受欢迎。
______________________________________________________________________________________ 98.Yangzhou是如此漂亮的城市,每年有数百万游客想要感受她的美丽。
______________________________________________________________________________________ 100.为了与邻居和睦相处,他正在考虑举办一个派对。  _____________________________________________________________________________________
    2018年扬州将举办江苏省第十九届运动会和第十届省园艺博览会(Horticultural Exposition),这是一次展示扬州、推广扬州的好机会。届时将有全国乃至全世界众多游客来到扬州,感受扬州的文化和历史。作为一名扬州的中学生,我们该怎么做呢?假如你是Helen ,想通过扬州晚报向全市中学生发出倡议----做文明中学生,迎世界八方客。
请根据以下几个问题, 写一篇100字左右的英语倡议书。
在学校(至少两点)What should we do at school?
在社区(至少两点)What should we do at the community?
在运动会现场(至少两点)What should we do at the stadium (体育馆)?
1) 表达清楚,语法正确,上下文连贯。必须包括表格中所有的问题,并适当展开。
2) 词数:100词左右。(开头已给出,不计入总词数。)
3) 不得使用真实姓名、校名和地名等。
Dear all,
The year of 2018 is an important year to Yangzhou.As we all know that the 19th Provincial Games and the 10th Provincial Horticultural Exposition will be held in our hometown------Yangzhou. Plenty of visitors from all over the world will come to Yangzhou.                                         

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