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1. A. Yes, I'd love to.    B. My pleasure.    C. That's right.
2. A. She likes English.    B. She is tall and thin.    C. She is a teacher.
3. A. Sorry to hear that.    B. Be careful.    C. Have a good time.4. A. That's right.    B. Of course not.    C. I'm fine.
5. A.I am busy.    B.Y~,I do.    C. That's all right.

6. What is the father doing?
  A. Reading a newspaper.    B. Watching TV.    C. Having dinner.
7. How was the traffic this morning?
  A. Great.    B. Terrible.    C. Not mentioned.
8. Where are they going tonight7
  A. To the supermarket.    B. To the water park.    C. To the concert.
9. How many people are going there together?
  A. Six.    B. Nine.    C. Eleven.
10. What will Peter do on Saturday morning?
    A. Nothing much.    B. Have a piano lesson.    C. Hang out with friends.
11. When will the birthday party begin?
    A. At 3:00 pm.    B. At 5:00 pm.    C. At 7:00 pm.
12. Where will the party be held?
    A. In the school restaurant.    B. In the classroom     C. On the playground.
13. When will Mr. Lee leave?
    A. On Saturday.    B. On Sunday.    C. On Monday.
14. Who will meet Mr. Lee at the airport?
    A. Mr. Porter.    B. Jane.    C. Peter.
15. How will Mr. Lee go to Paris?      A. By air.    B. By bus.    C. By train.
Name Country Age Appearance Hobby Favorite Subject
Sally the UK 17__ A little heavy Playing tennis English ,not math
Lucy 16___ 12 Very thin Playing the piano 20_______
Tommy the USA 14 18_____ 19______ P.E.

21. Lucy is_______ active girl and she likes playing ______ piano.
    A. an;/    B.an; the    C.a;/
22. There are many tall buildings on______ sides of Zijiang River.
    A. each    B.every    C.both
23. ----Did you watch Chinese Poetry Conference on CCTV-1 last week?
    ----Yes. A girl______ Wu Yishu finally won.
    A. calling    B. calls    C. called
24. -----Jack, you look worried. What happened?
    ------I________ forgot Mr. Lee's project. I'm afraid he will get angry with me.
    A. heavily    B. completely    C. correctly
25. We have worked for two hours. We should stop ________a rest.
    A. to have    B. having    C. had
26. If it ______ tomorrow, we'll stay at home.
    A. rains    B. will rain    C. rained
27. ------When and where were you born?
    ------I was born ________ October lst,2003________ Shaoyang.
    A. on; on    B. in; in    C. on; in
28. -----Our hometown is becoming more and more beautiful.
    ------Sure. Many trees ________every year.
    A. plant    B. is planted    C. are planted
29. -----Will TFboys come to hold a concert next weekend?
    ------Yes. And I'm wondering ________.
    A. how can I get a ticket    B. how I can get a ticket    C. why will they come
30.---- Shirley, can you sing a song at my party this evening?
----- __________. There's something wrong with my throat.
    A. Of course I can    B.I don't agree with you    C. I'm afraid I can't
    ‘‘Can I come along with you on your fishing trip, please?" asked Millie. Her    31    elder brothers looked at her scornfully(轻蔑地)."Fishing is a man's sport," said her older brother, Derek. "Girls are not good at fishing.”
    After a while,  32  ,her brothers agreed to take her along. When they reached the fishing pond, the two brothers went away by  33  .
    ‘‘We have a  34   spot where the fish are really beautiful," they told her. "But you can't come along because we wouldn't    35   anyone else the place.”
    The two boys left Millie on her own. They sat at the spot for the next few hours but caught    36  -
They decided to call it a day and went to look for Millie.
    “I bet she hasn't caught anything   37   said her other brother, Eric.
    When the boys found Millie, they saw something that made them open their eyes wide with 38 ___ .Millie had caught four large fish!
    “I…I  39   what I said about you this morning," Derek said.
    Millie shrugged her shoulders, smiled and said nothing.   40  their way home by bus, the two brothers did not notice that they had passed a small shop with a sign which read "Fresh fish for sale low prices".
31. A. two    B. three    C. four
 32. A. until    B. therefore    C. however
 33. A. yourselves    B. himself    C. themselves
 34. A. secret    B. big    C. quiet
 35. A. show    B. serve    C. point
 36. A. something    B. nothing        C. anything
 37. A. too    B. also    C. either
 38. A. inspiration    B. surprise    C. happiness
 39. A. take out    B. take after    C. take back
 40. A. For    B.By    C.On
    Robots have been designed to do many things, such as saving people, working in a hospital, a police station, a restaurant, serving for us and so on*
    There are some robots working in the New Robot Hotel in Hong Kong. One hundred customers can have a big dinner in it together. Two of the robots serve drinks, while the other four serve the food. But not all the work in the restaurant is done by them. There are also people working there, especially in the kitchen. The cooks are humans, because the robots don't have the skills to cook.
41. Robots can work in a police station.
42. Four robots work in the New Robot Hotel.
43. No people work in the kitchen.
44. Robots can serve drinks and the food.
45. The robots can cook delicious food.
    According to the official report published in November,2016,9.02 million children have been left in the countryside. All of these left-behind children are at the age of 16or under. More than 90% of them are growing up without either parent and are in the care of grandparents friends or relatives. And about 360,000 children have no guardians(监护人).
    Huang Shuxian is the current minister(现任部长)of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China. He offered three ways to solve the problem encouraging parents to return home, giving unregistered(未登记的)children hukou so that they will receive health care, education and social welfare, and getting 16,000 0ut-of-school children back into the classroom.
    Yang Jiucheng has been running a service for left-behind children in Pingli County, Shaanxi Province since he founded it in 2007. Most parents in that area go to big cities to find work. Paid by parents, Yang offers food and housing to children and makes sure they stay in school during the daytime.
    ‘'These parents can make several thousand yuan a month in cities, but when they come home, their income drops t0 1,000 yuan or so. How can they feed their children this way?" Yang said. "They should be provided with some good chances to do business or get better jobs. when they come back home.”
    The government has made some rules on how to help left-behind children better. It's believed that by 2020,the number of left-behind children will be greatly reduced.
46. The first paragraph is mainly about the_______ of left-behind children.
    A. situation    B. ages    C. families
47. ________ children are out of school according to the passage.
    A.9.02 million    B.8 million    C.16 ,000
48. Yang Jiucheng makes sure that the children in his service
    A. can eat their favorite food    B. are in school in the day    C. live in comfortable hotels
49. The underlined word "income" means “_______”in Chinese.
    A. 收费    B.收入    C.投资
50. What's the purpose of the passage?
    A. To ask parents to return home and look after their children.
    B. To show us the sadness of being left-behind children.
    C. To tell us the government is caring about left-behind children.
Six years ago a boy gave me an important gift.   51    It was the early autumn of my first year at a middle school, and my old school was far away. As a result, no one knew wh0 1 was.1 was very lonely, and afraid to make friends with anyone. Every time I heard the other students talking and laughing, I felt my heart broken  52  What should I do? 
    Then one day, my classmates talked happily with their friends, but I sat at my desk unhappily as usual. At that moment, a boy entered the classroom.    53   He passed me and then turned back. He looked at me with a sweet smile. Suddenly, I felt the touch of something bright and friendly. It made me feel happy, lively and warm.   54    I started to talk with other students and made friends with one another. Day by day, I became closer to everyone in my class. The boy with the lucky smile has become my best friend now.
     One day I asked him why he smiled, but he couldn't remember smiling at me!  55 because all the dark days have gone. I believe that the world is what you think it is. If you think you are lonely, you might always be alone. So smile at the world and it will smile back to you.
A. it doesn't matter
B. I didn't know who he was.
C. That smile really changed my life.
D. as I couldn't talk with anyone about my problems.
E. It was a smile.
F. Don't carry it back home.
    Although some students study hard, they don't get very good grades in their exams. Why? I think it is not enough to just study hard. You have to know how to study. Here are some ways to learn well.
     Be a good note taker
    Taking notes is a way of remembering what you've learnt or read about. You can take notes by writing down key words or by drawing mind maps. Also, keep your notes organized by subject and make sure they're easy to read and review.
     Plan your study time
     Before you begin to study, think about how much time you want to spend on each subject. Break a large subject into a short amount(数量)  every day. And you should take a 15-minute break every 45 minutes. Spending too much time learning one subject may make you feel tired and bored.
     Study with a group
      Study groups are helpful because you can work together to solve difficult problems. Libraries are good places to study with your group. A quiet environment is better for studying.
                                Some ways for you to learn well
Be a good   56    Write down key words or   57  .
Keep your notes organized by subject.
Plan your study time Break a large subject into a short amount every day.
Take a(n)   58   after studying for 45 minutes.
59   with a group
 Work together to solve hard problems.
Choose a(n)   60   place to study together.
A) 简答(共5小题,每小题2分)
    Most young people want to travel abroad, but they don't have enough money. Working abroad! It's a good way to solve the money problem. It's interesting and unusual. By working abroad, you can take part in the life there and develop a real understanding of the culture.’  ‘
    Each summer, there are hundreds of volunteer work projects all over Europe and the United States. These projects give young travelers an exciting opportunity(机会)to spend two or four weeks.
    Volunteers usually work about 40 hours a week. No money is paid, but they can have free rooms and meals. Volunteers often live in a school or a church and cook their own meals together.
Jimmy, a past volunteer, said, "My working experience abroad was fantastic. I was able to see and feel the way people live. The work was difficult, but I enjoyed myself in it. I will never forget the meaningful experience.”
61. Why is it difficult for most young people to travel abroad?_______________________
62. Can the volunteers take part in the life abroad when they work there? ______________
63. How long can young travelers spend working in a project? ______________________
64. What can volunteers get from their volunteer work? ____________________________
65. What did Jimmy think of his working experience abroad? _______________________

66. My problem is that I can't get on with my family. Relations between my parents have become difficult. They fight a lot, and I really don't like it. It's the only communication they have. I don't know if I should say anything to them about this. When they argue, it's like a big, black cloud hanging over our home. Also, my elder brother is not very nice to me. 67. He always refuses to let me watch my favorite TV show. Instead he watches whatever he wants until late at night. 68.I don't think this is fair. 69.在家里我总是感到孤独和紧张。Is that normal? 70.我能做些什么?

  Teachers Wanted
Do you love kids?
Can you sing? Can you dance?
Can you draw beautiful pictures?
We need teachers to help the children in the local after-school care centre.
If you want to offer help, please call us at 00957896.
Dear Sir or Madam,
1. Would you like to join the dance club?
2. What does your elder sister look like?
3. I'm going to the zoo with my parents this weekend.
4.Do you mind me opening the window?
5. Why don't you go out to play?
W:What program are you watching, Dad?
M:I'm watching the evening news. Did you arrive at the company on rime this morning?
W:Yes.I got there at a quarter to eight.
M:You are lucky. The traffic was really bad this morning.
W:I just bought our tickets for the concert tonight.
W: How will we go there?
M: Let's take my car because it is big. We have six people. It holds al least six people.
W:Fine. See you later.
W:Hey,Peter! Can you come to my birthday party?
M:When is it, Lily?
W:This Saturday morning.
M:I'm sorry. I have a piano lesson on Saturday morning. I am free on Saturday afternoon.
W:Fine.We can begin the party at 3:00 pm.
M:OK. Where will the party be held?
W:ln the school restaurant.
M:See you then, Lily.
M:So tell me about my trip to Europe. Will I leave on Saturday or Sunday?
W:On Monday, Mr. Lee. Your plane leaves at 10:00 am
M:So I'11 get to the airport at about eight.
W: Yes. And Mr. Porter will meet you at the airport. Then you will go together to the meeting at the factory, but there will be no time to go to the hotel. I'm afraid.
M:OK. And after the meeting?
W:You'll be free in the afternoon. Then in the evening you'll meet Jane and Peter in a Chinese restaurant near your hotel. Then the next morning you'll go to Paris on the train.
Sally, Lucy and Tommy are new students in our school. Sally is a 13-year-old girl from the UK. She is a little heavy. She likes playing tennis after school. She speaks English very well. But she doesn't like math. Lucy is a very thin girl from Australia. She is twelve years old. She can play the piano very well. Music is her favorite subject, Tommy is a tall boy from the USA. He is fourteen years old now. He often plays basketball after school. His best subject is P.E.
1-5 ABCBA 6-10 BBCAB 11-15 A4\CAC
16. Australia   17.13/thirteen   18. Tall    19. Playing basketball   20. Music
21-25; BCCBA   26-30 ACCBC   31-35 ACCAA  36-40  BCBCC  41-45  TFFTF 46-50  ACBBC   51-55 EDBCA
56. note taker   57. draw mind maps   58. 15 minute break   59. Study   60. quiet
61. Because they don't have enough money.
62. Yes, they can.
63. Two or four Weeks.
64. Free rooms and meals.
65. Fantastic/Meaningful.
69.I always feel lonely and nervous at home.
70.. What can I do?
Dear Sir or Madam,
     My name is Li Ming. I w:rnt to be a volunteer in your group. I want to teach children how to sing songs. I can sing very well. I got the first prize in the singing competition in our school last year. And I can also play the piano very well. So I think I can be friends with the children by singing songs together. I think helping other people can make me happy. It’s also good for me because it would be a good experience in my life. I want to be a teacher

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