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英 语 试 卷
(满分120分;考试时间120分钟)            2018年1月
第一部分   听对话回答1-10题。每段对话听两遍。
 1. How do they talk to each other on the Internet?
  A.          B.           C.
2. What did the boy’s brother do last Sunday?
A.            B.        C. 
3. What kind of film does the man like?
A.           B.                   C. 
4. What did the man use to kill the woman?
  A.        B.           C. 
5. How many children are there in the room?
A. Five.              B. Two.             C. Three.
6. Where can the woman be?
A. In the library.       B. At the doctor’s.        C. At a bookshop.
7. What’s the relationship(关系)between the two speakers?
A. Teacher and student.    B. Father and daughter.    C. Husband and wife.
8. How much is the white shirt?
A. 20 yuan.           B. 40 yuan.             C. 80 yuan.
9. When will Susan arrive?
A. At 4:30.            B. At 4:45.              C. At 5:20.
10. Why WON’T the boy go out? 
A. It’s cool outside.     B. It’s raining outside.     C. It’s hot outside.
第二部分  听对话和短文回答问题,每段对话听两遍。
11. What was Mr. Wu doing when the kidnapping happened?
A. Watching TV.    B. Doing housework.   C. Chatting with his friend.
12. Why did Mrs. Zhang knock on Mr. Wu’s door?
A. Because she was coming for dinner.
B. Because she wanted to talk with him.
C. Because she wanted some help from Mr. Wu.
                             A website designer
Experience  The person needs at least  13  years of experience.
Characteristics The person should be able to work   14  and make good decisions.
What to do The person can   15  the company to know more information.
13. A. two                   B. four                   C. six
14. A. with different people     B. under stress       C. over the weekend
15. A. phone                 B. go to                  C. email
16. What does Tom’s mother do?
A. A patient.              B. A doctor.               C. A detective.
17. Where do the family often watch films?
A. At home.           B. At the cinema.           C. At the theatre.
18. Which film did Dad see last week?
A. Project A.             B. You’ve Got Mail.        C. Rush Hour.
19. Why does Tom like science fiction films?
A. Because he can learn much from them.
B. Because he loves the actors in the film.
C. Because the stories are better than other films.
20. Why do they watch cartoons together?
A. Maybe they love the little girl.
B. Maybe they like cartoons best.
C. Maybe they don’t like other films.
21.The Big Ben which has ________ history of 157 years will be silent until 2020.
A. /            B. a            C. an            D. the
22. If you are not brave enough, you might feel ______ easily when you are watching a horror film alone.
   A. scared        B. interested       C. excited      D. bored
23. —Mr. Smith has never been to Beijing. What about his wife?
—________. She hopes to go there with her husband some day.
A. So has she      B. So is she         C. Neither has she   D. Neither is she
24. It was said the sports meeting they were looking forward to ________ because of the heavy rain.
A. cancelling        B. cancelled          C. being cancelled    D. was cancelled
25. It must be crazy ________ you to stay up late to play computer games. It is bad for your eyes.
   A. about            B. of              C. to              D. with
26. We are asking anyone who saw anything strange last night ________ us.
   A. contact      B. contacting    C. to contact       D. contacted
27. I can’t drive my father’s car ________ I get my driving license.
   A. unless        B. because       C. if               D. since
28. —Maybe I can win a free trip around Europe in the game show.
   —________. I don’t think you will have the chance.
A. That’s possible   B. Nothing is impossible    C. In your dreams    D. Cheer up
29. —Who was knocking at the door just now?
   —________ was my cousin.
A. He              B. She             C. It               D. They
30. —The music in the movie is so wonderful.
   —________, I just think it’s too noisy.
A. I can’t agree more        B. That’s what I think      
C. I have the same feeling      D. That’s your opinion
31. Some students find it easier to ________ themselves in a letter than in a formal article.
A. enjoy           B. express          C. expect           D. explain
32. —Didn’t you see her come in just now?
   —Oh, sorry, I ________ to Bruno Mars’ songs, who picked up prizes at the up-to-date 2017 Soul Train Awards.
A. is listening    B. was listening    C. would listen   D. have listened
33. The police are busy right now. They are ________ fingerprints at the scene.
 A. checking for        B. connecting with    C. going over         D. showing off

34. —What happened to her? She looked so angry yesterday .
   —Because of her son. The situation was ________ her control.
A. opposite            B. during           C. beyond            D. without
35. The exam ______ to be so difficult that only few students could pass it.
A. put out            B. found out        C. broke out        D. turned out
36. So far, the AIIB(亚投行) has _______57 countries to be the founding members.
   A. attacked          B. attracted         C. admired       D. appeared
37. —It’s his new book, and I think it is more interesting than his other books. 
—I agree with you. His latest book is up to his highest _________.
A. standard           B. choice          C. purpose          D. service
38. It’s not your turn yet. Please wait on the chair as soon as you_______.
   A. have called    B. will call         C. are calling        D. are called
39. —Could you tell me _______?
   —Her finger was cut by a knife.
A. what’s wrong with her                B. where she went just now
C. how long she has been like this         D. why she was hurt badly
40. —My sister has achieved her goal after years of hard work.
   —Great! ________.
A. A friend in need is a friend indeed       B. Where there is a will, there is a way
C. Many hands make light work    D. One tree can’t make a forest
A power nap in the middle of a stressful day can be important and necessary.  
This was how my daily life was arranged (安排)   41   kindergarten to middle school back in China—my classmates and I would always take a mid-afternoon   42    for an hour or two after lunch, during which we napped and rested. This arrangement allowed us to start off the   43   half of the school day feeling energetic.
When I started high school in the USA, however, things   44  . Students are only given 30 minutes for lunch and have to   45   to classes right afterward.
I’ve been in the USA for two years, but I’m still   46   with the absence of a nap in my school schedule. I often feel   47   during the class following lunch. And when I get home from school, I can’t start my homework without first taking a power nap for 30 minutes.
This difference in work schedules between China and the USA made me   48   how napping habits vary (不同) among different countries. In Spain, for example, people have their traditional “siesta”, meaning a short nap of 20 or 30 minutes every afternoon, while businesses and schools in countries like China, Mexico and Greece tend to give a mid-afternoon break of one or two   49  .
Even if I’m currently living in the USA, I still believe that napping can refuel (补充燃料) a person who doesn’t have much energy left after   50   work. After all, this article was written right after a 30-minute nap.

41. A. like           B. to           C. from           D. on
42. A. game         B. break          C. lesson       D. show
43. A. first          B. second         C. third        D. fourth 
44. A. happened      B. discovered      C. continued    D. changed
45. A. get back      B. get up          C. get off       D. get on
46. A. unpopular     B. unlucky       C. uncomfortable    D. unorganized
47. A. awake      B. energetic     C. happy      D. sleepy
48. A. suppose        B. realize        C. mistake     D. connect
49. A. seconds       B. minutes        C. hours        D. days
50. A. endless        B. hopeless       C. careless         D. meaningless

Roger Rocha’s Dinner Theater
2018 prices
The Menu Table Service Dinner and Show on Fridays and Saturdays is $55. Again, that includes coffee and ice tea but no desserts.
We have Thursday & Sunday dinner shows of $47 for seniors. We offer a Thursday or Sunday evening dinner show of $30 to kids aged 15 and under, and $36 to students aged 16-26. We have show-only tickets with no dinner for $30. Whenever seats are available, we offer $16 show-only rush tickets.
Here are the ways that you can buy tickets for a Roger Rocha’s event:
You can buy tickets to a performance, season tickets, and concert tickets online through this website, www. Tickets. gcplayers. com/2ndspace. You can look through the calendar for a day that works for you and click “Buy tickets”.
At the box office
Our box office at 1226 North Wishon in Fresno’s Tower District is open from Tuesday to Sunday.
Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 10 am. to 5:30 pm.
Thursdays through Sundays: 10 am. until showtime at 7:30 pm or 8:00 pm.
Closed on Mondays.
51. How much should a 20-year-old student pay for a dinner show on Thursday?
A. $16    B. $30    C. $36    D. $47
52. At the box office, when CAN’T you buy a ticket?
A. 10 am. on Tuesday.     B. 6:30 pm. on Sunday.
C. 11:00 pm. on Monday.     D. 5:00 pm. on Wednesday
53. What can the passage probably be?
A. A website advertisement.    B. A newspaper report.  
C. A research plan.      D. A business guide.
A lot of films have tried to show the afterlife and people’s memories of their dead family members. But few have done this as well as Coco (《寻梦环游记》), Disney’s up-to-date film.
“One thing’s for certain—   54   ,” Katie Walsh wrote a film review in The Record.
The film comes from the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos (亡灵节), or Day of the Death in English. In the story, a young boy named Miguel wants his family to help with his musical dream. On Dia de los Muertos, an accident takes him to the “Land of the Dead”. There, Miguel meets his dead family members and has an adventure.
As The Atlantic said, the “Land of the Dead” is not a scary place. There are friendly skeletons(骷髅). They can cross a bridge made of flowers on Dia de los Muertos to “visit” their living family members. As long as their family puts their photos on a family shrine (神龛), they can do this every year. Otherwise, their spirits will disappear completely.
With its wild imagination, the story sends a clear message about the importance of family. Family is at the center of Mexico culture. On Dia de los Muertos people in Mexico remember their ancestors just like the characters in the film. They also share food and drinks to keep the spirits of their family members alive. The film teaches kids to keep and respect the memories of their elders, Peter Debruge wrote in Variety.
54. Which of the following sentence can be put into the underlined place?
A. You are going to call your teachers.
B. You are going to chat with your neighbours.
C. You are going to call your grandparents.
D. You are going to chat with your friends.
55. What does the underline word “They” in paragraph 4 refer to?
A. The memories of the elders.   B. The dead family members.
C. The living family members.   D. The photos of family members.
56. What is the story mainly about?
A. It teaches the kids to know the importance of family.
B. It teaches the kids never to give up their musical dream.
C. It teaches the kids how to face the friendly skeletons bravely.
D. It tell the kids what is the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertos
Dr. Pamela Fisher has put music in over 1,100 animal shelters (庇护所), saying that it makes dogs and cats quiet and even cut down on barking. Fisher asked artists around the world to share dog-friendly and cat-friendly music. Her “community” has grown to include 50 shelters that keep over 115,000 dogs and cats.
One fan was Tina Gunther. In the countryside, winter temperatures for dogs and cats usually ran below zero and the wind blew nearly every day. To calm the animals, Gunther tried the old radio. Besides poor reception (接收效果), the news and sports had people shouting and crying loudly. “It makes great difference,” she said. So she and her husband had to buy a second one for the cats. “When we play songs they like, they go and sit by the speakers.” Gunther said.
No one has studied the influence of Fisher’s music idea. But others have looked at how music and noise in general affected animals. A study found that animals were more likely to sleep and less likely to bark when Mozart, Beethoven and other similar music were playing, but not when heavy metal and other sounds were playing.
Fisher validated her idea useful, which guided a survey of more than 500 shelters. The survey found barking reduces by half and animals more relaxed. They are still happy, and they just aren’t barking.
Beyond the music, the shelter owners do what they can to reduce stress of the dogs, including toys, food and spending time with them. “Reducing their stress helps them show off their personalities and they can get adopted (收养) quickly,” said Fisher. “The music also helps the owners and that benefits the animals too.”
57. When dogs listen to dog-friendly music, what will they do?
A. They will get excited.      B. They will calm down.
C. They will never bark.     D. They will become clever.
58. Which question has been answered in the passage?
A. What music influences animals.   B. How music protects animals.
C. When music works on animals.   D. Why music has an influence on animals.
59. What’s the meaning of the underline word “validated” in paragraph 4?
A. refused   B. doubted   C. changed   D. proved
60. What can we learn from the last paragraph?
A. It is hard for the dogs to be adopted.  
B. The dogs in the shelter are only fond of toys.
C. Reducing stress is good for the dogs.  
D. The owners of the shelter like cat-friendly music.
61. Iceland with a small ________(人口) won a place in the next year’s World Cup.
62. Nie Er is one of the most famous ________ (音乐家) in China who made a lot of famous music.
63. According to the latest________(报道), Star Wars will come back on Jan 5 2018.
64. ________(尽管) it is a show about old relics, national treasures looks very fancy and technical. 
65. The ________ (最终的) months of Vincent van Gogh’s life have been painted into a movie.
66. There are some big factories in the ________ (东南方) of the town.
67. The 2017 Best FIFA Men’s Player award was ________(颁发) to Ronaldo.
68. I like ___________   best of all the subjects because it’s very interesting.
(B)根据句意,用括号中所给单词的正确形式填空, 每空一词。
69. To tell you the ________ (true), that film isn’t worth seeing again at all.
70. Can we talk about this problem ________(peace)? I’m tired of arguing with you all day.
71. No one noticed the thief __________ (steal) a woman’s wallet when the bus stopped suddenly.
72. You can’t imagine what difficulty I had _________( insist) on my own opinion.
73. A large number of Chinese companies went to attend the ________ (四十九) Cairo Trade Fair(开罗贸易展览会) in 2016.
74. He ________ (lie) down on the grass and felt comfortable.
75. The audience from different countries can enjoy the young_______ (direct) film. 
Henry Band was about 10 years old when his father died. His mother found it difficult to s  76    a large family. Still, she decided to send her oldest child Henry to school and buy him the books he
n   77  .
At one time, Henry wanted a grammar book in order to attend a c  78  . But the book was so
e  79   that his mother couldn’t afford it. He was very unhappy about this and went to bed with a heavy heart, t  80   about what could be done to get the book.
As soon as he w  81   in the morning, he found that a heavy snow had fallen and the cold wind was blowing hard.
“Ah,” he said, “every problem brings a solution for some people.”
He rose, ran to a neighbour’s house and offered to clean his g  82  . His offer was accepted. After he completed this work and received his pay, he went to a  83   neighbour and offered the same service.
Then he went to several other houses u  84   he had enough money to buy the grammar book.
When the school began, Henry sat in his seat, ready to begin studying with his new book h  85  .
From that time on, Henry always did well in all of his classes. Because he had the will, he always found a way.
Wang Yue, a seventh-grader from Jiangsu, opened a study app to see how to work out a hard maths problem. However, a series of game advertisements appeared.
In fact, that is just one of several disappointing things about study apps that are widely used by students. Study apps aim to help students learn. For example, students can check answers for problems and take online courses anytime they want. However, with more study apps coming into the market, serious competition has caused some apps to change. Making good use of them has caught the attention of the public.
Some study apps have social media features that can disturb students. Li Xieyichang, 14, from Sichuan, has noticed this. “I once joined a chat group to learn from others. However, hundreds of messages bombarded my phone,” she said. So, she said bye-bye to the group chat. “If you don’t have self-control, just spend most of your time studying and give up unrelated (无关紧要的)  things,” she said.
In addition, some students spend so little time on homework that they simply copy answers from study apps. Zhang Shiyuan, 14, from Shanghai, often sees her classmates do so. But she has a better way to use study apps. “They show many ways to solve one problem. I try them one by one and see how they work. Then I use the things I’ve learned to solve the problem again,” she said.
Sun Zhenyao, 13, from Anhui, thinks students can use study apps with the help of their parents. He often watches online classes and does packages of exercises before exams. His parents help him choose and pay for the right classes.
Nowadays, more and more students show   86   in study apps. It can be learned from the article above that study apps can be both helpful and harmful. On one hand, some students   87   their problems by using study apps properly. They can check answers for problems on their own and study online   88   they want to. They know how to give up unrelated things and may learn different ways to deal with one problem. On the other hand, parts of them   89   think while completing their homework and they just copy answers from study apps. Sometimes, they may be disturbed because of hundreds of messages as well. All in all, probably some students will lose themselves in study apps   90   the help of their parents.
In the United States, every high school student gets a locker in the school hallway. They put their books, personal things and sports equipment in it.
However, it seems that lockers aren’t so popular anymore at one US high school. At Stevenson High School in Illinois, students might not use them all year round. Now they store things like books on iPads.
The school has a new policy to encourage students to use lockers. Students can decide if they will use lockers or keep things themselves. The school has about 4,500 lockers in different hallways more than its 4,190 students.
In fact, many factors led to the decreased (减少的) usage of lockers. About five years ago, the school started handing out iPads to lighten the loads of student backpacks. Also, some students think it is not convenient to use lockers. The hallways are too crowded to find their own lockers.
Nearly half of the students at the school have applied for lockers this semester. The school is able to give each student a location in the hallway of his or her choice. Some students wanted a locker along their morning way from the parking area. Others wanted it on the way to their practice or rehearsal (排练) so they can put their things away more easily.
The school will end the least popular hallways and remove some lockers there. Meanwhile, more and more lockers appear which are suitable for students to store musical instruments and oversized sports equipments.
The Use of Lockers
Where are the lockers? ● In the school hallways.
What are they   91   for? ● To keep students’ books, personal things and sports
Why are the lockers becoming less popular? ● Now students seldom use books, they are crazy about iPads    92  .
● The hallways are so crowded that it’s not convenient.
What does the school do to encourage students to use lockers? ● Students can make their own decisions about   93   to use lockers.
● The school allows students to   94   different locations of their own lockers.
● The school will remove the least used lockers and may also offer    95   lockers than before.

个人特点 精力充沛;对未知事物有好奇心;富有幽默感。
寒假安排 完成作业;和父母去北方旅游,滑冰、滑雪等;看电影等
推荐影片 推荐给Simon的影片及推荐理由

Films at Dadi Digital Cinema
A Better Tomorrow 2018
Action & detective
Directed by Ding Sheng
From Friday to Sunday, at 12:30 a.m.
Ticket price: ¥ 32 Gold Buster
Directed by Wu Junru
From Friday to Sunday, at 7:20 p.m.
Ticket price: ¥ 25
要求:1. 所写内容必须包括表格中所提供的信息,并适当发挥;
      2. 文章不少于90词,开头已给出,不计入总词数;
      3. 语意通顺,意思连贯,条理清楚,书写规范;
4. 文 中不得出现真实的姓名、校名等信息。
I have a very good friend named Simon. He______

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