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1. M_____ isn’t everything, but we can’t buy anything without it.
2. I don’t agree with you. I’m a________ the plan.
3. The water problem goes from worse to w_____ . There is no water at all here.
4. Do it yourself. Don’t c_____ others’ homework.
5. I made a big d_____. I’ll travel around the world all by myself.
6. I wasn’t s_____ to find that the worst report was from my science teacher.
7. I have two t_____ to the football match. Will you go with me?
8. The girl was walking down the street when the UFO 1_____.
9. This is my p_____ letter, you shouldn’t open it.
10. We’re doing something to make our city clean, so there will be less p_____
in the future.
11. I don’t like making speeches, I feel n_____ talking in front of many people.
12. I know little English.  Can you t______ the sentences into Chinese?
13. Don’t laugh at the man who is in t_______. We should help him.
14. Eating too many sweets is bad for your t_________.
15. Mike, pay a_______ to your handwriting, or you’ll do it again.
16. He died of c_______ three years ago.
17. Driving after drinking wine often c_______ traffic accident.
18. You can’t c_____ up with others if you don’t study hard.
19. It snowed heavily last night. Now everything is c_____ with snow.
20. China is a d_______  country.
21. It’s our d_______ to keep our environment clean.
22. There are many new i_______ on show in the science museum.
23. In China, Spring Festival is the most important festival. It usually comes in F_______.
24. We have had a very p_______ trip.
25. Chinese all take p_______ in our great country.
26. The room is too d_______. Please turn on the light.
27. The s_______ of success is hard work.
28. Spaceships w_______ people have reached other parts of the universe.
29. Beijing is an a_______ city.  It has a long history.
30. Little Tom isn’t a         of walking in the dark.
31. His poor family couldn’t a        to send him to school when he was young.
32. I had a lot of interesting e_______ during my stay in China.
33. Our school is making an e________ with new teaching methods.
34. He has lost all f_______ in his legs after the accident.
35. He cut short a f_______ of twenty years because he found the friend stealing.
36. Lincoln is one of the most important presidents in American h_______.
37. The journalist had an i_______ with several famous singers.
38. Tom is a careless boy. He made a lot of m_______ in his exercises.
39. I want dumplings with meat in it r_______ than those with egg in it.
40. As a teacher, you must be p________ with students.
1. It’s not far. It’s only twelve ________(分钟) walk.
2. She didn’t feel like ________(饲养) so many dogs.
3. The increasing population may be the greatest ________ (挑战) of the world today.
4. They played football ________(粗心),so they deserved to lose the match.
5. It is one of the heaviest ________(架子) in the reading-room.
6. The number of the students in our class has ________(增加) from 40 to 50.
7. You must practice ________(说) English as often as possible.
8. He has just come back after living ________(在国外) for almost ten years.
9. We should take an active part in ________(保护) environment.
10. Most business letters are ________(写) in English.
In many ways a (1) d_____ and a blog are almost the same. Then, what makes a blog different from a diary? The biggest difference is that a blog is much more (2)_____(公开的) than a diary. Anyone can read what you write in your blog. Usually, a teenager likes (3)_____(隐藏) his diary book and treats it as a secret.A blog has good points, of course. People choose to write in blogs, because they know that their friends will read (4)w_____ they write. If you feel sad one day and write in your diary, no one will know about it. But if you write the same words in your blog, your friends may quickly write (5)b_____ to comfort you and offer help. Blogs help people know what their friends are doing.
     Some colors make us calm and (1)_______(和平的). Blue is one of these (2) c________. Wearing blue clothes or sleeping in a blue room is good for the mind and body. Blue can also mean sadness. Someone who is feeling sad may (3)________(通常) say “I’m feeling blue.” Some colors make us happy. Orange is such a happy color. It can (4) b________ us happiness and cheer us up when we are sad. If you feel (5) t________ or weak, please wear colors that make you feel energetic. Green can give us energy, because it means new life.
   Language is a gift belonging to humans. People learn their own language to express (1) t________ and understand others. Have you learnt another language besides Chinese? Of course, most people’s answer is English. English is (2)_________(广泛地) spoken in the world. Successful language learners often watch English programs on TV and listen to English songs. (3)C_____ with others in the English Corner also benefits them. Can you (4)_________(想象) their favorite way of increasing the vocabulary? Let me tell you. It’s to read at
(5) l_______ three English articles a week. If you want to learn English well, try these methods.

一、1. Money  2. against  3. worst  4. copy   5. decision  
6. surprised 7. tickets  8.landed     9. private  10. pollution
11. nervous  12. translate  13. trouble  14. teeth   15. attention
16. cancer  17. causes   18. catch   19.  covered  20. developing
21. duty   22. inventions     23. February  24. pleasant 
25. pride   26. dark    27. secret   28. without
 29. ancient   30. afraid  31. afford     32. experience
 33. experiment  34. feeling      35. friendship   36. history
37. interview   38. mistakes    39. rather    40. patient
二、1.minutes’  2.keeping 3.challenge  4.carelessly  5.shelves 
6.increased   7.speaking 8.abroad  9.protecting 10.written
三、1.diary 【解析】句意为:在很多方面,_____和博客几乎是相同的。根
2. public 【解析】句意为:最大的差异就是博客比日记更公开很多。Public
公开的,比较级形式为more public,空前有more。故填public。
3.hiding 【解析】句意为:通常,青少年喜欢藏日记本并把它当作一个
秘密。hide隐藏。再根据like doing sth.喜欢做某事,可知应填hiding。
4.what 【解析】句意为:人们选择在博客中写东西,是因为他们知道
5.back 【解析】句意为:但如果你在博客中写了相同的话,你的朋友
们可能会快速地写_____来安慰你……write back回复,符合语境。故填back。
四、1. peaceful【解析】句意为:一些颜色让我们(感到)镇定与和平。分
2. colors 【解析】句意为:蓝色是这些_____之一。由所给首字母提示
及“Some colors”可知,此处表示“颜色”。由空前的“these”可知此处应填可数名词复数形式,故填colors。
3. usually【解析】句意为:一些感到伤心的人或许通常会说“I’m feeling
4. bring【解析】句意为:当我们伤心的时候,它可以______我们快乐
5. tired【解析】句意为:如果你感到_____或者虚弱,请穿让你感到充
五、1. themselves【解析】句意为:人们学习他们自己的语言来表达_____
2. widely【解析】句意为:在世界上英语被广泛地讲。widely广泛地,
3. Chatting【解析】句意为:在英语角和别人_____也有助于他们(学习)。
4. imagine【解析】句意为:你能想象他们最喜欢的增加词汇量的方法
5. least【解析】句意为:这便是一周_____读三篇英语文章。at least至

来源 莲山课
件 w w w.5 Y K
j.Co M



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