九年级英语下Unit12 Section A(grammar focus-4c)同步练习(附答案)

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九年级英语下Unit12 Section A(grammar focus-4c)同步练习(附答案)

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Section A (Grammar Focus~4c)
1. Anna didn't see the movie last night because she      already     
      (see) the film.
2.        you ever          (lock) your keys in the house?
3.--What         you         (do) when the teacher came in?    
4. When I got there, they          (begin) the meeting.
5. By the end of last month, they          (plant) thousands of trees.
6. In the past few years, there       (be) great changes in my hometown.
7. The plane          (land) by the time we got to the airport.
8. By the end of next week, I          (finish) reading the book.
9. John said that he          (read) the Chinese storybook twice.
10. As we         (have) dinner, I heard someone knocking on the door.
show up, rush out, arrive at, go into, find out
1. When we        the hill, some farmers had planted many young trees.
2. By the time I told her something, she said she         what caused
  the accident.
3. --Why didn't you                at the party yesterday?
  --Because I had to look after my little sister.
4. Before it rained, the little boy        the supermarket with his friends.
5. When my mother came hack, I         to go for my football training.
(    )1. Mike used to be a top student, but he         behind since he
       lost himself in computer games.
     A. fell       B. has fallen       C. was         D. has been
(    )2. --       you ever           Chinese mooncakes, Dianna?
       --No, never. But I have had noodles.
     A. Do;try     B. Will;try        C. Did; try      D. Have;tried
(    )3. By the time I locked the door, I realized I     my keys at home.
 A. had repaired             B. had changed          
 C. had forgotten            D. had left
(    )4.--Tom          by the time I got to the party.
      A. left       B. was leaving     C. had left      D. has left
(    )5. We will go to Tian’anmen Square to watch the raising of the
       national flag if it          tomorrow.
      A.will rain                B. rains                  
      C. doesn't rain             D. won't rain
(     )6.--How long         you        TV by the time I called you?
        --For about two hours
      A.had; watched            B. have; watched       
      C. did;watch               D. were; watching
(    )7. This morning I           very early, but I didn't get up until
       eight o'clock.
  A. stood up              B. stayed up      
  C. woke up               D. put u
(    )8.         the end of last term we had learned five English songs.
      A. At          B. By         C. In           D. To
(    )9. At the New Year's party, all of the students        .
  A. hurried up              B. handed up            
  C. set up                 D. showed up
(    )10. He told you that he had already had a new bike,         ?
      A. did he                 B. didn't he             
      C. had he                 D. hadn't he
       On May 1, a wildfire started in a forest near the Alberta town of Fort McMurray in Canada.Within two days, the fire grew larger and the people who lived in Fort McMurray had to leave their homes. While there have been very few people injured(伤害) by the large fire itself, it has been harmful to the community.
      Canadians in other places have been helping by sending money and donations to the Red Cross. Many people in Alberta have taken in people from Fort McMurray, letting them stay in their homes for free until the fire is put out. Many firefighters are needed to fight the fire and some of them have come from other parts of Canada to help. The brave firefighters were able to save 25,000 homes as well as the hospital and all of the town's schools, according to CBC news.
       There have been thousands of other acts of kindness towards the people of Fort MeMurray. Some musicians, such as Great Big Sea's Alan Doyle, are holding special concerts, with the money going to Port McMurrav people. And companies have been helping as well. Beer-maker Labatt filled thousands of cans with water  instead of beer  and sent them to the people in Fort McMurray.
       The fire is huge, spreading over more than 229,000 hectares(公顷), but firefighters say they believe the are starting to get it under control   it is becoming smaller instead of spreading.
(    )1. How many people have been injured by the large fire itself?
      A. 25,000.      B. Very few.      C. 229,000.     D. Many.
(    )2. In this passage, the underlined word"donations"means        .
      A.捐赠物     B.礼物         C.吉祥物     D.农作物
(    )3. What did beer-maker Labatt do for the people in Fort MeMurray?      
      A. He sent money to the people in Fort McMurrav.
      B. He held a concert and gave the money to the people in Fort
     C. He took in people from Fort McMurray and let them stay in his
        home for free.
     D. He filled thousands of cans with water and sent them to the
       people in Fort McMurray.
(    )4. What is the passage mainly about?                                                                             
    A.A big fire in Fort McMurray of Canada.
    B. The people in Fort McMurray of Canada.
    C. The firefighters in Fort McMurray of Canada.
    D. The musicians in Fort McMurray of Canada.

一、1.had; seen    2. Have; locked     3. were; doing    4. had begun
5. had planted   6. have been   7. had landed 
8. will have finished   9. had read    10. were having
二、1. arrived at    2. had found out   3. show up    4. had gone into   
    5. had rushed out
   4.C  点拨:句巾有“by+过去时间”作时间状语,提示谓语动同用
   6.A点拨:南句中的by the time可判断.这里用过去完成时。
   7.C点拨:早晨醒得早,但没有起床。wake up“醒来”,符合句意 
   8.B点拨:by the end of意为“到……末为止”,可跟过去完成时连
   9.D点拨:本句意为“所有的学生都参加了元旦晚会”。show up “出
   10.B点拨:本句为一个主从复合句。主句为He told you,that
   1.B点拨:文中语境有提示very few people injured by the large fire
   2.A  点拨:文中第二段提示by sending money and donations to the
   Red Cross.依据常识,捐赠给红十字会的一般为钱和物。
  3.D  点拨:文中第三段有提示Beer-maker Labatt filled thousand of
  cans with water --instead of beer --and sent them people in Fort
  4.A  点拨:本新闻稿主要播报的是加拿大麦克默里堡发生的火灾情

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