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3. 试题后附答题纸,请将1---89小题的答案填写在答题纸上。
(  )1.What are they talking about? 
     A.                    B .     C.

( 2.What do they want to do?   
 A.                B.           C.
( )3.Which is the right picture? 
        A.             B.           C.
( )4. What's the weather like this weekend?
     A.                  B.                     C. 

( )5. What type of film does Amy like best?
     A. Documentaries.  B. Action films.   C. Cartoons.
( )6. What would Miss Liu like to eat?  
    A. A pear.    B. An orange.    C. An apple.
( )7. How many times has the actor won the Oscar for Best Actor?
     A. Once.     B. Twice.    C. Three times.
( )8. What are they doing now?
     A. Reading books.   B. Having supper.   C. Watching TV
( )9. What does the murderer look like?
    A. He is tall.   B. He has long hair.      C. He has short hair.
( )10. What color T-shirt does the man advise the woman to try?
    A. The orange one.  B. The green one.      C. The violet one.
( )11. What will Sandy do in the s how?
     A. Sing a song.    B. Be the host.      C. Design a poster for it.
( )12. Where does John work?
     A. In a theatre.        B. In a school.  C. At a radio station.
Collect Waste Paper Every Week
Purpose ● To make our environment cleaner and help the   13   
Activities  ● To collect any waste paper from anywhere. 
 ● To sell them every   14  .
   We usually donate about   15  yuan every week.
( )13. A. poor children  B. homeless children  C. disabled children
( )14. A. Sunday       B. Friday     C. Wednesday
( )15. A. 6        B. 12        C. 24
( )16.Who was on duty? 
      A. Jim.        B. Jim's father.   C.The writer.
( )17.How long was Jim ill last month ? 
     A. For more than a week. B. For two weeks.  C. For only one week.
( )18.Does the writer watch TV every day?  
     A. Yes, he does.   B. No, he doesn't.  C. Yes, he does..
( )19.Who is not stronger than the writer?  
     A. Jim.     B. Tom.    C. Jim's mother.
( )20.What does the writer like better, meat or vegetables?
     A. Meat.     B. Vegetables.   C. We don't know.
(   )21. Susan, ______ university student from Europe, is______honest girl.
     A. an; /            B. a; the           C. a; an        D. an; the
(   )22. Look at the signs below. Which one means you can’t walk dog(s) around here?

    A.              B.             C.                D.
(   )23. Let’s p lay cards _________ watching TV. There is no good program this evening.
    A. instead       B. in order to     C. instead of      D. in addition to
(   )24. Look! The boys _______football on the playground.
 A. plays       B.play           C. are playing      D. played
(   )25. —Let’s buy some cards for our teachers on Teachers’ Day.
    —Why not make some ________ hand? It’s much more interesting.
  A. by          B. at         C. in             D. on 
(   )26. ---Is the Great Wall a wonderful place? 
    ---Yes,________tourists come here for a visit every year.
 A. thousand of     B. thousands of       C. thousand     D. thousands
(   )27. My father was_______the newspaper when I got home yesterday.
  A. l ooking through   B. looking across    C. looking over   D. looking down
(   )28. This movie wasn’t __________. He fell asleep half way through it.
    A.interesting enough  B. enough interesting C.interested enough D. enough interested
(   )29. --Will you join us at the party next Sunday?
    --I will join you if I ________ my work on Saturday.
  A. am going to finish    B. will finish    C. finished        D.finish 
(   )30. The mountain was ______ high _______few people in our city reached the top.
  A. so; as              B. so ; that       C. such ; so       D. too ; to 
(   )31. Today Chinese ______by more and more people around the world.
  A. was spoken        B. is spoken        C. spoken         D.speak
(   )32. The girl _______ is wearing a beautiful hat is my sister.
 A. that             B. what            C. whose         D. where
(   )33.If you look after things well, you may use some of them again later.
    A. useful           B. reuse           C. useless         D. used
(   )34.He promised to pick me up at the school gate . However, he _____ yet.
    A. didn’t arrive       B. doesn’t arrive   C.isn’t arriving   D.hasn’t arrived
(   )35. — Betty, I win the first prize in the photo competition!
     — Really? __________!
 A. Congratulations    B. You’re welcome   C. Sorry to hear that   D. Up to you
On a Saturday morning, I went camping in Green Natural Park with some friends. We were happy because it was a sunny day. All the way there, we sang songs and made jokes.       36    , in the afternoon, when we finished our picnic at one o’clock, it was dark and windy. Soon, it started to rain. Unluckily, none of us brought a(n)  37  . We ran about but couldn’t find any places to   38  .
Twenty minutes passed and it was still raining. There was a long way to go   39   we reached the campsite (野营地). It was   40   worse because our compass (指南针) showed that we went the wrong way.
We had to make a quick decision because it was raining heavily. Chris said we could   41   a tent (帐篷) to hide in, so Mary and Tom   42  to set up the tent. Chris and I tried to make a fire to keep us warm. But we were not able to light the fire, because everything was   43  . We dried ourselves, talked and waited inside the tent. At about five o’clock, it stopped raining. We   44   to stop the camping trip because all of us were very tired.
This camping trip might not be very   45   but we got to know each other better. And the most important thing I’ve learned from this trip is the importance of team spirit.
(     )36. A. Instead           B. Usually         C. Luckily         D. However
(     )37. A. cap                  B. book              C. umbrella        D. coat
(     )38. A. live                  B. eat             C. hide             D. sleep
(     )39. A. after                 B. before         C. since            D. when
(     )40. A. nearly                B. hardly         C. still             D. even
(     )41. A. set up               B. pick up            C. make up        D. clear up
(     )42. A. continued           B. began          C. wished         D. preferred
(     )43. A. wet                  B. dry              C. dark            D. bright
(     )44. A. forgot               B. tried           C. decided         D. refused
(     )45. A. careful              B. successful      C. awful           D. helpful

(  )46.Miss  Li is a famous doctor. She likes reading the medical magazines.
(  )47.Marcia is a fan of Jacky Chan. She likes his movies very much.
(  )48.Lydia is a good college student. Next month she wil l go to Canada to study. She is afraid of the language.
(  )49.Wendy is a Chinese girl. This winter she wants to go to Canada on vacation.
(  )50.Julia prefers the fashion but cheap clothes. She doesn’t want to spend too much money on them. A. Big Star House
   It is a big store. It sells the things that have been used. It is going to hold an end-of-season sale. The price of them will be lower than usual.
B. Children’s Cinema
   Some kinds of movies are on show every weekend, e-g. Rush Hours ( Role actor: Jacky Chan)
C. Spring Art
   More than 100 artists get together and sell the works of painters and photographers(投影师). There are many famous pictures for sale, too.
D. English Corner in the Open air
   The students from the English department of Foreign Language University hold an English Corner in the People’s Square in the evening.
E. Chinese Medicine
   It is a magazine that introduces a lot of medicines. You can find some information about Chinese Medicine.
F. Dance Together
   A dancing ball will be held in the Happy Sq uare this weekend.
G. Global Hotel
   It is a hotel offering services for long-distance travellers to Canada, in which you can use a telephone to keep in touch with your family and children for free.

Mr Black is a football fan. Every morning he goes to work by train. As he has a long trip, he always buys a newspaper. It helps to make the time pass more quickly. One Wednesday morning, Mr Black turned the important football matches. He knew the Football World Cup would be held in his city soon. He decided to go to watch the football game.
While Mr Black was excited to be at the Football World Cup, he was disappointed(失望的)at the location of his seat. Peering(仔细看)across the stadium through his telescope(望远镜)he saw an empty seat far away and made his way there. Mr Black asked the man in the next seat, “May I sit here?” “Sure,” the man replied. “This was my wife’s seat. She was a super football fan, and we used to come to the games together all the time until she passed away.”
“I am sorry for your loss,” Mr Black said. “But I am curious(好奇的). Why didn’t you give the extra(多余的) ticket to a friend or a relative?” The man replied, “They are all at the funeral(葬礼).”
(  )51. How does Mr Black go to work every morning?  
A. By bus.          B. By taxi.         C. By car.          D. By train.
(  )52. Why does Mr Black buy a newspaper every morning?
A. Only to read sports news.                  B. To kill time.
C. To get some change.                      D. To relax himself.
(  )53. What does the underlined phrases “passed away” mean in Chinese?
A. 去世           B. 传递            C. 经过            D. 旅游
(  )54. Where were the man’s friends and relatives?
A. At the Football World C up.                 B. At home. 
C. At the funeral.                            D. At the playground.
(  )55. Who was the biggest football fan?
A. The man.                           B. Mr Black.  
C. The man’s wife.                      D. The man’s friends and relatives.
   A long time before I was born, my grandma and grandpa moved into the house on Beechwood Avenue. They had a young family of 4 little girls.
During that time, work was hard to find, so Grandpa did whatever jobs he could. He worked on a farm during the week and at weekends he and Grandpa grew some of their own food in the garden(花园).
  Everybody worked to keep the garden growing. All summer long, the family ate food from the garden and enjoyed the beautiful flowers.Grandma made jam(果酱)with strawberry, tomatoes, beans, peppers, pears and peaches. It was good to eat through the long winter.
The family grew up, and before too many years had passed, the grandchildren came to visit. Grandma and Grandpa still planted their garden every spring. Everyone still e njoyed the good food from the garden and always took some home.
Grandchildren grew up, and grandparents grew older.It became harder for Grandma and Grandpa to keep up the garden. So they made it a little smaller. There was still plenty to eat from the garden and lovely flowers to enjoy.
Then one summer when Grandpa was eighty-nine years old, all he could do was to watch from his chair as the vegetables grew and the flowers came out. Summer slowly went away, and Grandpa died before it was time to bring in the harvest(丰收).
(  )56.How many people were there in grandparents’ family before the writer was born?
   A. Five      B. Six      C.Seven       D. Eight
(  )57.The life then was very ________. People couldn’t find jobs easily.
   A. easy      B. happy    C. hard       D. free
(  )58. Grandchildren took their grandparents’ vegetables home because ________.
     A. they were too poor             B. they liked them better
     C. their parents asked them to do so  D. they wanted to give some to their friends
(  )59. As time passed by, grandparents made the garden smaller because ________.
   A. they were not strong enough       B. life was getting better and better
   C. we didn’t enjoy their vegetables    D. they lost interest to grow vegetables
(  )60.The best title for the passage is ________.
   A. Grandmother’s Garden          B. Grandfather’s Garden
   C. Our Grandparents              D. Grandparents’ Garden
  We all see and hear about extraordinary(优秀的) people around us and wonder why we can’t be more like them. It’s not the big things that make someone extraordinary. It’s the small things. They become extraordinary by making a difference in someone’s life. Here are some of the things extraordinary people do every day:
Praise(表扬)someone. It can make the others feel great about themselves. A compliment can have a positive impact(影响) on their lives. Your team or family will love you for it.
    It’s OK to admit(承认) you were wrong. You will not only gain the respect of your team mates, but you will also gain credibility(信用).
When you need help, don’t be shy or stop yourself. Everyone needs a little help sometimes. When you ask for help, you receive help. You’re willing to listen; you also need support at times.
When you don’t understand how something works, let an expert show you. When you let someone teach you something, you are telling the person that you respect his talent, time and what he is talking about.
Sometimes it is very important to stay silent. Especially when you’re angry, process your emotions, think back to what happened, and then come to a decision about how to deal with it. Before you say anything, consider others’ feeling. Never be rude with words or actions.
(  )61. In the passage, how many points about being an extraordinary person does the   writer refer to?    
   A. Five.          B. Six.          C. Seven.           D. Eight.
(  )62. For an extraordinary people, if he makes a mistake, what will he do?
   A. Praise others.     B. Be angry.    C. Admit his mistake.    D. Stay silent.
(  )63. What makes a person become extraordinary?
   A. Do some big and great things.              B. Some small things.
   C. Having a lot of money.                    D. To be a famous person.
(  )64. Something unhappy happ ens, and you have to make a decision. What shouldn’t     you do?
  A. Stay silent.                               B. Process your emotions.
  C. Think back to what happened.                D. Be rude with words or actions.
(  )65. What is the best title for the passage?
  A. How to process your emotions.            B. How to admit mistakes.
  C. How to become an extraordinary person.     D. How to do more small things. 

   Do you know Weibo? Do you write a Weibo? If you don't, you are "out"! Weibo means microblog. People may spend much time writing a blog, but it takes a little time to write a microblog. Why?   66  .
   Microblog started in the USA. It came to China in 2009 and it has developed very fast. In 2011, the number of Chinese micro-bloggers grew to 300 million.  67       For many microblog users, it is a great way of learning the freshest news, talking with friends and sharing different kinds of information, including news, daily life, pictures, music and so on. Many stars and famous people also write microblogs and share good things with their fans.
   It is easy and fast to send a message on a microblog.  68   For example, when the big earthquake and tsunami (海啸) hit Japan in March, 2011, messages like " Salt can protect people from radiation" were hot on microblogs.  69  Later people realized it was just a rumor (谣言).
   In a word, microblog plays a new role in the life of Chinese people.
A. It soon caused a crazy buying of salt.
B. However, this can also lead to problems and even cause panic (造成 恐慌).
C. Because every message on a microblog is less than 140 words.
D. Now more and more people are interested in writing microblogs.
  (  )70. Which of the following is TRUE?
    A. Writing a microblog needs much time.
    B. Microblog appeared in China only one year ago but it has developed very fast.
    C. As a popular th ing, microblog has its advantages and disadvantages.
      D. More and more Chinese show great interest in microblog because it started in the   USA.                                                                                    四、词汇运用(共15小题,每空1分,满分15分)
71.Confucius was a very w_____ man.
72.I wrote her many letters , but she didn’t r_______ to me.
73.Liu Xiang broke the world_______ /rekɔ:d/ in the 110m hurdles.
74.This is an __________/,ɪntrə'dʌkʃən/to his new book.
75.Shakespeare’s plays also make a lot of s_______ to us today.
76.我们应该让孩子们远离河边。We should _______ the children _______ from the river. 
77.Our teacher is _______(参加,出席)a meeting at the moment.
78.It’s _________(必要的)for us to master a foreign language.
79. In my opinion,it’s not a good idea to _______(惩罚)kids every time they make mistakes.
80.The boy always manages_________(finish) the tasks that his teacher arranges.
81.Tom has got into the habit of ________(do) his homework carefully.
82.She’s writing a review for their________(discuss) now.
83.Can you imagine what life was like in the________(twenty) century.
84.Why not_______(go) for a walk after dinner?
五、补全对话(本大题共 5 小题,每小题 1 分,共 5 分)

A: Sorry, I’m late, Alice.
B: It’s all right, Rose._______85______.
A: To the Lost&Found---I lost my mobile phone.
B: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. _______86_____.
A: After I had afternoon tea with a friend, we went shopping.
I was about ready to call my mother when I realized I couldn’t find it anywhere.
 B: What bad luck! I hope that someone will pick it up and call you.
 A: _______87______.Who knows...well... ______88_______ .
 B: At 7:00 pm. That’s 15 minutes from now. We don’t have enough time to get there.
 A: ____89______.
 B: OK. Let’s go.
同学们,你们从小到大一定度过了许多难忘的节日,比如Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Day, Children’s Day, National Day等等,请以“An Unforgettable Festival”(一个难忘的节日)为题目写一篇小短文。
提示:1.What was it?               
      2.When was it?
      3.Who did you spend it with? 
      4.How did you spend it? 
      5.What special food did you eat?
      6.Will you remember it for long? Why?
      7. ... ...
An Unforgettable Festival

第一部分 听对话回答问题
1. M: Did you see the lovely Christmas trees?
  W: Yes, they looked beautiful.
2. W: How is the weather outside?
  M: It's a little windy.
  W: But very good for us to fly kites.
3.W: Can't you see the sign on the wall, Mr. Turner?
  M: Sorry, I'll stop smoking right now.
4. M: What's the weather like this weekend, Linda?
  W: The TV says it will be cloudy on Saturday and Sunday.
5.W: What type of film do you think Amy like best?
 M: She likes cartoons best, but her sister , Sandy love action films best.
6.M: Miss Liu, what would you like to eat, an orange or an apple?
 W: Neither. I only want a pear.
7.W: He is really a good actor. Has he won an Oscar for Best Actor?
 M: Yes , twice.
8.W: Peter, change to another channel , please. I am afraid of ghosts.
 M: OK.
9.W: Is that tall man with long hair a murderer?
  M: No, The strong man with short hair is a murderer.
10.W: How about this orange T-shirt? 
  M: I think violet looks better on you. You can try this violet one.
第二部分 听对话和短文回答问题
M: Hi, Sandy. Why are you in such a hurry?
W: Because I’m busy with helping with a charity show.  
M: A charity show? When will it be held? This coming Saturday?
W: No, next Monday. I was chosen to be the host, but I’m a little bit nervous because I don’t know how to organize a charity show.
M: Maybe John can help. You know, my cousin John is a radio host. I’m sure he can offer you some advice.
W: Great, I hope he’s not too busy.
听第一篇短文,回答第13到第15小题。请根据短文内容,写出正确答案,完成信息记录表。                                                       Our school holds an activity called collect waste paper every week. During the activity , we try our best to collect any waste paper from anywhere. Every Friday ,we sell the paper and donate the money to the poor children, usually we can collect about 6 kilograms of waste paper. We can donate 6 yuan to the children in need every week. We are glad to make our environment cleaner and help the poor children.
    Yesterday was Monday. It was the second day of a week. I was on duty. Everyone was here, but Jim was not in class.
    What was wrong with him? He must be ill. I guess Jim is not very healthy. Last month he was ill for more than a week.
    I'm much healthier than Jim. I get up early and never go to bed late. I keep doing morning exercises and I exercise every day. After school I usually play football or basketball for more than an hour. I like swimming in summer and skating in winter. Father says. "Watching TV too much is bad for health." So I watch it only for less than one hour every evening. I like fruit and vegetables better than other food. And I never eat too much before I go to bed.
If Jim lives like this, I think he will get stronger and stronger.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35
36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60
61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70
 A C B D C B A B D D
71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80
 wise reply record introduction sense keep away attending necessary punish to finish
81 82 83 84
doing discussion twentieth go
85 86 87 88 89

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