Do you like bananas单元测试题及答案

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Do you like bananas单元测试题及答案

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课件 w ww.5 y kj.Co m Unit 6 Do you like bananas
  1.There are some ________(tomato)in the basket.
  2.Do you like French ________(fry)?
  3.She ________(have)ice cream for dessert.
  4.________(health)food is important.
  5.She ________(do not)play sports.
  6.________ your mother ________(watch)TV every day?
  7.The little girl likes ________(strawberry)a lot.
  8.Lots of children like ________(play)football.
  9.Chicken ________(be)very delicious.
  10.My daughter ________(go)to school from Monday to Friday.
  (    )11.—Let’s have oranges. — ________.
  A.That’s sound good             B.That sound good      
  C.That’s sounds good            D.That sounds good
  (    )12.— Do you like apples? — ________.
  A.Yes, I am    B.Yes, I do      C.No, I’m not    D.No, I not
  (    )13.—  Does your son like carrots? — ________.
  A.Yes, she does                 B.Yes, he is
  C.No, he doesn’t                D.No, she doesn’t
  (    )14.He has ________ egg and ________ hamburger., an       B.a, a, a         D.a, an
  (    )15.There is a ________ shop. It sells bananas, apples, pears and oranges.
  A.vegetable         C.fruit         D.drink
  (    )16.Let’s ________ now. go to home        go home
  C.go to home                   D.go home
  (    )17.What ________ she have ________ dinner?, in       B.does, for, at        D.can, to
  (    )18.There is some ________ on the table.
  A.tomato      B.egg          C.chicken      D.banana
  (    )19.There ________ lots of apples on the tree.            D.are
  (    )20.We need lots of ________ every day.
  A.healthy food                  B.salads 
  C.milks                        D.vegetable
  (    )21.— Do you like French fries? — ________.
  A.Yes, I do                     B.Yes, I don’t    
  C.I like them very much           D.I don’t like them
  (    )22.________ your mother ________ carrots?
  A.Do; eat      B.Is; eat        C.Does; eat     D.Are; eat
  (    )23.Our friend ________ like salad.
  A.don’t       B.doesn’t       C.isn’t         D.aren’t
  (    )24.— Do they like hamburgers?
              — Yes, they like ________ very much.           B.them        C.their         D.its
  (    )25.My sister likes English ________.
  A.a lot of       B.lot          C.lots of       D.a lot
  (    )26.Her parents ________ lunch at home.
  A.doesn’t have  B.haven’t      C.hasn’t        D.don’t have
  (    )27.We have lots of food ________ dinner.           C.for           D.on
  (    )28.________ does Lucy like? Tomatoes.
  A.How        B.What        C.Where        D.Why
  (    )29.Aunt Li likes ________ bananas.         B.eating        C.eats          D.eatting
  (    )30.Ask and answer the question about ________.
  A.what he like                  B.what he likes         
  C.what does he like              D.what do he likes
  31.Apples, bananas and orange are fruits.  ________________
  32.Miss Gao haves eggs and milk for breakfast.  ________________
  33.He likes salad but he doesn’t likes carrots.  ________________
  34.Does he and you eat lots of fruit?  ________________
  35.He watches TV at dinner.  ________________
am    is    are   do    does    can    don’t
  36.I ________ a student. My name ________ Li Hong.
  37.She ________ my friend. Her name ________ Wang Mei.
  38.Where ________ your balls? They ________ under the bed.
  39.________ those apples? Yes, they ________.
  40.On Sunday, I ________ watch TV. I must do my homework.
  41.— ________ her daughter have a nice English name? — Yes, she does.
  42.— ________ you spell the word? — Sorry, I can’t
  43.________ his grandparents like him?
  44.— Where ________ I? — You ________ in a new place.
  45.— What ________ your uncle love? — He loves sports.
like, likes, don’t, doesn’t
  Sandy: What do you like to eat, Mei?
  Mei: Well, I   46   salad, but I   47   like broccoli.
  Sandy: And your friend? What does he like to eat?
  Mei: He   48   oranges and bananas. He   49   like hamburgers.
  Bobby: And I really   50   ice cream.
  51.doesn’t, tennis, have, sister, rackets, my, (. ), is, backpack, bed, on, the, (. )
  53.Mike, tomatoes, does, like, (?)
  54.dinner, chicken, for, Bill, likes, eggs, and, (. )
  55.fax, is, what, her, number, (?)
  May: Joy, what time is it now?
  Joy: It’s about half past four.
  May: Let’s have a rest(休息一会儿).   56   .
  Joy: Yes. I am thirsty now.
  May:    57   .
  Joy: I’d like a bottle of orange juice, please.
  May:    58   .
  Joy: No, thank you. I’m not hungry. What about you?
  May: I’m hungry now.
  WOMAN:    59   .
  May: Yes. I’d like a hamburger, a bottle of orange juice, and a bottle of apple juice.
  WOMAN:    60   .
  May: No, that’s all.
  WOMAN: Here you are.
A.Can I help you? B.What would you like?
C.Anything else? D.Is that enough?
E.Are you full? F.Would you like something to drink?
G.Would you like something to eat?  
  56.________  57.________  58.________  59.________  60.________ 
  My brother   61   a middle school student.   62   name is Li Bin. He is in   63   , No. 14 Middle School. There are   64   girls and thirty boys in his class.
  They have four   65   in the morning, and three   66   . They study Chinese, Maths, English and other lessons. Li Bin is   67   at Chinese. But he isn’t good at English.
  They   68   like English. And they like   69   English teacher, too. They read and write English every day. I think they   70   study it well.
  (    )  C.are
  (    )62.A.She  B.Her  C.He  D.His
  (    )63.A.Grade 2, Class 2  B.Class and Grade 2
                C.2 Class, 2 Grade  D.Class 2, Grade 2
  (    )64.A.twelve-eight  B.twenty-eight  C.twenty eight  D.eight twenty
  (    )65.A.class  B.a lesson  C.classes  D.lesson
  (    ) the morning the afternoon morning afternoon
  (    )67.A.well  B.fine  C.nice  D.good
  (    )68.A.look  B.don’t  C.all  D.can
  (    )69.A.they  B.their  C.them  D.theirs
  (    )70.A.can  B.can’t  C.are  D.don’t
  MAN: Good morning, sir! Can I help you?
  MR READ: Yes, please. What would you like, Ann?
  ANN: A hamburger and some potato chips.
  MR READ: Anything to drink?
  ANN: A glass of coke.
  MAN: With ice?
  ANN: Yes, thank you.
  MR READ: Tom, what would you like?
  TOM: I’m not hungry. Just a big glass of coke with ice, please.
  MR READ: No food?
  TOM: No. What would you like, Dad?
  MR READ: I’d like some rice and fish, and a glass of coke with ice.
  (    )71.How many people are there in the dialogue?
  A.Three.              B.Four.          C.Five.
  (    )72.Where do you think this dialogue may happen(发生)?
  A.At school.           B.At home.       C.In a restaurant(餐馆).
  (    )73.What does Ann want to drink?
  A.Coke.               B.Tea.           C.Coffee.
  (    )74.Does Tom want to eat something?
  A.Yes.                B.No.            C.I don’t know.
  (    )75.Mr Read wants to eat ________.
  A.some potato chips     B.a hamburger     C.some rice and fish
  A man goes to a fast-food restaurant for lunch. “Hi,” a worker says, “May I help you? ”
  “I’d like a hamburger, large fries, and a medium Coke. ”the man says.
  “Anything else? ”the worker asks.
  “No. ”the man answers, “That’s it. ”
  “Is that for here or to go? ”the worker asks.
  “To go. ”the man says.
  The man pays for his lunch. The worker puts the man’s lunch in a bag. The man takes the bag.
  76.A man goes ________                              a park.
  77.He says, ________                                           b.a lot of money.
  78.A worker puts ________                                          c.the man’s lunch in a bag.
  79.The man takes the bag and walks ________        d.“I’d like a hamburger, large fries,
                                                    and a medium Coke. ”
  80.He opens the bag and finds ________        a fast-food restaurant for lunch.
  81.Where does the man go for lunch?
      He goes to a fast-food ________.
  82.What does the man want to eat?
      He wants a hamburger, large ________, and a ________ Coke.
  83.Where does the worker put the man’s lunch?
      The worker puts it in a ________.
  84.What is in the bag?
      There is ________ in the bag.
  85.Who puts the money in the bag?
      The ________ of the restaurant puts the money in the bag.
  Little David likes to eat in a restaurant. He often eats a hamburger and potato chips. Many people in the restaurant know him very well. They often ask him, “Why do you like to eat here? ”Little David says,“Because I like the toys here. ”“Why don’t you go to the toy shop then? ”Little David says,“They have toys but they don’t have hamburgers and potato chips. ”
  86.Where does Little David like to eat?
  87.What does he often eat in the restaurant?
  88.Do people in this restaurant know him very well?
  89.What do they often ask him?
  90.What does Little David say?
  假如下表显示的是你三餐喜爱的食谱,请以“My favourite food”为题写一段话,不得少于4句。
Favorite meal Favorite food
lunch hamburger, cola, French fries
breakfast coffee, chicken
supper salad, vegetables, meat, broccoli, dessert
  Ⅰ.1.tomatoes  2.fries  3.has  4.Healthy  5.doesn’t  6.Does…watch  7.strawberries  8.playing  10.goes
  12.B(Do you like…? 的肯定回答)   
  13.C(Does your son. . ? 的否定回答)
  20.A(lots of后既可接可数名词复数,又可接不可数名词)
  21  A  22.C  23.B  24.B  25  D  26.D  27.C  28.B  29.B  30.B
  Ⅲ→oranges  32.haves →has  33.likes→like  34.Does→Do  35.watchs→watches
  Ⅳ, is, is  38.are, are  39.Are, are  40.don’t  41.Does  42.Can 43.Do, are  45.does
  Ⅴ  47.don’t  48.likes  49.doesn’t
  Ⅵ.51.My sister doesn’t have tennis rackets. 
  52.My backpack is on the bed.
  53.Does Mike like tomatoes? 
  54.Bill likes chicken and eggs for dinner.
  55.What is her fax number?
  Ⅶ.56.F  57.B  58.G  59.A  60.D
  Ⅷ.61.A(my brother是单数名词作主语)   
  63.D(in Class 2,Grade 2表示“二年级二班”) 
  65.C(have four classes“上四节课”的意思)
  66.B(in the afternoon在下午)
  67.D(be good at擅长于……)   
  Ⅸ.71.B(对话中出现a man,Mr Read,Ann,Tom四个人)
  73.A(由A glass of coke可知)
  Ⅹ.(A)76.e  77.d  78.c  79.a  80.b
  (B)  82.fries,medium  83.bag  85.manager
  Ⅺ.86.In a resturant.
  87.A hamburger and potato chips.
  88.Yes,they do.
  89.They often ask him,“Why do you like to eat here? ”
  90.He says,“Because I like the toys here. ”
  Ⅻ.(one possible version)
My favourite food
  I have three meals a day. They are breakfast, lunch and supper. For breakfast. I like coffee and chicken. I have hamburger, cola, French fries for lunch. For supper, my favourite food is salad, vegetables, meat and broccoli dessert.文 章
课件 w ww.5 y kj.Co m



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