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(时间:90分钟 满分:100分)
第一部分 听力部分(共20分)
1.    2.    3.    4.    5.   
答案1.C 2.B 3.A 4.D 5.E
6.A.Housework. B.Homework. C.Hard work.
7.A.The new clothes of Emperor.
B.Sleeping Beauty.
C.Little Red Riding Hood.
8.A.The water park.
B.The amusement park.
C.A beautiful park.
9.A.Yes,he was.
B.No,he hasn’t.
C.We don’t know.
10.A.Lucy’s aunt.
C.Lucy’s mother.
答案6.B 7.A 8.B 9.B 10.C
11.How long has Liam been doing that?
A.Last year.
B.Since last year.
C.Since last month.
12.How many theater and movie tickets does Liam have?
13.What does the girl think of the movie?
A.Boring. B.Great. C.Difficult.
14.How  many times has the boy read the book?
C.Three times.
15.When will the boy watch the movie?
A.This evening. 
B.This weekend. 
C.Next week.
答案11.B 12.A 13.B 14.B 15.C
16.Who is the main character of the story?
B.The Monkey King 
C.Yu Gong
17.Did Emperor Yan love Nuwa?
C.We don’t know.
18 .After Nuwa died,what did she change into?
A.A dog. B.An elephant. C.A bird.
19.Did Jingwei hate the sea?
C.We don’t know.
20.What did Jingwei decide to fill the sea with?
A.Sand. B.Stones. C.Water.
答案16.A 17.A 18.C 19.A 20.B
第二部分 笔试部分(共80分)
21.— D  is the population of the city?
—Over 3.5 million.It’s as    as that of Taiyuan.
A.How many;many  B.How much;large
C.What;many     D.What;large
22.—Where will you go on the weekend?
—I really want to go  B .
A.wonderful somewhere 
B.somewhere wonderful
C.to wonderful somewhere 
D.to somewhere wonderful
23. People want to challenge themselves  C difficulties.
A.in the face     B.on the face of
C.in the face of    D.to the face of
24. He finally  C  his dream through his hard work.
A.included B.succeeded  
C.achieved D.reached
25. He  D for many years,but I still miss him.
A.died       B.has died
C.was dead     D.has been dead
26. I know people in this country speak  D .So they don’t have any trouble communicating with    .
A.Germany;Germans  B.German;German
C.Germans;Germans  D.German;Germans
27.—I think Mountain Emei is more beautiful than  C  mountain in China.
—Really?I want to go there then.
A.the other      B.other
C.any other      D.any
28. There are  D  students in this school.
A.two thousand of   B.two thousands
C.thousand of     D.thousands of
29. I think we should  B  children instead of scolding(责骂)them.
A.cheat       B.encourage
C.introduce     D.record
30.—Have you had a new apartment in 2014  A ?
—Yes,I have    had one.
A.yet;already B.already;yet
C.yet;yet  D.already;already
31. Thank you very much for reminding me  C  my English test next week.I have to prepare for it right now.
A.to   B.for C.of   D.at
32. Lucy  C  Tom since last year.And they have had a good life so far.
A.got married with  
B.married to
C.has been married to 
D.has been married with
33.—Have you ever been to Shanghai?
—Yes.I  A there with my father last year.
A.went      B.have been
C.have gone    D.has been
34.—Look at the box  D  apples.Who does it    ?
—I think it is Vivian’s.
A.is full of;belong     B.full of;belong
C.is full of;belong to    D.full of;belong to
35. A ,or we will be late  for the meeting.
A.Hurry up      B.Look up
C.Give up      D.Look
More than 700 years ago,Scotland(苏格兰)was fighting with England.The King of England wanted to 36. B  Scotland.He had a strong army so it was 37. B  for the Scots to fight.They lost many times.King Robert of Scotland had to run from the English army.
One rainy day,King Robert lay in an old house.He thought that he was not good enough to be king.He was so 38. C  th at he didn’t even see a spider(蜘蛛)near him.He 39. D  when he saw the spider climbing.It was trying to climb up to its web at the top of the house but it fell down.
“How sad!” thought King Robert.“The spider is like me.It’s not 40. B enough.He watched while the spider climbed up again.It fell down a second time.
“Be careful,little spider,or you might die,” he said.“Life is so hard.You’ll never get back to your web.” But the spider 41.  A  again and again.King Robert watched while it 42. C   climbed back to its web.After an hour,the spider got to the web.
“You’re such a great 43. D ,” he said.“If you can keep trying,I can too.I must keep on fighting,I won’t let  the English win.” His 44. A  grew strong and they 45. C   the English army.Scotland was free.
Nobody knows if this is a true story.Many parents tell it to their children because they want them to keep trying.
36.A.leave B.control
C.help D.visit
37.A.interesting B.difficult
C.important D.necessary
38.A.surprised B.bored
C.worried D.lonely
39.A.looke d after  B.looked for
C.looked at D.looked up
40.A.old B.strong
C.fast D.free
41.A.tried B.fell
C.practised D.cheered
42.A.finally B.easily
C.slowly D.suddenly
43.A.player B.fighter
C.soldier D.spider
44.A.army B.feelings
C.opinions D.family
45.A.kept B.raised
C.stopped D.joined
Horse Racing All Year Round
Races starting at 3 p.m.every Sunday
Racetrack only 20 miles away
Lot s of free parking space
Free presents
No children allowed 100 Years Of Pictures
Then & now(photo show)
See the history pictures(1917—2017)
February 1—April 30
City Art Museum 750 High Street
Tuesday to Sunday,10 a.m.—5 p.m.
Weekend Sales
This Saturday 2—6 p.m.
Everything 20%—40% off
Visit us at Block G.Grandview Mall
Realize your dreams,save time and money
Fall in love with prices we offer Dance Party
Celebrate special date
Bringing your sweet heart
Sunday night,country club
Live band from 9 p.m.—1 a.m.
$25 a couple(夫妇);$15 a single person

46.Who can’t go to the horse race? C 
A.A single person. B.A couple.
C.Children. D.The sweet heart.
47.People can see the photo show at  B .
A.Grandview Mall B.City Art Museum
C.Racetrack D.Country Club
48.What can you do if you only have time between 5 p.m.and 6 p.m.on Saturday? A 
A.Go shopping.
B.Go to see the photo show.
C.Go to the dance with your sweet heart.
D.Go to watch the horse race.
49.How much will Mr.and Mrs.Smith pay if they want to go to the dance party? B 
A.15 dollars. B.25 dollars.
C.20%—40% off. D.For free.
50.Where can you see the above advertisements? C 
A.In a book. B.In a magazine.
C.In a newspaper. D.On TV.

My 14-year-old son,John,and I saw the coat at the same time in a second-hand clothing store.It stood out among big and old coats.It was so beautiful and had an unbelievable price,$28.I looked at my son and we both said nothing,but John’s eyes shone.Dark,woolen coats were popular with teenage boys,but new ones could cost several hundred dollars.This coat was  even better.John tried it on and turned from side to side,eyeing himself in the mirror.It fit him so well.
John wore the coat to school the next day.After he came home,I asked,“Did the kids like your coat?”
“They love it,” he said with a big grin.
Over the next few weeks,John changed.He was polite,less argumentative,more thoughtful,and much happier.“Good dinner,mom,” he would say every evening.Without a word of complaining,he would carry in wood for the stove.One day when I suggested that he might start on his homework before dinner,John,who always put things off,said,“You’re right.I guess I will.” When I mentioned this change to one of his teachers,she joked that the coat must have changed him.
John and I both know we should never judge a person by his clothes.But it is true that when wearing beautiful and suitable clothes,we may try to be better in thought,speech and behavior to match what is on the inside to what is on the outside.
51.What can we learn from the first paragraph? B  
A.The price of the coat was too high.
B.John liked the coat very much.
C.They often went shopping together.
D.The writer didn’t want to buy the coat.
52.What does the underlined word “grin” mean? A 
A.A wide smile. B.A worried look.
C.An upset voice. D.An angry mood.
53.What did John use to do when he was asked to study? B 
A.Start at once. 
B.Put off his homework.
C.Work hard on schoolwork.
D.Carry in wood for the stove.
54.Which of the following changes did NOT happen to John after he wore the coat? C 
A.He was willing to follow suggestions.
B.He often helped to do some housework.
C.He always worried about his study.
D.He said sweet words to make his mother happy.
55.What does the writer want to say through this passage? A 
A.What we wear could help what we are.
B.Life is full of possibilities when we are young.
C.We should not judge people by their appearance.
D.It’s a good choice to try different things in our lives.
56.I have a headache (头痛).I feel terrible.
57.With my English teacher’s help,I have made great progress.
58.The shy girl is not good at communicating with others.
59.Look!There is a green bike against the wall.
60.The young man starts to realize the importance of studying.
61.I was walking on the street when a car  suddenly (sudden)ran into a lake.
62.She was so scared after watching the movie that she was  awake (wake)all night.
63.Mr.Black had a serious  illness (ill)six months ago.
64.The small town is famous for its  beauty (beautiful)of nature.
65.Are you good at Japanese(Japan)or English?
Do you have difficulty in making your own decisions?If you do,here is some 66.advice that may help you.
▲Don’t let your parents or anyone else make decisions for you all the time.67. Instead ,you must show the adults that you can make proper decisions.
▲More thinking is not always 68. better .It’s often good to consider your dec isions carefully.But don’t overdo(做得过分)it.Many good decisions come from intuition(直觉).69. But  don’t be a fraid to spend time 70.  on   it if it is an important decision.
▲71. Accept  that you can’t have it all.You can’t order all the 72. food  on the menu.It’s the same with making decisions.
▲ Some decisions don’t work out as you 73. expected .This doesn’t mean that you did anything 74. wrong .It’s just that something unexpected happened.
Well,try to 75. follow  the advice above when you make decisions next time,and you may find that making a decision is not difficult for you anymore.
假如你是刘杰,你的美国朋友爱丽丝有三天假期,她打算在假期做作业、看牙医, 还想去看电影。但她无法安排先后顺序,所以想征求你的意见。请你给她写一封电子邮件,谈谈你的建议,并给出理由。80词左右。电子邮件的格式已给出,不计入总词数。
Dear Alice,
Liu Jie

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