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(时间:90分钟 满分:120分)
第Ⅰ卷 听力部分(20分)
扫一扫 听听力
1.A.Yes,please. B.Certainly.  C.That’s right.
2.A.Sorry,I can’t.
B.Yes,you can.
C.Yes,I’d love to.
3.A.Me neither. B.So have I. C.I have,too.
4.A.Well done. B.Good idea. C.See you.
5.A.It’s my pleasure.
B.I hope so.
C.Thank you.
答案1~5 ACABB
6.What does the woman need?
A.A watch. B.A camera. C.An umbrella.
7.What is Tom going to do during the holiday?
A.Play the piano.
B.Do some reading.
C.Check the emails.
8.What does Jenny look like now?
A.Tall and thin.
B.Short and thin.
C.Heavy and tall.
9.Whose T-shirt is this?
A.Bob’s. B.Mary’s. C.Mike’s.
10.Where are they probably talking?
A.At the bus station.
B.At the train station.
C.At the airport.
答案6~10 CBACB
11.When did the boy come back from a holiday?
A.On Friday.    B.On Saturday.
C.On Sunday.
12.Where was the hotel?
A In a city center.
B.On the beach.
C.In the mountains.
13.What sport did the boy enjoy in the holiday?
B.Playing tennis.
C.Playing golf.
14.How many people went on holiday?
A.3. B.4. C.5.
15.What do they think of the hotel?
A.Comfortable but noisy.
B.Comfortable,quiet but expensive.
C.Comfortable,not too noisy and inexpensive.
答案11~15 CBABC
16.Whom does Li Lei write the letter to?
A.His friend. B.His father. C.His classmate.
17.Why does Li Lei write the letter?
A.He wants to relax himself.
B.He wants to ask his father for some pocket money.
C.He wants to make his pocket money by himself.
18.How do western students get their pocket money?
A.By asking parents for it.
B.They make it by themselves.
C.By working in factories.
19.Is it easy for many western students to get their jobs?
A.Yes,it is.
B.No,it isn’t.
C.We don’t know.
20.Where does Li Lei want to get a part-time job?
A.In his mother’s store.
B.In his aunt’s restaurant.
C.In his father’s supermarket.
答案16~20 BCBAC
第Ⅱ卷 笔试部分(100分)
21. 导学号82654198They didn’t provide me  D  food,so I had to find something to eat.
A.for        B.to
C.about D.with
22.The big desk  C  too much room.Please take it away.
A.tidies up B.sets up
C.takes up D.puts up
23.Because of the important exam,Susan was too  A  to fall asleep last night.
A.nervous B.crazy
C.relaxed D.bright
24.—I like the programme Sports News.
—But I  A  Readers.
A.prefer B.want
C.choose D.miss
25.She made some money  C  selling old books.
A.in B.with
C.by D.for
26. 导学号82654199I have many hobbies, B  swimming,running and painting.
A.as well as B.such as
C.as a result D.as good as
27.Because of a serious illness,the old man is becoming weaker  A .
A.day by day B.word by word
C.one by one D.side by side
28.My grandmother is too old to look after  B  now.
A.himself B.herself
C.myself D.yourself
29.This term Jim has made great  A  in English.His teacher is pleased with him.
A.progress B.exercise
C.mistakes D.excuses
30. 导学号82654200Have you  C  the apples?Can you tell me the    ?
A.weighed;weighed B.weight;weight
C.weighed;weight D.weight;weighed
31. 导学号82654201I could  B  speak any English when I first came to England.
A.even B.hardly
C.finally D.ever
32.The weather reporter says the nice weather will  A  for another week.
A.last B.ask
C.wait D.search
33.— D ?
—I’m watching a movie.
A.What’s up
B.What’s wrong with you
C.How are you
D.What are you up to
34.Although crowds of people are around him,he still feels  B .
A.alone B.lonely
C.happy D.excited
35. 导学号82654202Tom is ill in hospital.He  D  a cold for several days.
A.is B.catches
C.has caught D.has had
36.They were all very tired,but  C  of them stopped    a rest.
A.all;have B.both;to have
C.none;to have D.no one;having
37. 导学号82654203When I heard the missing plane damaged(坠毁) in the sea near Australia and no one was alive,I couldn’t help  D .
A.cry B.to cry
C.cried D.crying
38.Nobody knows  C  Nike will come or not.But    he comes,I shall give him a warm welcome.
A.whether;whether B.if;whether
C.whether;if D.if;if
39.—Ten dollars for this pair of shoes!You  A  be joking!
—I’m serious.There was a sale in that shop.
A.must B.should
C.may D.need
40.—Oh,I can’t catch that ball.
— C  It doesn’t matter.You should move the bag first.
A.That’s the problem! B.How can I help you?
C.Let me have a look! D.Are you all right?
March 22nd is World Water Day.It started in 1993.It not only makes us think about the importance of water,but also calls on (号召) us to 41. B  and protect water.Today,we’re facing terrible water problems.Among them,wastewater problem is especially 42. D .And the subject of World Water Day in 2017 is “wastewater”.
What is wastewater?It is used water.Usually,wastewater comes from homes,43. A ,hospitals and so on.It is produced by different kinds of activities,including washing the machines,taking showers and using the kitchen.The rain also 44. C  wastewater when it is running down the street during a storm.No matter(不管) where it comes from,this kind of water is sure to have 45. B  harmful in it.
46. C  must we treat (处理) wastewater?Wastewater has a big influence on our life.It causes both illness for us,and pollution for the environment.We must care for our environment and our own 47. C .
How can we treat wastewater?Different kinds of wastewater need different ways of treatment.Wastewater 48. D  homes can be reused.Then there will be 49. A  wastewater.Also,factory wastewater has to be cleaned 50. D  it goes back to nature.
41.A.drink  B.save C.carry  D.watch
42.A.easy B.popular
C.small D.serious
43.A.factories B.lakes
C.rivers D.seas
44.A.gets back B.hands in
C.changes into D.picks up
45.A.nothing B.something
C.nobody D.somebody
46.A.What B.Who
C.Why D.How
47.A.work B.interest
C.health D.business
48.A.on   B.for C.with  D.from
49.A.less B.more
C.better D.worse
50.A.and B.whether
C.after D.before
Parents can be very important teachers in our lives.However,they are not always the best teachers.Parents may be too close to their children emotionally(感情上).Sometimes they can only see their children through the eyes of a protector.For example,a teacher might see a trip to a big city as a valuable experience.However,it might seem too dangerous to a parent.
Another problem is that parents may expect their children’s interests to be similar to their own.If they love science,they may try to force(强迫) their children to love science too.But what if(要是……又怎样) their children’s true love is art,or writing,or repair?
Parents usually want to pass on their values to their children.But should children always believe what their parents do?When children are young,they believe that their parents are always right.But when they get older,they will have different ways of thinking.
The most important thing to realize is that we all have many teachers in our lives.Our parents teach us,our teachers teach us,and our friends teach us.Books,newspapers and televisions also teach us.All of them are valuable.
51. B  might see a trip to a big city as a valuable experience,according to the passage.
A.A parent
B.A teacher
C.Either a teacher or a parent
D.Neither a teacher nor a parent
52.Parents may hope that their children have the same  B  as their own,according to the passage.
A.looks B.interests
C.habits D.jobs in the future
53.The underlined phrase “pass on” in the 3rd paragraph means “ C ”.
A.路过 B.继承
C.传递 D.领悟
54.When children get older,they  D .
A.don’t believe their parents any more
B.should always believe what their parents do
C.believe that their parents are always right
D.begin to have their own ways of thinking
55.What is the best title of the passage? C 
A.Never grow up!
B.Believe your parents forever.
C.Are parents always the best teachers?
D.How many teachers can we have in our lives?
Charity Walk in 2017
Sunday 18th June 2017
10:00 am—Register(登记)
10:30 am—Walk Begins
Clinton House B93 0DQ

By paying the registration fee you will be able to enter Baddesley Clinton house and grounds for free(normally $10.45-$11.50 for adults and $5.15-$5.70 for children) 
Walk registration Fee(登记费用):
Adults:$5(on the day $7)
Children:$3(on the day $4)
under 5 years old free
Pets are welcome on the walk but they cannot enter the house and gardens.
If you are interested in taking part please call Michael at 0121 788 1143 or email us.You can also visit our website to register and pay online.
Registered Charity No:2092613

56.The poster is probably from  A .
A.a website B.a storybook
C.a novel D.a game show
57.The walk will begin  D .
A.on June 19th B.on June 24th
C.at 10:00 am D.at 10:30 am
58.If two kids above 5 years old register in advance(提前),and their mother registers on the day,they will pay  B .
A.$15 B.$13 C.$11 D.$7
59.After registration,a kid should pay  A  to enter Baddesley Clinton house and grounds.
A.nothing B.$5.15
C.$5.70 D.$10.45
60.From the poster,we can learn the following EXCEPT  C .
A.the walk is 35 km in total
B.you can make a call to register
C.pets can enter the house and gardens
D.the charity walk is from June 18th to 24th
(Xinhua News)What kind of vehicle(工具) will you choose when traveling between provinces?Many people may like traveling by train because it’s safer and cheaper.Now the high-speed railways have connected eastern China as well as the south and the north.
A new high-speed railway opened on Sept.10th,2016.It connects Zhengzhou in Henan Province with Xuzhou in Jiangsu Province.With this railway,China’s high-speed railways are over 20,000 kilometers long.It is the world’s longest and makes up 60 percent of the world’s total high-speed railway lines.
Besides length,China also does better in speed.China is the only country with trains running at 350 kilometers an hour,such as the Beijing-Tianjin and Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railways.
With these surprising numbers,it is easy to forget that China wasn’t the first in the high-speed rail game.Japan started 50 years ago,while Germany did 20 years ago.China only began to build its high-speed railways 14 years ago.
China’s high-speed railways are developing fast now.Behind it,there is the country’s growing need for transportation.According to Xinhua News,China’s high-speed trains gave 961 million trips to people last year.
“The high-speed railways not only bridge the distance,but connect people,information and goods,”said Huang Xin,an official from the China Railway Corp.
Yet,China’s building of high-speed railways is still going on.China plans to have 38,000 kilometers of high-speed railway by 2025.
61.Why may many people like traveling between provinces by train according to the passage?
Because it’s safer and cheaper.
62.How long have China’s high-speed railways been since Sept.10th,2016?
China’s high-speed railways are over 20,000 kilometers long since Sept.10th 2016.
63.Which country is the first one to build the high-speed railway?
Japan is the first one to build the high-speed railway.
64.China’s building of high-speed railways isn’t still going on,is it?
Yes,it is.
65.If you want to go to Beijing for the coming summer holidays,what kind of vehicle will you choose?
I will choose the high-speed railway.
A:Hi,Wang Fang.I haven’t seen you for days.66. F 
B:I have been to Beijing.
A:67. B 
B:I took part in The First Chinese Ancient Poem Reading competition.
A:Really?How did you perform?
B:68. C 
A:Congratulations!You are always the best.Whose poem did you choose?
B:I chose Li Bai’s.He is my favorite poet.
A:I like his poems,too.69. D 
B:Fantastic!We should learn more about our Chinese ancient poems.
A:70. G It’s our duty to keep and spread our traditional culture.
B:That’s right.
A.Have you ever been to Beijing?
B.What did you do there?
C.I won the first place.
D.And what do you think of the competition?
E.I went on Wednesday.
F.Where have you been?
G.I agree with you.
71.Believing in yourself is the first step on the road to success.
72.I’m so tired that I can  hardly  keep my eyes open.
73.You should  explain  why you were late for work.
74.My parents often encourage me not to give up.
75.This term I made progress with my English.This made my parents very happy.
76.I went to bed late last night and I feel very sleepy(sleep) now.
77.Mr Green advises us to keep a diary in English.His suggestion(suggest) is good for our English study.
78.Dick decided to lose weight(weigh) by eating less and doing more exercise.
79.Real friendship is more valuable (value) than money.
80.They said nothing and walked along the river in silence (silent).
You shouldn’t depend  on  your parents all the time.
His new book will come out next month.
Xi’an  is  famous for its delicious food.
Lily pointed out my mistakes and corrected them.
Please wake me  up  on time next morning.
Advantages be convenient,less pollution,reduce the traffic pressure (减缓交通压力),take exercise...
Problems throw away,damage (毁坏),be stolen...
Advice civilized (文明的),follow the rules,take good care of...

2.词数:80~100 (文章开头已给出,不计入总词数)。
Today,as a greener means of transportation,bike-sharing is becoming more and more popular in many cities.But there are both advantages and problems about bike-sharing.
Without doubt that there are many advantages of bike-sharing.Firstly,it’s convenient for people to go out,especially when it’s too early in the morning or too late at night.Secondly,there will be less pollution since bikes don’t burn gas or oil.Thirdly,it helps reduce the traffic pressure.And people can take exercise by riding bikes,too.
There are problems,too.Some bikes are thrown away everywhere,damaged or stolen.
I think we should be more civilized to follow the rules of bike-sharing and take good care of the bikes.


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