Unit 6 An old man tried to move the mountains单元检测题(人教新目标版八年级英语下册)

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Unit 6 An old man tried to move the mountains单元检测题(人教新目标版八年级英语下册)

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 Unit 6 单元提优测试题
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1. Lucy is _____ nervous _____ she can't talk in front of the class.
 A. such;that B. too;to C. so;that D. enough;to
2. Alex and Tom are outgoing so ________ of them are afraid of speaking at the meeting.
 A.neither B.none C.both D.all
3. —Have you heard of the song “Where did the time go”?
—Yes. It often ________ the old days and love of my family when I hear it.
 A.puts us down B.reminds us of C.shows us off D.helps us out
4. —I wonder how he ________ stone ________ gold.
—Come on,it's just a magic show.
 A.turned;into B.compared;with C.turned;down D.compared;to
5. ________ the story better,Mike asked his friend for help.
 A.Understand B.To understand C.Understanding D.Understood
6. Jenny,you always ________ your baby too much before bedtime.In fact,it's not good for his sleep.
 A.excite B.excited C.exciting D.excitement
7 .They couldn't stop ________ after they heard the story.
 A.laugh B.laughing C.to laugh D.laughed
8. —Who's your favorite teacher?
—Miss Green.She makes us ________ English in an interesting way.
 A.believe in B.take part in C.come up with D.fall in love with
9. —Mike,let's prepare for our baseball game.
—OK.We'll lose the game ________ we try our best.
 A.unless B.once C.after D.since
10. —I argued with my mother this morning,because she didn't buy me a bike.
—Don't be ________.You should say sorry to her right now.
 A.stupid B.nervous C.luckily D.excited
11. Long long ago, there ________ a beautiful town at the foot of the mountain.
 A.were B.has C.was D.have
12. —Who lives together with your grandmother?
—________.She lives alone.I often go to see her.
 A.Nobody B.Somebody C.Anybody D.Everybody
13. —Don't give up.Things will be fine soon.
—Yes.We should learn to be ________ when we are in trouble.
 A.brave B.quiet C.sad D.angry
14. —That girl really has a good ________.
—Don't you know she is a well-known singer?
 A.sound B.noise C.voice D.shout
15. —Did you miss the bus?
—Yes,but ________.There will be another one in five minutes.
 A.all right B.never mind C.hard to say D.sorry to hear that
Once upon a time,there was a very old man called Yu Gong. He lived with his family in a village and there were two big and   1   mountains near his house. They spent a long time   2   to the other side.
One day,Yu Gong told his family that they must move the mountains to other places.
  3   this,everyone in his family was laughing at him. One of his sons said,“Are you kidding?” “No.I'm serious and all of you must do it with me.” Everyone was   4   at that time.They really didn't want to do it,but they had to do it because the oldest man in the family was   5   important person at that time.
The next day everyone in Yu Gong's family started to dig the mountains. They put the stones and the earth   6   the sea.One day a man saw Yu Gong and his children   7   the mountains,he told Yu Gong that he could never do it.But Yu Gong said though he was   8   and would die,his family could continue to move the mountains. Then they kept on digging day after day and year after year.
Finally a god was so moved by Yu Gong   9   he sent two gods to help Yu Gong move the mountains away.
The   10   reminds us that you can never know what's possible unless you try to make it happen.
(     )1. A.short B.thin C.high D.long
(     )2. A.get B.to get C.got D.getting
(     )3. A.Seeing B.Doing C.Hearing D.Watching
(     )4. A.silent B.tired C.thirsty D.excited
(     )5. A.most B.the most C.more D.much more
(     )6. A.on B.to C.up D.into
(     )7. A.dug B.digging C.to dig D.dig
(     )8. A.healthy B.well C.strong D.weak
(     )9. A.that B.who C.which D.whether
(     )10. A.magazine B.novel C.story D.book
Ⅲ.阅读理解(30分)                  A
Once upon a time all feelings went to an island for a vacation, and each was having a good time. Suddenly, a warning of a strong storm was announced, so all rushed to their boats. Yet, Love did not wish to run away quickly. There was so much to do. But as the clouds darkened, Love realized it was time to leave. But there were no boats to use. Love looked around with hope.
    Just then Richness was passing by Love in a large boat. Love shouted, "Richness, can you take me with you?" Richness answered, "No, I can't. There is a lot of gold and silver in my boat. There is no place here for you."
    Love decided to ask Vanity (虚荣) who was also passing by in a beautiful boat for help, But Vanity said with a cold voice, "No, I can't take you with me. My boat will get dirty with your muddy feet."
    Sorrow passed by after some time. Again, Love asked for help. But it was useless. "No, I can't take you with me. I am so sad. I want to be by myself."
    When Happiness passed by a few minutes later, Love again called for help. But Happiness was so happy that it hardly cared about anyone else.
    Love was growing worried and hopeless. Just then somebody called out, "Come, Love, I will take you with me." Love did not know who was being so kind, but jumped onto the boat happily.
    After getting off the boat, Love met Knowledge. Love asked, "Knowledge, do you know who was so kind to give me a lift when no one else wished to help?"
    Knowledge smiled, "Oh, that was Time."
    "Time?" asked Love. "But why did Time help me?"
    Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and answered, "Because only Time is able to understand how valuable (有价值的) Love is."
1. According to the passage, which one did not go to an island for a vacation?
 A. Love. B. Richness. C. Vanity. D. Knowledge.
2. Which word has the same meaning as "Sorrow"?
 A. Worry B. Anger C. Sadness D. Smile
3. Other feelings passed by Love in their boats one by one. Which is the right order according to the passage?
 A. Richness→ Vanity→ Sorrow→ Happiness→ Time
 B. Richness→ Happiness→ Sorrow→ Vanity→ Time
 C. Time → Richness→ Vanity→ Sorrow→ Happiness
 D. Richness→ Happiness→ Vanity→ Sorrow→ Time
4. Why didn't Vanity take Love with him in his boat?
 A. Because there was no place for Love in his boat.
 B. Because he thought Love would make his boat dirty.
 C. Because he wanted to stay alone.
 D. Because he didn't care about anyone else.
5. What can we learn from the passage?
 A. When we are rich, we may pay more attention to Love.
 B. All the feelings are important in our life except Love.
 C. As time goes by, we can realize the importance of Love.
 D. When we are in happiness and sorrow, we shouldn't remember Love.
Once upon a time,there were four seeds(种子).They were good friends.They traveled by wind and came to a forest.They hid themselves in the ground,and hoped that they would be able to grow into big trees.
But when the first seed began to grow,they realized it wouldn't be such an easy task.There lived a group of monkeys,and the smallest monkeys loved to throw bananas at any plant that started to grow.They threw so many bananas at the first seed that she was almost cut into two.When she told the other seeds what happened,they thought that it would be better to wait until the monkeys went away.
They all agreed with that,except the first seed.She thought she would at least try it.When she tried,she was hurt by bananas.The other seeds asked her to stop trying,but she had made up her mind to become a tree.She tried again and again.Every time she was hit by bananas,she would try harder. The scars(伤疤) left by the bananas helped her grow stronger  than the other seeds. Later,she could withstand(经受住) the hit of bananas.She had already grown so well that monkeys couldn't hurt her badly.
At last,she grew into the biggest tree in the forest.The other seeds still hid themselves in the ground,hoping the monkeys would go away soon.
6. Where did the four seeds arrive at last?
 A.A river. B.A forest. C.A hill. D.A mountain.
7. The monkeys loved to ________.
 A.throw apples at the plants that started to grow
 B.eat seeds
 C.play with big trees
 D.throw bananas at any plant that stared to grow
8. What did the other seeds do when the first seed tried?
 A.They asked her to try again. B.They asked her to leave there.
 C.They left there. D.They asked her to stop trying.
9. Which of the following is NOT true about the first seed?
 A.Every time she was hit by bananas,she would try harder.
 B.The scars left by bananas helped her grow stronger than the other seeds.
 C.Later,she couldn't withstand the hit of bananas.
 D.She had already grown so well that the monkeys couldn't hurt her badly.
10. What did you learn from the story?
 A.High risk,high reward. B.Learn to give up.
 C.Good medicine tastes bitter. D.A man can do no more than he can.
One day, a raven (渡鸦) happened to fly past a lake. Looking at the lake, he saw the most beautiful animal he had ever seen. It was a swan (天鹅) and its feathers (羽毛) were as white as snow. The swan was playing with other birds happily, talking and dancing. And it seemed that the other birds all liked to stay with it . When he looked at his own feathers, they were as black as coal. The raven was very angry with the swan. "How can the swan have such wonderful feathers?" said the raven. What should he do with his feathers? He thought it over and over.
    Then, the raven decided that he also wanted to have white feathers like the swan’s. From that day on, the raven began to live like the swan. He moved his home from the woods to the lake. He also started to eat water plants like the swan. He tried his best to talk and dance with the other birds. The most important was that each day, the raven would wash his feathers, hoping that they would turn white. Even he went to the nearby rivers and ponds to wash his feathers because he thought the water in the lakes was not enough for him to wash them. But no matter how hard he washed his feathers, they remained black.
    As he ate only water plants, he soon grew thinner and thinner. Not many days later, the raven died.
11. The underlined word "it" in Paragraph 1 refers to ________.
 A. the raven B. the swan C. the feather D. the water
12. Why was the raven angry with the swan?
 A. His own feathers were as white as snow.
 B. The swan did not have black feathers like him.
 C. The swan had beautiful white feathers.
 D. The swan lived in the lake with other birds.
13. Where was the raven's natural home?
 A. The lakes. B. The ponds. C. The woods. D. The rivers.
14. Why did the raven want to live like the swan?
 A. He wanted to make friends with the swan.
 B. He wanted to see the swan's white feathers.
 C. He wanted to eat water plants.
 D. He wanted to become a swan.
15. Why did the raven wash his feathers every day?
 A. He thought his feathers would turn white.
 B. He wanted to drive the other birds away.
 C. He thought his feathers were dirty.
 D. He wanted to keep his weathers white.
1.My mother r            (提醒) me that I must take the medicine on time.
2.Sun Wukong can turn himself into different animals and o           (物品).
3.Tom and Alice got m          (结婚) three years ago and they have a lovely baby now.
4.The u              (内衣) is a little bit expensive.
5.Don't c           (欺骗) me,or I'll be angry with you.
Ⅴ.用所给单词的适当形式完成句子 (5分)
1.Let's think out a good way                  (help) the sick kids in the hospital.
2.My brother kept               (watch) TV after having dinner yesterday.
3.The book tells a lot about              (west) culture and history.
4.But              (sudden),a young boy shouted,“Look!The emperor isn't wearing any clothes.”
5.Jack and Kate got              (marry) last year.Jack is Kate's husband.
Ⅵ.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词 (10分)
He was ________ ________ a new story when we visited him.
This pair of shoes is ________ ________ ________ small.
Sun Wukong ________ himself ________ a man.
The young man doesn't want to work,so he always makes a living by ________ others ________ ________ money.
The teacher will be angry ________ he ________ on time.
A:Hi,Mark.What were you doing this morning?
B:  1 
A:What's the story about?
B:It's about a girl called Alice.   2 
A:Why was it running?
B:  3 
A:Then,what happened next?
B:Alice followed it and began a wonderful experience.
A:Sounds interesting.   4 
B:Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.   5 
A:That's great.Thank you.
A.One day,she saw a rabbit running past.
B.It was late to see the queen.
C.I was reading a story in the library.
D.I can lend it to you when I finish reading.
E.She was going to have a meeting.
F.What's the name of the story?
G.What do you think of the story?
1.             2.             3.             4.             5.         
请以“My life in ten years为题,根据以下提示,用英语写一篇不少于60词的短文。提示 (短文须包含下列要点):
  1. What do you want to be in ten years ? And why?
  2. Where will you live in ten years? And why?
  3. Say something about your family or your free time activities in ten years.
  4. What should you do to achieve your dreams?
人教版新目标八年级英语下册 Unit 6 单元提优测试题
参 考 答 案
题 号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
答 案 C A B A B A B D A A C A A C B
Ⅱ.完形填空(10分)  1~5 CDCAB   6~10 DBDAC
Ⅲ.阅读理解(30分)  1~5 DCABC   6~10 BDDCA   11~15 BCCDA
1. reminded   2. objects   3. married   4. underwear   5. underwear
Ⅴ.用所给单词的适当形式完成句子 (5分)
1. to help   2. watching   3. Western   4. suddenly   5. married
Ⅵ.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词 (10分)
1. working on   2. a little bit   3. turned into  
4. cheating  to make   5. unless  arrives
1~5  CABFD
My life in ten years
  In ten years, I think I’ll be an engineer because I like planes very much. I want to make the best and greatest planes in the world when I grow up. I’ll live in Shanghai in ten years, because there will be more jobs and chances for me in that modern city. Meanwhile, I’ll live with my parents together in ten years, although I am a little busy with my work .I hope they can live a happy life and can always go to travel around the world happily. Because parents are the most important persons in my life, and have a great influence on my life.
  To achieve my dreams, I will study science hard now and learn more about the plane. Of course, it’s necessary for me to read more books. I’m sure my dreams will come true with my effort in ten years.


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