Unit 4 Why don’t you talk to your parents单元测试题(人教新目标版八年级英语下册

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Unit 4 Why don’t you talk to your parents单元测试题(人教新目标版八年级英语下册

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 Unit 4 单元提优测试题
(满分100分)  姓名             得分      
题 号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
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1. —What's wrong, Jenny?    —I ________ my textbook at home.
 A. forget B. forgot C. leave D. left
2. —Why was your teacher ________ Mark?
—Because he didn't finish his homework on time.
 A.different from B.angry with C.similar to D.interested in
3. I really hope things ________.
 A.give away B.give out C.put off D.work out
4. My aunt told my father ________ yesterday afternoon.
 A.call her up B.to call her up
 C.call up her D.to call up her
5. —How are you ________ with your parents?   —Very well.
 A.getting to B.getting off C.getting on D.getting into
6. It is good to communicate ________ our parents often.
 A.in B.with C.on D.about
7. —Could you please have a walk with me?
—Sorry,I ________.I have something important to do now.
 A.mustn't B.needn't C.can't D.may not
8. I am not happy, because I argued ________ my best friend ________ the problem.
 A.for;about B.for;on C.with;about D.with;for
9. You can eat ________ you like. Help yourself.
 A.whatever B.whenever C.however D.wherever
10. Free time activities like _______ sports and hanging out with friends _______ important.
 A.playing;are B.play;are C.playing;is D.play;is
11. —How long may I ________ the book?
—________ a week.
 A.keep;In B.borrow;From C.return;To D.keep;For
12. —What should I do when my parents don't agree ________ me?
—You should find a proper time to talk ________ them.
 A.with;on B.to;with C.to;to D.with;with
13. If you get on well with your classmates,you ________ your school life better.
 A.enjoy B.will enjoy C.enjoyed D.are enjoying
14. My mother is very angry with me,because I ________ up late this morning.
 A.am getting B.get C.got D.will get
15. It's too hot.Why not go swimming with us? ________
 A. Good idea! B. That'.s right!
 C. Well done! D. Congratulations!
Dear Peter,
Without knowing more about you,it is hard for me to give you some good advice.
But first,I am sure that you are   1  . You said that nobody would care if you left home. What about your   2  ?And other family members?It seems that you are very       3  . You'd better go to see a doctor or talk   4   your parents. They will be able to help you.
    Second,I'm sure there's someone else in your class who feels lonely,  5  . You never know   6   other people feel. Try to make friends with your classmates.And you could       7   a club to meet new people and make friends,too.
    You   8   find happiness by yourself.So my   9   advice is to write a list of all the good things about yourself,learn to like yourself,and then   10   will see your confidence (信心) and like you,too.
(     )1. A.right B.wrong C.OK D.well
(     )2. A.teachers B.classmates C.friends D.parents
(     )3. A.popular B.tired C.sad D.kind
(     )4. A.to B.about C.of D.on
(     )5. A.too B.either C.also D.as well
(     )6. A.why B.how C.when D.where
(     )7. A.take part in B.join C.join in D.take
(     )8. A.mustn't B.shouldn't C.couldn't D.need to
(     )9. A.finally B.last C.end D.one
(     )10. A.other B.the other C.another D.others
Ⅲ.阅读理解(30分)                  A
Everyone gets angry. Many things may make you angry. Maybe your teacher gave you too much homework. Or maybe a friend borrowed your favorite video game and then broke it. You may get angry when something doesn't go your way. Maybe you get mad at yourself when your team loses an important game. Or maybe you become a road rager(路怒族) when a driver accidentally cuts in front of you. That makes you angry! You need to know what to do with your anger. Here are some things you can do when you feel angry:
* Talk to a friend you can trust.
*  Count(数数)  to ten.
*  Get or give a hug.
*  Take some exercise.
*  Draw a picture of our anger.
*  Play a video game.
*  Run around the outside of the house five times as fast as you can.
*  Sing along with the CD player.
*  Think good thoughts(maybe about a fun vacation or your favorite sport).
*  Take a bike ride, go skating, play basketball — do something active!
    Never getting angry is impossible. But when you are angry, you can do something and it can make things better or worse. Don't let anger be the boss of you. Be in control of it!
(     )1. In the passage, the writer gives us _______ pieces of advice.
 A.ten B.eleven C.twelve D.thirteen
(     )2. The underlined part "when something doesn't go your way" probably means ____
 A.when you get lost
 B.when you are on a wrong way
 C.when you meet with something difficult
 D.when things don't go as you imagine
(     )3. If you run around the outside of your house five times, and your house is a circle of 260 meters, so you'll run _______.
 A.1,300 kilometers B.1,300 meters
 C.1,360 kilometers D.1,360 meters
(     )4. As for doing with anger, which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?
 A.Talk to a friend you believe. B.Get a hug.
 C.Have a fight with a friend. D.Think good thoughts.
(     )5. The passage is mainly about _______.
 A.how to deal with your anger
 B.letting anger be the boss of you
 C.drinking more water when you're angry
 D.doing something active when you're angry
In our lives,we may have a lot of trouble. When you feel bad or forget how great you are,here are some ways for you to make you feel good about yourself.
Look in the mirror and say to yourself,“I'm a special person and there's no one in the world like me.I can do anything!” It really works!
Do something good for someone. Helping others always makes you feel good.
Learn something new!Do you always want to learn to swim or decorate(装饰) your own room?Go for it!New things are fun and they can make you feel proud(自豪的) when you have finished.
Keep a diary.Turn off the TV and let your imagination fly!If you have any thoughts or dreams,write them down!It always helps to show your feelings.
Stay with your family.We all need our family time.Talk with your mother and father or maybe even your cousin.
(     )6. Who should read the passage?
 A.A girl who doesn't believe in herself.
 B.An old woman who often falls ill.
 C.A boy who dislikes school.
 D.A man who is always late for work.
(     )7. How many ways does the writer give us?
 A.Four. B.Five. C.Six. D.Seven.
(     )8. Why is “to learn to swim” mentioned(提到) in the passage?
 A.Because people must learn to swim.
 B.Because it may be good for your health.
 C.Because it may be something new for you.
 D.Because it may help you to reduce(减轻) stress.
(     )9. What does the underlined word “It” refer to?
 A.Reading. B.Learning. C.Flying. D.Writing.
(     )10. Which is the best title of the passage?
 A.How to Keep a Good Mood B.We Should Help Others
 C.Try to Form(养成) Good Habits D.Family Is Important to Us
Libraries give kids a quiet and safe place to read and learn. For over 100 years, libraries have played an important role in Americans' education. But how are these book-filled buildings changing with the times? You may be surprised to find out.
    Benjamin Franklin famously founded (创建) America's first lending library in 1731. But the public library system got its biggest development in the American history in the late 1800's. Businessman Andrew Carnegie donated millions of dollars to help build free public libraries across the country. Between 1886 and 1919, Carnegie's donations helped build 1, 679 new libraries.
    Carnegie believed that libraries could offer the chances to Americans, young and old. He knew that the more libraries there were, the more people would have opportunities to read and use books, speeches and news.
    If you can easily find a public library in your community (社区), you'll get more chances. After all, the United States has 9,225 public libraries. Today, libraries keep growing. Seven tenths of the libraries have free Internet. It provides much more information and opportunities to ask for jobs online.
    Libraries are also teaching kids about the fun of reading. The new program Read! Build! Play! adds reading into playtime. As kids listen to a book that is being read aloud, they use Legos (乐高积木) to build images (图像) from the story happily. Today's libraries are always looking for creative programs to bring people into the library.
    Benjamin Franklin once said, "The doors of wisdom (智慧) are never shut." As long as the doors of public libraries are open, what he said is most certainly correct!
(     )1. Benjamin Franklin founded the first lending library in ________.
 A.1731 B.1800 C.1886 D.1919
(     )2. How many public libraries have free Internet now?
 A.2767 B.6458 C.9225 D.1679
(     )3. The right order of the following statements is ________.
①The public library system in America developed fast.
②The first lending library was founded.
③ Libraries provide information and chances to ask for job online.
④ Libraries try to bring people into the library by using creative programs.
 A.②①③④ B.②③④① C.③④①② D.①②③④
(     )4.  The last paragraph mainly tells us ________.
 A.libraries have played an important role in Americans’ education
 B.public libraries in the US should never close the doors
 C.the writer doesn’t agree with Benjamin Franklin
 D.libraries help people to open the doors of wisdom
(     )5. The best title for the passage is ________.
 A.the libraries in the world
 B.libraries and opportunities
 C.libraries teach kids to read and learn
 D.the development of the American libraries
1.Don't be n           (紧张).I think you can do well in the test.
2.C           (抄袭) other students' homework is not right.
3.It is difficult for a small store to c           (竞争) with a supermarket.
4.We have all kinds of a           (活动) in our school.
5.Some middle school students can't get enough sleep under the p           (压力) of schoolwork.
Ⅴ.用所给单词的适当形式完成句子 (5分)
1.Thanks for            (give) me such good advice.
2.Would you please come to school a little            (early) next time?
3.I will not take this bag. Firstly,it is expensive,and            (second),it's not of good quality.
4.Many foreign friends are surprised at the fast              (develop) of China.
5.Eric and Frank stopped            (argue) when they saw the teacher coming into the classroom.
Ⅵ.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词 (10分)
Last week,Bill ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ a fight with his friend.
Why not talk with her ________ ________ ________?
Last summer they went to Beijing. This summer they ________ ________ ________ Hainan ________.
Let's go climbing ________ ________ staying at home,shall we?
John ________ ________ ________ me repair the bike.
John:What's the matter, Brown?Do you have a problem?
Brown:Yes  1  And I don't know what to do.
John:If it's a better job than you have now, take it.  2 
Brown:It isn't as easy as that, John. I like the job I have now. The people in my office are very nice and my work is interesting.
John: 3  Would you get more money?
Brown:Yes, the salary is better. If I take the job,  4   What should I do?I have to let them know my decision today.
John:You'll have to decide for yourself.  5   If you don't take the job, I might try for it.
A.What about the salary (工资)?
B.That's Ok.
C.I have a chance to get another job.
D.Please let me know what you'll decide
E.Are you interested in your own job?
F.That's my advice.
G.I'll get more money right away.
1.             2.             3.             4.             5.         
Write at least 60 words on the topic “I want to invent __________”
注意:1. 将题目补充完整。
2. 短文中不得出现任何人名、校名及其他相关信息,否则不予评分。
The following is for reference only.(以下表达仅供参考)
It can be used to...
It will be exciting/necessary/helpful to...
I want to invent ____________________
人教版新目标八年级英语下册 Unit 4 单元提优测试题
参 考 答 案
题 号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
答 案 B B D B C B C C A B D D B C A
Ⅱ.完形填空(10分)  1~5 BDCAA   6~10 BBDBD
Ⅲ.阅读理解(30分)  1~5 ADBCA   6~10 ABCDA   11~15 ABADD
1. nervous   2. Copying   3. compete   4. activities   5. pressure
Ⅴ.用所给单词的适当形式完成句子 (5分)
1. giving   2. earlier   3. secondly   4. development   5. arguing
Ⅵ.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词 (10分)
1. got into a fight with   2. on the phone   3. are going to;instead  
4. instead of            5. offered to help
1~5  CFAGD
I want to invent a family doctor robot
I want to invent a family doctor robot, which can be used to cure the illness without going out of their home. As far as I’m concerned, it will be extremely helpful and useful because of the following reasons:
First, you can see the doctor immediately at home when you feel sick or get hurt.It can save us a lot of time, especially in emergency situations.
Furthermore, hospitals today are always filled with patients; not everyone can be taken good care of. However, with the help of our doctor robots, you can talk to your personal doctor one to one whenever you want.
In short, family doctor robots can make great contribution to our society.


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