Unit 3 Could you please clean your room单元测试题(人教新目标版八年级英语下册)

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Unit 3 Could you please clean your room单元测试题(人教新目标版八年级英语下册)

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 Unit 3
               (满分100分)  姓名             得分      
题 号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
答 案               
1. —Could you please sweep the floor?
   —________ I have to do my homework.
 A.Yes,sure. B.Why not? C.Sorry,you can't. D.Sorry,I can't.
2. There is some rubbish here.Please ________.
 A.take it out B.take out it C.tak e them out D.take out them
3. You can't watch TV now. You ________ clean your room first.
 A.can B.may C.have to D.can't
4. Daniel is ________his twin brother. They are both 1.75 metres tall.
 A.taller than B.shorter than C.as tall as D.so tall as
5. —We should sweep the floor every day ________ a clean classroom.
—You are right.
 A.keep B.keeps C.keeping D.to keep
6. ________ you ________ I were very tired. Let's have a drink after work.
 A.Both;and B.Neither;nor C.Either;or D.Not;but
7. —Excuse me.May I ________ your bike?
—Sorry,I ________ it to Tom yesterday.
 A.lend;borrowed B.borrow;lent
 C.lend;lent D.borrow;borrowed
8. —Could you please ________?   —Yes,here you are.
 A.pass me that pen B.pass that pen me
 C.pass me to that pen D.pass that pen to I
9. —Could I watch a movie?
—________.You should prepare for your math exam.
 A.Yes,you could B.No,you can't C.No,you couldn't D.Yes,you can
10. I would like to buy ________ drinks,but I don't have ________ money.
 A.some;some B.some;any C.any;some D.any;any
11. —Could I use your dictionary?
—Yes,of course you ________.
 A.could B.will C.can D.might
12. Could I ________ your eraser?I left mine at home.
 A.lend B.get C.borrow D.buy
13. Could you please ________ some tea ________ me?
 A.provide;to B.provide;with C.give;for D.provide;for
14. —Remember this,children.________ careful you are,________ mistakes you will make.
—We know,Mr.Li.
 A.The more;the more B.The fewer;the more
 C.The more;the fewer D.The less;the less
15. Here are some books.Could you please________?
 A. take out them B. take them out  C. take out it  D. take it out
A few years ago,I was about fourteen or fifteen years old.One   1  ,my parents went out for a walk.So I stayed at home alone watching TV. Later I heard my cat,Aster,meowing(喵喵叫) at the   2  . She was a funny and proud cat.She was good at catching mice and sometimes,she would like to show me her “prize”. I went over to   3   the door. She ran in quickly with   4   in her mouth.After she dropped it on the floor,I found it was a mouse,again. It   5   died. My mother always liked to keep the floor   6  ,so I had to find something to pick the mouse up and   7   it away.
When I came back,I found the mouse disappeared(消失) . I looked everywhere but couldn't find it. We had a basement(地下室) under the house,so there were so many places and holes for it to stay. I   8   looking for it at last.
But that was not the   9   of that. About a year later,I was helping my mom clean up the basement. And you can guess what we saw.Yes,some bones(骨头) of a dead mouse. We could only believe and hope that it was that mouse. The one ran away from the floor on that night. We really hoped so   10   no one wants a house full of mice.
(     )1. A.morning B.noon C.night D.afternoon
(     )2. A.floor B.bed C.sofa D.door
(     )3. A.close B.open C.break D.repair
(     )4. A.something B.anything C.everything D.nothing
(     )5. A.already B.ever C.still D.almost
(     )6. A.dirty B.clean C.crowded D.full
(     )7. A.throw B.give C.wash D.die
(     )8. A.cheered up B.tried out C.gave up D.kept on
(     )9. A.training   B.beginning C.stress D.end
(     )10. A.if B.though C.because D.so
三、阅读理解(30分)                  A
Many parents make their children do chores around the house.For some families,teaching children what to do and how to do chores is easy.But in other families,getting children to do some housework can be a very big problem.
It is a good idea for parents to teach their children at an early age.All family members must work together to make the house clean,and each person must do his or her share(份) of the work.We can do this by starting a plan of chores and responsibilities when children are young.
Chores are good for children—even very young ones.Doing chores can teach children many important skills(技能) like working together.Chores also teach children what is fair.The skills and value(价值) from doing chores will be good to children all their life.
(     )1. The first paragraph(段落) tells us ______.
 A.all the parents make their children do chores
 B.it's easy to teach children to do chores
 C.some children think doing chores is difficult
 D.teaching children to do chores is different among different families
(     )2. The underlined word “responsibilities” means “______” in Chinese.
 A.杂事 B.琐事 C.责任 D.家务
(     )3. It's good to teach ______ to do chores.
 A.young children B.girls
 C.parents D.some families
(     )4. Children can learn ______ from doing chores.
 A.working together with others B.how to write
 C.what is fair D.A and C
(     )5. Which of the following is TRUE?
 A.It's a small thing to teach children to do chores.
 B.Only the children who do chores know what is fair.
 C.Some children like to do chores but some don't.
 D.In a family,young children don't need to do chores.
We know that many animals do not stay in one place. Birds, fish and other animals move from one place to another at a certain time. They move for different reasons: most of them move to find food more easily, but others move to get away from places that are too crowded.
When cold weather comes, many birds move to warmer places to find food. Some fishes give birth in warm water and move to cold water to feed. The most famous migration(迁移)is probably the migration of the fish, which is called "salmon". This fish is born in fresh water but it travels many miles to salt water. There it spends its life. When it is old, it returns to its birth place in fresh water. Then it gives birth and dies. In northern Europe, there is a kind of mouse. They leave their mountain homes when they become too crowded. They move down to the low land. Sometimes they move all the way to the seaside, and many of them are killed when they fall into the sea.
Recently, scientists have studied the migration of a kind of lobster (龙虾). Every year, when the season of the bad weather arrives, the lobsters get into a long line and start to walk across the floor of the ocean. Nobody knows why they do this, and nobody knows where they go.
So, sometimes we know why humans and animals move from one place to another, but at other times we don’t. Maybe living things just like to travel.
(     )6. Most animals move from one place to another at a certain time to ________.
 A. give birth B. find beautiful places
 C. find food more easily D. enjoy warmer weather
(     )7. The fish called "salmon" spends a long time in ________.
 A. salt water B. its birth place
 C. fresh water D. rivers
(     )8. The mice in northern Europe move when ________.
 A. they give birth B. the place gets too crowded
 C. they haven’t enough food D. the weather is bad
(     )9. The lobsters move ________.
 A. to find more food B. at a certain time
 C. to the undersea D. to the fresh water
(     )10. What is the main idea of the passage?
 A. The migration of the fish called "salmon" is the most famous migration.
 B. Animals move to find food more easily.
 C. Living things move from one place to another because they like to travel.
 D. Sometimes we know why and how living things move from one place to another, but sometimes we don't.
Many kids do housework such as doing the dishes, making the bed, and folding the clothes. In exchange, they get some money or other computer time.
Paying kids for housework is one of the most popular topics, especially at a time when everyone is more careful about money. Some parents think since adults are paid to do their jobs, we should pay kids for everyday housework.
But some people don't think kids should get rewards(报酬) for doing housework. Susie Walton, an expert, believes that by rewarding kids, parents are sending a message that work isn't worth doing unless you get something in__return. “Running any kind of housework is a team effort,” Walton said. “A home is a living space for everyone in the family. It's important for kids to see that we all have responsibilities(责任) in the house, and families decide how they want their home to look, and how they are going to keep it looking like what they want.”
Other people believe that getting a reward encourages kids to do housework, and it also teaches them real world lessons about how we need to work to get money. There are also apps that gives kids points and digital gifts that can be redeemed(兑现) either online or in the real world. “Our goal is to give kids lawful power so they can get rewards,” says Chris Bergman. “And kids need rewards to help encourage them. ”
(     )11. Which of the following housework is NOT mentioned in Paragraph 1?
 A.Washing the dishes. B.Cooking meals.
 C.Folding the clothes. D.Making the bed.
(     )12. The underlined phrase “in return” in Paragraph 3 has the same meaning as “________”.
 A.as a reward B.for punishment
 C.on sale D.under control
(     )13. What's Walton's idea in the passage?
 A.Running exercise is a kind of team work.
 B.People work to get some rewards.
 C.Kids have responsibilities in the house.
 D.Doing the housework is only the parents' job.
(     )14. According to Chris Bergman, kids should be encouraged to ________.
 A.do housework without rewards B.do more housework
 C.stay away from housework D.do housework by getting rewards
(     )15. Which is the best title for the passage?
 A.Kids Should Study and Doing Housework
 B.Let Children Do Some Housework
 C.Should Kids Be Rewarded for Doing Housework?
 D.Doing Housework Is Good for Children's Study
1.The r           (垃圾) goes bad.You should take it out.
2.Betty I           (邀请) her friends to her birthday party yesterday.
3.As a t            (青少年),we should work hard at school.
4.The old man d           (掉下) his glasses and broke them.
5.He is our n            (邻居).His house is next to ours.
五、用所给单词的适当形式完成句子 (5分)
1.The boy came up with the idea of ___________(fair).
2.To my ___________(surprised),she finished her work on time.
3.He is trying ___________(not make) mistakes.
4.___________(have) sports makes us keep healthy.
5.Our teacher asked Jim ___________(angry) why he was late for school again.
六、根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词 (10分)
________ ________ ________ ________your room now?
Does her son play computer games ________ ________ ________?
Each student in our class _______ his _______ ________ ________ the classroom clean.
________ not ________ ________ just ________ some money to them.
There is ________ ________ ________ you to leave here so early.
A:Do you have anything to do now,Jeff?
B:No.   1 
A:Could you please do the dishes?
B:Sure,Mom.   2 
A:They are on the table in the kitchen.
B:  3 
A:Could you please take out the rubbish?
B:  4 
B:OK.   5 
A:Nothing else.
A.What do I have to do after doing the dishes?
B.I have nothing to do.
C.But I am too tired.
D.And anything else?
E.I have quite a lot of things to do.
F.Is it also in the kitchen?
G.But where are the dishes?
1.             2.             3.             4.             5.         
假如你叫刘明(Liu Ming),你班进行了“Is Daily Homework Necessary?”的分组讨论,你代表第五小组,向全班用英语汇报讨论结果。请你根据提示和要求,完成汇报稿。
Is Daily Homework Necessary?
Different students have different ideas.
三分之二的学生同意 有助于理解,熟能生巧。
三分之一的学生不同意 业余爱好时间少,疲劳,对学习没有兴趣。

要求:l. 汇报内容包含三大要点:
2. 以第一人称写;
3. 90词左右(已给出部分不计入总词数)。
Dear Class,
It is our turn to give a report.
    That’s all. Thanks.

人教版新目标八年级英语下册 第3单元(Unit 3)单元提优测试题
参 考 答 案
题 号 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
答 案 D A C C D A B A B B C C D C B
二、完形填空(10分)  1~5 CDBAD   6~10 BACDC
三、阅读理解(30分)  1~5 DCADC   6~10 CABBD   11~15 BACDC
1. rubbish   2. invited   3. teenager   4. dropped   5. neighbor
五、用所给单词的适当形式完成句子 (5分)
1. fairness   2. surprise   3. not to make   4. Having   5. angrily
六、根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词 (10分)
1. Could you please clean   2. all the time   3. does;best to keep  
4. It's;enough to; give   5. no need for
1~5  BGAFD
Dear Class,
It is our turn to give a report.
I’m Liu Ming. I’m in Team 5. I’ll give a report about different ideas on daily homework. Two thirds of students think homework is necessary. They say practice makes perfect. While one third of students disagree. They think homework takes them so much time that they have little time for their hobbies. They often feel tired and are not interested in study. In my opinion, daily homework is necessary for students. But it shouldn’t be too much. It can improve our skills. It could give us enough freedom so we could do things we really like to do.
That’s all. Thanks.

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