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(时间:90分钟 满分:120分)
第Ⅰ卷 听力部分(20分)
扫一扫 听听力
1.A.She’s tall and pretty.
B.She looks like her mother.
C.She likes noodles.
B.Sorry to hear that.
C.See you later.
3.A.Yes,I do.  B.No,I don’t.  C.Not yet.
4.A.Hello.I’m Linda.
B.Why are you calling me?
C.She doesn’t like you.
5.A.I lost my wallet.
B.Thanks a lot.
C.I’ve won the first prize.
答案1~5 ABCAA
6.Why does the man like Jack?
A.Because he is tall and handsome.
B.Because he knows a lot.
C.Because he is cool and fun.
7.What’s wrong with Nick?
A.He has a headache.
B.He has a toothache.
C.He has a stomachache.
8.Why is the man going to London?
A.To work there.
B.To visit a friend.
C.To have a vacation.
9.Where is the amusement park?
A.On Bridge Road.
B.On Xinhua Square.
C.Behind the bus station.
10.Why doesn’t the man stay at that hotel?
A.Because it’s too big.
B.Because it’s too expensive.
C.Because it’s too cheap.
答案6~10 CBACB
11.When is the World Milk Day?
A.On June 1st. 
B.On June 21st. 
C.On July 1st.
12.Who first started the World Milk Day?
A.Germans. B.Russians. C.Americans.
13.What is milk called in the passage?
A.The best gift.
B.The best drink.
C.The best medicine.
14.How much milk should people drink every day according to scientists?
A.One cup. B.Two cups. C.Three cups.
15.What can’t people eat with milk?
A.Hamburgers or tomatoes.
B.Apples or carrots.
C.Chocolate or oranges.
答案11~15 AACBC
Our town
Introduction Our town has changed a lot in the last 16.  years.
Jobs ★In the past,most people worked as fishermen or 17.     .
★Now,many people work in 18.      factories,offices or banks.
Activities ★Young people like going to the swimming pool and the 19.     .
★Older people like going to the beach and the restaurants.
★There are football matches and races in the sports center 20.      a week.

答案16.forty/40 17.farmers 18.car 19.cinema
第Ⅱ卷 笔试部分(100分)
21.I like soft and quiet music.It C  nice.
A.tastes      B.looks
C.sounds D.feels
22.—Mom,I was the first to reach the top of the mountain.
—Good job,Charlie.I’m  B of you.
A.tired B.proud
C.sure D.sick
23.We can’t help  A  when we heard the sad news.
A.crying B.to cry
C.cry D.cried
24.—Why don’t you buy the bike,Mary?
—It’s too expensive.I can’t  D it.
A.sell B.lend
C.keep D.afford
25.Mrs Wang always asks us to  A  conversations in the English classes.
A.make up B.turn up
C.end up D.look up
26. 导学号82654101They were all very tired,but  A  of them took a rest.
A.none B.all
C.both D.either
27.—Where is your mother?
—She  B  to the supermarket.
A.has been B.has gone
C.goes D.will go
28.—Have you had your car  A a long time?
—Not really.I have had it    two months ago.
A.for;since B.since;for
C.for;for D.since;since
29.—How do you like your English teacher?
—He is great.We  C  friends since 3 years ago.
A.were B.have made
C.have been D.have become
30.—Can you help me with my English?
— A Let’s start now.
A.Sure,no problem. B.It’s wonderful.
C.That’s a pity! D.Good luck!
Bike-sharing is a new choice for short journeys in cities.It is good to the 31. B  development of the big cities.
A 32. C  by a company found that shared bikes started the nation’s 33. D  for bikes again.Now more and more Chinese people are 34. A  bikes instead of cars to make short journeys in cities.
An engineer of the company says that since the 35. B  of shared bikes,people have made fewer trips by car.The love for shared bikes is not only among 36. D  people,who were born in the 1980s and 1990s,but also among people over sixty.
At weekends,the number of the riders in Shenzhen reaches the 37. A  of all cities.On weekdays,the number of people who use shared bikes to travel to work is 38. C  in Shanghai.
It is said that bike-sharing will help 39. D  the cities’ environment.It not only helps solve the traffic problems,but also will help to make more use of 40. C  in cities.Take Beijing as an example,if more people choose shared bikes,an area of five Bird’s Nest stadium (体育场) will be saved.
31.A.slow B.healthy
C.harmful D.sudden
32.A.rule B.plan
C.report D.suggestion
33.A.search B.worry
C.preparation D.love
34.A.choosing B.pushing
C.repairing D.locking
35.A.end B.start
C.control D.fall
36.A.strong B.weak
C.old D.young
37.A.top B.side
C.corner D.line
38.A.coming over B.putting off
C.going up D.giving away
39.A.discover B.separate
C.experience D.improve
40.A.air B.time
C.space D.money
We all waste food,you and me,every day,millions of tons of it.In China,the amount of food wasted by Chinese consumers is increasing fast.So our nation is being encouraged to stop wasting food.
So what should Chinese consumers do to prevent food waste?
◆Keep a kitchen diary
All of us should keep a kitchen diary,and we can know that how much food we waste at home.The first thing for us to do is to stop throwing away food that we can still eat.We should eat everything we buy and if we cannot,we should buy less.
◆Buy only what we need
We should ask for smaller portions in stores.We should also check how much food we have before buying more.We shouldn’t bring much food we don’t need home even if large posters ask us to do so.
◆Develop the habit of packing food
Chinese customers are generous (慷慨的) and friendly.In restaurants,often too much food is ordered and served.So when ordering out,we are supposed to exclude the food in the order if we don’t plan to eat it.And order smaller servings in restaurants and take home what we cannot finish.
Don’t put it off! Let’s stop food waste today!
41.Why is our nation being encouraged to stop wasting food? C 
A.Because there’s enough food for Chinese people.
B.Because Chinese consumers like to try delicious food.
C.Because the number of food wasted by us is growing fast.
D.Because it’s traditional to invite friends to dinner in China.
42.Miss Li is a housewife;she’d better  A  at home.
A.keep a kitchen diary
B.buy things as much as possible
C.cook too much food for her family
D.keep the food as long as possible
43.In order to encourage more and more people to prevent food waste,we design a poster with the words  D .
A.Enjoy the food! B.Keep healthy!
C.Share the dish! D.Waste not,want not!
44.Your friend invites you to dinner,which of the following is NOT right? B 
A.He asks for the right portions.
B.You leave a lot of food on the table.
C.You ask your friend to order less food.
D.He takes away the food that can still eat.
45.As teenagers,what should we do to stop food waste? D 
A.Have a balanced diet.
B.Eat less food to keep fit.
C.Keep the balance of nature.
D.Have a good habit of clearing the plate.
At my primary school,I was one of the smartest kids there.I never studied,but always got perfect scores.I thought I was born clever.At least I believed so.I was also a prodigy in music according to myself.I could sing better than almost everyone else in my school.I was pretty sure that once I got to sixth grade,everyone would be surprised by me.
But actually,they weren’t.
When I arrived at my new class,I couldn’t wait to show everyone what I could do.However,there was always someone else who could do better.My grades began to suffer.More talented(有天资的) girls often sang solo(独唱).I believed I wasn’t smart.I believed I wasn’t talented.I believed I was a failure.
Over the next two years,I had to work very hard.Every prize for the singing competition was given to me for hard work and effort.Grades were still very low but improving little by little.I worked really hard.However,I was never the best at everything.
I haven’t realized until recently that I really don’t have to be the best at everything.I was too hard on myself.In fact,when I did badly in a test,my classmates never laughed at me.
No one is perfect.There will probably always be someone better than me at something.Anyway,there are about seven billion people in this world.I will never be the number one at everything,and that’s really okay.
46.What does “a prodigy” probably mean in English? A 
A.A smart kid. B.A crazy fan.
C.A common child. D.A lazy girl.
47.When the writer was at the new class, B .
A.she lost her interest in music
B.she had difficulty in learning
C.she surprised everyone in solos
D.she got separated from friends
48.What happened to the writer during the next two years? D 
A.She won many prizes without any effort.
B.She found the best way to become perfect.
C.She gave up trying because of the low scores.
D.She failed to be perfect though she worked hard.

49.What has the writer realized recently? C 
A.There is no success without effort.
B.Being talented is the key to success.
C.Don’t expect too much of yourself.
D.It’s not necessary to care about the result.
50.Which would be the best title for this passage? A 
A.When I wasn’t perfect
B.My past life as a young girl
C.Hard work doesn’t work
D.What to do when you’re not perfect

American schools are quite different from those in China.In America,at the beginning of the term,students must select their subjects and teachers first.
Selecting is very important for your marks in America.So at the first term,don’t select too many subjects,or you’ll feel very nervous and tired.Then you have to ask for some teaching plans.There is some information about subjects,time arranging,marks and textbooks.At the same time,you must choose the teachers.Different teachers have different teaching methods.If the teacher is called “killer” by the last grade,many students will give up choosing him,because this kind of teacher will leave too much homework,too many exams and give too low grades.There is another thing after you select the subjects and the teachers.How to buy textbooks makes each student feel hard.The textbooks in America are very expensive.Each one is about $30-$50.In order to save money,many students buy some used textbooks,and some students usually borrow textbooks from the school library.
In class,discussing is very important.The teacher encourages you to ask questions or show your own opinions.They don’t usually ask you to sit well.Instead they allow you to sit or stand everywhere you like.
51.What does the underlined word “select” mean? A 
A.Choose. B.Like.
C.Treat. D.Take.
52.According to the text,American students  D .
A.don’t have to ask for teaching plans
B.don’t have o choose teachers
C.would like to choose strict teachers
D.usually buy some used textbooks in order to save money
53.Which of the following is NOT TRUE? C 
A.Students won’t choose the teacher who leaves too much homework.
B.Students won’t choose the teacher who leaves too many exams.
C.Students will choose the teacher who is called “killer”.
D.Students won’t choose the teacher who gives too low marks.
54.What is important in American class? C 
A.Reading. B.Writing.
C.Discussing. D.Listening.
55.The passage is mainly about  B .
A.the differences between American and Chinese schools
B.American schools
C.the differences between American and Chinese students
D.American school subjects
Have you ever watched old movies?If so,maybe you have known Carole Lombard(卡罗尔•隆巴德).She was a famous actress in the 1930s.She died when she was only 34.In her short life,she made 70 movies.
In 1921,when she was only thirteen years old,a movie director saw her in the street.He decided to put her in a movie.The movie was one of the last silent movies.She acted well enough to win the hearts of many people.At the age of 16,she left school to act.In 1926,an accident happened to her.The accident left scars (伤疤) on her face,but she didn’t give up.She continued to act.
Later,she married Clark Gable who was an actor.He was the great love in her life.They lived happily together.
She acted well enough to win the hearts of many people.
She acted 56. so  well that she 57.  won   the hearts of many people.
58.Who decided to put Carole Lombard in a movie in 1921?
A movie director (decided to put her/Carole Lombard in a movie in 1921.)
59.What happened to her in 1926?
An accident (happened to her in 1926.)
60.Was she a famous actress or a famous director in the 1930s?
A famous actress (She is a famous actress in 1930s.)
B:Hi,Tom.61. F  What’s the matter with you?
A:I have a stomachache.
B:What did you eat for lunch?
A:62. A 
B:I see.Maybe it is caused by them.
A:63. D 
B:Do you often just have snacks for lunch?
A:Yes,very often.
B:Oh!64. E  Snacks are bad for health.
A:I know that.65. C  But I really enjoy them.
B:Anyway(不管怎样),you should try to eat less.
A:You’re right.I’ll try.
A.I ate nothing but some snacks.
B.You look happy.
C.And my parents often tell me not to eat them.
D.I guess so.
E.That’s not a good habit(习惯).
F.You don’t look well.
G.It’s exciting.
66.I’m  proud (骄傲) to help people.
67.Alexander Bell  invented (发明) the telephone in 1876.
68.My sister is  active (活跃的) at school and she has many friends.
69.Mary is very  sleepy  (困倦的) and would like to go to bed.
70.I saw the whole accident with my  own (自己的)eyes.
71.The mother bought a  lovely (love) doll for her daughter on her sixth birthday.
72.A big storm made it  impossible (possible) 
for us to go out.
73.He doesn’t eat anything because of his  illness (ill).
74.(2017甘肃白银)You  have grown (grow) since the last time I saw you.
75.Yang Liwei is one of the  heroes  (hero) in my heart.
As far as I know,Tom  has   been   away for two weeks.
Who  took   part    in   the party last night?
My mother asks me not to eat too much  fast   food .
That song has  won   the   hearts    of   many children.
Let’s get there quickly.Everybody  can’t    wait     to   see you.
每个人都有各种各样的习惯,有些习惯能够助你成长,有些习惯会妨碍你进步。请结合个人实际情况,以“My habits”为题,写一篇短文。
My habits
Different people have different habits.I have my own habits.
I always go to bed early and get up early to read English books.I am an honest boy and I often help my parents with housework as possible as I can.What’s more,I am good at all the subjects and I get on well with my friends.So I am a good boy in my parents’ eyes.
But I also have bad habits.I usually eat junk food instead of fruit and vegetables.I’m becoming fatter and fatter.For my health,I decide to change my bad habits.First,I should keep a balanced diet.I’ll try to eat more vegetables and fruit instead of junk food.Second,I will do more sports.Sports can make me stronger and healthier.
These are my habits.I will develop my good habits and correct bad ones.

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