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一. 听力选择(共20小题,1—15小题每小题1分,16—20题每小题2分,满分25分)
1. Which organization does Mary's brother work for?
2. What does the man often do after work?
3. How is Linda going to the cinema tonight?
4. What's the girl's father?
5.What did the teacher do in the classroom?
   A. He taught the girl some English.
   B. He offered the girl some advice.
   C. He learned English with the girl.
6. When will the plane take off?
  A  7:15     B.  7: 00     C. 7:30
7. What is the hardest thing the girl finds in French?
  A. Listening.          B. Speaking.          C. Writing.
8.How did David spend his pocket money in the past?
  A. Helping the disabled.    B. Buying books.  C. Buying snacks.
9. Where arc the man and the woman probably talking?
  A. At a supermarket.     B. At a bus stop.   C. On the bus.
10. Why doesn't Amy want to have pizza?
    A. She doesn't like the taste of pizza
    B. She likes sandwiches better.
    C. She thinks it's expensive.
11.How many local table tennis competitions has Amy won?
   A. Four.             B.Two.                  C. None.
12. Why does Sam like basketball?
    A. He can play it with many of his friends at the same time.
    B. He can play it inside or outside.
    C. He can play it in the playground at school.
13.A. 800            B . 880               C. 8000
14.A. twice a day     B.  at any time        C. at a time
15.A. Parking         B. Smoking           C. Littering
16. What was the speaker doing that day?
A. Reading in the library   B. Drinking in a restaurant   C. Working in the office
17. What did the women look like?
A. Very  young        B. Very happy      C. Very sad.
18. In face, what did the man lose?
A. Nothing             B. A smile         C. Something important.
19.What did the man really want to do?
A. To help the woman
B. To make the woman angry.
C. To make fun of the woman.
20. Did the woman become happy at last?
A. No, she because very angry  
B. No, she began to cry  
C. Yes, she did.
A)单项选择 从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
21.—Have you seen _____TV programme Running Man?
—Of course. It’s really ____funny one.
A. a; the       B. the ; a      C. a ;  a     D.  the ; the
22.The shop in Wanda Square ______for five years, but I ______there so far.
A. has opened; haven’t gone      B. has been open; haven’t been
C. has been open; haven’t gone    D. has opened; haven’t been
23.It’s kind ___ them to give food and clothes to homeless people. They think it important _____ them to do so.
A. of ; for       B. for ; of      C. of ; to      D. to; for
24.—The special Olympics World Games bring the disabled a good chance to experience  their lives.
—I think so. It gives them a chance to show their skills to the world_______.
A. instead         B. either         C. also         D. as well
25.—--I hear local people are trying to prevent some businesses building factories here.
—--Yes. They say the place may be polluted if some factories _______in the future.
A. are built        B. will be built      C. build       D. will build
26.Which of the following is an opinion?
A. There are many restaurants in Suzhou.
B. Thousands of people visit Suzhou Gardens every year.
C. 2016 World Badminton Championships were held in Kunshan.
D. Life in Suzhou is Getting better in some ways.
27.—I’d like to travel to Moscow for vacation.
—Be realistic! For our poor situation at present, we can’t _____ a vacation.
A. Afford           B. offer            C. accept             D. provide
28. Don’t ___ others too much. You should do things by yourself.
A. agree with    B. think about   C. depend on  D. look after
29. The match was very fantastic,______ when White scored at the last moment.
A. really        B. especially      C. mostly     D. exactly
30.—Who can help me carry the heavy box?
—I think David is _______ to do it. But the door is ______for him to go through.
A. too strong; too narrow             B. too strong; narrow enough
C. strong enough; too narrow          D. strong enough; narrow enough
31.—I _____reading English every morning.
—Yes, now English is more  and more important. It is used _______first language in many countries.
A. am used to ; by   B. am used to; as   C.  used to ; by    D. used to ;as
32.—Mum have you seen my toy bear?
—The one your aunt sent last week? I’m sorry I haven’t seen_______.
A. ones              B.  one        C. it              D. them
33. At last, the boy was made ______computer games and began to do his homework.
A. stop playing     B. to stop to play  C. stop to play    D. to stop playing
34. Sir, you ______use your mobile phone at the gas station. It’s very dangerous.
A. mustn’t     B. don’t have to   C. needn’t    D. may not
35.— I’ll try harder next time.
—You have said it one hundred times. But ______________.
A. the early bird catches the worm.           B. a friend in need is a friend indeed.
C. you can’t burn the candle at both ends     D. actions speak louder than words
B)完型填空 先通读下面的短文,掌握其大意,然后在每小题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出一个最佳选项。
  It was raining. I went into a cafe and asked for a coffee. ___36___  I was waiting for my drink, I realized there were other people in the place, but I sensed loneliness . I saw their bodies, but I couldn't feel their souls  because their souls belonged to the __37__.
      I stood up and walked between the tables. When I came to the biggest computer, I saw a thin, small man  __38__  in front of it. "I'm Steve," he finally answered after I asked him a couple of times what his name was. "I can't talk with you. I'm__39___ ,"he said. He was chatting online and, at the same time, he was playing a computer game-a war game. I was  __40___.
     __41____didn't Steve want to talk with me? I tried  again to speak to that computer geek (怪人),  but not a word came out of _42___ mouth. I touched his shoulder, but no reaction (反应). I was  unhappy. I put my hand in front of the monitor, and he started to shout, " Leave me alone!" I took a few steps back, wondering if all those people in the cafe were looking at me. I  __43____my head but nobody showed any interest.
      At the moment, I realized that the people there were having a nice conversation with their ___44_____, not with people. They were more  interested in having a relationship with the  computer , particularly Steve. I wouldn't want to  imagine  the future of human beings if they preferred sharing their lives with machines  better __45___ people.

36.  A. Before  B. Since       C. Although          D. While
37. A. home      B. world        C. Internet            D. Cafe 
38. A. sleeping  B. laughing      C. sitting           D learning 
39. A  mustn't  B. can't          C. couldn't           D. needn't
40. A. surprised  B. happy      C. moved           D. worried
41. A. What      B. Why       C. How               D. Who 
42. A. my      B. her          C. their               D. his 
43. A took      B. shook        C. raised           D. nodded .
44. A. machines  B. environment   C. businesses       D. organizations
45 A. because of  B. instead of     C. except             D.for 

Daniel likes to do something to protect the environment in his daily life. Next Sunday is his friend’s birthday. He is going to buy some gifts online for his friend. Now he is visiting the following website for some information about gifts.
  Welcome to Nature Posters - the world's largest collection(收集) of nature posters and fine art prints!
We make a donation to help the environment when each nature poster is sold through this website!
Please tell your friends about us, and remember us when you are gift shopping.

Daniel chose the following two beautiful pictures as gifts from the website:



Parrots in Blue: $5.99                               Sharks: $7.99
46.Nature Posters is a website ________.
A. to help people plan their birthday parties
B. only to provide information about nature
C. to tell people how to buy birthday presents
D. to help protect nature by selling posters or prints
47. Daniel should pay ________ for his gifts.
A. $5.99          B. $13.98          C. $7.99          D. $2.00

April 22 is Earth Day. Everyone on Earth should care about and protect the earth!
The earth has warmed by about 1°F (华氏度) over the past 100 years, but why and how? Well, scientists are not quite sure. Maybe the earth gets warmer and warmer on its own. But many scientists say that people are doing many things which makes the earth warmer. First, greenhouse effect (温室效应) is a very important reason for the change of the earth. People give out too much energy into the air every year. It makes the earth warmer. Climate (气候) change is another important reason. Sometimes it becomes too hot and sometimes too cold. Sometimes there is too much rain and sometimes too little. The change of the climate makes the earth warmer. In turn, the warmth of the earth changes the climate, too.
When the earth becomes warmer, there may be more rain and a rise in sea level. It will affect the growth of plants, animals and people. On a Pacific island, 100 people have to move to higher ground because the sea is rising. These people can no longer live on the coast. Before that, two islands without people went underwater in 1999. Scientists say that the seas can rise by nearly one meter by 2100.   
People can affect the earth's air, land and water. As for us, we can do many things to protect the earth. For example, we can use fridges less. We can tell more people about protecting the earth.
48.Earth Day is probably set for people to ______.   
A.learn more about the earth B.make full use of the earth  
C.take better care of the earth. D.study the warmth of the earth  
49.Greenhouse effect comes from______.   
A.sea rising B.climate change C.nature's unbalance D.people's activity
50.According to the passage, _______ many affect each other.
A. animals and island   B. climate  and the warmth of the earth
C. fridges and animals   D. sea level and the growth of plants
51.We can infer (推断) from the passage that the reasons for the warmer earth are______ now. 
A.not very clear  B.completely secret C.well known D.not given yet
52.The passage mainly tells us that ______.   
A.there is more rain now B.we should protect the earth  
C.we must stop pollution D.sea level is getting higher  
Life comes in a package. This package includes happiness and sadness,failure and success,hope and despair. Life is a learning process. Experiences in life teach us new lessons and make us a better person. With each passing day we learn to deal with kinds of situations.
Love plays an important role in our life. Love makes you feel wanted. Without love a person could become cruel. In the early stage of our life,our parents are the ones who show us with unconditional love and care, they teach us about what is right and wrong,good and bad.. But we always tend to take this for granted. It is only after marriage and having kids that a person understands and becomes sensitive to others feelings.
Happiness achieved by bringing a smile on others face gives a certain level of fulfillment.Peace of mind makes you feel happy. No mind is happy without peace. We realize the true worth of happiness when we are sad.Sadness comes from the death of a loved one or the failure .But all of these things will pass away.
Failure is the way to success, and it helps us to touch the sky,teaches us to survive and shows us a specific way. Success brings in money,fame,pride and self-respect.
Hope is what keeps life going. Parents always hope their children will do well.Hope makes us dream.Hope builds in patience.Life teaches us not to despair even in the darkest hour,because after every night there is a day.
 Life teaches us not to regret over yesterday, for it has passed and is beyond our control.Tomorrow is unknown, for it could either be bright or dull. So what we can choose is to work hard today,so that we will enjoy a better tomorrow.
53.In which section can readers probably read the passage?
  A. Education   B. Travel  C. Lifestyles   D. Business
54. In the passage,the author compares life to ___________
  A.package            B.happiness and sadness
  C.failure and success D.hope and despair
55.What does the underlined word “despair” mean in Chinese?
  A.颓废      B.遗憾   C.悲伤     D.绝望
56.What’s the general meaning of the last sentence of the whole passage?
  A.What you only can choose is to work hard every day.
  B.If you work hard today, you will have a better life in the future.
  C.When choosing between “today” and  “tomorrow”, you’d better enjoy tomorrow better.
  D.Enjoying a better tomorrow is your only choice.
57.What’s the purpose of the passage?
A.To encourage people to love each other.
B.To tell people how to deal with happiness and sadness.
C.To remind people of keeping having a beautiful dream.
D.To give readers some information about life.

If you visit the animal shelter in Salinas, California, you'll see huge wood cutouts(剪下的图形) of a dog and a cat. These signs were placed in front of the building to catch people's attention. The super sized cutouts make people curious and encourage them to visit the shelter— and maybe even adopt(收养) a pet. Each year, the Salinas shelter takes in around 2,000 dogs and 2,000 cats. The animals are either strays or are dropped off by people who couldn't take care of them. Of the 4,000 animals, some of them are finally adopted into new homes. Some animals are moved to other shelters. And, unluckily, some cannot be saved because they are too sick or are considered dangerous.   
   Animal shelters provide food, medicine, and a safe place for animals to sleep. But they are not ideal homes. The shelters are loud, and the animals stay in small cages. The people who work at shelters do their best to care for the animals, but the animals do not always get the attention or exercise they need.  
   To prevent so many animals from becoming homeless, pet owners should take care of their pets. One of the best ways to care for pets is to spray or neuter them. This surgery prevents cats and dogs from having more babies. And that reduces the number of homeless animals that end up in shelters.
58.How many dogs and cats does the Saunas shelter accept every year?

59.Why are the shelters not the best homes for the animals according to the passage?

60.If you find a homeless cat in the street, will you take it home? Why or Why not?

61.Chidren should be taught to spend their free time_______(明智的).
62.Studying ______(到国外) is one way but not the only way to one’s education and success.
63.Making _______(调查) help people know more about things around them.
64. I hear that they have _______(翻译) Harry Potter into several foreign languages.
65.The parade has been _______ (结束)for two hours.
66. In America ,women didn’t get the ______(权利) to vote until 1920.
67.The village got clean drinking water by________(挖) a deep hole.
68.— Mr.Wu, how can I achieve my dream?
—You have to work hard, because almost happens by ________. 
69.—Millie, you have kept the book for too long. You can keep it for at most two weeks.
—Sorry, I will _____it to the library as soon as possible.
70.—What is the _____ of “beautiful”
—It’s “ugly”
71.—Jack, I think you play the music too loudly.
—Sorry, I_______(not realize)it. I will turn it down right now.
72.Drivers ______(fine) if they park their cars on Renmin Road in Suzhou.
73.______(practise) spoken English every day helps me to be the top student.
74.The writers _______(decide) to have a Reading Week recently.
75.—Andy, it’s late. Why not go to bed.
—Helen hasn’t come back yet. I_______(wait )for her.
提示:1. 苏州市民可以在很多地方免费借用自行车,非常方便;
      2. 如果借用自行车,请注意爱惜,并及时归还;
      3. 希望大家多骑车出行……(请至少列出骑车出行的两点好处。)
要求:1. 演讲稿内容必须包括以上提示,可适当发挥;
      2. 表达清楚,语句通顺,意思连贯,书写规范;
      3. 文中不得出现真实姓名和校名;写一篇90字左右的演讲稿。演讲稿的开头和结尾已经给出,不计入总词数。
参考词汇:resident, convenient, low-carbon, advantage
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!
May I have your attention, please? I'm glad to tell you something about using bikes for free in Suzhou. ________________________________________________________________________
Thank you for your listening. Have a nice weekend!

51-57:ADAAD  BC
58.thousands of dogs and cats
59. The people who work at shelters do their best to care for the animals, but the animals do not always get the attention or exercise they need.  
60.No, I won’t. Because some cannot be saved because they are too sick or are considered dangerous.   
61.wisely  62.abroad    63.surrey    64. translated   65.over
66.right    67.diggiing    68.accident    69.return    70.oppsite
71.didn’t  realize
72.will be fined
74.have decided
75.am waiting
76. We should avoid cutting in on others speak.
77. Keep in touch with your neighbors is necessary.
78. That swimming coach can not express himself clearly.
79. How many patients were operated on yesterday?
80. The students asked the teacher when to hand in their homework just now?
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!
May I have your attention, please? I’m a volunteer. I’m glad to tell you something about using bikes for free in Suzhou.As we all know, environment pollution and energy waste have become some of the most important topics in this world. The best way to solve these problems is to live a low-carbon life. Since Suzhou is a crowded industrialized city, it is very necessary for our residents to change ways of traffic and take advantages from free bikes provided in dozens of rental points all round the city. Moreover, it is obviously convenient if we ride a free bike in a traffic jam. However, if you make a decision to use free bike service, please take care of the bike and return it on time. Remember, riding a bike is not only good for our city, but also for your health.
Thank you for your listening. Have a nice weekend!

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