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(本试卷满分140分,考试时间110分钟 )

第I卷 客观题(共80分)
一、听力测试 (本大题共20小题,每小题1分,计20分)
本部分共有10道小题,每小题你将听到一段对话,每段对话听两遍。 在听每段对话前,你将有5秒钟的时间阅读题目。听完后,你还有5秒钟的时间选出你所认为的最合适的答案。
1. What’s the girl’s favorite animal?
     A.         B.         C   
2. Where would Sam like to go?
   A.                         B.                     C.
3. How is Andy going to Xiamen?
4. What will the weather be like tomorrow?
    A .          B.          C.  

5. When did William begin to skate according to the conversation?
A. Four years ago.        B. Three years ago.        C. Five years ago.  
6. When does Tom’ s birthday party begin?
A. At 6:00.     B. At 6:30.     C. At 7:00.
7. How many hectares(公顷)does the nature reserve have? 
A. 210,000 .     B.21,000 .     C. 2,100,000.
8. Where is Peter going?
A. To a cinema.    B. To a museum.     C. To a hospital.
9. What is the probable relationship(关系) between the speakers?
A. Classmates.      B. A teacher and a parent.     C. A teacher and a student.
10. Where is Kate now?
A. At home.            B. In Japan.      C. In America. 
第二部分 听对话和短文回答问题
11. Which season does Amy like best?
  A. Spring.                 B. Summer.                C. Autumn.
12. Why does Simon like autumn?
  A. Because it is always sunny.               B. Because he can see flowers.
  C. Because he can play football outside.
Where Alice comes from   13    .
What She is good at   14    .
How long They will stay in London for   15     days.
13. A. England           B. France         C. America
14. A. Chinese           B. Science            C. P.E.
15. A. four        B. three         C. five
16. Where did Mike listen to the speech?
  A. In the school hall.       B. On the school radio.    C. On TV.
17. Which club is Mike going to join?
  A. The Bird-watching Club.  B. The Helping Hand Club.   C. The Music Club.
18. What are Mike’s favorite subjects?
  A. Maths and Chinese.   B. English and Maths.    C. Chinese and English.
19. What is Mike interested in?
  A. Basketball.     B. Volleyball.      C. Football. 
20. When can Mike come to club activities?
  A. On Saturday and Sunday.              B. On Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
  C. On Saturday afternoon and Sunday.
21. ---Do you know Wang Junkai, _____member of TF Boys?
   ---Of course. He is one of _____most popular teenage singers in China.
 A. the; a                B. a; /               C. a; the           D. the; the
22. The first snow of the New Year in Yangzhou fell ________ Jan.3,2018.
   A. in                   B. on                C. at             D. by
23. ---Wow! You've got so many boots.
   ---But _______of them are in fashion now.
    A. all                  B. both              C. neither         D. none
24. The bushes make good ________ for animals to hide in.
    A. cover                B. home             C. gardens        D. parks
25. I can’t hear you _____ . It is too noisy outside.
    A. loudly                B. quickly           C. quietly        D. clearly
26. ---Do you have any plans for this Sunday?
   ---I’m not sure. I ______ go to the zoo with my best friend.
   A. can                    B. may               C.  must           D. should
27. ---Are there many newly-opened companies in your hometown?
   ---Yes, they ________many chances to work for local people.
   A. give                B. offer        C. protect           D. provide
28. ______ great fun Simon has ______a snowman in the yard!
   A. What; making       B. What; made      C. How; making     D. How; made
29. --- We couldn’t find you anywhere around 8 o’clock yesterday evening.
   --- I’m sorry for that. I __________in the supermarket then.
   A. shopped          B. am shopping    C. was shopping    D. will shop
30. You look quite tired. You'd better _______ a good rest. 
   A. stop to have          B. stop having        C. to stop to have     D. to stop having
31. Millions of people _______the pictures of themselves at age 18 on WeChat or Weibo.
   A. put down               B. put in             C. put up            D. put on
32. Shanghai is larger than __________ in China. 
        A. any city                     B. any other city       C. any other cities       D. another city
33. —________does your pet dog weigh?
   — About 8 kilograms.
  A. What                   B. How             C. How many         D. How much
34. Which of the following is the same as “I saw him reading a book.” in pattern(结构)?
  A. You have a very nice sister.                B. The news made me happy.
  C. They are good at math.                    D. He likes playing the piano.
35. ---I didn't pass the driving test.
   ---_______.Good luck to you next time.
  A. That's great.            B. It's interesting.       C. What a pity!      D. Glad to hear that.
    Mr Black had a wonderful pool. He put up five _36__to forbid(禁止)fishing in it.
    For a long time nobody dared to fish in that pool, but Tom decided to__37_ the rule. His friends warned(警告)him, "There are all kinds of surprises in Mr Black's pool. You'll catch something__38_if you fish there".
    But Tom didn't listen. He liked fishing so much. So one__39_ with his pole(鱼竿)in his hand, he went to the pool to fish. He got up so early that he fell asleep while waiting for the fish. _40_ ,the fishing line woke him up. "It must be the biggest of trout(鳟鱼) ".He was very _41_. He pulled ten minutes before seeing that it was not a trout, but a huge catfish(鲶鱼).How could he have been so__42_?
    Then something __43_happened. The water turned bright red then dark as that catfish became a whale. As big as three houses, it looked very __44_ which made Tom afraid . Tom started to __45_.But it was too late. That whale reached for Tom and was ready to __46_ him.
    Now he wished he'd listened to his __47_.Just as the whale was about to eat him, he woke up. It was only a__48_ ,though there was a small goldfish on his line. He__49_it back where it was, in Mr Black's pool.
    Later, when friends asked him what happened there, he just said, "I do like __50_,but there're just too many surprises in Mr Black's pool."
36.  A. signs              B. sights         C. postcards        D. instructions
37. A. break       B. find         C. follow           D. make
38. A. important   B. dangerous  C. useful           D. interesting
39. A. evening   B. afternoon  C. morning       D. night
40. A. Finally      B. Slowly     C. Luckily    D. Suddenly 
41.  A. angry       B. bored      C. excited          D. worried
42.  A. right       B. wrong      C. awful           D. careless
43. A. tiring           B. interesting  C. boring           D. surprising
44. A. sad               B. rude         C. hungry          D. thirsty
45. A. walk       B. run           C. jump            D. move
46.  A .hide       B. lose   C. save     D. bite
47.  A. parents         B. teachers     C. friends        D. pets
48.  A. mistake      B. dream   C. problem     D. story
49.  A. pushed         B. hit      C. kept        D. threw
50.  A. fishing         B. swimming     C. boating    D. sailing
Here is a train timetable in Yangzhou Train Station. Read it and then answer the questions.
Train number From→To Leave Arrive Distance Fare(车费)
T238/T235 Yangzhou→Nantong 5:40AM. 7:57AM. 183km ¥168
D5564 Yangzhou→Nanjing 6:45AM. 7:37AM. 101km ¥106
Z30 Yangzhou→Beijing 9:20PM. 7:28AM. 1228km ¥302
T152/T153 Yangzhou→Chongqing 10:23AM. 9:25PM. 1695km ¥544
 ( ★Travel free for children under 1.2m;1.2m—1.5m,half fare. )
51. If Li Lei wants to visit his grandparents in Nanjing ,when should he get on the train?
A. 05:40            B. 06:45          C. 09:20            D. 10:23
52. If Nancy takes her daughter, Little Anne, a 1.4-metre-tall girl, to Chongqing, how much will they pay?
   A.¥1088           B.¥544          C. ¥816            D. ¥453
53. Which train takes the longest time in the journey?
   A. Z30              B. D5564         C. T238             D. T153
   What's a day in your life like today? You go to school and do your homework, right? At home you probably do a few simple chores, like washing the dishes or making your bed. You might complain about not having enough free time to relax.
   In the past, children of your age probably had a little more to complain about. Throughout much of history, many didn't go to school because they had to help all day at home or on the farm. Their parents taught them what they knew, but very few adults(成年人)could read or write. The Aztec people, who lived from 1200 to 1473 in present-day Mexico, were special. The Aztecs believed that education, or learning, was important. Every child went to school, although boys and girls learned different things.
   In the nineteenth century, many people began moving into cities to find jobs . In cities there was no longer a need to have children work on the farm. So instead they began working in factories. In England many children worked long hours six days a week. And they earned(挣)as little as a penny a day-¬that's less than fifty cents in today' money! Children started working from a very young age, sometimes at only five or six years old. They gave all of their money to their parents to help pay for the family's needs.
   Today most children go to school. Sometimes teenagers work part-time jobs to earn money. But many use that money for enjoyment, not to help their families. Think about it! Even if(即使) you work and go to school, you still have time to relax or hang out with your friends. Next to your peers(同龄人)from the past, you have it pretty easy!
54. The underlined word "they" in paragraph 2 refers to______________.
   A. teachers         B. children         C. The Aztec people       D. parents
55. According to the passage, what did children do with the money they made?
   A. They bought anything they liked.                B. They paid for their school's needs.
   C. They helped to support their families.             D. They did something to make themselves happy.
56. What can we infer(推断)from the last paragraph?
   A. Today teenagers should have more to complain about.
   B. Today teenagers should love their lives and complain less.
   C. Today teenagers should often have a good time with their friends.
   D. Today teenagers should use that money they earned to help their families.
57. The passage mainly tells us that_____________________.
   A. Children's lives have changed with the development of society.
   B. For the Aztec people, boys and girls learned different things at school.
   C. Many children in England earned much money in the nineteenth century.
   D. People were poor so they couldn't send their children to school in the past.
   BEIJING---- Heavy snow has affected(影响)traffic and brought low temperatures.
   In Liaoning Province,nineteen highways have been closed because of the icy roads .Following the snow, the temperatures will drop by 10℃.
   In Xinyang City, Henan Province, snow from Wednesday to Friday, killed one person and hurt three others. Primary and middle schools in the city have suspended classes since Thursday. The disaster damaged 26 houses and over 2,000 hectares of crops, causing total losses of 219 million yuan.
   In eastern China's Anhui Province, quilts and coats have been given to local people to withstand(抵住) the biting cold ,following heavy snow since Wednesday, the worst in Anhui since 2008.The snow has affected 1.5 million people and damaged over 160,000 hectares of crops, causing total losses of 3.5 billion yuan, according to the local government.
   From Tuesday to Wednesday, the temperature will drop by 6℃ to 8 ℃ in northern, northeastern, central and southern China, including parts of Inner Mongolia and Yunnan. From Monday to Saturday, most places south of the Yellow River will see temperatures 4℃ to 6 ℃ lower than previous(以前的)years.
58. Where may the passage come from?
   A. A play       B. A news report       C. A story        D. An advertisement
59. The underlined word "suspended" in paragraph 3 means______________.
   A. 暂停        B. 开始              C. 终止          D. 继续
60. ‘The lowest temperatures in those areas could reach -10℃ to - 15℃,or lower, breaking historical records.’    can be put at the end of_________________.
   A. paragraph 2   B. paragraph 3         C. paragraph 4    D. paragraph 5
61. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
   A. In Henan Province, nineteen highways have been closed.
   B. The heavy snow has been the worst in China since 2008.
   C. The snow has caused great losses to some parts of China.
   D. The temperatures in most places south of the Yellow River will be 4℃ to 6 ℃.
Little Women is a novel by an American writer, which was published in 1868 and 1869. The novel follows the lives of four sisters—Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March from childhood to womanhood. These four sisters live with their mother. Meg and Jo March, the elder sisters, both work outside the home for money to raise the family. Meg teaches four children in a nearby family, while Jo helps her grand-aunt March, who is very rich. Beth helps with the housework, and Amy attends school. Their nearest neighbor  is a rich man whose  grandson lives with him. The sisters introduce themselves to the handsome shy boy, Laurie, who is the age of Jo.
  … …
Meg is the beautiful sister; Jo is the tomboy(爱打闹的女孩); Beth is the musician; and Amy is the charming artist with the golden curly hair. Jo is easy to get angry. One of her challenges(挑战) in the growing up is to control (控制)her anger. Laurie enjoys his neighbors, joining the family often in play. His grandfather, Mr. Laurence, is charmed (吸引) by Beth, and gives her the piano used by Laurie’s late sister.
62. What does Little Women tell about?
A. About the lives of four sisters when they are young. 
B. About the lives of four sisters when they are old.
C. About the lives of four sisters after they get married.
D. About the lives of four sisters when they grow up.
63. What is Amy and how does she look like?
A. She is an artist and has golden curly hair.    B. She is a musician and charming.
C. She is a teacher and has blond curls.        D. She is an artist and easy to get angry.
64. Who is Laurence?
   A. He is very rich.                         B. He is Laurie’s neighbor. 
   C. He is Laurie’s grandfather.                D. He is Jo’s grandfather.
65. What do we know about Laurie from the passage?
   A. He lives with the four sisters.              B. He is a handsome shy boy.
C. He is easy to get angry.                   D. He doesn't like his late sister.
第II卷 主观题(共60分)
66. Our teachers always tell us that a good _______________ (开始) is half done.
67. The new plan is not _______________(完美的); however, it's much better than the old one.
68. Finally, Mary _______________  (接受)this gift and took it home.
69. If you get _______________(迷路的)here, stay calm and wait for help.
70. _______________(厚的)and longer hair makes her look more beautiful.
71. The girl couldn’t sleep  well last night, so she feels _______________ (sleep) now.
72. I think this small boat is one of the _______________ (fish).
73. Some of the old people feel _______________ (terrible) cold because of the strong wind.
74. “You can do what you like. Help             (you), children!” said Tom’s mother.
75. He spent as much time as he could _______________ (record) the changes in birds' numbers. 
Oct. 16 is World Food Day. The UN started the day in 1979. It reminds people not to waste food and fight hunger.
A number of people in the world still don’t have enough food to eat. The food shortage(短缺) is a big problem all over the world. Now, there are more than 1000 million hungry people in the world according to the UN. Many children go to sleep hungry, and 15 million of them die of hunger each year.
There are several reasons for food shortage. First, there are more natural disasters. Also, a growing population(人口) makes feeding everyone more difficult.
Another big reason is food waste. Most people don’t realize how much food they throw away every day. The average(平均的) person throws away 50kg of food every year. According to the UN, more than one third of all food goes to waste each year.
Over 1,300 billion kilograms of food is wasted each year. The food wasted in Europe can feed 200 million people, while in Latin America 300 million a year.
So think twice before you throw away food. You’d better order as much food as you can eat at a restaurant. If you can’t eat all, take the rest home. Some food may not taste great, but your body needs it. Keep an eye on what food you have at home. Don’t buy too much. Don’t cook too much.
When you throw away food, you are not just wasting the food itself. Resources(资源), such as energy, time and water, are also wasted while growing and cooking. So everyone should know that it is important to save food. Saving food is saving ourselves.
Title: Introduction to World Food Day
The UN’s purpose(目的) to start this day To remind people not to   76   food and fight hunger.
Facts of food shortage   77   1,000 million people are hungry each year.
15 million children die of hunger each year.
   78    for food shortage There are more natural   79    now.
 The number of people is becoming    80    .
 ◆The problem of food waste is   81    all over the world.
  82   to stop food waste    83   order more than you can eat at a restaurant.
Take the rest of food home if you can’t eat all you’ve ordered.
Be sure not to   84    more food at home than you need.
Conclusion Everyone should know the   85    of saving food.
Jack’s love for birds started when he made his first birdfeeder about six years ago. He filled the feeder with bird food, put it in his backyard and then b__86__ started coming. He became really i __87__ in birds as more came. Then be joined a local society. As he found that more and more birds were dying very q__88__ ,he wanted to try his best to help them.
Besides(除了)what he has done, he has his own group called Protecting Our Birds. He s___89__ birds, runs a website to teach people about birds and how to help them, and m__90__ boxes for birds. Not long ago, he found that the bluebirds were nesting(做窝)in the dead trees which were often cut down, s__91__ he began to make bluebird boxes for the birds in order to save them. Now he wants to use these boxes to take the place of the dead trees. He hangs(悬挂)these boxes up in trees and takes t__92__ down every week to see if the birds are nesting in them. He also writes a__93__ , hoping that more people will join in protecting n__94___ecosystems(生态系统). “Studying birds is important to protecting birds,” Jack says, “In order to protect birds, we have to learn and r__95__  know about the birds. ”
A 句子翻译(将下列汉语句子译成英语,共5小题,每小题2分,计10分)
 96. 对我们而言,遵守交通规则很重要。
 97. 我们需要更多的人来数鸟并对其进行描述。
 98. 我想邀请你参加我们学校的旅行。
 99. 火灾发生时,人们惊恐地四处乱跑。
 100. 我们应该同情这个可怜的女孩并尽力帮助她。
B 写作(计20分)
某英文报社以“The Earth is our home”为题,举行中学生征文活动。请根据以下信息写一篇英语短文,内容包括:地球目前的现状、造成这种现状的原因、我们应该采取的措施。

      2) 必须包括提示中的所有信息,并按要求适当发挥;
   The Earth is our home and we only have one Earth.


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