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(试卷总分100分 测试时间100分钟)
第I卷 选择题 (共计55分)
一、听力测试 (本题共15小题,每小题1分。满分15分)[来源:学科网ZXXK]
 第一部分 听对话回答问题。本部分共有5道小题,每小题你将听到一段对话,每段对话听两遍。
(  )1.What time did Lily get to school this morning?
      A. At 7:10 a.m.          B. at 7:00a.m.         C. At 6:50
(  )2. What’s Laura busy with?
      A. Her homework.       B. Her hobbies.        C. Sleep.
(  )3. Where are they talking?
      A. Outside the Children’s House.   B. On a bus.  C. At a bus stop.
(  )4. What is the man doing now?
      A. Having a walk.        B. Washing clothes.     C. Repairing a bike.
(  )5.What does the man want to do?
      A. Go to the zoo.       B. Write a report.          C. Watch the animals.
第二部分 听对话和短文回答问题。你将听到一段对话和两篇短文,各听两遍。
(  )6. What is the woman’s favourite animal?
      A. Dogs.                B. Tigers.             C. Camels.
(  )7. What do es the man mean?
      A. Dogs are the best friends. B. Tigers can kill other animals for food if they are hungry.
      C. Camels don’t need to eat anything.

Different travelling ways
Place Ways Reasons
Linda has a trip in the country. She likes    8   . She can get fresh air.
Linda has a long trip to the place near the    9   . She likes taking a train. She can enjoy the view along the road
Linda goes to visit the big city. She likes to take a plane. She will not feel    10   .
(  )8. A. riding a bike       B. walking               C. riding a horse
(  )9. A. mountain          B. sea                   C. forest
(  )10. A. tired             B. sick                 C. bored

(  )11. Who is the head here?
      A. The beggar(乞丐). B. The farmer.  C. The foreign friends.
(  )12. Who will eat the neck?
      A. The farmer’s wife.  B. The farmer.    C. The beggar.
(  )13. Who will fly away from the farmer’s home?
      A. Two daughters.     B. Two foreigners.   C. The beggars and the farmers.
(  )14. What will the two foreigners eat?
      A. Neck.          B. Wings.            C. Feet.
(  )15. How many people were there for dinner?
      A. Four          B. Six              C. Seven.
二、单项选择 (本题共15小题,每小题1分。满分15分)
(  )16. --I know _______ president of the USA lives in the White House. Who lives in it now?
      --_______ President Trump and. his family.
      A. / ; /       B. the; The      C. /; The      D. the; /
(  )17. When the famous singer _______, we all got very excited and couldn’t stop cheer ing.
      A. got      B. reached   C. arrived  D. arrived at
(  )18. --Home is _______ place in the world.
      --Sure. East or west, home is the best.
      A. warm    B. warmer  C. warmest  D. the warmest
(  )19. --The bus is still running. Remember not to ______ until the bus stops.
      --Thanks, I will.
      A. get it off  B. get off it  C. got on it  D. get it on
(  )20. --Dad, did you _______any clubs when you were at school?
      --Yes. I was a member of the Reading Club. I ____ ___many club activities every week.
      A. join; joined B. take part in; took part in C. take part in; joined  D. join; took part in
(  )21. --Do you think the dishes at yesterday’s dinner delicious?
      --Sorry, I ate too much hot food and lost my _______ of taste.
      A. secret     B. sense    C. power    D. interest
(  )22. There were over 40 new films on show this summer vacation, but I liked ______ of them. A. few       B. a few    C. little     D. a little
(  )23. --Scissors can be dangerous, so don’t play with them.  --___________.
     A. No, I don’t.  B. Yes, I will.  C. Sorry, I will.  D. OK, I won’t.
(  )24. --Can I drink some coffee?
      --Sorry, there is _______ left. What about some milk? There’s _______else.
      A. none; nothing  B. nothing; none  C. none; none  D. nothing; nothing
(  )25. --Why do you like the _______ best?
      --Because it’s an animal that can plan for the future. I should learn from it and try to get ready for my own future.
      A. zebra    B. dolphin    C. squirrel    D. tortoise
(  )26. ______great fun Andrew has ______DIY in the art room with his classmates!
      A. What; doing  B. What a; to do  C. How; doing  D. How; to do
(  )27. --Why is this supermarket always full of people?
      --Because the things in this supermarket are _______ in other supermarkets.
      A. more expensive than those      B. as expensive as that
      C. not as expensive as that        D. not so expensive as those
(  )28. As it is getting dark, you’d better ________ a car alone to the town.
      A. not drive  B. not driving  C. don’t drive  D. not to drive
(  )29. --The history book is really interesting.       
 -- _______.
      A. Instead      B. Exactly      C. Finally    D. Possibly
(  )30. –Are you willing to live in the Antarctic(南极)some day?
      --______ It sounds exciting, but it’s a bit too cold there.
       A. Of course I am.  B. Are you joking?  C. Why not?  D. I’m not sure. 
 三、完形填空  (本题共15小题,每小题1分。满分15分)
An old farmer lived with his grandson. Each morning, the  31   got up early and read his Bhagavad Gita (薄迦梵歌).
  One day the grandson asked, "Grandpa! I try to read the book like you  32  I can't understand it, and I forget it easily. What's the  33  of reading it?"
  The grandfather said, "Take this coal (煤炭) basket down to the  34  and bring me back a basket of water."
  The boy did as his grandfather  35  , but all the water ran  36  he got home. The grandfather laughed, "You'll have to move faster next time."
  This time the boy  37   faster, but again the basket was empty. He told his grandfather that is was  38   to carry water in a basket. He wanted to use a bottle instead, but the old man said, "I just want a basket of water. You're not  39   hard enough."
  The boy wanted to show his grandfather that the water would surely run. He again put the  40  into the river and ran hard. But there wasn't anything in it again. He said  41  ,"Look, grandpa, it's useless!"
  "Watch the basket." said the grandfather.
  For the first time the boy  42   the basket was different. It had changed from a dirty old coal basket into a  43   one, inside and out.
"Boy, you might not understand or remember  44   when you read the book, but when you read it, you will be  45  , inside and out. That's what you got from it."
(  ) 31. A. son B. father C. grandfather D. grandmother
(  ) 32. A. so B. but C. or D. and
(  ) 33. A. time B. place C. use D. habit
(  ) 34. A. house B. beach C. factory D. river
(  ) 35. A. said B. saw C. liked D. did
(  ) 36. A. since B. after C. until D. if
(  ) 37. A. ran B. took C. made D. flew
(  ) 38. A. difficult B. interesting C. possible D. easy
(  ) 39. A. walking B. trying C. holding D. studying
(  ) 40. A. hand B. bottle C. basket D. paper
(  ) 41. A. sadly B. interestingly C. excitedly D. happily
(  ) 42. A. forgot B. realized C. believed D. remembered
(  ) 43. A. heavy B. clean C. new D. black
(  ) 44. A. nothing B. something C. anything D. everything
(  ) 45 A. different B. relaxed C. difficult D. worried
四、阅读理解 (本题共10小题,每小题1分。满分10分)
J&M Music Store
• Rock, pop and country music
• Buy CDs new or used
• Listen before you buy
• Guitar lessons offered Peth Market
• Fresh fruit and vegetables
• Open Friday to Sunday mornings
• Free ice cream for children under 12

Times Coffee Shop
• The best coffee in town
• Sandwiches, cakes, pies
•Open 10:00a.m. —11:00 p.m. daily
•Jazz music(Wednesday to Sunday) Macon's B&B
• Feel like home when you're away from
• We have different kinds of rooms
• Delicious homemade breakfast

(  )46. You can go to Times Coffee Shop to have coffee and pies at_______.
A. 8:30 a.m.    B. 9:30 a.m.    C. 10:30 p.m.     D. 11:30 p.m.
(  )47. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
A. There is no breakfast at Macon's B&B
B. You can't listen to the CD before you buy it.
C. Times Coffee Shop offers Jazz music every day. 
D. Kids under 12 can get free ice cream in Peth Market
(  )48. Where is the passage probably from?
A. A dictionary.    B. A newspaper.    C. A story book.    D. A science report.
We spoke to three students from around the world about different national holidays. There are different customs for each festival.
Tan Xiaodong, 15, Hong Kong, China
“It’ll soon be the Chinese New Year. Before it, we’ll clean the house and decorate it for good luck. Every shop is going to close for a few days and we’ll go out a lot to celebrate in the streets. We might go and see the lion and dragon dances in the city center. I love this festival.”
Wendy, 16, Sydney, Australia
“Australia Day is on 26th January and it’s an important holiday here. We always have a Monday off, so we celebrate for three days. My parents and I go to the countryside for a picnic and friends always come over. Many people go to beach parties or street parties and there’s lots of music and dancing. What fun!”
Amy, 14, New York, the US
“The first Thanksgiving was celebrated hundreds of years ago when Europeans who came to America thanked God for his help. It’s still a very important day for family members to be together. This year we’re going to visit my grandparents and we’ll eat a delicious meal of turkey. Thanksgiving is on the 4th Thursday in November every year.”
(  )49. On Australia Day, family members often ________.
A.have a meal in the countryside   B.go to a swimming pool
C.have a party at school          D.clean the house and dance
(  )50.What do you think a turkey is in this passage?
A.A country.  B.A festival.
C.A bird.     D.A kind of drink
(  )51.From the passage, we can learn that _________.
A.Australia Day is an important day for family members to get together
B.the first Thanksgiving was born a hundred years ago
C.many people go out for a picnic with friends before the Chinese New Year
D.different festivals have different customs
(C)The Windy Day
Book Report      By Jason Ma (8A)
Title: The Windy Day
Writer: Alisha Wood
The reason for my choice:
The idea of a recent popular film comes from one of Alisha Wood’s stories. The story interests me.
Summary of the book:
It is about what happens to a little boy named Daniel on a windy day.
One day, Daniel is flying his kite on Peace Hill. Suddenly, a strong wind blows up the hill and lifts Daniel right off his feet. Daniel holds on to his kite tightly and is blown into the clouds. Finally he lands in a small town with a sign, “Nowhere: The Town Nobody’s Ever Heard Of”. This worries Daniel.
He asks people around where Nowhere is. But all of them say, “Nowhere. Nobody knows.” He tries hard to find out  the way home but he cannot. It is like an adventure until he comes across the King. Daniel talks to him and he decides to help Daniel. He claps his hands twice. A great wind comes up and pulls the kite, along with Daniel, into the clouds and back to Peace Hill.
Comment (评论):
The story is so amazing that I could not stop reading it. I admire (钦佩) Daniel becaus e he is such a brave boy who tries hard to solve the problems in a strange place.
(  )52.Jason chose the book The Windy Day because _______.
A. it is made into a film          B. it is about a boy named Daniel
C. Alisha Wood is Jason’s favourite writer
D. a recent popular film comes from one of Alisha’s books
(  )53.Daniel went back home _______.
 A. on foot by himself                  B. with the help of his friends
C. after the King clapped his hands twice
D. because  someone called Somewhere helped him
(  )54. Which of the following is NOT what Jason thinks about the book?
A. The story is boring.    B. The story is full of adventures.
C. He likes the story.    D. He found the book interesting.
(  )55. Which of the following could be another title of this story?
A. A King’s Claps     B. A Kite to Nowhere
C. A Kite in the Clouds    D. Life in a Small Town

第II卷  非选择题 (共计45分)
五、词汇 (本题共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
   A) 根据句意、中文提示或英文释义写出句中所缺单词。
56. --You look tired. What’s wrong?
   --With three _________(活跃的)little children running round, there was a lot to keep me busy.
57. It’s important for parents to set a good _________(榜样)for their children.
58. My parents met each other when they _________(went to).the same college in Nanjing twenty years ago.
59. As the CEO of a big company, Mr Liu has a lot of _________(everyday)work to do, so he is not only a famous man but also a busy man.
60. I like all kinds of fruits, such as grapes, ___________(草莓), bananas and so on.
B) 用方框内所给词的适当形式填空。
correct   it   cheer   mean    shelf

61. Just guess the _________ of the new words while reading an English  story.
62. If you answer this question __________, you’ll lose the game. So just try your best.
63. The Physics problem _________ is not difficult, but you must work on it carefully to get the right answer.
64. The books on those _________ are all about Chinese history. You can choose any of them.
65. What a clear day! We all felt __________ a nd wanted to have fun in the park.
 C) 用方框内所给动词的适当形式填空。
stick    end    advise   drive   decorate
66. Get everything ready, and we __________ the bedroom soon.
67. He took out a bottle of glue and __________ a real rose on the cover of the birthday card.
68. The teacher often __________ us to watch English movies with Chinese subtitles(字幕).
69. It is a heavy rain, and each of them __________ slowly at this moment.
70. --When ______ the meeting _______? --At 5:00p.m. yesterday.
71. He didn’t stay at home. He went out for  a walk with his wife. (同义句变换)
   He went out for a walk with his wife ________ of ________ at home.
72. Tom, please don’t mix all the magazines together. (改成反意问句)
Tom, please don’t mix all the magazines together, ________ ________?
73. Not only my parents but also I am interested in doing DIY work. (同义句变换)
   ________ my parents and I ________ interested in doing DIY work.
74. You’d better not tell our secret to anyone. (改成祈使句)
   ________ ________ our secret to anyone.
75. He cut the watermelon into two halves with a sharp knife.(对划线部分提问)
   ________ ________ he cut the watermelon?
七、根据所学课文填空 (本题共10小题,每小题0.5分,满分5分)
    He once tried to put in a   76   light in his bedroom, but he made a   77  .Then his  78__  house had a power cut.   79  time, he wanted to put up a picture on his bedroom wall, but he hit a pipe and  80   the room with water.
When Xi Wang was born, she  81   just 100 grams. In the   82   , she drank her mother’s milk. When she was six months old, she started to eat    83   . When Xi Wang was 20 months old, she learned to look after herself.    84  , giant pandas face many problems in the wild. We should take   85__    right away.
76._________  77._________   78 .___________   79.___________  80.___________
81._________   82._________   83.___________   84.___________  85.___________
八、根据首字母和短文内容填写所缺单词。(共 10小题,每小题0.5分,满分5分)
In a town in France, there was a farmer who lived alone. Every day he s  86    a pound of butter to his neighbour, who was a baker. One day the baker d___87___ to weigh  the butter to see if he was getting a pound. After he weighed it, he found that he wasn’t. The baker then took the farmer to the judge (法官).
     The judge wanted to know the farmer’s ways to weigh the butter. The farmer replied, “ I’ m so p  88    that I do not have enough money to buy anything to weigh it. However , I do have a kind of scale (天平).” The judge asked, “Then h  89    do you weigh the butter?” The farmer replied, “Before the baker started buying butter from me , I had bought bread from him. So now every time when I b  90   home the bread from the baker, I put it on the scale and give him the butter of the same w  91   .”
     We always get back what we give to others. Whenever you take action, ask yourself this question, “Am I h___92__?”
     Honesty or dishonesty can become a habit. Some dishonest people can lie w  93__ a red face. Others lie so much that they do not even know what the truth is any more. But who is it bad for? In f___94__, those who lie will hurt t 95    by their own dishonest behaviour(行为).
86.__________   87.__________   88.___________   89.___________ 90.___________
91__________   92.__________   93.___________   94.___________ 95.___________

The world is divided into(被分为)two important parts. One half of the world is rich and the other half is poor. In the poor part, a lot of people never get enough to eat. In the rich part, a lot of people eat too much. In one part, children are hungry and in the other, a lot of people are fatter and fatter and have to go on diets or do some exercise to lose weight. For example, a dog or a cat in North America eats better than a child in the poorer countries.[来源:Z,xx,k.Com]
The poor countries have some difficult pro blems. Sometimes the land is too poor to grow anything on. The land can get better, but people have to do a lot of things first. More experts (专家)should go there to teach people how to enrich(使富裕) their land and how to find water.
But rich countries have problems, too. They are not always pleasant places to live in. Sometimes the air is too dirty to breathe (呼吸)and the rivers are too dirty to swim in or to take water. The roads and the streets are full of people and buses. Cars usually  move very slowly. Noise is terrible. A lot of people do not have houses to live in. People must do something about these problems. We should do something to make the air and the rivers clean and build more houses. But it will take a long time.
Title: Different lives in the world
Countries In   96     countries In rich countries
(现象) A lot of people in poor countries cannot have_ 97---       food to eat.  People in rich countries eat too much.
 Children are hungry. Many people have to  98  weight by going on a diet or  99 
Difficult problems The land is too poor for plants to   100  on. The air and the rivers are  101  . There are a lot of  102  and people in the roads and the streets.
(解决方法) People should learn how to
  103  their land and find the water. Make the air and the river  104  .and
 _105  more houses.

96.__________   97.__________   98.___________   99.___________ 100.___________
101__________  102.__________  103.___________ 104.___________ 105.___________


假如你是Wang Lin,你结识了一位美国朋友David,他14岁,方脸,高个子;幽默,经常给我们讲笑话;痴迷于DIY,经常在周末自己动手制作、修理物品。上周六你们邀请他到园博园(Garden Expo Park)参加了一次野炊活动。那天天气晴朗。早上8点在学校大门口集中坐公交车前往。自备食物和饮料。在公园里你们唱歌、跳舞,拍了许多照片。那天好开心。
请根据上面的内容写一篇英文日记,内容包括1. 介绍美国朋友情况;2.记述野炊活动情况。要求:1.必须包含以上所有要点,可以适当发挥;2. 词数:100词左右。已给句子不计入词数。
Sunday , November 11th,2017                                       Sunny

第一部分 听对话回答问题。本部分共有5道小题,每小题你将听到一段对话,每段对话听两遍。
1.M: What time do you usually arrive at school at school, Lily?
W: At 7:00 a.m. But this morning, I got there ten minutes later than usual.
2. M: Are you busy these days, Laura?
W: Yes, I have too much homework to do. I’ve no time for hobbies, and I can’t get enough sleep.
3. M: Julia, does the bus go to the Children’s House?
W: Yes. Let’s get on.
4. W: It’s too hot in the room. Why not go for a walk?
M: Sorry. I don’t finish repairing the bike. I have to go on doing it.
5.M: I’d like to write a report about animals. Can you give me some information?
W: You’d better go to the zoo and watch the animals carefully.(答案:AACCB)
 第二部分 听对话和短文回答问题。你将听到一段对话和两篇短文,各听两遍。
M: Do you like dogs?
W: Yes, I like dogs best. What about you?
M: I like tigers better. They are called ”the king of animals”. If they are hungry, they just catch any animals they want.
W: I also like camels. They can walk in the desert without water for some days.
M: Yes, that’s true.(答案:AB)
Dear Lucy,
Is everything well? Last time, you asked me the way of my traveling. I think we can choose different ways in different travels. When I have a trip to the country, I like riding my bike because I can get the fresh air. If I have a long travel to the place near the sea, I like traveling by train, so I can enjoy the view along the road. But I will choose to take a plane when I go to the big city. So I will not feel too tired to visit it.
Once an old beggar came to a farm and asked for some food. The farmer was kind. He wanted to give the beggar something to eat. At that time, two of the farmer’s foreign friends were on the farm too.
The farmer said to the beggar, “ Here’s a whole chicken. Will you please serve it?” The beggar agreed. He cut off the head, gave it to the farmer and said, “You are the head here, so you’ll have the head.” Then he gave the neck to the farmer’s wife and said, “You are next to the head, so you’ll have the neck.” He cut off the wings and gave one to each of the two daughters of the farmer, and said, “You two will soon fly away from your home, and you each should have a wing.” Then he said to the two foreigners, “You two poor fellows have a long way to get home.” and gave them each a foot. At last he said, “ I am a poor beggar. I will eat what is left.” (答案:BAACC)
一、听力测试  1-5 AACCB  6-7 AB  8-10 ABA   11-15 BAACC
二、单项选择 (本题共15小题,每小题1分。满分15分)
16-20 DCDBD  21-25 BADAC  26-30 ADABD
三、完形填空  (本题共15小题,每小题1分。满分15分)
31-35 CBCDA  36-40 BAABC  41-45 ABBDA
四、阅读理解 (本题共10小题,每小题1分。满分10分)
46-48 CDB  49-51 ACD  52-55 DCAB
五、词汇 (本题共15小题,每小题1分,满分15分)
56. active  57. example  58. attended  59. daily  60. strawberries
61. meaning  62. incorrectly  63. itself  64. shelves  65. cheerful
66. will decorate  67. stuck  68. advises  69. is drawing  70. did; end
71. instead; staying   72. will you  73. Both; are  74. Don’t tell  75. How did
七、根 据所学课文填空 (本题共10小题,每小题0.5分,满分5分)
76-80 brighter  mistake  whole  Another  filled 
81-85 weighed  beginning  bamboo  Sadly  action
86-90  sold decided poor  how  bring  91-95  weight honest without fact   themselves
96-100 poor    enough    lose   .exercising/exercise   grow
101-105 dirty   buses     enrich    clean     build
I have an American friend. His name is David. He is 14 years old .He has a square face .He is tall. He is humorous. He often tells us funny jokes. He is crazy about DIY. He often make and repair things at weekends.
Last Saturday, we invited him to have a picnic in Garden Expo Park. It was sunny that day. We met at the school gate at 8.00 a.m. and went there by bus. We took food and drinks with us. In the park, we sang, danced and took a lot of photos.
We had a good time that day!

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