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Test for Unit 9
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听 力 部 分(25分)
听力材料:W:Can you go to the zoo with me on Saturday,Tony?
M:I'd love to,but I have to practice football.I'm sorry.
( A )1.What is Tony going to do on Saturday?
A.Play football.    B.Go to the zoo.    C.Watch TV.
听力材料:W:Sam,do you have time the day after tomorrow?
M:Let me see.It's Thursday the day after tomorrow.I'm busy that day.
( A )2.What day is it today?
A.Tuesday.  B.Wednesday.  C.Thursday.
听力材料:W:Mary invited me to visit her this summer.Should I go?
M:Why not?It's a good time for you to take a trip in Japan.
( C )3.Where is Mary?
A.In Australia.  B.In England.  C.In Japan.
听力材料:W:How was Emma's birthday party,Ben?
M:I don't know.I didn't go to the party.My little brother had the flu,so my mom asked me to look after him at home.
( B )4.Why didn't Ben go to the party?
A.Because he had to help his mother.
B.Because he had to look after his brother.
C.Because he had the flu.
听力材料:W:Let's go to the cinema this weekend.A new movie is on.
M:Sorry,but I want to go to Sarah's concert.
( C )5.Where does the boy want to go this weekend?
A.To the cinema.  B.To the museum.  C.To the concert.
听力材料:W:Hi,Bob.Can you come to my party on Saturday?
M:Sure,I'd love to!What time is the party?
W:It's from five to seven in the afternoon in my house.
M:OK.Can I bring my cousin to the party?
W:Of course.
( A )6.When does the party start?
A.At 5:00 p.m.  B.At 6:00 p.m.  C.At 7:00 p.m.
( B )7.Who will go to the party with Bob?
A.His friend.  B.His cousin.  C.His classmate.
听力材料:W:You're busy these days,Edmond.
M:Yes.I'm busy preparing for the art festival.
W:What can I do for you?
M:I'm going shopping for the art festival this afternoon.Can you go with me?
M:That's great.Let's meet at the bus stop at three.
( A )8.What is Edmond preparing for?
A.The art festival.       B.The school party.
C.A birthday party.
( C )9.What are they going to do this afternoon?
A.To write e­mails.       B.To send invitation cards.
C.To do some shopping.
( B )10.Where will they meet?
A.In Edmond's house.       B.At the bus stop.
C.In the school library.
听力材料:  Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year.It began in the US in 1935.Today,many countries celebrate it.On this day people spend time with their friends and express love for them.There're many different celebration ideas:Write a nice card for your friends.Buy or make them a small present such as flowers,a cake ... Plan a special day with your best friend or friendship group.A picnic is always a fun idea.Send your friends a Happy Friendship Day greeting online to tell your friends how special they are.
Information Form 
The name of the festival __11__
Place where the festival started __12__
Time to celebrate the festival __13__
To show love for __14__
How to celebrate the festival __15__
( A )11.A.Friendship Day  B.Mother's Day  C.Boy's Day
( B )12.A.In the UK  B.In the USA  C.In China
( A )13.A.The first Sunday of August       B.The first Sunday of May
C.On Sunday every month
( C )14.A.Mother  B.Boys  C.Friends
( C )15.A.In only one way       B.In the same way
C.In many different ways
笔 试 部 分(95分)
Ms. Steen is our English teacher.She is from England.She began to teach __16__last year.But now she is leaving for her country.We are so __17__to see her go because she is a good teacher.We're going to have a __18__for her.We think it is the best way to say “Thank you and goodbye”.
We __19__to have the party this Saturday.Now,we are __20__it.
Wang Lei and Wei Wei __21__all the teachers.Our Chinese teacher Miss Zhang __22__come.Her family is taking a trip to Beijing this weekend.__23__,the other teachers promised that they would come.Look!Li Ye __24__a thank­you note (便条).We want to show __25__we're going to miss Ms. Steen.He asks Wu Shan to read it to Ms.Steen,because Wu Shan __26__very good English.Chang Hong is practicing __27__an English song.Jack is going to buy some fruits and drinks __28__the party.I'm going to play a piano piece for Ms. Steen at the party.And I also __29__a fun game to play at the party.All of us are looking forward to __30__Ms. Steen a big surprise!
We hope the party will be very great.
( B )16.A.we      B.us      C.our     D.ours
( B )17.A.glad  B.sad  C.relaxed  D.excited
( D )18.A.trip  B.meal  C.prize  D.party
( A )19.A.plan  B.refuse  C.forget  D.happen
( B )20.A.prepare for  B.preparing for  C.get ready for  D.get ready
( D )21.A.caught  B.believed  C.saw  D.invited
( B )22.A.will  B.can't  C.has to  D.doesn't
( C )23.A.Probably  B.Usually  C.Luckily  D.Finally
( D )24.A.write  B.writes  C.is reading  D.is writing
( C )25.A.how  B.how many  C.how much  D.when
( B )26.A.writes  B.speaks  C.likes  D.shares
( D )27.A.sing  B.to sing  C.sings  D.singing
( A )28.A.for  B.to  C.in  D.at
( D )29.A.hear from  B.run down  C.make up  D.think of
( D )30.A.give  B.gave  C.gives  D.giving
On August 2nd,Linda got an invitation to a surprise party.It was from Nancy.
On August 6th,Linda called Nancy and said,“I'm sorry,Nancy.I'm afraid that I can't go to Victoria's birthday party.My parents will take me to visit my grandparents in the countryside.My mom bought the train tickets a week ago.”
Please join us in celebrating
Victoria's 21st birthday
Saturday,August 20th
7:30 P.M.-11:00 P.M.
The Crescent Beach Club
2500 Shore Road
Please reply to Nancy
by August 12th
( D )31.How long will the party last (持续)?
A.2 hours.  B.2.5 hours.
C.3 hours.  D.3.5 hours.
( B )32.Where will they have the party?
A.At Victoria's home.  B.In a club.
C.In the countryside.  D.In a restaurant.
( C )33.How will Linda go to visit her grandparents?
A.By car.  B.By bus.  C.By train.  D.By plane.
In America and England,if you go to a birthday party,you'll have a good meal and a lot of drinks.After that,you will play different kinds of games.
The children between the age of 10-14 will have a“sleep­over”party.
Usually this kind of party is on a Friday or a Saturday night when the children do not have lessons the next morning.For this kind of party,the birthday person invites about 5-6 close friends over for dinner.After dinner,the children will eat cakes and ice­cream,and the birthday person will open his or her gifts.
During the evening,the children may go ice­skating,go to watch basketball or soccer games or something else.Also the children will eat pancakes at midnight and then go on talking and playing games,such as card games or computer games.In the next morning,the mother will make a big breakfast of some nice food such as cakes,bread with meat or eggs.Then their parents will pick_up the children at about nine o'clock the next morning.
( A )34.The birthday person will open his or her gifts ________.
A.after dinner  B.before dinner
C.after the party  D.before the party
( B )35.The underlined phrase “pick up” means “________” in Chinese.
A.捡起来  B.接某人  C.送过去  D.挑选出
( D )36.Children will do the following things at the party EXCEPT (除……之外) ________.
A.eating pancakes  B.having a good dinner
C.playing card games  D.making a big breakfast
( D )37.The best title of this passage is ________.
A.How to Make Dinner  B.A Birthday Party
C.How to Make Friends  D.A “Sleep­over” Party
In Britain you may often hear “Drop in any time” or “Come to see me soon”,but you can't really do that.People just say those things to make you feel welcome.It is better to telephone before visiting someone at home.If you receive a written invitation to an event that says“RSVP”,you should reply to let the person who sent the invitation know whether or not you plan to go.
You should never accept an invitation unless you really plan to go.You may refuse by saying,“Thank you for inviting me,but I will not be able to come.” If,after accepting,you are unable to go,be sure to tell those who are expecting you as soon as possible that you will not be there.Although it is not necessarily expected that you give a gift to your host,it is considered polite to do so,especially if you have been invited for a meal.Flowers,chocolate,or a small gift are all appropriate (合适的).A thank­you note or telephone call after the visit is also considered polite and is an appropriate way to express your appreciation for the invitation.
( B )38.What does the underlined word “RSVP” probably mean in Chinese?
A.请自便  B.请回复  C.请审阅  D.请来访
( B )39.What should you do if your British friend sends you an invitation but you do not want to go?
A.Do not give him or her an answer.
B.Tell him or her that you can't be there for some reason.
C.Tell another friend to go instead of you.
D.Tell him or her that you don't want to go there.
( B )40.Which of the following is considered impolite in Britain?
A.Buy small presents when invited.
B.Refuse the invitation without telling anyone.
C.Write a thank­you note after a visit.
D.Give a telephone call after a visit.
( D )41.Where would you probably see this passage?
A.In an invitation.  B.In a newspaper.
C.On a poster.  D.In a guidebook.
How do you feel when you go to a birthday party?What about making a speech in front of the class?Do you get really shy?If you think you are too shy and want to be a little braver,try the following.You can make it!
(1)Tell people you're shy.
There is no need to hide (隐藏) it.When they get to know you're a shy kid,they'll understand you better.This also helps you feel more at ease (自在) in talks.
(2)Try to smile more.
When you smile,people think you are friendly and easy to talk to.Remember that other people have feelings,too.And most people will stay away from an angry­looking person.
(3)Learn to be a good talker.
If you find it hard to start talks,say something nice about people around you.Think about how great you feel when someone says something nice to you.
(4)Get your attention elsewhere.
Think more about ways to enjoy the party or the game.Don't waste (浪费) time worrying about your looks or whether people like you or not.
( B )42.The sentence “You can make it!” means “________”
A.You can tell other people!
B.You can do it successfully!
C.You can help others!
D.You can go to a birthday party!
( D )43.According to the passage,it's WRONG to ________.
A.let other people know you're shy
B.often smile
C.say something nice about people around you
D.spend much time worrying about your looks
( B )44.Which of the following is TRUE according to this passage?
A.You will feel worried if you tell people you're shy.
B.People don't like to stay with an angry­looking person.
C.Shy people must wait for others to start talks.
D.You must spend much time thinking about your looks.
( C )45.Which is the best title of the passage?
A.Are You Too Talented?
B.How to Go to a Birthday Party?
C.How to become a little braver?
D.How to Make a Speech?
46.Thanks for the invitation to your housewarming party.
47.—What's hanging outside the window?
—It's your father's shirt.
48.Sam got up so late that he hurried to school without breakfast this morning.
49.This piece of news is out­dated (过时的).Please delete it.
50.Please be quick,or you won't catch the train to Hangzhou.
Robby lived in a small town with his mother.His mother wanted him to be a pianist,so she sent him to a piano teacher,Ms. Clark,to learn to play the piano on 51.weekdays (工作日).However,Robby learned very slowly because he was not a talented boy.
One day,Robby didn't go to the class.He said he had the 52.flu (流感).And he didn't appear (出现) for the next two weeks.New Year was coming.Ms. Clark would have a music 53.concert(音乐会) and all her students would perform in the concert.Robby heard the news,and asked if he could play.Ms. Clark 54.refused (拒绝) him because he was away for a long time.But Robby said he 55.prepared (准备) well and begged his teacher to 56.accept (接受) his request (请求).Finally,she agreed.
Many 57.guests (宾客) came when the day came.It was Robby's turn.To Ms. Clark's 58.surprise (惊奇),Robby played really wonderfully.
After that,Ms. Clark asked Robby how he could play so well.Robby 59.replied/answered (回答),“This morning,my mother passed away (去世).It's my mother's first time to hear me play because she couldn't hear anything during her life.I must show my best.I'm sure she will be very 60.glad/happy (高兴的) to listen to me.”
Mr.and Mrs.Smith were giving a dinner party with 20 visitors seated around a table.Their talk was about who 61.had (have) more self­control,men or women.
Suddenly they saw a strange expression 62.came (come) across Mrs.Smith's face.She said something to the servant standing behind her without 63.turning (turn) around.The servant quickly put a glass of milk outside the open door.
One of the men said,“I want to know what self­control everyone 64.has (have).While I 65.am_counting (count) from 1 to 300,none of you can move at all.If you do,you 66.will_pay (pay) $50.”
The people sat like rocks while the man counted.When he 67.reached(reach) 280,a large snake was seen moving slowly from the table to the glass of milk.
Mr.Smith said,“You just 68.showed (show) us an example of self­control,but how did you know there 69.was (be) a snake in the room?”
“I 70.didn't_know (not know) it was,but I knew the milk was for the snake,” the man answered.“It was lying right on my feet,” said Mrs.Smith.
Invitations are important.In the west,people often give invitations to their friends.Most invitations are for dinner or a birthday party.When people accept an invitation to a dinner or party,they usually ask what they can bring.They often take flowers,chocolates,or other presents.
People usually take a birthday present to a birthday party.After a dinner or birthday party,most people telephone the host to say thank you.Some people write a short thank­you note or send an e­mail to the host.
A.Mary and James enjoy the party together.
B.James accepts the invitation.
C.James writes a thank­you note.
D.James brings a birthday present.
E.Mary invites her friend James to her birthday party.
71.__E__ 72.__B__ 73.__D__ 74.__A__ 75.__C__
Birthday Party!
Please come to my 13th birthday party.Saturday,September 26th,5:00 p.m.My house,No.25,West Palm Street.
One possible version:
Dear Mary,
Thanks a lot for your invitation.I'm_sorry_that_I_can't_come_to_your_party_this_Saturday.I'm_really_busy_that_day.I_have_to_go_to_an_English_contest_in_the_morning.In_the_afternoon_I_am_going_to_the_soccer_club.After_that_I'm_going_to_my_grandfather's_house_to_have_dinner,because_his_70th_birthday_is_on_the_same_day!I_wish_you_a_happy_birthday.

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