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(考试时间:120分钟  满分:150分)
第一部分  选择题(85分)
一、听力  (共20小题;每小题l分,计20分)
第一部分 听对话,回答问题。    
(   ) 1. How will the girl’s father go to Los Angeles?
A.   B.   C.     
(   )2. Which charity does the man often donate some money to?
   A.   B.   C.                          
(   )3. What are the two speakers talking about?
A.   B.   C.                         
(   )4. Where does Paul plan to go this summer?
A.   B.   C. 
(   )5. Where are the two speakers?
A. At the bus stop.         B. On the bus.               C. In the People’s Park.
(   )6. How long have the man’s parents been in China?
A. For 8 years.            B. For 11 years.             C. For 15 years.
(   )7. Who will help the boy?
 A. His mother.    B. His father.     C. His brother.
(   ) 8. When does the girl usually arrive at school?
    A. At 7:30.    B. At 7:45.     C. At 8:00..
(   )9. How is the boy now?
A. Not good.    B. Much worse.             C. Much better.
(   )10. What can the man do to save power?
   A. We can reuse the waste.    B. We can turn off the lights.   C. We can reduce the lights.
第二部分 听对话或短文,回答问题。
(   )11.What did they spend their pocket money on in the past?
A. Clothes and snacks       B. Clothes and sports.        C. Glasses of coffee.
(   )12.Which charity would the boy like to donate money to?
A.UNICEF                B.WWF                   C. World Vision
Before dinner Arrive on time.
You’d better bring a small    13   .
During dinner Just    14    what you want.
After dinner Don’t leave at once or stay too long.
Call the host or write a thank-you    15   .
(   )13. A. rose            B. flower            C. gift
(   )14. A. eat               B. buy              C. bring
(   )15. A. card             B. note               C. letter
(   )16. Where was the first International Friendship Camp held?
A. In China.       B. In Italy.       C. In the USA.
(   )17. How many teenagers stayed with local families in Beijing last year?
A. About 50.       B. About 15.       C. About 40.
(   )18. How long did the International Friendship Camp last in Beijing?
A. Ten days.       B. Two weeks.       C. A month.
(   )19. Why did Antonio say Chinese teenagers are a lot like Italian teenagers?
A. Because they are all active and outgoing(外向的).
B. Because they are all serious and hard-working.
C. Because they are all careful and kind.
(   )20. How did Shirley describe some members of her host family?
A. Patient.        B. Clever.       C. Kind.
二、单项选择 从下列每题所给的选项中,选择一个最佳答案。(共20小题; 每小题l分,计20分)
(   )21. It’s fantastic to work as ______ volunteer for the Special Olympic World Games.
A. a      B. an    C. the    D. /
(   )22. It is careless ________ her to leave the tap running after washing dishes.
       A. for             B. of           C. to           D. as
(   )23.— How long has Daniel ________?
— For 3 years.
A. left our city       B. become an officer
C. joined the Music Club    D. studied in this school
 (   )24. Jack is always     to wait for me without getting angry.
       A. patient enough   B. too patient    C. enough patient   D. very patient
 (   )25. —-Sir, please put out your cigarette (香烟). 
—- Sorry. I      the sign.
      A. don’t notice    B. didn’t notice   C. haven’t noticed   D. won’t notice
(   )26. —-Thanks a lot for supporting us in the match.
A. My pleasure      B. No thanks       C. Don’t say that     D. All right
(   )27. —- Jack, I haven’t seen your uncle for a long time.
—- He ______ Shanghai on business for two weeks.
     A. went to      B. has gone to     C. has been in     D. has been to
(   )28. —-Can you tell me _____ to help the poor children in the village far away?
       —- By donating books and clothes to them.
A. Why             B. when             C. what     D. how
(   )29. —-Mum, can you give me some advice on how to behave myself at the table?
    —-Well, I do have some advice. ________, please keep quiet while eating.
A. In all            B. Of all            C. At all       D. Above all
(   )30. I can't ________ a flat now. It’s too expensive.
        A. spend      B. cost             C. pay           D. afford
(   )31. When you see the sign  , you ________ take photos, for it is not allowed.
A. must       B. have to    C. must not   D. don’t have to
(   )32. They provided support ________ the athletes and helped make the event a great success.
          A.  to            B  with             C.  for          D.  in
(   )33. I am not sure if we can hold a party in the open air, because it______ the weather.
A. stands for      B. depends on     C. lives on       D. agrees with
(   )34. Last year, five Chinese teachers _______ to a school in the UK to teach the British students in Chinese style for four weeks.
       A was sent        B. were sent   C. have sent      D. sent
(   )35. —- Do you mind if I smoke here, madam?
—- ________. It’s not allowed in public, you know.  
A. You’d better not  B. Never mind   C. Of course not  D. All right
(   )36.If someone is in your way, you should say “_______” and be polite enough to wait till he or she moves.
A.excuse me        B. I’m sorry          C. thank you      D. never mind
(   )37.David said that the glass was broken and warned me _______ it.
      A. don’t touch        B. to not touch         C. not to touch   D. no touching 
(   )38.The energy from the sun and wind is very cheap and it will never _______.
A.come out          B.put out             C. carry out       D.run out
(   )39. We should behave _______at home _______.
      A. polite; too    B. polite; also      C. politely; as well  D. politely; either
 (   )40. —-He never tells us he can make model planes.
        —-In fact he can and often wins in the competitions.______________.
        A. Actions speak louder than words         B. Many hands make light work
        C. No pain, no gain             D. The early bird catches the worm
三、完形填空 阅读短文,从每题所给选项中选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。(共l5小题; 每小题l分,计l5分)
I sat with my friend in a famous coffee shop in a town of Italy. As we enjoyed our coffee, a man entered and sat beside us. He called the waiter over, saying, “Two cups of coffee, one of them there on the   41  .” We heard his order with   42   and noticed that he was served(端上) with one cup of coffee,   43   he paid for two. When he left, the waiter put a piece of paper on the wall saying “A Cup of Coffee”. 
    While we were still there, two other men entered and   44   three cups of coffee, two on the table and one on the wall. They had two but paid for   45  . This time also, the waiter did the same thing. It was   46   unusual for us.  
    After a few days, we had a chance to enter this coffee shop again. While we were enjoying our coffee, a man who seemed    47   entered. He looked at the wall and said, “One cup of coffee from the wall.” The waiter served a cup of    48   to this man. The man had his coffee and left without   49  . We were amazed to watch all of this as the waiter   50   a piece of paper from the wall and threw it into bin. 
    Now it was very   51  . The people of this town showed great respect(尊重) for those people who needed help. Just think about what this man wanted. He didn’t have to lose his face to   52    for a(n)   53   cup of coffee.   54   asking or knowing who gave him this cup of coffee, he only looked at the wall, placed an order,   55   his coffee and left.
    It’s a truly beautiful thing and that may be the most beautiful wall in the world.
(   )41. A. table   B. wall   C. paper   D. bin
(   )42. A. interest   B. pride   C. pain   D. care
(   )43. A. until   B. so   C. but   D. if 
(   )44. A. offered   B. ordered  C. drank   D. left
(   )45. A. none   B. one   C. two   D. three
(   )46. A. nothing   B. anything  C. everything  D. something
(   )47. A. homeless  B. rich   C. weak   D. old
(   )48. A. coffee   B. tea   C. water   D. milk
(   )49. A. asking   B. booking  C. replying  D. paying
(   )50. A. brought   B. carried   C. took   D. laid
(   )51. A. important  B. clear   C. direct   D. correct
(   )52. A. pay   B. look     C. ask   D. search
(   )53. A. free   B. expensive  C. low   D. cheap
(   )54. A. With   B. Without  C. Before   D. After
(   )55. A. shared   B. bought   C. paid   D. enjoyed
四、阅读理解 阅读下列短文,根据短文内容选择最佳答案。(共l5小题; 每小题2分,计30分)
Special Offers
Free soft drink
  Buy any meal for at least 6 yuan at Mike’s Café and receive a free soft drink. We serve the best hamburgers and snacks in the mall. Come in and try our delicious meals and our excellent service. Free soft drink offer ends on November 12.  Buy one, get one free
Buy one shirt at LOTTE-Mart Menswear(男士专柜),and get another shirt of the same value free. You can choose any tie here, then we will give you another one at no cost. Hurry! Offer ends before November 10.

10% Off
  Show this ticket at Xinhua Book Store to get a 10% discount on any book you buy. We have lots of books to choose from, including children’s books, novels, travel guides and hobbies. You are sure to find something that you’ll enjoy. Shop now for Christmas.
 6 Hour’ Free Parking
  If you spend 100 yuan or more in RT-Mart, you will receive six hours of free parking. When you have spend 100 yuan or more, just take this ticket that you pay for your goods to the service desk. They will stamp your parking ticket to allow 6 hours of free parking.


(    )56. The information above is probably taken from____.
        A. a sports report                B. a story book
        C. a fashion magazine            D. an advertisement poster
(    )57. If the price of the book is 40 yuan, you need to pay ____.
         A. 4 yuan       B. 36 yuan       C. 40 yuan      D. 44 yuan
(    )58. You can get another tie for free ____ at LOTTE-Mart Menswear.
        A. on November 9                B. on November 11
        C. on November 10               D. on Christmas Day
(    )59. How long can you park your car for free at most after spending 108 yuan in RT-Mart?
        A. 1 hour.       B. 5 hours.       C. 6 hours.      D. 7 hours.
(    )60. What can Tom get for free after he has spent 7 yuan at Mike’s Café?
        A. The best hamburgers.            B. A soft drink.
        C. The best snacks.                D. A delicious meal.
In the eyes of many foreigners, Chinese are the best hosts and the worst guests in the world. They’re not really bad guests, but because the guest-host relationship(关系) in China is much different than in some western countries. It seems that they are not nice guests. And western guests sometimes look rude in the eyes of Chinese guests.
   In China, guests are almost like gods(上帝). Whenever I enter a Chinese person’s home, there is always fruit on the table for me, and someone is quick to bring me a cup of tea or water. In the west, generally the guest is not a god. Acting according to(根据) the host’s way of doing things is usual behavior for a guest.
   My wife’s mother, a very kind elderly Chinese lady, doesn’t smoke. When I see some of her guests smoking in her house, as a non-smoker, I feel unhappy. Usually I want to stop them directly(直接地), but I must realize that in China, to be a good host, she must not do that. In most North America homes, if you are a guest, and the hosts are not smokers, you should not smoke in their house. At the very least, you could ask, “Is it OK if I smoke?” But don’t besurprised if the hosts say, “No, you can’t smoke.” In our culture, if you smoke in their home, you are a bad guest, but if they don’t allow you to smoke in their house, they are not a rude host.
   Guests in China also have special habits. Some western people may not adapt to these habits very soon. Thankfully my wife is Chinese, so whenever we visit a Chinese family she tells me to buy them a gift. However, giving a gift to a host is not always necessary in my country. So, if you invite international guests to your home, don’t be too surprised if they don’t bring you a gift.
In China, you probably won't need to change the guest-host relationship very much because you will probably only be the host, and Chinese are naturally very good hosts. If western hosts invite you to their house, try not to be too surprised if their style of treating you is not what you have expected.
(    )61. Many foreigners think that Chinese hosts are the _________in the world.
     A. best              B. worst       C. most natural        D. most difficult
(    )62. When a western guest visits a Chinese family, he often _________.
A. buys some fruit      B. feels like a god    C. wants some gifts         D. takes a cup of tea
(    )63. If the writer’s guests want to smoke in his house, what will he probably say?
A. It’s OK if you smoke here.                  B. Let’s smoke together.
C. Sorry, you can’t smoke here.                 D. Smoking is a bad habit.
(    )64. What is the meaning of the underlined phrase “adapt to” in the passage?
A. think back to           B. get used to       C. look forward to         D. keep close to
(    )65. What is the main idea of this passage?
 A. Foreigners should learn from Chinese.   B. Hosts must do things in the guest’s way.
 C. Western hosts are always nice to guests.  D. People should understand cultural differences.
What will the house of the future look like? Could it have gardens on its walls,or a pool with fish for dinner? Architects (建筑师) believe that they are all possibilities. The only thing for sure is that the houses will be as green as possible.
The tree house
Many architects in the world would like to build a “tree house”. Like a leaf,the surface(表面) of the house collects sunlight during the day. The energy can be used to heat water, produce electricity, and even create fresh air for the home. The “root” (根) of the house is deep under the ground. It uses the soil (土壤) to keep the home’s temperature.
The lizard house
Like a lizard (蜥蜴), changing color with the weather is the most important design of a lizard house. When it’s in the bright sun, the cover of the house will turn dark to protect it from strong heat. During dark days,it turns white and takes in as much light and heat as possible to produce energy.
Meals at home
This design is perhaps as much about the future of food production as architecture (建筑风格). It has gardens on the outside wall of the house. People can plant tomatoes, carrots and green tea on them. So every day in the morning, you just need to walk outside and collect your meals.
Learning from the past
Looking to the future isn’t the only way to be green. Sometimes, ancient techniques (古老的技术) can also help cut down energy use. For example, a chimney (烟囱) can be a useful air conditioner because it is easier for hot air to flow out at the chimney.
(    ) 66. What is the best title of the passage?
      A. Green Houses of the Future          B. Different kinds of houses
      C. The Greener, the Better              D. How to Build Green Houses
(    ) 67. We can heat water,produce electricity or create fresh air for the home         .
      A. with the root of a leaf           B. with the energy from sunlight
      C. with the soil under the ground        D. with the tree built at home
(    ) 68. What will happen to the cover of the lizard house when it’s in the bright sun?
      A. It will turn white.           B. It will produce energy.
      C. It will produce light.           D. It will turn dark.
 (    ) 69. The passage seems to tell us that meals at home in the future         .
      A. will be more delicious                   B. need more cooks
      C. will be greener                         D. will be easy to cook
(    ) 70. A chimney can be a useful air-conditioner but it used to cause         .
      A. pollution         B. accidents         C. noise        D. change
第二部分 非选择题(65分)
五、阅读表达  阅读下面的短文,根据短文内容回答问题。(10分)
In the past, people used words to express their ideas and feelings. Now people have a new way to share their life with their friends on WeChat Moments (微信朋友圈).
To make WeChat Moments, people can use pictures, sounds, videos and their words to express what they want to say. Some people don’t write anything. They share what they are eating, drinking, listening to, buying and fun time by sharing pictures.
Someone says that WeChat Moments are like personal TV stations. People don’t have to spend money putting them on the Internet, so it is easy for people to make them and watch them on their phones. Only friends on the users’ list can watch your WeChat Moments. WeChat businessmen even put the advertisements of their products(产品) on the WeChat Moments for their friends to choose and buy. WeChat Moments are becoming more popular among people. When we post(发表) something on it, we must be sure that the information should be healthy for people to read and watch.
71. What did people use to express their ideas and feelings in the past?
72.What can people use to make WeChat Moments? ________________________________________________________________
73. What’s WeChat Moments like? ________________________________________________________________
74.Who can watch your WeChat Moments?
75.What do WeChat businessmen put on the WeChat Moment?
六、任务型阅读   请根据短文内容,完成信息记录表,每空一词。(共10小题;每题1分,共10分)
We all need a healthy environment, but we produce waste every day and it does harm to our environment. Though we are young, we can still do something to help. In fact, even the simplest everyday activities can make a real difference to the environment. Here are some ideas for you about how to live a green life.
Remember these three words; reduce, reuse and recycle.
Reduce means “use less”. Don't waste things. This saves money and reduces pollution and waste going into the environment. Before we buy something new, think if it is really necessary or maybe the old one will be just as good! When we do buy things, choose local products if possible, and try not to buy too many things from abroad.
Reuse mean “use again”. Use things for as long as possible. When we buy things, make sure that they last a long time. We should take care of them so that they will last, or we should repair them if we can. Don't use paper cups or paper bags. It's better to use a china cup(瓷杯) and a lunch box because you can use them again.
Recycle means “change things into something else”. Although it takes energy to change something into something else, it's better than throwing things away or burning them. Find out what can be recycled in your neighborhood and take part in recycling projects. We should also buy products made from recycled materials, such as recycled paper, to help save trees.
Title:     76    to Live a Green Life
We produce waste every day and it is    77   to the environment. We can do something to help.
Ideas Do Don’t
To   78   ●Use less
●Try to save something ●Don’t buy too many things from foreign     79   .
To reuse ●Use    80   .
●Use things for as long as possible.
●Buy things that last long.
●Take care of things or   81    the old things. ●Don’t use    82    cups or bags.
To recycle ●Change things into something   83   .
●Join in recycling projects.
● 84   products made from recycled materials. ●Don’t    85    things away or burn them.
76_____________ 77_____________78_____________79_____________80_____________
81_____________ 82_____________83_____________84_____________85_____________
七、词汇运用  (共15小题;每题1分,共15分)
A. 根据汉语提示完成句子(每空一词)。
86. All the children in our country can receive        (基础的) education now..
87. Many volunteers donated their__________(血) to help injured people during the earthquake.
88. Nobody noticed this _________(空的) box. In fact, is was made of gold.
89. Jeans are popular all over the world,_______(尤其) with young people.
90. The _______(目的) of the talk is to tell people how to protect environment.
91. It is __________ ( meaning ) for teenagers to help the elderly people.
92. If I             (give) five minutes, I will work out the problem.
93. I am trying to find out if there are any other ways __________ (help) the birds.
94. Children should be taught to spend their free time       (wise).
95. About 80% of the cases of _______(blind) can be prevented or cured by OBBIS.
96. Because of the _________(medicine) treatment, lots of people were saved.
97. British people often avoid_________( talk) about subjects like age, weight or money.
98. Those ___________(home) people have no home to go
99. Dr. Ma is getting used to ________ (train) the local doctors and nurses on board.
100. Li Hai tried his best and finished________ (three) in the competition.
八、缺词填空  请根据短文内容,填写所缺单词,每空一词。(共10小题;每题1分,共10分)
Holding doors open for people behind you, picking up litter, thanking people … these acts of kindness seem very (101) s________. But students at James Middle School know that such small acts make the world a (102) b_______ place.
Eighth-graders from James Middle School, (103)t________ part in the Acts of Kindness Week (104)f_______ March 31 to April 4. During the week, they (105) t________ their best to do kind things for others. Celeste Murray, an English teacher at the school, started the activity, she always showed kindness in her daily life. “I believe the (106) w________ is changed by small things,” she said. Over the week, to her surprise, Murray also found great (107) c________ in her class.
Before that, she always needed to ask her students to push the chairs in or (108)t_______ off the lights before they leave the classroom. Now, the students do those things by(109) t________. They learned to care more about others. “It makes them feel happy and successful,” she said. The activity made students feel that they can make a (110) d________. Hailey decides to continue to do at least one act of kindness every week. She believes her acts could encourage others.
101_____________ 102_____________103_____________104_____________105_____________
106_____________ 107_____________108_____________109_____________110_____________
九、书面表达 (20分)
在八年级即将结束之际,八(1)班 将举行一次主题班会,要求同学们谈谈一年来自己的收获与变化。请为David准备一份100字左右的演讲稿,具体内容如下:

 过去 现在
学习 很少阅读,花时间在…… 读书使我放松……
环保 浪费水电,随处乱抛垃圾 意识到环保的重要性,垃圾入桶
礼仪 大声喧哗,插队推挤 举止礼貌,主动让座
爱心 不知道关心他人 为贫困地区儿童募集书本…
展望未来 相信自己在将来会越来越棒。

Hello, everyone. I’m David from Class 1, Grade 8. Back to the life in the last year, I think I have changed a lot and made great progress in many ways.

Thanks for listening!

1. W: How are you going to Los Angeles, Dad ?
  M: I planned to drive there, but my car is broken. So I decide to go there by air.
2. W: Which charity helps children all over the world?
M: UNICEF, of course. I often donate some money to it.
3. W: Excuse me, Mr. White. How could you find the way home?
M: A guide-dog can help me. It can show me the way.
4. W: Have you ever been to Shanghai, Paul?
M: Yes, my parents took me there when I was young. But I plan to visit Tian’ anmen Square alone this summer.
5. W: Excuse me, does this bus go to the People’s Park?
  M: Yes. Let’s get on it.
6. W: When did you come to China, Paul?
  M: I came here about eight years ago. My parents came here three years earlier than I did.
7. M: Mummy, could you help me with my homework?
  W: I will go out soon. You may ask your dad.
8. M: When did you arrive at school this morning?
W: At 7:45. Fifteen minutes later than usual.
9. W: You look weak. What’s wrong?
  M: I caught a cold yesterday, but I feel much better now.
10. W: How can we save power?
  M: We can save power by turning off the lights when we leave a room.
M:I used to spend all my pocket money on clothes and snacks. How about you?
W: Me, too .Now, I try to save some money for charities.
M: Which is your favourite charity?
W: UNICEF, because it spends a lot of money on schools.
M:I agree with you. But I want to donate money to World Wide Fund for Nature because I love animals.
Here are some good table manners for you to follow. When you have dinner with friends, arrive on time, not too early or too late. You’d better bring a small gift. While you sit at the table, just eat what you want. Never stand up to get the food. Do not make any sounds while eating or drinking. After meals, don’t leave at once or stay too long. It is nice to call the host or write a thank-you note the next day.
    The first International Friendship Camp began in the USA in 1967. Last year, the International Friendship Camp was held in Beijing. About 50 teenagers from around the world stayed with local families for two weeks. They had a great time.
Antonio from Italy said, “I didn’t expect Chinese teenagers to be so friendly. I thought they would be serious and hard-working, because they have a lot of exams. However, they are active and outgoing. They are similar to Italian teenagers.”
 Shirley from Canada said, “Some members of my host family can’t speak English but we have still become good friends. They are kind and generous.”

1-5 BACBA   6-10 BBACB    11-15ABCAB     16-20 CABAC
21-25ABDAB        26-30 ACDDD   
31-35 CCBBA        36-40 ACDCA
41-45BACBD    46-50 DAADC   51-55 BCABD
56-60 DBACB    61-65 ABCBD   66-70 ABDCA
71.Words./People used words
72. Pictures, sounds, videos and their words.
73.Personal TV stations.
74. Only friends on the users’ list.
75. The advertisements of their products.
76.how/ways   77. harmful   78. reduce  79. countries  80. again
81.repair      82. paper     83. else     84.Buy      85.throw
86.basic  87.blood        88. empty   89.especially        90.purpose/aim 
91.meaningful  92.am given  93.to help   94 wisely    95. blindness
96. medical    97.talking   98. homeless  99. training   100. third
101.small    102. better   103. took     104. from        105.tried
106. world   107. changes  108. turn    109. themselves    110. difference
九、One possible version:
Dear Paul,
Hello, everyone. I’m David from Class 1, Grade 8. Back to the life in the last year, I think I have changed a lot and made great progress in many ways.
First, In the past I seldom read books. I used to spend most of my time playing computers games. Now I find it interesting to do some reading because good books help me relax after a busy day. They also open up a whole new world to me.
Second, I always forgot to turn off the tap and the power when they were not in use. Sometimes I left the tap running after I washed my hands. I always dropped litter carelessly in the park. But now I have realized the importance of protecting the environment. I always throw the litter into the rubbish bins.
Third, I was impolite before. I sometimes shouted loudly or pushed in before others in public places. Now, I can behave politely in public and I often give my seat to someone in need on the bus.
Fourth, I cared little about others. But now I offer to help my blind neighbors and donate all my pocket money to Project Hope.
I’m sure I will do better and better in Grade 9.
Thanks for listening!

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